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Ireland Internship Visa

The Internship Visa to Ireland allows foreign citizens to come to Ireland to do an internship there. Depending on the type of your internship, you can apply for either a Long Stay ‘D’ visa or a Short Stay ‘C’ visa.

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    What is the Ireland Internship Visa?

    The Ireland Internship Visa is intended for foreign citizens who want to come to Ireland to complete an internship and enhance their professional skills.

    It is a type of Employment Permit that can be applied for as either a Long Stay ‘D’ Visa allowing you to stay in Ireland for more than three months, or a Short Stay ‘C’ Visa that allows you to remain in the country for up to 90 days.

    Whether or not you are eligible to apply for an Internship Visa depends on your personal circumstances. Nevertheless, the Internship Visa is available only to those who are entering Ireland to become paid interns.

    It is not possible to apply for the Internship Visa to do an unpaid internship.

    Moreover, if you want to come to Ireland for an internship, you have to be enrolled as a student in a full-time third level course in a country that is not Ireland.

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    What are the eligibility requirements for the Internship Visa?

    In addition to coming to Ireland as a paid intern and being a student of a third-level institution, the eligibility requirements for the Internship Visa include:

    • You have secured a job offer
    • You are receiving the National Minimum Wage or more
    • You will hold a role that is on the list of Highly Skilled Eligible Occupations
    • You intend to leave Ireland after the internship finishes and you are able to prove it
    • You are able to provide details of any financial support you will be receiving during the internship
    • You are able to prove that the internship is related to what you study and will help you progress in your course of study.

    In addition to that, to be able to apply for the Internship Employment Permit, you have to first receive an immigration permission allowing you to take part in a paid placement in Ireland. Without it you will not be able to start working as an intern in Ireland. To obtain the permission you have to show evidence of having a job offer or an employment contract.

    If you are not sure whether you are eligible for the Internship Visa, talk to our immigration lawyers. They will look at your case and advise you whether the visa is a good option for you. If they determine that you meet the eligibility criteria, they will help you submit your application.

    What is the Atypical Working Scheme?

    If you want to come to Ireland as an intern, you can apply for the Internship Employment Permit or Atypical Working Scheme permission. It is another permit introduced by the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation (DBEI).

    The Atypical Working Scheme is intended for individuals who are considered to be high skilled. The eligibility requirements for this route to an internship position in Ireland are:

    • The applicant is able to fill a position that is in shortage of skills
    • The applicant receives wages for their internship or short-term employment
    • The applicant secured an Atypical Working Scheme letter of approval
    • The applicant applied for an appropriate entry permission to Ireland before they arrived in the country.

    If you are coming to Ireland as a Paid Researcher or Locum Doctor to wok in a general practice, the hospital sector, or primary care sector, this route is the best for you.

    How to apply for the Internship Visa?

    If you want to come to Ireland to complete an internship, you have to submit your application from your country or the country where you are a resident.

    First, regardless of whether you are applying via the Internship Employment Permit route or the Atypical Working Scheme route, you need to submit your visa application online. After you submit the application you will be given instructions explaining where to send your documents.

    Then, you have to send your passport, valid for at least six months past your planned stay in Ireland, as well as other documents proving your eligibility for the Visa for processing. You have to send them to the office displayed on your visa application summary sheet.

    How can an employer apply for an Intern Permit?

    Irish employers who want to accept interns from abroad need to apply for the Intern Permit. To be able to get it, you have to be genuine and legal. These criteria are assessed by the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation.

    To apply for the Intern Permit, you have to be registered with the Revenue Commissioners and, in some cases, with the Companies Registration Office/Registry of Friendly Societies. You also have to show that you intend to pay the interns.

    Intern Permits are granted to employers on the condition that over half of employees in their business are EEA nationals.

    If you have a business in Ireland and you want to recruit foreign nationals as interns, contact our immigration lawyers. They will tell you how you can organise it and what permits you need to apply for.

    How much does the Internship Visa cost?

    How much you will have to pay for the Internship Visa depends on how long you want to stay in Ireland. For both the Long Stay ‘D’ Visa and the Short Stay ‘C’ Visa you will have to pay either €60 for a single entry permit or €100 for a multiple entry visa.

    In addition to that, however, you will have to pay the fees for the Internship Employment Permit or the Atypical Working Scheme. For the Internship Employment Permit you will need to pay:

    • €500 for a permit valid for 6 months or less or
    • €1000 for a permit valid from 6 to 12 months.

    If your application for the Internship Visa is unsuccessful, you will receive a ninety percent refund.

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      What is the processing time of Internship Visas?

      The waiting time for the Internship Visa varies depending on how many people have applied for it at the same time as you as applications are reviewed in chronological order. Generally, you should apply for the Internship Visa at least three months before your employment is supposed to start.

      This way you should receive your visa on time even if there are delays. The minimum waiting time for the Internship Visa is twenty working days. It is unusual for applicants to get the decision sooner than that.

      To avoid mistakes that can make the processing time of your visa take longer, hire one of our immigration lawyers. They will go over your application before you submit it to make sure you completed it correctly and included all the information and documents that might be needed.

      How can IAS help?

      Applying for an Irish visa, including the Internship Visa, can be a complex process. Luckily, at IAS our highly-qualified lawyers have experience with guiding applicants through the process. If you hire one of our lawyers, you will be offered professional assistance with filling out your application. Thanks to that you will maximise your chances of a positive outcome.

      Your lawyer will be around to answer all your questions and clear any doubts you might have. They will explain to you in detail what the conditions of your visa are and what you are allowed to do when you are in Ireland.

      For further information about how our lawyers can help, call us today on 0333 305 9375.

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                Frequently Asked Questions

                As the Internship Visa allows you to stay in Ireland for a limited period of time only, you are not allowed to take family members with you. If you want your loved ones to accompany you during your stay in Ireland, they have to apply for their own visas.

                Becoming an intern in Ireland means you will be engaging in a form of paid employment there. That is why you need to apply for the Internship Visa to do it legally. It is not possible to apply to become an unpaid intern.

                D visas in Ireland are known as Long Stay Visas. They are issued to foreing citizens who want to stay in Ireland for longer than three months. D Visas can be used for various kinds of visits including studying, undertaking employment, or joining a family member who lives in Ireland.

                The Internship Visa is granted to individuals who want to complete an internship programme in Ireland. You can receive a Short Stay or a Long Stay Internship Visa but you are obliged to leave the country after your internship finishes and your visa expires. You are not allowed to come to Ireland to settle there permanently on the Internship Visa.