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Immigrant Investor Programme

The Immigrant Investor Programme was an Irish immigration programme for those wishing to invest a large sum of money in Ireland and secure legal residency. It was closed to new applicants in 2023.

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    Services we Provide

    What is the Immigrant Investor Programme?

    The Irish Immigrant Investor Programme is no longer be accepting new applications. 

    Foreign nationals wishing to immigrate to Ireland for business purposes may wish to consider the Start-up Entrepreneur Programme (STEP). Alternatively, those who are self-sufficient and wish to retire in Ireland may consider applying for Stamp 0.

    The Immigrant Investor Programme is a scheme designed for non-EEA nationals to invest in Ireland. To qualify for this programme, you must have a lot of money and be of good character. Also, your investment proposal must meet the aims of the scheme.

    With this program, you can easily secure legal residency in Ireland and subsequently become an Irish citizen. Importantly, this investor program is not government-controlled. It’s for private investments, and only the parties in the agreement are responsible.

    The Irish Immigrant Investor Programme follows four routes: Enterprise Investment, Investment Fund, Real Estate Investment Funds, and Endowments.

    Enterprise Investment

    This route is for you if you want to invest in an existing business or new enterprise in Ireland. The specifications for Enterprise Investment include:

    • You can invest in a single Irish enterprise or multiple enterprises
    • You can invest in primary care centers and social housing
    • You must invest using your name
    • You must invest in an existing or new business that’s registered and has its headquarters in Ireland.
    • The investment amount and duration should be up to €1 million and 3 years, respectively.

    Required Documents

    For this route, you must provide a comprehensive business plan that covers everything about your investment. It will include how the investment will help create or maintain investment in the country and also how you intend to make gains. You can find a business plan template to use on the INIS website. If you’re investing in an existing business, you need to provide the company’s audited accounts.

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    Investment Fund

    The Investment Fund is not very different from the Enterprise Fund. The main difference is that the Investment Fund targets small or medium-sized enterprises in Ireland. The minimum investment amount is €1 million and duration, 3 years.

    Real Estate Investment

    If you have plans to invest in real estate, this route is for you. Particularly, this route is open to non-EEA nationals willing to make lower-risk investments in real estate as a regular income stream and reduce negative equity.

    The specifications for Real Estate Investment include:

    • You must invest in an Irish Real Estate Fund
    • The investment must be for a minimum of three years
    • The minimum amount to invest is €2 million
    • You don’t have to maintain the investment after 5 years
    • You can divert your investment funds after the first 3 years
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    Required Documents

    You have to provide a share certificate and letter from your broker if your visa application is approved. The letter must state the number of REIT shares you bought, the price, purchase date, and total investment amount. Without this, you can’t get permission to live in Ireland.


    This route goes together with the Real Estate Investment. You can follow this route if you wish to invest in philanthropy and similar industries that offer public benefits. The specifications include:

    • The endowment must benefit the community
    • You shouldn’t expect to make income
    • You must invest a minimum of €500,000, otherwise known as a philanthropic contribution
    • You can invest in a group of 5 people or more. For group investments, each person must invest as least €400,000.

    Required Documents

    You have to provide a detailed statement explaining how your investment will benefit the community. You can use the same sample business plan for Enterprise Investment on the INIS website.

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    General Requirements for The Immigrant Investor Programme

    Some requirements apply to all investors irrespective of their investment route. This includes:

    • Evidence Of Net Worth

    You can prove that you have the money to invest by either presenting proof of your other investments, proof of income, or proof of loans within the past 12 months.

    If you present proof of investments, you must also show evidence for the source of the funds invested. For loans, you must state the amounts and repayment dates.

    • Evidence Of Good Character

    To prove you’re of good character, you must provide a police statement from your resident country. Also, you’ll provide police statements from other countries you’ve lived in for more than six consecutive months in the past 10 months.

    Family members you’re bringing along must also provide evidence of good character unless they’re under 16 years. Optionally, you can undergo screening by a security screening or a reputable international risk management organization.

    Immigrant Investor Programme Application Process

    The first step for applying for the Immigrant Investor Programme is to complete the application form. While filling the form, you’ll discover available investment options. Next, you submit your application along with supporting documents.

    To begin processing, you must pay the application fee of €1,500. If the application gets approved, you can then transfer funds to the investment and submit proof of transfer. You shouldn’t transfer funds before your application is approved.

    To provide a verdict on your application, the Ireland Immigrant Investor Program Evaluation Committee will evaluate your application. This committee consists of top government officials. Mainly they’ll evaluate all your supporting documents and investment details intensely.

    If you pass the review, the committee will recommend you to the Minister For Justice and Equality. The Minister makes the final decision, and with a positive recommendation from the Evaluation committee, your application should be approved.

    You will get permission to remain in Ireland once the authorities confirm your proof of transfer. This gives you the legal right to live and work in the country. Also, your family members accompanying you will get approval for Irish Golden Visas.

    The Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service will share your personal details with the jurisdiction of tax residence according to the OECD’s Common Reporting Standard.

    On the other hand, if your application is denied, the Minister For Justice and Equality will state the reasons why. Depending on the reasons, you may be able to reapply.

    Can my family members join me under the Immigrant Investor Programme?

    You can bring dependent family members with you to Ireland. This includes your spouse or civil partner, unmarried partner, or children under the age of 18. Children between 18 to 24 can also qualify if they’re unmarried, and you can prove that they’re financially dependent on you.

    For spouse or civil partner, you must provide marriage or civil partnership certificate to prove your relationship. For children, you must provide birth certificates.

    If you have any questions about your application, our team is happy to assist.

    What is the processing time for the Immigrant Investor Programme

    Decision on most Ireland Immigrant Investor Program applications takes 3-4 months. However, many applications take longer.

    In most circumstances, the Evaluation Committee will ask successful applicants for additional information that was absent in the first application. As a result, you should submit a thorough and complete application if you don’t want any delay.

    Which immigration status will I have under the Immigrant Investor Programme?

    You’ll get stamp 4 status in your passport if your application is approved. Stamp 4 is one of Ireland’s most sought-after immigration permits, normally reserved for persons who have worked in Ireland for a minimum of two years.

    With a stamp 4 permit, you can work in any profession, own a business, and study. The first residency period is two years, and you can renew for three years after that. To renew your permit after two years, you must meet the requirements of being a member of the Immigrant Investor Programme.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, there’s currently no limit on the number of applications for the Immigrant Investor Programme.

    The Immigration authorities can revoke a residence permit under the Investor Immigration Programme for many reasons. For example, if the permit holder is deported or convicted of a crime.

    The Investor Visa can also be cancelled if the residence permit was obtained fraudulently. For example, lying or omitting information in the Immigrant Investor Program application.

    Finally, if you withdraw your investment before the minimum holding period specified by the Investment Program, you risk losing your Irish residency status.

    You can apply for Irish citizenship as a participant in the Investor Programme. Your resident permit can help complete the residency criteria. To be able to apply for Irish citizenship by investment, you must have lived in Ireland for at least 12 months in the year preceding your application.

    Also, you must have been physically resident in the country for four of the preceding 5 years before your application date. You must actually live in Ireland for your resident permit to count, although there’s no problem leaving the country once in a while for business.

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