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Displaced Talent Mobility Pilot

A new pilot immigration pathway has been launched in the UK to bring highly skilled refugees and displaced persons to the UK.

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    Guide to the Displaced Talent Mobility Scheme

    The newly-announced Displaced Talent Mobility Scheme has been designed to enable up to 100 displaced people living in Jordan and Lebanon to come to the UK over the next two years.

    The purpose of the programme is to give highly skilled refugees and other displaced people the opportunity to work in the UK in a highly in-demand role on the shortage occupation list.

    Its purpose is to help people fleeing conflict and violence access work and settlement opportunities in the UK.

    It is intended to complement existing resettlement routes and remove many of the administrative and legal barriers to enable skilled talent to come to the UK.

    Similar to the requirements of the Skilled Worker Visa, there are several eligibility criteria that applicants must meet, but it is not a form of refugee status.

    Similarly, applicants will not enter the UK’s asylum system on this programme.

    A similar displaced talent visa programme operates in countries like Australia and Canada.

    The organisation Talent Beyond Boundaries works in partnership with governments to run the programme.

    The exact specifications of the programme have not yet been released by the government so the guidelines may change.

    For advice and assistance with applying for this visa category, our qualified immigration lawyers are on hand to assist you.

    We are available to speak over the phone and via online contact form. We look forward to assisting you with your case.

    How does it work?

    The programme works by eligible individuals submitting their information to the Talent Beyond Boundaries organisation.

    This information is compiled and individuals are chosen based on their skills, expertise, and their potential value to the UK economy.

    The following are eligible to apply:

    • Refugees
    • Stateless people
    • Displaced people
    • People forced to leave their homes

    Applicants must meet the requirements of the scheme and for this pilot scheme, they must be living in either Jordan or Lebanon.

    In the future, the programme may be extended to other countries.

    Who can apply?

    People can apply for the displaced talent visa if they meet the following three requirements:

    1. Holding a formal job offer from an eligible UK employer with a sponsor licence
    2. The role meets minimum salary requirements
    3. Having a minimum level of English language skills

    Employers in the UK can choose from over 26,000 registered and highly skilled potential candidates in the database (or talent catalog).

    Although individuals with the skills on the occupation shortage list will be prioritised, anyone can submit their details for review by British employers.

    Existing workers on the database are specialists in the following fields:

    • Trade workers
    • Sales and marketing professionals
    • Accountants and finance professionals
    • Engineers
    • Teachers
    • Tech professionals
    • Healthcare workers
    • Butchers, chefs, and bakers
    • Driving and logistics specialists

    Any displaced person living in Jordan or Lebanon is welcome to apply to the displaced talent pilot scheme.

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    How long can you stay in the UK?

    Similar to the UK’s Skilled Worker Visa, the programme allows successful applicants to come to the UK for up to five years.

    Following this, if the applicant is eligible, they may be able to apply for indefinite leave to remain (settled status).

    Individuals are permitted to apply with their dependent spouse and children, if they meet eligibility criteria.

    The displaced worker will also have the opportunity to change job if they wish, providing that the employer also holds a sponsor licence.

    This ensures that individuals can work knowing that losing their job will not result in being returned to their home countries where they may be at risk of danger.

    How to apply

    As well as the displaced person applying for the visa, the UK-based employer must also meet eligibility criteria.

    The criteria are outlined in detail below.

    Displaced workers

    To apply for the visa, follow the below steps:

    1. Visit Talent Beyond Boundaries’f online registration site
    2. State your current status as a displaced or stateless person
    3. Provide details related to personal information, country of residence, year of arrival, nationality, and any registration with an NGO or other body
    4. Select the field in which they are skilled
    5. Add information relating to their previous work experience
    6. Give information relating to level of education
    7. Provide your current English language abilities
    8. Give any additional information on professional qualifications

    Applying for a UK visa can be expensive, time-consuming, and confusing. The advantage of this immigration route is that applicants will receive priority processing at no extra cost.

    As well as this, they will receive tailored support from case workers if they need assistance with any administrative issues.

    For example, if an individual needs to obtain a passport, employment reference, tax record, qualification, or certification, they will be supported in doing so.

    For obvious reasons, it may not be possible for a displaced person to have access to their documents which is why additional help can be invaluable.

    UK employers

    For employers, they should follow the below steps to hire on the displaced talent programme:

    1. Identify a suitable role in their organisation
    2. Collaborate with TBB on the recruitment process
    3. Liaise with the employee and TBB during the visa application process
    4. Work with TBB to prepare the person and their family to arrive in the UK
    5. Maintain contact with TBB for 12 months following their arrival

    Employers must hold a sponsor licence and be approved by the Home Office to hire foreign workers.

    Applying for a UK sponsor licence can be a complex process, requiring significant investment in time and resources on the part of the employer.

    It is imperative that employers carefully follow the rules around sponsoring foreign workers. Some of the requirements of holding a sponsor licence include:

    • The employer must not have any criminal convictions (particularly relating to immigration offences)
    • The employer must not have a history of failing to uphold sponsorship responsibilities
    • The business must appoint appropriate personnel to take on key roles to manage the sponsor licence (including the key contact, authorising officer, and level 1 user
    • The employer is required to submit extensive documentation related to their business

    If you need assistance applying for this important licence, speak to our experienced immigration advisers today for advice on how we can assist you.

    What is Talent Beyond Boundaries?

    This global charity was set up to connect workers who have been displaced with opportunities in the UK.

    The purpose of the group is to give employers access to international talent as well as giving people who have been forced to leave their homes the chance to use their skills and build a life in the UK.

    Their aim to empower individuals achieve self-reliance through employment has been successful in many other countries around the world and UK groups including the Refugee Council have welcomed the announcement of this scheme.

    TBB are one of the only charities in the world set up to bridge the gap between highly skilled refugees or displaced people and employers who are seeking to attract global talent.

    People with highly sought-after skills are valuable to employers, especially in the UK where there is a high employment shortage.

    IAS is determined to support all its clients achieve their goals, no matter their circumstances.

    As experts in immigration law, we believe that all people have the right to make informed choices about their future and we are proud to provide valuable immigration advice services.

    As well as assisting our clients with all immigration matters, we provide the following services:

    • Assess your eligibility for the displaced talent visa
    • Assist you with your TBB registration
    • Advise on the required documents to submit
    • Give you support with ensuring that your job is eligible under the programme specifications
    • Advise on how to include your spouse or dependent children on your visa application
    • Liaise with the Home Office on your behalf while your application is pending
    • Provide any other legal advice services as required

    We are committed to giving each individual the opportunity to come to the UK, whether on this programme, or via a Spouse Visa, Fiancé Visa, Skilled Worker route, UK Work Visa and UK work permits, indefinite leave to remain, or an application for British citizenship.

    Speak to our immigration lawyers today to find out how we can assist you and your loved ones come to the UK.

    We listen to your circumstances, ask questions, and then give you the most appropriate legal advice based on your situation.

    Your dedicated immigration lawyer will ensure that you are given ample opportunity to ask us questions and ensure that you are confident with your chosen route.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Displaced Talent Visa is similar to the Skilled Worker route in the UK, but it is for individuals who are refugees, stateless, or otherwise displaced. It enables international skilled workers to come to the UK and work for up to five years.

    It is not the same as the existing Skilled Worker route, but it is similar. UK employers can sponsor displaced talent by issuing a job offer to an individual who is living in Jordan or Lebanon.

    They must have an job offer from an eligible UK employer who holds a sponsor licence.

    To apply for the visa, individuals should apply on the TBB website and submit their information.

    It is not essential to submit employment references, but TBB can assist with obtaining employment references if needed.

    Similar to the existing Skilled Worker rules, it is important to meet the English language requirements, eligible job offer, and minimum salary requirements.

    The two programmes share many commonalities but are not exactly the same. The Displaced Talent Visa is intended to individuals who are displaced foreign nationals, stateless, or are refugees and aims to enable them to undertake skilled jobs.

    The programme has some benefits including:

    • UK employers will receive support as part of the process
    • Applicants can enjoy a fast track application package and free priority processing
    • It allows displaced job seekers participate in the global employment market and use their skills

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