If you are looking for UK Entry Clearance advice, then IAS can help. If you are a non-EEA national entering the UK as a tourist, businessperson, student or family member then you will need to gain Entry Clearance to do this.

The UK has a number of Entry Clearance Visa routes which might be available to you. Whether you are entering the country to work, study, join family or as a visitor, you will need to decide on the right application for you. It important to get the right category to have the best chance of success first time.

How can IAS help?

We have a team of immigration experts who are the best in their field and are ready to offer you accurate and comprehensive Entry Clearance advice. One of our highly-equipped lawyers can work with you to individually assess your options and find the best form of Entry Clearance for you.

We can help you find the right UK visa for you and guide you through each step of your application. One of our lawyers will assess your eligibility and perform an extensive document check. He/she will also prepare a full Letter of Representation to accompany your application. This letter will detail your case, its merits and any UK immigration laws relevant to your application. Your lawyer will also complete your application form to the highest standard.

Get in touch using our online contact form or by calling 0333 363 8577 to speak with an immigration lawyer now. Or, see our FAQs below for more information.


Which visa should I apply for?

There are five different types of Clearance Visa;

  • UK Entry Clearance Visa for visitors: this visa is applicable in cases in which you want to visit the UK for six months or less (although in some certain cases this can be up to 12 months) for a variety of different purposes.
  • UK Entry Clearance Visa for Tier 2 Visa applicants: this visa is applicable in cases in which you want to work in the UK in a skilled role that is sponsored by a Tier 2 Sponsor;
  • UK Entry Clearance Visa for Tier 1 Investors, Tier 1 Entrepreneurs and their dependents: Tier 1 Visas are for highly-value migrants who are either exceptionally talented or looking to start or invest in a UK business.
  • UK Entry Clearance Visa for Representatives of an Overseas Business.
  • UK Entry Clearance Visa for Tier 4 Student Visa: this visa is applicable for international students who want to study in a UK Higher Institution for more than six months.

How do I apply for Immigration Clearance?

The application for Immigration Clearance can be very time-consuming. It is a strict process involving accurate detail in the application form, as well as the relevant fee and documents which vary depending on which visa you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a Work Permit Entry Clearance, you will need to include a valid Work Permit document in your application.

Due to the fees which are incurred with the application, you need to ensure that you fill everything in, correctly. It is an especially lengthy process if errors are made at this stage of Entry Clearance.

This is nothing to worry about, as our lawyers are trained to prevent any mistakes from happening.


What documents do I need to provide in my application?

The main documents you will need to provide with an application for Entry Clearance are:

  • your passport;
  • travel documents;
  • documents relating to your immigration history;
  • documents relating to your identity (for example your Birth Certificate); and
  • a small passport photograph.

Having the correct documents is very important when making any immigration application, as these documents provide evidence of your suitability to stay in the UK.

If you do not provide the proper documents to support your application, it may be subjected to a Burden of Proof and refused.

Can I apply for more than one Entry Clearance in my application?

No-  an application form is needed for each applicant regardless of whether or not they have their own passport. All dependants who are travelling must pay the appropriate fee whether or not they are included in the main applicant’s passport.

Remember: if the passport includes anyone who is not a member of the family of the applicant, a separate passport and visa will be required for that person.

What services does IAS offer?

Our highly qualified immigration lawyers provide an invaluable service and are able to answer any question necessary to successfully gain Entry Clearance to the UK.

We will manage every part of your application, offering you the highest quality entry Clearance advice throughout the entire process.

One of our immigration lawyers can:

  • assess your eligibility for Entry Clearance;
  • perform a full document check prior to your application;
  • liaise with you in person, via phone or Skype at a time to suit you;
  • prepare a Letter of Representation to accompany and support your application;
  • liaise with the Home Office during your application process;
  • complete the correct application forms to the highest standard.

Contact us on 0333 363 8577 or make an enquiry online for Entry Clearance Advice is which is personally tailored to you.

Our Entry Clearance Packages

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Comprehensive immigration advice tailored to your circumstances and goals


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Premium application service that ensures your visa application is submitted to meet your deadline


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Ensure you have the greatest chance of a successful appeal. We will represent you in any hearings/tribunals


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