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Irish Passport Application

As an Irish citizen, you can obtain an Irish Passport if you can prove your citizenship. There’s a lot of benefits to enjoy as an Irish passport holder. The application involves various processes which can be complex. But we can assist you throughout all the steps involved.

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    Irish Passport Overview

    The Irish passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world which makes it one of the most sought-after. With an Irish passport, you can travel to 187 counties across the world. Furthermore, you enjoy free movement throughout EU member states.

    Obtaining an Irish passport can be difficult due to its high value. You have to meet a lot of requirements and provide lots of evidence to stand a chance. Most importantly, you must be an Irish citizen before you can apply.

    How To Apply For An Irish Passport?

    You have multiple options to apply for an Irish Passport. You can use the Passport Online service, submit your application at the post office via Passport Express, or fill the form at a Passport Office counter service. The best option is using the Passport Online service – it’s fast and cheap.

    It’s not advisable to use the post office option; however, you can apply via Passport Express to get a fast-track passport. It’s possible to track your application with the Irish passport tracker.

    The Passport Office counter service is popular for those applying for urgent renewals or replacements for lost passports. If it’s the first time you’re applying for an Irish Passport, it’s not advisable to use the counter service. In addition, applying via the counter service is expensive.

    irish passport applications

    Requirements For Irish Passport

    Meeting the requirements is a crucial part of your Irish Passport application. Most of it involves your supporting documents, and generally, you’ll provide documents to prove your identity, address, and age.

    The documents you have to provide include:

    • Official photo identification – this can be your driver’s license, passport, or National ID from a foreign country
    • Proof of Irish citizenship – this will depend on the type of citizenship you have
    • 4 photographs of yourself
    • Notarized consent by parents or legal guardians if the applicant is under 18 years
    • Bank statements, utility bills, or other forms of government correspondence

    Generally, your Irish citizenship will determine the documents you’ll submit. For example, Irish citizenship by marriage, naturalization, descent, or adoption requires different documents for different circumstances.

    Furthermore, you need an eligible witness to verify your identity. Your witness must hold a position of authority, and they’ll sign and date 2 of your 4 photographs. Each requirement requires a separate document.

    You must submit your documents along with your application, and only original documents are accepted. You can’t submit photocopies or laminated documents.

    To avoid delays and increase your chances of getting an Irish Passport, you should make sure all your evidence is complete before submission.

    Irish Passport Waiting Times

    Processing can take some time, so it’s recommended to apply at least six weeks from your intended date of travel. You can view the current waiting time for your passport application on the Department of Foreign Affairs’ website.

    Passport renewals take a shorter time. It takes about 10 working days from the submission date to process a simple adult passport. However, it can take 6 to 8 weeks to process for complex renewal, especially for children’s passports.

    Irish Passport Cost

    The cost of your Irish Passport application depends on how you submit the application and the type of passport you’re applying for. A standard Irish Passport has 34 pages and lasts for 10 years; the associated fees include:

    • €75 via Passport online. You’ll pay an extra €15 postage fee if you reside outside Ireland
    • €80 via Passport Express + €9.50 postage fee
    • €95 if you’re applying in person at a Passport Office counter service

    How to prove Irish citizenship for passport application

    According to Irish law, anyone born on the isle of Ireland before January 1st, 2005 is an Irish citizen. If you were born on the isle before the above date and you reside outside Ireland, you must register to the nearest Irish Embassy to approve your citizenship.

    Hence, before you can apply for your first Irish Passport, you need to first register with the Foreign Births Register and obtain citizenship. Nevertheless, no matter where you reside, you must provide all documentation that supports your citizenship claim.

    Generally, you can prove your Irish citizenship in any of the following ways.

    • If your Irish citizenship is through your birth parents, you must provide your Irish parent(s) marriage certificate. The certificate must show the names of both parents.
    • If your Irish citizenship is by descent, you must provide your Foreign Birth Registration certificate.
    • If your Irish citizenship is by naturalization, for example, citizenship via marriage, you must provide your naturalization certificate. In addition, you’ll provide an original copy of your passport from your birth country.

    Documents you provide must be in English or Irish. Otherwise, you must submit the original copy along with a certified translated copy.

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    Evidence For Child Passport Application

    Minors cannot apply for Irish passports on their own; an adult must apply on their behalf with legal consent and extra witnesses. Aside from the standard passport application requirement, the main evidence for a child’s passport application is proof of the parent’s citizenship.

    For children born in born in Ireland before January 1st, 2005, the requirements include:

    • Child’s civil birth certificate showing the names of the parents.

    For children born outside Ireland to Irish citizen parent(s), the requirements include:

    • Child’s civil birth certificate showing the names of the parents.
    • Parent’s Irish passport or birth certificate to prove citizenship.
    • Marriage certificate if the Irish citizen parent(s) is married

    For children with citizenship by descent, the requirements include:

    • Child’s civil birth certificate
    • Child’s Foreign Birth Registration Certificate

    For children with citizenship by naturalization, the requirements include:

    • Child’s civil birth certificate
    • Child’s naturalization certificate

    Child’s passport from country of birth, if born outside Ireland

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can only submit your Irish Passport application via an online application form. You cannot download the paper version to fill and submit. If you want the paper version of the application form, you can visit a post office, Garda station, or the Irish passport office. The form is also available at the Irish embassy or consulate if you’re outside Ireland. You can get it from the London Irish passport office in the UK.

    Many countries don’t permit dual citizenship, but it’s possible with Ireland and the United Kingdom. British nationals didn’t need to have an Irish passport when both nations were members of the European Union.

    If you are a British citizen who meets the criteria, you may be able to have a British and an Irish passport. You will be entitled to hold two passports if you can give proof of your claim to Irish citizenship. Having dual British and Irish passports has a lot of advantages.

    The quickest way to renew your Irish passport is online via the Passport Express system. Usually, you can renew your passport in just 10 working days via this method after paying your application fee.

    Your passport application can be denied for many reasons. These include:

    • Failure to provide all necessary information or providing false and misleading information
    • Failure to pay the complete processing fee
    • Uploading blurry pictures or pictures not meeting the upload requirements
    • Not being able to prove your claim to citizenship
    • Bad legal record, most especially felony drug convictions

    If your passport is denied, you’ll get a message from the Passport Service stating the reasons why. In some cases, you can appeal the decision.

    If your Irish passport is lost or stolen, you must immediately report to the Passport Service. The passport will be made invalid for travel. It’s also ideal that you report to the local police to protect against identity fraud.

    You can apply for a replacement online or via a paper application at the counter service. Losing your Irish passport often has consequences. If you lose more than one passport, you won’t be eligible for a 10-year passport. Your new passport will be valid for between 1 to 10 years.

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