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Advice Package

With IAS’ advice package, you can receive professional guidance from one of our dedicated immigration lawyers.

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    Our Advice Services

    Immigration Advice Service offers an industry leading advice and compliance package, with aims to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on how to proceed with your immigration matter.

    Our initial Advice Session can take place either in person (in one of our nationwide offices), over the phone r via Skype with one of our highly qualified, OISC regulated immigration lawyers. They will take detailed instructions about your immigration matter and provide you with comprehensive advice on what your options are and the next steps you need to take.

    During your Advice Session, we will also discuss how we can undertake and maange the entire application proicess for you with our Application Pacakge making the process as smooth and stress -free as possible whilst maximising the chances for success by using our vast, proven expreience and expertise.

    We also provide a Checking Service if you decide the Full Service is not for you, where one of our lawyers will go through the application that you have completed with a professional eye to ensure everything is correct and present before sending off to the Home Office.

    What are the benefits of choosing IAS’ Advice Package?

    Our Advice Pacakge is the ideal option if you are looking for expert immigration legal advie. With this service, you will have an untiomed one-on-one session with one of our immigration lawyers.

    Your immigration lawyer will consider your case and offer bespoke advice, and they will advise you on the optimum route to take to achieve your desired result.

    During your advice session, you will be able to discuss your case and get detailed information about your options to proceed with your case. We will:

    Review your situation and explore your opportunities to get your desired immigration results.

    Review your situation and explore your opportunities to get your desired immigration results.

    Review your situation and explore your opportunities to get your desired immigration results.

    Review your situation and explore your opportunities to get your desired immigration results.

    After booking your first consultation, you will have 3 days to ask any follow-up questions free of charge.

    Regardless of what your personal immigration query ight be, IAS is here to help and support you. Call us on +44 (0)333 414 9244 or enquire online to learn more about our immigration Advice Package.

    What happens during the Advice Session?

    Whether the session is in-person, over telephone or via Skype you will receive the same, consistent and professional service.

    Your dedicated lawyer will:

    • Take detailed instructions from you based on the circumstances of your case
    • Discuss and advise you on the requirements of the UK Immigration Rules and how they apply to your case
    • Provide tailored advice on the various options available to you and the relevant application forms(s) and related Home Office/government fees.
    • Outline the expected time frames pertaining to the case
    • Advise on a plan of action for the options identified and discuss the relevant strategies
    • Provide an assessment of the chance of success for hte application
    • Answer any follow up queries in relation to the matter following the session.

    I need Immigration Advice. Can IAS Help?

    Immigration Advice Service is here for you if you need expert immigration legal advice. With a wealth of experience in the field of immigration law, our expertise are unrivalled. We are passionate about the exceptional service we offer to our clients throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

    We offer advice in all areas of immigration law, including

    Today to Learn More About our Professional Services and to find out How we can Help.

    Why should you hire one of our immigration lawyers?

    You can benefit from our Advice Package services even if you live abroad or you cannot travel to one of our nationwide offices. Our services are available in person, via Skype or over the phone, at any time that suits you best.

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    By choosing our Advice Package, we will pair you with one of our best immigration lawyers.

    Your dedicated adviser will assess your situation and provide you with professional and detailed advice. We understand the complexities and importance of immigration law, and with a wealth of professional lawyers to advise your case, we are confident that there is no case we can’t handle.

    If you are happy with our plan of action to process your case, your adviser will proceed to prepare an advice letter that will detail what was discussed and the next course of action. For clients whose next step is applying for the visa using our application service, they will enjoy a personalised service that includes working with them to compile the necessary documents, reviewing their case, making decisions and sending the completed application to the Home Office to await a decision, taking the stress away from the client.

    Call us on +44 (0)333 414 9244 or enquire online to book your advice session with on of IAS’ immigration lawyers.

    Do you offer any other assistance?

    After your advice session, it is a good idea to evaluate your options to decide whether you need any further help. Our application package is a fantastic option for any business or those who wish to make a UK visa/immigration application. One of our immigration lawyers will work you through the entire application process, ensuring your application is completed to the very highest standard.

    We will pair you with an immigration lawyer who is experienced in the area of immigration law which your case relates to. They will take charge of your application and will advise you on the documents which you will need to include in your crucial portfolio of evidence.

    Once your portfolio of evidence is ready to be submitted, your immigration lawyer will complete all necessary application forms.

    They will liaise with the Home Office throughout the application process, and will keep you informed of details of your application’s progress.

    Also, IAS offers full support to those wish to challenge a Home Office decision. Our appeal package is specifically designed for this purpose. We offer assistance to deal with both administrative reviews and full legal appeals. If you choose to go down the route of an appeal, we will offer full legal representation in front of the upper tribunal.

    Our Service Fees

    Our lawyers offer expert advice, as well as comprehensive legal assistance with your visa application. It is worth noting that prices will be higher if you have had an application refused previously. That is why we advise enlisting the help of our immigration lawyers to get you a successful visa application the first time you apply.

    Our initial consultation includes an in-depth discussion with one of our advisors who will listen with empathy and go through your options in detail. They will answer any follow-up questions you may have via email after the consultation.

    Our Full Package Service is our most popular due to the fact that many of our clients don’t want to get their visa application wrong and risk refusal.

    IAS’ bespoke Application Checking Service is suitable for those who are confident in their visa application, but would like an OISC accredited lawyer to check through the completed application, before giving it a stamp of approval to be sent off to the Home Office. Our Document Checking service is typically 60 – 65% of the full application fee for your chosen visa route. Discuss with one of our advisers today to talks through what option is best for you.

    Call us on +44 (0)333 414 9244 or enquire online to book your advice session with on of IAS’ immigration lawyers.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Advice Package typically lasts 30-60 minutes. During that time, we ensure that you fully understand the advice that is given and you are clear on the next steps you need to take.

    There are no additional costs or hidden fees. The one-off payment for the Advice Package is all that you pay.

    Your lawyer may advise you on how we can assist further with an application – the fees for this will be provided to you during the Advice Session. Our fees are always transparent, meaning the quote you are given is all that you will ever pay.

    You can also ask any follow-up questions for seven days after your advice session, free of charge.

    As part of our service, you are able to receive further advice following on from the session.

    For example, if you have had a few days to think about what was discussed and you have follow-up questions you need answering, you will still have access to your lawyer who will answer these for you.

    If you are unsure about anything, please speak to a member of our Enquiries Team on +44 (0)333 414 9244

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