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Portugal D1 visa (subordinate worker visa)

For a person to be eligible for D1 Visa Portugal, they must have recently received a job offer in Portugal. The Portugal D1 Visa is valid for immigrants with a job contract that lasts at least 12 months.

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    What does a D1 subordinate worker visa mean? 

    The D1 Visa Portugal or the subordinate worker visa are visas meant for people who have a job offer to work in Portugal.

    If the immigrant is a professional or has professional qualifications (eg, lawyer, doctor, nurse, etc), they will be eligible for a D1 professional worker visa.

    Meanwhile, if the immigrant is a subordinate worker, they will be eligible for a D1 subordinate worker visa.

    In general, this Portugal Visa features an important contract for Portugal workers which is endorsed by the Employment and Vocational Training Institute.

    D1 subordinate worker visas must also be applied for at the appropriate places such as the Portuguese consulate or embassy in your home country. Once the job offer has been settled, an immigrant can successfully secure a residence in Portugal and start working.

    However, note that the D1 visa Portugal applicant employment offer must be valid for a minimum of one year before the visa can be approved.

    A statement from the IEFP (Institute for Employment and Vocational Training) is also needed to complete the visa applicant’s registration.

    Who can partake in this visa application? 

    Non-European Union citizens who have an employment contract in a Portuguese company can proceed to fill out a work visa form. This citizen or the family member of the citizen must also apply in any nearby embassy located at or nearer to their neighbourhood.

    The citizen will be required to fill a particular vacancy that supports their profile in the embassy. The vacancy will be authorized by the IEFP.  Professionals and subordinate workers from other countries can also apply for a work visa in Portugal.

    In summary, the D1 Portugal visa is not for someone who wants to move into the country to search for jobs. Instead, the applicant must already have an employment offer in Portugal.

    Can a Tourist apply for a Portugal D1 worker visa?

    A tourist can apply for a D1 work visa depending on the conditions. If the tourist has been in Portugal for a while and can provide a valid employment contract, then they can obtain a work visa.

    Tourists also need to meet some additional criteria before they can confidently apply for residence visas. These requirements include:

    • Proof of employment contract.
    • A valid residence address.
    • Proof of the previous contribution to social security.
    • An income that meets up with or surpasses the Portuguese minimum wage.

    How to process D1 subordinate worker visa Portugal

    To start processing the Visa Portugal, candidates should first make an online appointment with the appropriate visa-issuing embassies. Thereafter, some important procedures can be considered.

    At times, SEF might summon candidates to gather more information for clarification of the visa application process.

    So in a situation like this, SEF will direct questions and demand some documents from the applicants. Once this documentation can be presented, the visa will be approved and issued after some days.

    Both the D1 subordinate worker visa and the D1 professional worker visa usually take about 30 to 90 days before they can be issued. The applicant can request their visa at the Portuguese consulate.

    Note that the applicant is not allowed to secure a legal residence in Portugal unless the visa has been granted by the Portuguese consulate.

    On arrival of applicants in Portugal, applicants must attend the SEF program for about three days to validate their documentation.

    General requirements for processing A D1 subordinate worker Visa 

    This section covers all the documents you need to process a Portugal Visa and other requirements.

    The documents required for an immigrant to obtain a Portugal visa are:

    • A copy of an employment contract signed by both the candidate and the employer (or business company) in Portugal.
    • A letter from the Portuguese business company that spotlights why they need to hire the applicant.
    • One copy of the applicant’s curriculum vitae and other documents that displays the professional qualifications of the applicants.
    • A statement of approval endorsed by IEFP on the employment contract of the applicant.
    • A declaration signed by the applicant. This declaration document must contain the applicant’s estimated period of stay in Portugal, legal residence details, and the main reason for the visa application.
    • International medical travel insurance which is valid for the applicant’s period of stay in Portugal.
    • A Portuguese criminal record certificate with a maximum issuance lifespan of 3 months.
    • A valid passport of the applicant (not more than two).
    • A copy of the applicant’s recent or last income tax return.
    • An invitation letter of accommodation acceptance from someone with Portuguese nationality. This Portuguese citizen must also have a legal residence in the country.
    • A copy of the candidate’s birth certificate. However, in the case of a married candidate, a marriage certificate should be submitted along with the children’s birth certificates.

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    Medical  Requirements

    When planning a trip to Portugal in respect of professional activity, a lot of people often underestimate the most important thing. It’s one’s health!

    International Travel Insurance

    One of the most significant medical requirements that you need while applying for a D1 worker visa is international travel insurance.

    Every applicant who is not of Portuguese nationality must get this insurance in case of medical emergencies in Portugal.

    Female doctor in a hospital

    Who needs International Travel Insurance?

    As stated earlier, anyone who is not a Portuguese national needs it. In this case, any individual from the United Kingdom, Korea, Australia, the United States, and many others will need to secure insurance.

    During visa application, an applicant may need to present some documents to enter Portuguese territory.

    How does Travel Insurance work?

    The international travel insurance must cover the entire period of your residence in Portugal.

    Aside from that, the insurance must cover the costs of repatriation in cases of death or grievous accidents.

    If you have any questions about Portuguese D1 visa, our team is happy to assist.

    How much does the Insurance cost?

    The cost of insurance varies based on several factors. The factors include:

    • Insurance plan.
    • Age
    • Professional activity.
    • Country of origin.
    • Duration of the trip and many other factors.

    Travel insurance is expected to cover at least 4% of the total amount spent on your trip, especially the border services.

    For instance, if the trip cost €4,000, travel insurance may cost a minimum of €160.

    a smiling woman with a white suitcase

    Do you need International Travel Insurance?

    Most visa applicants mention the two documents interchangeably.

    However, the truth is that international travel insurance and travel insurance are different documents. They offer peculiar incentives for different cases.

    In any case, it depends on the duration of the applicant’s trip to Portugal. It also depends on one’s other needs.

    If the visa applicant’s professional activity will last for a short period, travel insurance is recommended. This short period may imply about 1 to 3 months.

    However, if the applicant wants to relocate to Portugal for more than a year, international travel insurance is recommended.

    Upsides of International Health Insurance and Travel  Insurance to Portugal.

    International Travel Insurance

    Travel Insurance

    1. It covers both emergency and routine healthcare in Portugal such as medical check-ups.

    It is limited to travel-related situations such as flight cancellations.

    1. It offers medical coverage in every country.

    It offers medical coverage only in the country.

    What are the ideal options of health insurance for  Professionals in Portugal?

    There are excellent options for international travel health insurance for professionals who have received job offers in Portugal.  They are as follows:

    • Portugal Travel Insurance.
    • Allianz Travel Insurance.
    • Cigna Global Health Insurance and many others.

    Fees Involved

    The fee for processing a D1 work visa application is €90.

    An applicant will also need to work around some incidental expenses that pertain to obtaining a visa. It may relate to the costs of presenting the documents required for residence permits.

    The following categories of persons are exempted from paying any visa fee:

    • Applicants engaged in highly qualified research activities.
    • Applicants whose descendants hold a residency permit under the family reunification clauses and many others.

    What to expect in a D1 professional worker visa Interview

    Persons who apply for resident permits or D1 visas need to attend a face-to-face interview at the Portuguese consulate in their country of residence.

    There is a list of common questions that are often asked in a D1 visa interview.

    • Have you been to Portugal before?
    • Do you have relatives or friends currently in Portugal?
    • How long will you be staying in Portugal?
    • Are you married?
    • Do you have children? Who will take care of them while you are away?

    The questions are not exhaustive. In any case, the consular office will also ask questions about your job offer or professional activity in Portugal.

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    What to do after getting the D1 Visa?

    After the D1 visa has been approved, the applicant can take it along with the necessary documents to Portugal.

    Upon arrival in Portuguese territory, the visa holder needs to reach the local immigration department. The immigration officer will work with the applicant through all they needs to know about the issuance of a residence permit and how to secure it.

    The applicant can then apply for citizenship after 5 years of residence in the Portuguese territory.

    How can IAS Help?

    IAS is a body of competent, experienced legal experts and immigration advisers who can supply you with all the necessary information you need to apply for a work visa in Portugal

    Our immigration lawyers can also suggest the general requirements you might need to apply for a D1 Visa Portugal. At IAS, we care about your future and we will not hesitate to help your situation in any way we can.

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