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Global Fashion Industry Immigration Services

The fashion world is a fast-paced global industry, and every year thousands of people who work within the industry travel all over the world to connect and work with fashion leaders, businesses, and talented and promising individuals, as well as attend world-renowned fashion events.

Navigating the intricate landscape of immigration procedures can be daunting. Immigration Advice Services can advise and support your fashion enterprise in its immigration and visa needs, provide you with internal policy frameworks and offer legal representation for global immigration needs. You can get in touch online or contact us on +44 (0)333 305 9375.


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    Benefits of Choosing IAS For Your Work Visa

    Our team of immigration lawyers can provide the right support to ensure you secure a work visa for yourself or your employees.


    Your immigration lawyer will consider your case and offer bespoke advice, and they will advise you on the optimum route to take to achieve your desired result.

    By working with IAS for your or your employee’s work visa, you make sure that you have an expert eye and hands on your case to boost your chances of success.

    We ensure you are applying for the most suitable work visa to boost your chances of success.

    We provide advice on the appropriate documentary evidence required to support your case.

    You get a personalised approach from a qualified and experienced immigration lawyer

    You work with you and liaise with the Home Office on your behalf to ensure the best possible outcome.

    Regardless of what your personal immigration query might be, IAS is here to help and support you. Call us or enquire online to learn more about how we can help you.

    Services we Provide

    Using Immigration Services for Fashion Industry Travel

    The global fashion industry employs over 75 million people worldwide, and involves huge amounts of regular cross-continental travel. Fashion shows and Fashion Weeks are exhibited internationally, and attract hundreds of thousands of visitors and international media recognition annually.

    This means that individuals, large groups and businesses often require tailored immigration services and policy support in order to commit to the high industry demands of global travel.

    Participating in the fashion industry, whether to travel for business meetings or to attend fashion shows and fashion week, usually requires specific visas, work permits, and other legal requirements in order to ensure compliance and smooth immigration procedures.

    Immigration Requirements

    Visas and work permits for the fashion industry tend to fall into a subcategory of work visas, and depending on where you travel to, and depending on the purpose of your trip, will vary from business visa categories to a more specific global talent visa.

    Common categories of work associated with the fashion industry are:

    • Fashion designers and creatives
    • Global talent and exceptional talent
    • Media outlets
    • Fashion specialist fields.

    Workers and groups within the fashion industry may require immigration support for:

    • Short term visit/tourist or business visas
    • Global Talent visa application
    • Creative worker visa
    • Visas for Exceptional Promise criteria
    • Fashion design endorsement
    • Endorsement application
    • For work in the UK, indefinite leave (desire to settle permanently and gain permanent residence)
    • Other needs in the fashion specialist field

    IAS can support you with your travel and immigration needs across the globe. Contact us today by calling +44 (0)333 305 9375, or you can get in touch online.

    Our Global Fashion Industry Immigration Services

    As fashion industry needs are so diverse, it can be difficult for individual workers as well as large-scale businesses to ensure that they are travelling and working under the correct legal terms. Oftentimes, different countries have very different types of visas and eligibility criteria to meet in order for applicants to successfully travel or move to their destination, and many of those who have industry recognition travel to more than one country on a regular basis.

    Immigration Advice Services has an expert legal team with deep knowledge and experience with navigating international travel and facilitating workforce mobility within the fashion industry.

    IAS can support you with:

    Eligibility Criteria Assessments

    We provide tailored advice and strategic support for workers and businesses within the fashion world travelling or moving for work.

    Business Travel Advice and Compliance

    We provide our clients with country-specific and/or regional business travel advice to ensure full legal compliance with local business travel and immigration laws, including support with attaining work permits and long-term visas or residency.

    Multijurisdictional Immigration Assessment

    We offer essential assessment services for groups and individuals who need to work or move across borders.

    Our immigration lawyers have helped hundreds of businesses in the fashion industry with all types of immigration matters. Lets us help you too.

    Internal Business Support for Global Immigration Policies

    We help businesses in the fashion industry to review, update or write Global Immigration policies and procedures for company staff and contractors to follow based on the most up-to-date guidelines and immigration requirements.

    HR Immigration Compliance Training

    Our experienced team can support your business with comprehensive global movement and immigration training, and help guide and review policy and procedure documentation to ensure your business and employees are legally well protected and supported.

    Advocacy and Government Liaison Services

    Our legal team at Immigration Advice Services advocates for our clients on an international level to support and improve global policy and decision making for businesses and workers in the fashion industry.

    From New York Fashion Week to design studios in Milan, navigating the complex world of international immigration is part and parcel of the fashion world.

    Whether your business needs to move a fashion designer, model or make-up artist around the world, is representing exceptional talent who require a global talent route visa, is a small business at the endorsement stage with a developing track record within your field, or is a fashion business with a substantial track record within the global fashion industry, our team can support you with your movement and internal policy requirements.

    Why Work With Our Lawyers

    Our team at IAS comprises of expert immigration lawyers with grounded experience and up-to-date knowledge in fashion and global talent category affairs.

    We understand the unique legal requirements, opportunities and challenges that those who work within the industry face when moving around the world for work and business purposes.

    We also understand the complex needs of a multijurisdictional business and the challenges faced when creating policies and procedures for staff and contractors that comply with the most up-to-date local and international legal requirements.

    Our expert team of immigration lawyers can also support with urgent immigration issues and can be called upon to represent your business in international litigation challenges. By leveraging our expertise, fashion professionals can embark on their global pursuits with confidence.

    IAS can support you with your travel and immigration needs, regardless of where you’re located in the world. Contact us today by calling +44 (0)333 305 9375, or you can get in touch online.

    We offer immigration advice sessions as face to face appointments at all of our UK offices, or via the phone.

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