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Permitted Paid Engagement Visa

Permitted Paid Engagement Visa

Permitted Paid Engagement Visa
If you have been invited in the UK as an expert of your field, you need a Permitted Paid Engagement Visa. At IAS, our immigration lawyers will:

  • Provide advice tailored to your specific needs & answer all of your questions
  • Help you acquire adequate documents to complete supporting portfolio
  • Complete your application forms professionally and submit them to the Home Office

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Permitted Paid Engagement Visa Application

A Permitted Paid Engagement Visa is for people who have been invited to the UK as experts of their profession. Usually, this visa is used by academics, artists, performers, news broadcasters and specialist researchers.

The PPE Visa lasts for a month. It is limited in that it does not allow visitors to bring their families, access public funds or extend their visa. While in the UK, Permitted Engagement Visa holders can not take on any work which is not related to their specific field. The work they are allowed to do will be outlined on their visa once it has been granted.

How can IAS help with you apply for a PPE Visa?

Our team of immigration specialists can guide you through the process of applying for this type of temporary work visa. As part of our unique services, you will be paired with an immigration lawyer who can address your needs. They will support you in whichever way you need, whether you are looking for advice or full application assistance. Your lawyer will work with you closely to ensure your documents meet the required standard. They will do this by filing them into a comprehensive application portfolio along with your application forms, which will be completed by them. Your lawyer will also send a Letter of Representation to UKVI. This letter uses legal knowledge and support to plead your case to the Home Office. If you would like to discuss this visa route in more detail or would like advice about your individual situation, call us on 0333 305 9272or make an enquiry to request a free call-back.

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To apply for a PPE Visa, you need to have an invitation to join you in the UK by an organisation or client.

This invitation must be to do specific paid work with them. This work can range from work as a performer, to work as a visiting lecturer.

You can make an application through the Home Office, either via post or online. For this, you will need proof of this invite and proof that you are capable of doing the work to the standard required by the UK-based client or organisation.

A Permitted Paid Engagement Visa is a type of temporary UK visa. In some ways, it is a cross between a Visitor Visa and a Work Visa. The visa allows its holders to enter the UK for up to one month for the purpose of doing work in their specialist profession.

The route is perfect for individuals who need to visit the UK to work at an event (for example, as a performer or guest-speaker) and also for broadcast journalists.

  • a student examiner or assessor;
  • a guest-speaker or academic panelist;
  • a guest-lecturer (as long as this is not part/full-time);
  • a specialist pilot examine (as long as they are invited by an organisation regulated by the UK Civil Aviation Authority)
  • a law professional;
  • an artist, entertainer, sportsperson or broadcast journalist; and
  • a fashion model/designer

The UKVI application fee for a Permitted Paid Engagement Visa is £93.

If an applicant wants to receive their offer faster than the usual three weeks, they may be able to pay a premium fee to receive their answer in five working days (£212); or one working day (£956).

The documents you need to show when you apply for a Permitted Paid Engagement Visa are as follows:

  • your passport/travel identification (this must have a blank page for your visa);
  • proof that you can financially support yourself during your time in the UK (such as a payslip dating back to the last six months);
  • information about where you intend to stay during your time in the UK;
  • information on your travel plans (such as where you intend to go after you have been to the UK);
  • a formal invitation for the position you intend to fill (this must be from a UK-based client or organisation and the person you will be paid by if your application succeeds; and
    proof that you are qualified to take up the position (such as proof of relevant qualifications or employment).

If you are an art, entertainment or sporting professional, you will also need to show evidence of any of the following:

  • your publications;
  • publicity material;
  • awards you have won;
  • reviews of your work;
  • media coverage of your work;
  • proof of your recent performances.

Our lawyers can assist you with this type of visa application in the following ways:

  • assessing your eligibility by examining your invitation, qualifications, and other potential supporting documents/evidence;
  • helping you to acquire more documents from the relevant authorities;
  • completing your application forms professionally and carefully to ensure they meet the standard required by the Home Office;
  • liaising with UKVI on your behalf;
  • compiling your supporting evidence into an application portfolio — this presents your case comprehensively to immigration officials and allows them to navigate it easily;
  • writing a detailed Letter of Representation to act as a cover letter and support your application.