Extending a Spouse Visa

If you are currently living in the UK on a Spouse or Civil Partner Visa, you can apply for a UK spouse visa extension after 30 months.  You can do this by submitting an FLR (M) form application to the Home Office.

When making an application to extend your UK Spouse Visa, you and your spouse must be in the UK and intend to continue living together permanently. This means your relationship must be genuine. You can extend your Spouse Visa using the FLR (M) form. To qualify you must meet three main requirements: the financial requirements, the accommodation requirement, and the ‘genuine relationship’ test.

The Spouse Visa extension requirements are strict and your extension application may require you to show such changes as an improvement in English language skill.

How can IAS help renew my Spouse Visa?

Contact us today on 0333 363 8577 or use our online enquiry form to speak with a qualified immigration lawyer who can help you with your extension application. Your personal lawyer will make sure your application meets the standard expected for a renewal of your Spouse or Partner Visa.


Question: [00:00:13] When do I need to apply for my Spouse Visa extension?


Answer: [00:00:13] If you’re currently on your first set of spouse leave and it’s due to expire then you need to apply for a spouse extension or if you’re on your second set of spouse extension leave and you’re unable to apply for indefinite leave to remain. And this is usually if you’re unable to pass a life in the UK test then you need to apply for a spouse extension.


Question: [00:00:36] What are the requirements for a Spouse Visa extension?


Answer: [00:00:36] The requirements for spouse visa extension are the same as the first initial grant for spouse leave save for the fact that you’d need to show progression in your English language requirement. You’ll need to show for your extension application that you can pass the language at A2 level or above .


Question: [00:00:58] Are the financial requirements the same for an extension application?


Answer: [00:00:58] The financial threshold £18,600, however for your extension application you can combine your income as well as your partner’s income to satisfy the £18,600.


Question: [00:01:15] Will the financial requirment change if I had child dependents?


Answer: [00:01:15] If your children are British citizen then the financial requirement remains £18,600. However if you have dependent children which are non-British citizen then the financial threshold will increase, per child.


Question: [00:01:32] How long does it take for a Spouse Visa extension to be decided?


Answer: [00:01:32] This depends on the method of your application submission. If you post your application then you’re likely to expect a decision within six months. If you use the Home Office priority service and make an appointment to attend one of the Home Office premium service centers for the same day service then you can expect to receive a decision on the same day.


Question: [00:01:57] Will we need to prove again that our relationship is genuine and subsisting?


Answer: [00:01:57] One of the requirements is that you must show that your relationship is genuine and still subsisting good evidence to include in your application is evidence of your cohabitation from the time that you are granted your visa up until the date of your application. Further evidence can be adduced in the form of birth certificates if you’ve had children since that time.

Question: [00:02:21] How can I prepare for the English language test?


Answer: [00:02:21] In order to prepare for the English language test you can utilize our practice papers available on the Immigration Advice Service website.

Question: [00:02:33] How can IAS help?


Answer: [00:02:33] If you’re looking for assistance with your spouse visa extension application then the Immigration Advice Service can assist by providing you with detailed advice assessing your eligibility for making such an application. We would advise you on the relevant documentation that needs to be submitted with such an application as well as assessing whether those documents are sufficient. We would provide a detailed letter of representation outlining how you are able to satisfy those requirements. Submit the application on your behalf and liaise with the Home Office until a decision is made.



What are the Spouse Visa extension requirements?

To be eligible for a UK Spouse Visa extension you must submit an FLR (M) form application and meet the following Spouse Visa requirements:

  • Financial requirements, as stated in your FLR (M) form;
  • English language requirements;
  • you are in a genuine relationship and intend to continue living together;
  • you meet the suitability requirements, which relates to your character and conduct, and your previous immigration history;
  • you meet the immigration status requirement, which means you have to be in the UK lawfully;
  • you meet the financial requirement set out in the Marriage Visa UK requirements

As part of your Spouse visa renewal request, you need to provide proof of your genuine relationship with your partner. If your visa extension meets the requirements, you may stay in the UK until you are eligible to apply for ILR.

What are the Spouse Visa language requirements?

Changes to the Home Office Immigration Rules mean that some people who did not originally have to meet the English Language requirement in their application for a Spouse Visa may now have to satisfy this part of the application in order for their Spouse Visa renewal to be approved. This affects any applicants whose “leave to remain as a partner” expired on or after 1st May 2017.

What if my UK Spouse Visa renewal isn’t successful?

If you make a UK spouse visa extension application that is unsuccessful for any reason, you will have 14 days from the date you received your decision letter to appeal to the First Tier Tribunal.

If you submit an appeal after this deadline of 14 days, you will need to explain why your appeal was late.

It will then be down to the First Tier Tribunal to decide if they will hear your case.

We have a number of lawyers with specialist experience in appealing to the First Tier Tribunal. If you need help with your appeal, get in touch with us today.

What services does IAS offer?

If you are submitting a Spouse Visa extension application and have any doubts about any part of the process, it is important to get expert advice. Our immigration lawyers are here to help guide and advise you.

Our services include:

  • checking your documents to ensure that they are sufficient for your application;
  • preparing a Letter of Representation to accompany your application;
  • liaising with the Home Office during your application process;
  • completing each part of your application form to the highest standard.

Our immigration lawyers can also assist you if your UK Spouse Visa renewal is refused by the Home Office. We can guide you through the appeal process and, if you are taking your appeal to a First Tier Tribunal hearing, we can arrange for you to be represented by one of our expert immigration lawyers.

Call us on 0333 363 8577 or use our online contact form today.

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