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Stamp 5: Without Condition As To Time in Ireland

Stamp 5 means granted permission to remain in Ireland without any limits on the duration of time you can stay. You could receive Stamp 5 if you have been granted permission to remain in Ireland ‘Without Condition As To Time’ (WCATT).

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    Overview of Stamp 5 and Eligibility

    Stamp 5: Without Condition As To Time (WCATT) is when non-EEA nationals have acquired 8 years, or 96 months, of lawful residence in Ireland. This period covered legal residence is proved by a Stamp 5 permission in your passport.

    Having a Stamp 5 means you are allowed to live and work in Ireland without the need for an Employment Permit. However, you do not have a right to any particular public service or funding.

    You are eligible for Stamp 5 if you have acquired 8 years of residence on the basis of Stamp 1, Stamp 3 and Stamp 4. If you have Long Term Residence you are not eligible following stamps.

    You can only apply once your current Stamp 4 permission has less than 6 months left.

    How to Apply for Stamp 5: Without Condition As To Time

    In order to apply for Stamp 5 you need to submit your application form along with any documents required to the Domestic Residence and Permissions Division of the Immigration Service Delivery in the Department of Justice.

    Unsure about how and where to submit your application? It is best to ask for help, as the consequences of refusal can be significant.  Call us today at 0333 305 9375 for further advice.

    Documentation Required for Stamp 5 Application

    The following documents are required for your full application process for Stamp 5:

    • Fully completed application form
    • Full-colour photocopy of your current passport along with your old passports that include all your past Immigration stamps
    • A copy of your Irish Residence Permit (IRP) Card
    • A financial document proving that you have continuously resided in Ireland. You might have to show your tax returns
    • 6 months of previous bank statements.

    The cost of Stamp 5

    There is no application fee for an application for Without Condition As To Time.

    If your application is approved then you will have to then pay to register your permission. This is usually €300 per individual registration.

    Renewing or Extending Stamp 5

    You must submit your application for renewal on the Stamp 5: Without Condition As To Time application form to the Immigration Service Delivery by post. You have to submit all the required documents again.

    Unlock new opportunities in Ireland. Determine your eligibility for Stamp 5 with our expert guidance.

    Stamp 5 vs. Other Stamp Categories: What’s the Difference?

    Each permit permission type in Ireland is done so by a stamp and a corresponding number such as Stamp 1, Stamp 1g, 2, Stamp 2a, Stamp 1g and Stamp 3.

    The type of stamp that you receive in your passport will be listed on your Irish Resident Permit (IRP) card and shows you how long you can stay in Ireland and the individual conditions of eligibility criteria the legal residency permit type.

    Below are some of the various other stamps:

    • Stamp 0 means you can stay in Ireland for a temporary period
    • Stamp 1 means you have permission to work or operate a business in Ireland.
    • Stamp 2 is for anyone who wants to study a full-time course on the official Interim List of Eligible Programmes for a specific period of time.
    • Stamp 3 is reckonable as a residence when applying for citizenship by naturalisation. This stamp is for those who have been given permission to stay in Ireland as a volunteer or as a Minister of Religion.
    • Stamp 4 is also reckonable as a residence when you apply for citizenship by naturalisation. You can get a Stamp 4 if you have had permission to work or if you’ve been given permission in Ireland on various conditions.
    • Stamp 6 is for Irish citizens that hold dual citizenship. You must hold or be entitled to hold an Irish passport to qualify for this stamp.

    Looking to stay and work in Ireland long-term? Let us help you apply for Stamp 5 status and secure your future today.

    How IAS Can Help?

    The immigration system in Ireland can be challenging, and it is strongly advised that you get support from our specialist law team at IAS for the best results. Our team of knowledgeable immigration lawyers have extensive knowledge in navigating the Irish immigration system.

    We can help you through the entire process of completing your Stamp 5: Without Condition As To Time, as well as help with submitting a successful application form.

    IAS has an excellent track record of successful cases, and our lawyers are highly experienced in this field. To apply for a Stamp 5: Without Condition As To Time, contact IAS online or on 0333 305 9375 today for professional, no-obligation advice or assistance.

    We offer immigration advice sessions as face to face appointments at all of our UK offices, or via the phone.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, you must be already residing legally in Ireland to apply for a Stamp 5.

    The following conditions will apply to your Stamp 5 to remain in Ireland:

    • That you will obey laws
    • That you will not become involved in any criminal activity
    • That you will reside continuously in Ireland (leave will not exceed more than 4 months in a year)
    •  That you will make every effort to get yourself employment
    • That you accept that your permission to stay does not give any right or expectation on any other person, whether they are related to you or not, to enter or remain in Ireland.

    The Department of Justice will advise you of the decision and the reasons why your application was refused. You can re-apply for Stamp 5 at any time.

    When doing so, you should pay attention to the reasons why your previous application was refused and act on this.

    There is no appeal process for Stamp 5: Without Condition As To Time.

    Stamp 5: Without Condition As To Time permission is only granted when Immigration Service Delivery is satisfied that you have good character. If you fail to tell us about any criminal convictions, your application appropriate permission will be refused.

    They will consider each case independently but it is likely that if you have been convicted of a criminal offence in Ireland, you will not be granted citizenship Stamp 5.

    Yes. You are only granted temporary permission to for a Stamp 5: Without Condition As To Time if you meet the qualifying criteria.

    If you do not meet the qualifying criteria or false information is made aware, your permission may be revoked and you may be issued with an intention to deport.

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