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Global Business Immigration Services

Do you need assistance with business immigration services as an employer? Contact us at IAS. We can handle all your visa service needs and make the process seamless.

For more information about business immigration, including eligibility details, required documents, the application process, and business immigration news, contact our immigration experts at Immigration Advice Service. You can reach us by calling +44 (0)333 305 9375 or chatting with us online.


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    What are the benefits of choosing IAS’ Advice Package?

    Our Advice Package is the ideal option if you are looking for expert immigration legal advice. With this service, you will have an untimed one-on-one session with one of our immigration lawyers.

    Your immigration lawyer will consider your case and offer bespoke advice, and they will advise you on the optimum route to take to achieve your desired result.

    During your advice session, you will be able to discuss your case and get detailed information about your options to proceed with your case. We will:

    Review your situation and explore your opportunities to get your desired immigration results.

    Advice on the most appropriate documentary evidence required to support your case.

    Discuss the requirements that you need to meet to qualify for your visa.

    Outline the expected time frames to process your application.

    After booking your first consultation, you will have 3 days to ask any follow-up questions free of charge.

    Regardless of what your personal immigration query might be, IAS is here to help and support your. Call us or enquire online to learn more about our Immigration Advice Package.

    Services we Provide

    Business Immigration Services

    There are many visas you may be eligible for as an employer. However, you need the right advice and information to apply for the specific one that meets your business immigration needs. At IAS, we offer corporate immigration services that can benefit your business. You can contact any of our caseworkers to discuss your needs and goals so we can, in turn, offer you bespoke immigration advice. This is particularly important because no two businesses are the same. 

    Immigration Advice Service has a team of business immigration experts focused on giving our clients premium customer service and support. You can count on them as they take you by hand and guide you through all visa application processes. Our team can help assess your eligibility for your chosen visa, gather supporting documents, prepare you for visa interviews, ensure your business complies with international laws and make visa applications for you. As of 2024, we have recorded over 9000 success stories regarding visa applications. 

    We also know that sometimes, visa applications do not go as smoothly as anticipated, but not to worry, our team of immigration lawyers are equal to the task. They are well-versed in international law and can represent you in court to ask for appeals or administrative reviews. 

    Employers need employees to stay in business, so companies go the extra mile to get talented employees who can improve their standing. Sometimes, these gifted employees cannot be found in the country your business is located in. This would mean your company is looking for overseas talent. After getting your candidate, we can help them move and come to work for you. 

    Our Business Immigration Services

    Below are some of the business immigration services we offer: 

    Sponsor Licence Application

    You’ll need to have a permit from your government to employ talents from overseas. If you are yet to get this licence, you can reach out to our team at +44 (0)333 305 9375 or give us a chat online. We will guide you through the application process for the sponsor licence. 

    Work Permits

    Do you need to employ talents from abroad? IAS is ready to help you start and finish the process. Our first duty would be to ensure that your candidate meets the requirements for a work visa in the country they want to move to. The next step would be to gather the documents needed to prove eligibility. Our lawyers will put you in the loop so you can provide the documents that prove you want them to come to work for you. Finally, we can make the visa application on behalf of your prospective employee and organise their trip from their country to yours. 

    Business Visas

    Business can take employers to many parts of the world. For you, it could be to deal with a potential client, contact new business partners, attend a business convention or check out a new business site you are looking to acquire. IAS immigration law experts are on hand to ensure a smooth experience. If you want to visit the UK for this purpose, we can inform you of the UK business visa requirements and guide you on how to apply for the visa. 

    Travel Visas

    After posting profits in a fiscal year, some employers love to give their employees a treat and, as such, would organise an all-expense paid company vacation. If you intend to do something similar for your workers who have done their best for you during the year, kindly contact us. We can help you plan your trip and ensure the company and the individuals meet the travel visa requirements. Our dedicated business immigration solicitors can also inform you of the rules guiding your visa so you do not breach any immigration rules. We can also help you plan a trip to a country with visa exemption or relaxed immigration rules for your employees. This would mean reduced interfacing with bureaucracy and also less financial expenses. 

    Innovator or Founder Visas

    Our business immigration solicitors are well-versed in international business laws. They can guide you on how to set up a business on foreign soil. Navigating the waters of global business may seem challenging, but our lawyers are on hand to simplify the process for you. 

    Family Visas

    Family is important, and many countries have family reunification programs that enable international workers to be reunited with the family members they left at home. Your employees would need a helping hand in this regard. We can assist them in applying for family visas.

    Immigration Strategy Design

    The needs and goals of a business can change from time to time. The business world’s current demands and dynamic nature warrant businesses to reinvent themselves or face extinction. If you want to change the dynamics of your business by changing locations or moving staff members, IAS can help. Our duty would be to conduct background checks on the country you intend to move to, furnish you with the eligibility details, and help you gather your supporting documents. We ensure you meet the immigration requirements as individuals and as a business.

    Compliance Training for Employees

    Employing international talents means your business is growing and becoming more complex. While this is great for your business, it will also demand more from you. You’ll need to ensure your overseas staff abide by the rules guiding their work permits. Our advisory and training services can educate your staff on managing international employees. We equip you with the knowledge that will help your business be law-abiding. 

    Advocacy and Liaison Services

    If a visa application does not go as planned, our team at IAS is still ever ready to help. Our services do not end at the visa application point. We are still with you whether the outcome of your application is negative or positive. If you get a visa refusal, our lawyers are well-trained in advocacy and can represent your interest in court. 

    Global Immigration Policy Support

    Businesses that employ staff from overseas also need to be careful and abide by the work visa rules. Your company must be compliant, especially regarding payment of the stipulated salary and other employee benefits. We can educate you on what you must do to ensure you’re always on the right side of the law. Brushes with the government are not suitable for business; we train you to avoid them. 

    Concierge Services

    IAS has a concierge service arm that works tirelessly to ensure your relocation is a walk in the park. If you contact our concierge arm, we can help you transport your belongings and pets from one country to the other while abiding by immigration rules. We offer global business mobility services, ensuring that your employees settle comfortably in a new location by handling hotel bookings, house hunting, and school hunting.

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    Why Choose IAS Lawyers for Your Business Immigration Needs

    Still, looking for reasons to trust us with your global immigration plans? Here are some to help you build faith in us: 

    Expertise and Experience in Business Immigration

    We always strive to deliver premium service to all of our clients. Immigration Advice Service is a customer-centric law firm that puts our customers’ needs and goals first. If you need professional immigration services, do not hesitate to contact any of our specialist business immigration lawyers at +44 (0)333 305 9375. You can message us online. Your immigration goals are in safe hands. 

    Client Testimonials and Success Stories

    We are in a league of our own regarding offering immigration advice and services. As of 2024, we have recorded over 9000 success stories. But don’t take our word for it. You can read what our clients and customers say about our services here

    Commitment to Excellence in Business Immigration Services

    IAS stands out as an excellent provider of business immigration services chiefly due to our team. We have an assembly of brilliant and experienced staff. They are the engine of what we do at IAS, and are committed to delivering excellent services. They will stop at nothing till your immigration goal is achieved. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to them today and begin your journey in the IAS. It will be an excellent experience. Call +44 (0)333 305 9375 or send a message online.

    Visa Tracking Services

    We don’t just submit your application and let you figure out the rest independently. We are with you every step of the way. If we handle your business immigration matters, we monitor it to know when you need to supply more information or go for your visa collection. 

    Access to Advice Package

    Our specialist immigration solicitors are at your beck and call. Reach out to them with your confusion and questions and leave with clarity. Our advice package covers you before, during and after your visa application. We are here to serve you. 

    Immediate Business Immigration Advice

    Importance of Timely Immigration Advice

    You don’t have to wait till there is a challenge with your visa application before you contact us at IAS. Your application may have passed the stage where we can assist. Therefore, it is best to kick off your immigration journey with us so you can have the best shot at success. Call +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online today!

    24/7 Availability for Business Immigration Consultation

    With our team worldwide, you have access to us no matter where you are. Our team also works around the clock to ensure you do not meet a wall whenever you reach out. Come rain or shine, there is an IAS staff member who is on standby, ready to hear from you and provide the needed support. 

    Urgent Immigration Issues Handling Process

    Our visa application process is swift; we handle every case that drops on our desk with a sense of urgency. We know the two most important resources while making immigration plans are time and money, and we ensure you get swift service whenever you call on us. If you need a faster-than-normal service, we can arrange for your application to be sent to the Embassy in 24 hours, depending on the kind of service you need and the availability of adequate supporting documents. 

    Efficient Response Time for Immigration Queries

    Efficiency is our watchword. No matter what your immigration needs are, we can provide the needed support in record time while maintaining quality of service.

    Contact IAS’s Team Today For professional Support With Your Business Needs

    IAS is your one-stop shop for all business immigration law services. Whether you want to travel for business meetings, employ staff from overseas, maintain compliance with the government or start a business in another country, we can help make the process seamless. 

    We can assess your eligibility, gather supporting documents and apply for the business visa on your behalf. We have helped many employers with business immigration services and can help you, too. 

    For more details about our services, call +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online.

    We offer immigration advice sessions as face to face appointments at all of our UK offices, or via the phone.

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