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Canadian Passport Application

The Canadian passport ranks 8th strongest in the Global Passport Index. It allows you to travel across 100 countries and more without a visa. It also enables you to get a visa on arrival in some countries.

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    Overview of Canadian Passport Applications

    Canadian passports are official travel documents issued to Canadian citizens.

    As well as providing visa-free access to numerous countries around the world, a Canadian passport allows its holder to travel freely to and from Canada without restrictions.

    There are numerous ways to apply for a Canadian passport, depending on where you are located, if you wish to apply online or by paper, and how quickly you need a passport.

    However, most, if not all, methods will involve you having to provide proof of your Canadian citizenship, proof of identity and valid passport-appropriate photographs with your application.

    Canada and North America on a globe.

    Types of Canadian Passports

    There are four types of passports. Your access to any of the four passports depends on your status and purpose of travel.

    Regular Passports

    The regular passport is for citizens on casual or occasional travels such as business and vacation trips. The passport cover is blue and has 36 pages.

    Diplomatic passports

    A diplomatic passport is for official business, such as participating in an international governmental organisation or diplomatic conference. It has a red cover.

    A diplomatic passport is open to diplomats and high-ranking officials such as:

    • Attachés, trade commissioners, consular officers, ministers, high commissioners, and other diplomats serving the Canadian government overseas.
    • Governor General.
    • Cabinet Members.
    • Federal department deputy ministers.
    • Lieutenant governors.
    • Prime Minister.
    • Opposition leaders in the Senate and the House of Commons.
    • Supreme Court of Canada’s judges, including the Chief Justice of Canada.
    • Senate’s and the House of Commons speakers.
    • Representatives and delegates of the Government of Canada to International governmental organisations and diplomatic conferences.
    • Other officials of the Government of Canada on diplomatic missions abroad.
    • Official delegates of the Government of Canada for international diplomatic conferences.
    • Diplomatic couriers.
    Holding Canadian flag

    Special Passports

    A special passport is also for government officials on official missions.

    The special passport application is open to:

    • Privy Council members (Non- Cabinet members).
    • Province premiers.
    • Chief justice and judges of the Federal Court and Appeal.
    • Senators.
    • Representatives.
    • Speakers of provincial legislative assemblies.
    • Provincial Cabinet members.
    • Non-diplomatic government officials, travelling on an official mission or to a post overseas.
    • Private citizens who are in top positions of international governmental organisations to which Canada belongs.
    • Official delegates nominees to non-diplomatic international conferences.
    • Members of the Canadian government’s delegations to International conferences with a diplomatic or non-diplomatic focus.

    Temporary Passports

    The temporary passport is for situations when a regular, special or diplomatic passport is unavailable or under processing. It is only for short-term use. You can get it in one of the Canadian Embassies and Consulates around you.

    You may get a temporary passport if you are a Canadian citizen with proof of an urgent need for a passport or residency requirements. Regardless, getting one depends on the validity of your reasons, evidence, and other requirements that the Government of Canada passport/consular officer may need to decide on giving you.

    The temporary passport is machine-readable and has eight pages which contain:

    • Bio-data page.
    • Holder’s digitised photo.
    • Visa pages.
    • Security features.
    • White cover.

    What Is the Time Frame of a Valid Canadian Passport?

    For regular passports, the age category determines the validity period; children or adults.

    Children aged 0 to 15 can use their passports for a maximum of 5 years. Adults aged 16 and above are eligible for both 5-year and 10-year passports.

    Meanwhile, the issuing officer determines the validity span of diplomatic, special, and temporary passports.

    Requirements for a Passport Application

    The following are the compulsory documents that you must provide:

    Proof of Citizenship

    When applying for a new passport, you must provide an original document providing your Canadian citizenship. You will get your document back after verification.

    Your proof depends on the nature of your citizenship. The following categories determine the type of document to present as proof of citizenship:

    Citizenship by birth

    If you were born in Canada, you have to prove your citizenship with any of the following:

    • A birth certificate issued from the province or territory in which you were born.
    • A Canadian citizenship certificate.

    Other means of citizenship

    If you were born outside Canada, you must provide proof of your citizenship with one of the following :

    • Birth registration certificate issued in another country.
    • Canadian Citizenship certificate.
    • Canadian citizenship retention certificate.
    • Naturalisation certificate.

    Other Travel Documents

    You will need to present any valid Canadian passport, refugee travel document, or certificate of identity.

    Documents Supporting Identification

    Documents supporting identification are means of identification granted by an authority of the federal, provincial, territorial, or state governments or by an equivalent organisation abroad.

    Your identity document should show your:

    • Photo.
    • Name.
    • Date of birth.
    • Signature.

    The following are some of the ID documents you can submit:

    • Canadian passport (valid or expired for less than one year).
    • Employee identification.
    • Driver’s licence.
    • Health card.
    • Indian Status card.
    • Military ID.
    • Foreign passport.
    • Non-driver’s licence.
    • Government-issued ID card.

    Passport Photos

    You will need to provide two identical passport photographs. The back of one of the photographs must contain:

    • The photo studio’s name and complete address.
    • The date the photographer shot the passport photographs.
    • The signature of your guarantor.
    • The guarantor’s written statement that the image is in your actual likeness.

    Our expert immigration lawyers can assist you with your Canadian Passport application.

    Required Passport Fees

    Your passport fee depends on your location – Canada, the United States, and other locations.

    Canadians Living in Canada

    If you reside in Canada or the United States, the following is your required fee:

    • Adult 5-year passport (age 16 or over) CAN $120.
    • Adult 10-year passport (age 16 or over) CAN $160.
    • Child passport (age 0 to 15 ) CAN $57.

    You may need to pay extra fees for:

    Expedited Services

    • Urgent service (2 days business days or less) CAN $110.
    • Express pick-up ( 3 to 9 business days) CAN $50.
    • Standard pick-up (by 10 business days or more) CAN $20.

    Statutory holiday or weekend travel (for emergencies) CAN $355.

    Administrative services

    • Replacement of stolen or misplaced passport CAN $45.
    • Authenticated copy of one passport page (1 to 3 copies) CAN $45.
    • Transfer of files to a different passport office CAN $45.

    Canadians Living in the United States or Other Locations

    If you are living in the United States or other countries, the following is your required fee:

    • Adult 5-year passport (age 16 or over) CAN $190.
    • Adult 10-year passport (age 16 or over) CAN $260.
    • Child passport (age 0 to 15 ) CAN $100.

    You may need to pay extra fees for other administrative passport services, which are:

    • Replacement of lost or stolen passport CAN $45.
    • Authenticated copy of one passport page (1 to 3 copies) CAN $45.

    How to pay

    Note that the mode of payment is strictly through:

    • Online payment – credit or prepaid (embossed) cards.
    • Certified cheques – certified banks.
    • Certified money order – postal services.

    Use the following channels If you are:

    • Applying for in-Canada services, you must pay in person or you must input your payment detail in your application form.
    • Applying from the United States, you must input your payment detail in your application form.
    • Applying from other locations, you must pay online or in person in a Canadian embassy or consulate nearest you.

    How to Apply for a Canadian passport

    Your method of applying for a Canadian passport depends on your location, Canada or outside Canada.

    How to apply for Adult Canadian passports in Canada

    Passport application for Canadian citizens is in three categories, each depending on when you need them. These categories are:

    • 2 business days or less (urgent passport services).
    • 3 to 45 business days.
    • 45 business days or more.

    2 business days or less for Urgent passport services

    2 business days or less urgent service is strictly for emergencies or need to travel during a statutory holiday or a weekend. To access an urgent service, you can go to the passport office using the urgent pick-up service. You do not need to book an appointment before going.

    You must provide the required documents for urgent passport application at the passport office. The documents to present are:

    • A written statement explaining why you need to travel (only if travelling by car) or an airline, bus or train ticket.
    • A travel itinerary showing proof of fee payment.
    • A proof of illness or death in the family requiring your presence.
    • A written statement from you or a third party explaining the purpose of requesting an urgent passport.

    3 to 45 business days

    For 3 to 45 business days passport service, you can:

    • Book an appointment at a passport office.
    • Check for an available walk-in service at a passport office.
    • Use the Service Canada Centre with 10-day processing.

    You will be required to provide the emergency travel documents listed above. Application and mail processing time can be up to two weeks.

    If you are applying to get your passport between 3 to 9 business days, you have to pay extra fees for express pick up ($50) and transfer fees ($45).

    45 business days or more

    If you need a passport in 45 days or more, you can:

    • Schedule an appointment at a Regular Service Canada Centre.
    • Use the walk-in service.
    • Send your application via mail.

    Application and mail processing time can be up to 17 weeks.

    In a situation of a lost or stolen passport, contact the passport program to make a report and for further actions before applying for another one.

    • Have all your required and supporting documents ready.
    • Access an application form from the IRCC website.
    • Complete your application form.
    • Go to a passport office with an urgent pick-up service.

    How to Apply for Child Canadian passports

    Only persons of certain status can apply for children’s passports as children can not apply themselves. Persons to apply are:

    • A parent of the child (not separated or divorced).
    • The parent with the child’s custodial right (for separated or divorced).
    • The legal guardian of the child.

    If you are applying for a child passport, you will need to sign the application form before submitting it.

    You will need one of the following documents to apply for a child Canadian passport:

    • Proof of parentage, such as:
      • Birth certificate (the long form with parent name).
      • Citizenship certificate (born outside Canada).
      • Birth registration copy for children born in Ontario.
      • Act of birth for children born in Quebec City.
      • Adoption order indicating the adoptive parent’s name.
      • Foreign birth certificate with the parent’s name.
    • Proof of child’s custody, separation or divorce, such as:
      • Access.
      • Custody.
      • Mobility.
      • Legal guardianship confirmation documents.

    Find out how we can assist with your Canadian Passport application.

    General Procedures to Apply for Canadian Passports

    Here are the necessary steps to apply for a Canadian passport.

    Check If You Need a New Passport

    If you lose or damage your passport, verify if you need to apply for a new one or a replacement.

    Assemble All the Required Documents

    Have all your documents ready before you start applying to avoid delay. You may need to provide additional documents upon request if:

    • You changed your name.
    • You misplaced or damaged your passport, or it was stolen from you.
    • You want to exclude your birthplace data on your passport.
    • You want to update the gender identifier on your passport.

    Make sure your passport photograph complies with Canada’s passport photo requirements.

    Get a Guarantor and Two References

    There are different guarantor requirements. Learn the type that applies to you on the IRCC website. Your guarantor must sign your:

    • Application form.
    • Passport photo (one out of two).
    • Supporting identity documents (all your documents).

    The referees must:

    • Be 18 years or above.
    • Have a form of relationship with you for a minimum of 2 years.

    You are not allowed to choose a member of your family and your guarantor as your referee.

    Download and Fill Out the Application Form

    Access the application form from the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website. The form for child and adult applications is different, so ensure you are filling the right one.

    Fill out the form on your computer to save time. Sign each page and add a valid email address.

    Pay All the Required Fees

    Canadians living in Canada or the United States can submit their application before making necessary payments.

    Canadian citizens in other locations or countries must first pay the required fees before submission.

    Note that fee payment does not guarantee you will get a passport. You will only get your consular fee back if your application is denied. All other payments are not refundable.

    Submit Your Application Form

    Your submission method depends on the service you apply for and your location.

    Canadian citizens in Canada

    If you are applying for:

    • The 2 days or less, call the passport office ahead of submission to know how to submit.
    • The 3 to 9 business days or 10 to 45 business days, submit your application and payment proof in person to the Government of Canada office.
    • The 45 business days or more, submit your application and payment proof through a certified courier or trackable mail service.

    Canadian Citizens in the united states

    If you are applying from the United States, submit your application and payment proof through a certified courier or trackable mail service.

    Canadian citizens in other countries

    If you are applying from other countries, submit your application and payment proof in person to the Government of Canada office.

    Get Your Passport

    If you apply for urgent use, check your receipt for your pick-up date receipt.

    If you apply for 3 to 45 services, 45 or more services, or from the United States, your passport and original documents will be mailed to you.

    For other locations, the office where you applied will notify you when your passport is ready. They’ll indicate the date and location for pick up.

    Call us for further assistance with your Canadian immigration matter.

    How Can IAS Help?

    A Canadian passport is a crucial requirement for entry and departure from Canada without permits, conditions or visa requirements.

    IAS is your go-to for guidance and assistance when applying for a new or replacement passport.

    We offer Canadian immigration services providing comprehensive information on Canadian passport application types. Our Fast-Track Application Package will help you meet the time frame of your travel plans.

    You can access our immigration experts through our Advice Package. They are willing to provide comprehensive travel advice to ease the stress of passport application and provide answers to all your questions.

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