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Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) – The Pathway To Permanent Residency

A Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) allows certain Canadian provinces to nominate skilled workers looking to immigrate to their province or territory based on the criteria set by the provincial government. Immigrants should possess the necessary skills, education, work experience, and language proficiency in order to be qualified.

Successful applicants who obtain a provincial nomination can apply for permanent residence.

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    How To Determine Eligibility?

    As we mentioned, with more than 80 provincial nominee programs, this represents a challenge for immigrants to determine eligibility criteria. Although the requirements vary depending on the territory or province, you may NOT be eligible if the following scenarios apply to your case:

    • You are a refugee claimant or an individual in the process of federal removal or appeal.
    • You are currently living in Canada as a live-in caregiver.
    • You are a temporary foreign worker residing in another province or territory.
    • You are a spouse of a Canadian permanent resident.
    • You have been refused by the same PNP six weeks before.
    • You have applied for a different PNP (although some streams allow multiple applications).
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    Express Entry Process vs. PNP: Which Route Should You Choose For Permanent Residency?

    The most commonly asked question among individuals looking to obtain permanent residency in Canada is whether they should apply through the Express Entry Stream or Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

    Frankly, the Express Entry Process is the fastest route for obtaining a Canadian permanent resident status. This process operates by calculating the score for each applicant.

    However, if the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) happens to be low, applicants may choose the Provincial Nominee Program route instead. The main reason for choosing this option is that most PNP streams will accept applicants who have a low CRS score.

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    Canadian Provinces That Offer PNPs?

    Below, there is a list of Canadian provinces that are currently participating in the program stream:

    1. Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)
    2. British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP)
    3. Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)
    4. New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP)
    5. Newfoundland and Labrador Nominee Program (NLPNP)
    6. Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program (NSPNP)
    7. Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP)
    8. Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)
    9. Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP)
    10. Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP)
    11. Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)
    12. Yukon Nominee Program (YNP)

    Provinces and territories in Canada may target students or business people (semi-skilled workers or skilled workers). As of 2021, this stream was used to attract “talented international students” from top universities who wish to establish a business and settle in one of Canada’s provinces.

    For those who want to become permanent residents, there are different entry streams.

    While some PNP streams operate on a first-come basis (immigrants that arrive earlier are treated before others), other PNP streams require applicants to register an Expression of Interest. It’s important to note that some PNP streams operate outside the Express Entry Process – they are also known as “base streams.”

    Currently, there are more than 80 different provincial immigration streams, making it challenging to find the pathway that suits the applicant best.

    The provincial nominee program’s aim is to spread benefits across Canada’s territory. Before its launch in 1998, most immigrants who came to Canada settled in Ontario, Quebec, or British Columbia. Since the launch, however, Canada has witnessed immigration on a larger scale, which was a direct result of the provincial nominee program.

    The Province of Alberta | Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)

    The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) works by selecting skilled workers who are looking to immigrate to Alberta long-term. Candidates planning to move to the province of Alberta should fill the employment gaps or have plans to purchase or establish a business here.

    This is an excellent opportunity for skilled workers looking for job opportunities in a foreign country. Alberta is also known for its high living standards and steady economic growth.

    Immigration Streams:

    There are two streams: for workers and for entrepreneurs.

    Streams for workers:

    • Alberta Opportunity Stream

    This stream targets foreign nationals that already work in Alberta or have an official employment offer from an Alberta Employer to continue working full-time here.

    • Alberta General Express Entry Stream

    This stream helps the province select candidates with active profiles in the Express Entry system. This stream will automatically consider candidate profiles in the federal Entry pool.

    • Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway

    This stream offers potential candidates a job in a tech company or an eligible tech role to apply for a nomination. The candidates must also be working in one of the tech occupations that are in demand.

    Streams for entrepreneurs:

    • Farm stream

    This stream targets foreign nationals with strong previous work experience in owning and operating a farm. The candidates must also possess substantial financial resources in order to launch a farming operation in Alberta.

    • Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

    This stream offers permanent residency to international students who wish to start and operate a business in Alberta. The students with the highest rank will be invited to submit a Business Application.

    • Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

    This stream is aimed at graduates that have completed a foreign post-secondary credential and who have the intention of operating a business in Alberta. Candidates that meet the minimum requirements will be able to register a profile and submit their Business Application.

    Most Common Jobs in Alberta:

    • Transport truck drivers
    • Supply chain management supervisors
    • Petroleum, gas, and chemical process operators
    • Natural resource production managers
    • Mechanists and tooling inspectors
    • Tile setters
    • Appliance services and repair
    • Railway carmen
    • Pulp mill operators

    The Province of British Columbia | British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP)

    The province of British Columbia is best suited for highly skilled and qualified applicants to fill in the gaps in the market. This program is aimed at in-demand occupations and experienced entrepreneurs.

    Immigration Streams:

    There are three options to choose from:

    • Skills Immigration Stream
    • Express Entry BC Stream
    • Entrepreneur Immigration

    Skills Immigration Stream

    • Skilled Workers Category

    This is a stream designed to recruit immigrants that possess skills for a job occupation that is currently in demand. Only candidates with the most competitive rankings will be considered.

    • Healthcare Professional Category

    This stream targets immigrants that have received an offer from a healthcare authority for an eligible occupation in that field. If the healthcare applicant meets the requirements, they will be considered for the job.

    • International Graduate Category

    This stream is designed for recent graduates that have received an offer or employment from a BC employer. Eligible candidates will be assigned points based on their skills.

    • International Post-Graduate Category

    This stream is aimed at graduates that have a Master’s or Doctor’s Degree in one of the occupations in demand. Only certain school paths are eligible for this pathway.

    • Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker Category

    This stream is aimed at immigrants looking for a 9-month work experience in a low-skilled job occupation. In order to qualify, they must receive a job offer from a BC employer.

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    Express Entry BC:

    • EEBC Skilled Worker
    • EEBC Healthcare Professionals
    • EEBC International Graduate
    • EEBC International Post-Graduate

    BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration (EI)

    This category is operated by the province of British Columbia. This stream targets foreign citizens that possess the skills and experience in owning and operating a business and who wish to invest their finances and expertise in business opportunities in the province of British Columbia.

    • British Columbia Entrepreneur

    This stream targets experienced business owners as well as managers who wish to live in British Columbia permanently. Applicants must possess management experience as well as significant personal net worth. A successful applicant will become eligible for Canadian permanent residence.

    • British Columbia EI Regional Pilot

    This stream targets experienced entrepreneurs who are looking to invest in and/or manage a business. Potential applicants must be referred by one of the program’s participating communities in BC.

    • British Columbia Strategic Project

    This stream targets successful foreign-owned companies that wish to establish a business in British Columbia. Business owners must prove their ability to generate annual revenue and manage large staff teams. Successful applicants will become eligible for Canadian permanent residence.

    Other Immigration Options:

    • Canadian Experience Class
    • Family Sponsorship
    • Live-in Caregiver Program
    • Federal Skilled Worker Program
    • Federal Skilled Trades Program
    • Self Employed Persons Program
    • Start-Up Visa Program
    • Temporary Foreign Worker Program

    Most common jobs in British Columbia:

    • Payroll Administrators
    • Information Systems Analyst and Consultants
    • Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers
    • Elementary and Secondary School Teacher Assistants
    • Technical Sales Specialists – Wholesale Trade
    • Cooks
    • Caretakers
    • Material Handlers
    • Transport Truck Drivers
    • Underground Production and Development Miners

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    The Province of Manitoba | Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

    Business owners, recent graduates, and skilled workers may be eligible for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. This Canadian province is best suited for those looking to obtain Canadian permanent residence and become long-term citizens.

    Immigration Streams:

    • Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream

    This stream consists of three immigration streams that target individuals who have already gained employment experience. The candidates must currently live and work in Manitoba in order to be eligible.

    • Manitoba Express Entry Pathway
    • Human Capital Pathway
    • Skilled Worker Overseas Stream

    This stream is aimed at immigrants that possess the ability to join Manitoba and adapt to life here. Candidates who possess skills for in-demand occupations will be prioritised.

    • Manitoba Business Investor Stream

    This stream is aimed at individuals that possess experience in business management and are ready to establish and operate a business in Manitoba. This stream is best suited for general entrepreneurs.

    • Farm Investor Pathway
    • Entrepreneur Pathway
    • International Education Stream

    This stream is looking to recruit graduates from post-secondary institutions that are located in Manitoba. Eligible candidates must have some work or business experience.

    • Career Employment Pathway
    • Graduate Internship Pathway
    • International Student Entrepreneur Pathway
    • Morden Community Driven Initiative

    In order to be eligible for this stream, applicants must meet the age, education, experience, and language criteria. This initiative works toward recruiting immigrants that can meet the labour market needs.

    Most Common Jobs In Manitoba:

    • Administrative Assistance
    • Mail, Postal, and Related Workers
    • Home Support Workers
    • Graphic Designers and Illustrators
    • Cleaning Supervisors
    • Plumbers

    The Province of New Brunswick | New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP)

    The province of New Brunswick is looking for foreign nationals that can contribute to its growing economy. Furthermore, applicants must have a steady job offer from a New Brunswick employer, satisfy certain criteria and wish to permanently reside here.

    Immigration Streams:

    • Express Entry Stream

    This stream enables immigrants to obtain permanent residence. This stream is aligned with the federal Express Entry stream. Successful applicants will receive expedited processing on their applications.

    • Skilled Workers Stream

    This stream consists of three immigration streams that target individuals who already gained employment experience. The candidates must currently live and work in New Brunswick in order to be eligible.

    • Atlantic Immigration Program

    This is an economic initiative developed in a partnership between the federal government and Canada’s Atlantic provinces. It facilitates the immigration process for newcomers that have obtained a job offer from an employer in the Atlantic region.

    Most common Jobs In New Brunswick:

    • Nurses
    • Delivery and Courier Service Drivers
    • Physicians
    • Financial Investment Analysts
    • Administrative Assistants
    • Computer Programmers
    • Cooks
    • Retail Sale Associates
    • Early Childhood Educators
    Adult carrying office documents

    The Province of Newfoundland and Labrador | The Newfoundland and Labrador Nominee Program (NLPNP)

    The province of Newfoundland and Labrador is aimed at recent graduates and skilled workers looking to immigrate and establish a life and business here. This province is known for having a well-balanced population density.

    Immigration streams:

    • Skilled Worker

    This stream is aimed at immigrants that possess a set of skills that could benefit the province’s labour market. Potential applicants need a guaranteed job offer and a valid work permit.

    • Express Entry Skilled Worker Category

    This stream is aimed at applicants that have already been accepted into the Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s Express Entry.

    • International Graduate

    This stream is aimed at post-graduates with a valid work permit. The applicants must also have a job offer from a Newfoundland and Labrador employer.

    • Atlantic Immigration Pilot

    This stream is solely employer-driven. It was established in 2017 for the purpose of filling the gaps in the labour market. This stream was closed on the 31st of December, 2021, however, applicants are eligible to apply for a permanent residence until 5th of March this year.

    • International Graduate Entrepreneur Category

    This stream is aimed at students that graduate from Memorial University or College of the North Atlantic, and are willing to buy or start a business. The applicants must meet criteria that are set by the Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism.

    • International Entrepreneur Category

    This stream is aimed at business owners that possess management skills. Applicants must buy or start a business, and agree to participate in the daily management tasks.

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    The Province of Nova Scotia | Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program (NSPNP)

    The Nova Scotia Nominee Program Certificate is issued to immigrants that meet this province’s requirements for experience and skills that apply to certain industries.

    Immigration Streams:

    • Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry

    This stream targets skilled individuals that can contribute to this province’s economy. To qualify, candidates must either possess a job offer or previous work experience from a Nova Scotia’s employer.

    • Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities

    This stream targets candidates that are highly skilled in occupations that are of the highest demand currently. As of 2018, this stream is only accepting Childhood Educators and Assistants.

    • Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities for Physicians

    This stream is aimed at helping healthcare facilities recruit professionals in order to fill labour shortages in the health sector. This stream is ideal for physicians that have secured a valid job.

    • Skilled Worker Stream

    This stream is designed to help Nova Scotia employers recruit international workers that qualify for in-demand job occupations. This stream is best suited for international students that have just graduated as well as foreign workers.

    • Occupation In-Demand Stream

    This stream is aimed at recruiting individuals that possess skills and the necessary work experience that can contribute to the labour market needs.

    • Entrepreneur Stream

    This stream is aimed at business owners as well as senior business managers that want to live and operate their business in Nova Scotia. Applicants are expected to establish or buy a business in which they will participate in on a daily basis.

    • International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

    This stream is aimed at recent graduates from Community College or Nova Scotia University. Applicants that will be considered must already have bought or operated a business for a period of one year.

    Most Common Jobs In Nova Scotia:

    • Nurse Aides
    • Physicians
    • Food and Beverage Servers
    • Cleaners
    • Childhood Educators and Assistants
    • Transport Truck Drivers
    • Heavy Equipment Operators

    The Province of Northwest Territories | Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP)

    This program stream targets skilled workers who meet the requirements and want to pursue permanent residence applications. Successful applicants will be issued the Provincial Nomination Certificate.

    Immigration Streams:

    The NTNP offers applicants the choice between two economic immigration programs:

    Northwest Territories Employer Driven Program

    This stream provides opportunities for foreign nationals with experience in occupations classified under National Occupational Classification (NOC), as well as a full-time, permanent job offer from a qualified Northwest Territory employer.

    • Express Entry System For Skilled Workers
    • Skilled Worker
    • Entry Level/Semi Skilled Occupations

    Northwest Territories Business Immigration Program

    This stream provides opportunities for both business owners and entrepreneurs who wish to create a new business here. Although this program accepts applications from all economic sectors, businesses that offer a significant benefit to the Northwest Territories economy, or who introduce a new product altogether, will be given priority.

    • Business Stream

    Most Common Jobs In Northwest Territories:

    • Finance Officers
    • Technical Support Analyst
    • Assistant Process Plant
    • Contracts Administrator
    • Manager Supply Chain Management
    • Environment Advisor
    • Building Maintenance Technician

    The Province of Ontario | Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)

    The province of Ontario accepts immigrants that have qualifications such as foreign workers and students. This nominee program targets individuals who are looking for permanent residence and whose expertise can contribute to Ontario’s economy.

    Immigration Categories:

    • Human Capital Category
    • Masters or PhD Category
    • Employer Job Offer Category
    • Business Category

    Human Capital Category

    The Human Capital category comprises various immigration streams that target candidates for the labour force. These streams put emphasis on skills and abilities of workers. It is best suited for those with work or educational experience, those who are proficient in English and French, and individuals with competitive Express Entry profiles.

    • Human Capital Priorities
    • Skilled Trades
    • French-Speaking Skilled Worker

    Masters and PhD Category

    • Masters Graduate Stream
    • PhD Graduate Stream

    Employer Job Offer Category

    • Foreign worker stream
    • International students
    • In-demand skills stream

    Business Category

    Individuals looking to start or purchase a business in Ontario.

    Most Common Jobs In Ontario:

    • Nurse Aides, Orderlies and Patient Service Associates
    • Home Support Workers
    • Residential and Commercial Installers
    • Transport Truck Drivers
    • Heavy Equipment Operators
    • Construction Trade Helpers
    • Farm and Harvesting Workers

    The Province of Prince Edward Island | Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP)

    This PNP features three categories from which applicants may obtain permanent residence. This is Canada’s smallest province; it consists of the main island and several surrounding small isles.

    PEI Immigration Categories:

    • PEI PNP Express Entry

    Applicants who have expressed interest in this Express Entry must also agree to live and work on Prince Edward Island. Moreover, applicants must be eligible for one of the federal economic immigration classes; however, only applicants whose skills and experience match the province’s current labour needs will be considered for the PNP.

    • Labour Impact Category

    This stream is aimed at both foreign workers and recent graduates who are willing to apply for provincial nomination through one of Prince Edward Island’s Labour Impact streams. These programs offer individuals that have already been hired by a PEI employer the opportunity to access an accelerated path to permanent residency.

    • Business Impact Category

    This stream is aimed at individuals looking to establish or invest in a business here. Individuals looking to invest in a business are provided with a faster transition to their new life in Canada and PEI.

    Most Common Jobs In Prince Edward Island:

    • Transport Truck Drivers
    • Nurses
    • Physicians
    • Cooks
    • General Labourers
    • Cleaners
    • Construction Truck Helpers
    • Home Support Workers
    • Customer Service Representatives

    The Province of Quebec | Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP)

    The purpose of this program is to attract highly skilled immigrants to move to Quebec.

    Immigration Streams:

    The province of Quebec offers various immigration programs that enable eligible candidates to secure Canadian permanent residence. The federal government has granted this province more autonomy, which is why immigration programs here are often treated separately from other provinces.

    • Permanent Workers
    • Business People
    • Temporary Workers
    • Foreign Workers
    • Family Reunification
    • Humanitarian Immigration

    Most Common Jobs In Quebec:

    • Computer Network Technicians
    • Electrical and Electronic Engineers
    • Interactive Media Developers
    • Civil Engineer Technicians
    • Early Childhood Educators
    • Carpenters
    • Computer Engineers
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    The Province of Saskatchewan | Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)

    This nominee program aims at recruiting immigrants that would benefit certain areas: skilled workers, foreign workers, and entrepreneurs.

    Immigration Streams:

    • International Skilled Worker Category
    • Saskatchewan Experience Category
    • Entrepreneur and Farm Category
    • International Graduate Entrepreneur Category

    International Skilled Worker Category

    This stream encompasses three immigration streams designed to target skilled workers who have the ability to join Saskatchewan’s work force and adapt easily to life in the province. Certain streams prioritise workers that have experience in sectors with labour shortages, while other streams target workers with employment offers from Saskatchewan employers.

    • Tech Talent Pathway
    • Employment Offer
    • Occupations in Demand
    • Saskatchewan Express Entry

    Saskatchewan Experience Category

    This stream is aimed at workers that have already gained employment experience in Saskatchewan. Workers in these streams must have an offer of employment from a Saskatchewan employer in order to continue working in the province.

    • Skilled Worker With Existing Work Permit
    • Semi Skilled Agriculture Worker With Existing Work Permit
    • Health Professionals
    • Hospitality Sector Project
    • Long Haul Truck Driver Project
    • Students

    Entrepreneur and Farm Category

    This is a combination of two streams aimed at individuals with business management experience who wish to launch a new business in Saskatchewan. This stream is best suited for general entrepreneurs with business proposals in a range of sectors, while the farm owner and operator stream is designed specifically for entrepreneurs in the farming sector.

    • Entrepreneur Sub-Category
    • Farm-Owners and Operators Sub-Category

    International Graduate Entrepreneur Category

    This category is aimed at graduates who are planning to start a business.

    Most Common Jobs In Saskatchewan:

    • Nurses
    • Delivery Service Drivers
    • Physicians
    • Cooks
    • Food and Beverage Servers
    • Retail Sales Associates
    • Transport Truck Drivers
    • Farm and Harvesting Workers
    • Underground Production and Development Miner
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    The Province of Yukon | Yukon Nominee Program (YNP)

    The economy here is mainly composed of tourism and mining. Therefore, the nominee program aims to attract immigrants who can contribute to these two areas and value strong communities.

    Immigration Streams:

    • Yukon Express Entry (YEE)

    This stream provides the applicants with an active Express Entry profile and a valid job offer from a Yukon employer an opportunity to apply for a provincial nomination from Yukon.

    • Yukon Skilled Worker Program

    This stream is aimed at individuals with exceptional work experience and a valid job offer from a Yukon employer who wants to receive a provincial nomination. After the candidate receives the nomination, they can apply directly for Canadian permanent residence from IRCC.

    • Yukon Critical Impact Worker Program

    This stream is aimed at qualified workers with semi-skilled work experience and a job offer from a Yukon employer.

    • Yukon Business Nominee Program

    This stream provides a pathway to permanent residence for individuals with entrepreneurial experience. Applicants must have a minimum personal net worth of $500,000 CAD and meet other program requirements.

    • Yukon Community Pilot

    This stream is considered a relatively new one. It was created to address the Yukon’s specific economic and labour market needs. Qualified candidates will be granted a 2-year location-restricted open work permit.

    Most Common Jobs In Yukon:

    • Labourers
    • Line Haul Driver
    • Restaurant Manager
    • Home Care Scheduler
    • Local Dispatch Manager
    • Human Resources Manager
    • Civil Engineer

    The Easiest Provincial Nominee Programs


    The top 5 easiest Canada’s provincial nominee programs are:

    • Alberta’s Express Entry Stream
    • Saskatchewan’s International Skilled Worker
    • Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities Stream
    • Nova Scotia’s Labour Market Priorities Stream
    • PEI Express Entry

    Alberta’s Express Entry Stream

    The fact that makes this one of the easiest nominee programs to get into is that it accepts applicants with CSR scores as low as 300. This stream works through the Federal Express system, which means that applicants who receive a provincial nomination may increase their score up to 600 points.

    Alberta’s stream is often referred to as the #1 PNP in Canada.

    Saskatchewan’s International Skilled Worker

    Within this provincial nominee program, there are two streams. The first one is Saskatchewan Express Entry Stream that requires an active Express Entry profile. The second one is the Saskatchewan Occupations In-Demand Stream, which doesn’t require applicants to have an active profile.

    Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities

    This stream is known for having one of the highest quotas. This province is known for recruiting more and more people each year. A prospective candidate must have a CSR score of at least 400, and an active Express Entry profile.

    Nova Scotia’s Labour Market Priorities Stream

    This province selects candidates directly from the Express Entry pool. It’s also considered one of the easiest provinces for overseas applicants. A successful nominee will receive an extra 600 points, which guarantee an Invitation to Apply (ITA) in a federal Express Entry law.

    PEI Express Entry

    In order to receive an Interest Letter, applicants must submit an Expression of Interest. Prior to filling, prospective candidates do not need to have a job offer. Candidates that meet the necessary requirements will be considered.

    PNPs That Require The Lowest IELTS Score

    Manitoba and Saskatchewan require the lowest IELTS score out of all the Canadian provinces. The International English Language Testing System is one of the key parameters in the Canadian immigration system.

    This testing system is globally accepted. The authorities verify the language proficiency level based on the test results.

    Both provinces require the minimum Canadian Language Benchmark to be 4.

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    The Application Process: Steps Explained


    Before outlining the application process and explaining the steps, it should be noted that the final decision in Canada is made by the Federal Government, not the Provincial one.

    This explains the PNP as a two-step process:

    • Applying for the province or territory where you want to live and be nominated.
    • Applying to the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) for permanent residence.

    Step 1. Gathering The Documents

    The first step of the application process would be to gather the necessary documentation. Applicants should make use of the Document Checklist for guidance. Documents that are required are:

    • Language results
    • Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) reports
    • Proof of work experience
    • Proof of settlement funds
    • Civil documents
    • Status documents

    Although this is general documentation, applicants should know that additional documents depend on the province they apply for.

    Before handing in the application, applicants should thoroughly go through their documentation. In the case that they do not provide everything, the application will be returned to them.

    Unless stated otherwise, the documentation should be submitted in English or in French. The translation should NOT be done by the applicants themselves, but by a certified translator. Moreover, applicants should provide certified copies. Authorities that verify the copy differ by province or territory.

    Convictions Outside/Inside Canada

    If the applicant has been convicted or has committed a crime outside Canada, they can overcome this criminal inadmissibility by applying for rehabilitation, or they may be deemed rehabilitated if ten years or more have passed since the crime.

    If the applicant has been convicted or has committed a crime inside Canada, they must seek a record suspension before being admitted to Canada.

    Step 2. Completing The Application

    After the applicant has gathered the necessary documentation, the next step is filling out the application. This is done by filling out the following series of forms:

    • Generic Application Form for Canada
    • Additional Dependence/Declaration
    • Schedule A: Dependence/Declaration
    • Schedule 4: Economic Classes – Provincial Nominee
    • Schedule A4: Economic Classes – Provincial Nominee – Business Nominees
    • Additional Family Information
    • Supplementary Information – Your Travels
    • Separation Declaration for Minors Travelling to Canada
    • Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union
    • Document Checklist
    • Use of a Representative

    Providing misleading or false information on any of these forms is a serious offence. Moreover, applicants MUST fill out all sections. If the area does not apply to you, you can write N/A (not applicable).

    Step 3. Paying The Fees

    Applicants may use the table below in order to calculate their fees. The processing fee is included in your application. Paying the right of permanent residence fee (£447) may help applicants avoid delays.

    Application per person

    • Processing fee and right to permanent fee: £1,184
    • Application (without the right to permanent fee): £737

    Including your spouse or partner

    • Processing fee and right to permanent fee: £1,184
    • Application (without the right to permanent fee): £737
    • Include a dependent child: £199

    Biometrics Fees

    • Biometrics per person: £74
    • Biometrics per family (2 or more people): £147

    Payment Issues

    If you pay an insufficient fee, the application will be returned to you. If you pay more than needed, the application will be processed, and you will be refunded as soon as possible.

    How can you pay the fees?

    In order to pay your fees, you will need the following:

    • A valid e-mail address
    • Access to a printer (for the receipt)
    • Credit Card, Master Card, or Debit Card

    Additional fees will be included if there are:

    • Medical exemptions
    • Police certificates
    • Language assessments

    Step 4. Mailing The Application

    The final step would be to mail the application. Before mailing, the applicant should check that all of his documents are in order. The application must be signed and dated before it is officially submitted.

    Woman going through document on tablet

    What Happens After You Apply?

    Here is the explained process after you have applied. The authorities will inspect and check the following points:

    • Whether you have filled your application correctly
    • Whether you have paid your application fee
    • Whether you meet all of the requirements
    • Whether you have included all of the necessary documents in the application

    If the applicant does not meet one of the above-mentioned sections, the application will be returned to them, and the processing time will not start again until the applicant has corrected the mistake (paid the fee in full, added the necessary documents, filled out every section of the application or met the requirements).

    If the applicant provides untrue and inaccurate information in their application, they can be:

    • Refused
    • Found inadmissible
    • Banned for 5 years from applying again

    The time it takes for your application to be processed depends on the province you apply for. In order to avoid unnecessary delays, the applicants may inform the authorities about the change in their personal information.

    Here are the common causes for delays in your application process:

    • Criminal or security problems
    • More background checks needed
    • An unclear family situation (divorce, adoption, custody)
    • Contacting other visa offices in Canada or abroad for checks

    What Happens When You Get Approved?

    Approved candidates who live outside of Canada will receive a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR) as well as the permanent residence visa. Foreigners must present this visa at the port or entry in order to become a permanent resident in Canada.

    Your CoPR should contain information about you, as well as your photograph. Nevertheless, candidates should double-check the information and whether it is correct. The information in your CoPR should be the same as in your passport.

    Before you arrive in Canada, applicants should use their free arrival services in order to hep them find more about life here. They can also take the steps that will get them more recognition in areas such as education and work experience.

    After you arrive in Canada, applicants should find immigrant services that will help them adapt to life here and help them settle.

    What Happens When You Get Denied?

    Despite meeting the requirements, the provincial nominee can still be denied the visa if the officer believes that one of the following scenarios apply to him:

    • The applicant does not intend to live in the province he applied for.
    • The applicant may have trouble maintaining financial stability.
    • The applicant is participating in a passive investment or immigration investment program.
    • The applicant has failed to meet all of the requirements.

    Important note: All refused candidates must receive a formal letter of refusal, explaining the issue.

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    Our offices are located throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, and our clients can count on quality services and positive experiences.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes. There are a number of provincial nominee programs that allow candidates to immigrate to Canada without being offered a job. These programs are usually oriented towards individuals with specific skills or work experience that can contribute to the labour market needs

    Yes. Although most provinces you apply for will require you to have an active Express Entry profile, there are exemptions where you do not need one. These programs vary in requirements for applicants, so it would be best to consult with your representative before applying for the program.

    If the PNP you applied for does not align with Express Entry, applicants must submit their federal permanent residency application through a different portal, or by paper. This might result in longer processing time.

    There is no uniform way of calculating points. Each province has their own method for calculating points. They rely on their own eligibility requirements, and create their own points systems. However, points are based on the following criteria: age, work experience, language proficiency, and your personal connections to the province.

    Although most provinces rely on a points system, it’s important to note that not all provinces rank their potential candidates based on the points we have outlined.

    Applicants that submit an Entry Express profile can automatically increase their chances of being nominated. This is because provinces usually scan the Express Entry pool in order to find candidate profiles that can contribute to the labour market needs. Having a strong profile can increase an applicant’s chance of being considered for more than one province.

    Since connections to the province are also an area that is evaluated during your application process, studying or working in Canada is likely to increase the applicant’s chances of being nominated.

    The ideal PNP candidate would be an individual that meets all of the necessary requirements: possesses the work experience and skills that contribute to the province. Factors that further contribute to this are:

    • Having strong previous ties to the province (work experience, studies).
    • Possessing work experience in an in-demand occupation.
    • Possessing strong language proficiency in English and French.

    No. Although most programs you apply for will require at least one year of work experience, some graduates and post graduate streams do not require their applicants to have a job offer or previous work experience. Such examples include: Ontario Masters Graduate Stream, Ontario PhD Graduate stream, and the British Columbia International Postgraduate Stream.

    Almost all PNP programs will require potential candidates to take a French or English language test in order to demonstrate their language proficiency in one of Canada’s two official languages. Before applying for the program, applicants are advised to check the language requirements.

    Yes. Most PNP programs require their applicants to submit their Educational Credential Assessment Report to demonstrate their equivalence. Applicants are advised to pre-check whether they need to provide the report for the program they are applying for. Some programs will also require that the applicants authorise the application to share the results of your report within the PNP.

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