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Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program

Nova Scotia is a beautiful, prosperous region, looking to bring in new and talented workers, but moving there from Nigeria can be complicated. IAS are here to help you navigate the Nova Scotia Nominee Program, providing expert guidance from start to finish.

If you need advice about selecting the appropriate application stream or are concerned about how your unique family circumstances might affect your eligibility then contact us online today, or on +44 (0) 331630092 or on +23413438882 and our experts will provide support.

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    Are you Planning to Move to Nova Scotia?

    We have successfully assisted numerous Nigerians with their Provincial Nominee Program applications. If you need help and don’t know where to start, do not hesitate to contact us for immediate support. Let us handle all the complexities and make your application process as stress-free as possible.

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    Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program Overview

    Nova Scotia is becoming an increasingly popular location to work and live. As such, the province has set up a scheme for targeting and selecting immigrants who will be beneficial to the area’s local economy.

    The Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSPNP) is a system designed to allow skilled/in-demand workers and entrepreneurs the chance to live and work in the province of Nova Scotia. There are a number of streams suitable for those applying from Nigeria depending on your skills/reason for entry and it is very important to ensure that you select the correct stream.

    Nova Scotia PNP Eligibility

    The success of your application will depend on how well you score on a Nova Scotia PNP points calculator. In essence, your PNP points are calculated based on several significant factors:

    • Language capabilities (French & English)
    • Age (21-55)
    • Education level
    • Work experience (both in and out of Canada)
    • Your spouse
    • A job offer from a Nova Scotia employer

    Please note that while all of the above are significant in determining your Nova Scotia PNP eligibility, they are not all explicit requirements. For example, while work experience in Nova Scotia is valuable, it is not a requirement and work experience in Nigeria will still be significant.

    The Nova Scotia PNP cut-off is 67 out of a possible 100 points.

    If you do not meet enough of the eligibility requirements to qualify then you may need to take additional steps such as language tests (to prove your fluency) or contacting employers in Nova Scotia to find jobs in your chosen field. For advice about how to improve your NSPNP application, call IAS on +44 (0) 3316300929 or on +23413438882.

    Selecting The Correct NSPNP Stream

    By far the most important part of your application process is ensuring that you select the correct stream. Given that the Nova Scotia PNP draw is based on the aforementioned points system, if your position qualifies you to apply for multiple streams, then it’s highly advisable that you do so as you may have a higher chance of success on some streams than on others.

    Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry

    The Express Entry system is an opportunity for those with recent work experience in Nova Scotia to apply for permanent residence in the area, independently of whether they have a job offer. The work experience in question must have been:

    • Full-time
    • Completed within the last three years
    • Legally authorised

    You must also meet the standard age requirements (21-55), have at least a high school diploma or equivalent, and have the correct language skills to carry out the required work.

    If your Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry application is successful, then you’ll be notified by email. It is important that you accept your nomination within 30 days in order to receive your 600 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points.

    What Are CRS Points?

    CRS points go onto your Express Entry profile and are a way for the government to judge whether or not they want to offer you an Invitation To Apply (ITA) for permanent residence in Nova Scotia, at which point you’ll need to submit a full application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

    If you receive your 600 points for a successful Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry application then you are practically guaranteed an invitation.

    Nova Scotia Skilled Worker

    The Skilled Worker stream targets skilled workers who have already received a job offer from a Nova Scotia employer. The job offer must be for full-time, permanent work and you must already have the necessary skills. This includes any education/certifications you may need.

    You’ll also be required to demonstrate at least 12 months of work experience within the last five years. Standard age (21-55) and language requirements apply.

    Successful applicants will then have six months to submit a full application to the IRCC.

    Nova Scotia Physicians

    If you’re a physician (GP or specialist), then are liely to qualify via the physician stream. There is no age requirement as long as you meet the legal certifications to practice medicine.

    On approval, you’ll be contacted by the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration (NSOI) with a confirmation letter. The next step will be to submit your full permanent residence application to the IRCC.

    Nova Scotia Entrepreneur

    The Entrepreneur Stream exists to encourage promising start-ups to base themselves in Nova Scotia however the stream has quite a high bar to entry.

    Firstly, you must have a minimum of $600,000 (Canadian Dollars) in legally acquired assets as well as at least three years of experience owning a business or five years as a senior manager in the last decade. On top of that, you must agree to invest $150,000 into your business once you’ve arrived in Nova Scotia.

    Other Entrepreneur Stream requirements include:

    • A minimum age of 21
    • A clear Business Establishment Plan
    • Language fluency in French or English
    • A highschool diploma or equivalent education

    Assuming you meet those criteria you’ll be able to express interest in the Entrepreneur Stream. This will enter you to be selected from a pool of interested candidates. You’ll be scored based on how well you meet the criteria and if you’re among the highest scoring candidates, you’ll receive an Invitation To Apply.

    You are also required to submit all your documents (including verification of your net worth) within a set time limit in order to qualify for an interview.

    Ensuring that your Entrepreneur Stream application meets all the necessary requirements is very important. If you fail to do so you may not be offered an interview. Here at IAS, we’re experts at helping people to ensure that they’re providing all the correct and necessary information. For assistance in the application process, contact us today on +44 (0) 3316300929 or on +23413438882.

    Nova Scotia International Graduate Entrepreneur

    Unlike the standard Entrepreneur scheme, the Graduate Entrepreneur scheme targets international graduates who have already opened a business in Nova Scotia and are now looking to immigrate to the country permanently.

    While the eligibility does not demand the same high financial requirements, it does require you to have been running a business in Nova Scotia for over a year, to own at least a third of that business, and to have a valid post-graduation work permit. On top of that, you must be participating in the running of the business and receiving compensation in return for that work.

    In practice, you must be running or helping to run a successful business in Nova Scotia.
    As with the standard Entrepreneur scheme, you’ll need to submit an Expression of Interest to the Nova Scotia government and, based on how well you score in comparison to other candidates, you’ll receive an invitation to apply.

    Nova Scotia Occupations In Demand

    This stream targets specific workers that the Nova Scotia government regard as ‘in demand’. The current fields of occupation in demand for prospective Nova Scotia immigrants include:

    • Industrial Staff: Truck drivers, construction workers, equipment operators (with the exception of cranes),
    • Medical Staff: nurses and orderlies
    • Hospitality Staff: Food/beverage servers, Kitchen workers

    The standard age (21-55) and language requirements do apply and you must have already received an offer for full-time, permanent work from an employer in Nova Scotia.

    Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities

    In order to apply for the Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities stream, you must already have received a letter of interest from the NSOI. While there are no age requirements, you will need work experience in the field you’re applying for as well as supporting documents to demonstrate said experience.

    That work experience can be from any time spent in Nova Scotia/Canada or from work you’ve done at home in Nigeria.

    In addition, your specific field may have requirements of its own, so check that you have all the necessary qualifications and certifications before applying for the Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities stream.

    If you’re looking for assistance in finding out which qualifications you’ll need and how to acquire them then call IAS today on +44 (0) 3316300929 or on +23413438882.

    Nova Scotia International Graduate In Demand Stream

    Targeting qualified graduates in vital fields, the Nova Scotia International Graduate In Demand Stream is similar to the Occupations In Demand Stream with the main difference being the type of qualification sought.

    In order to apply for the International Graduate In Demand Stream you’ll need to have the correct Nova Scotia regulatory certifications for a full-time, permanent job offer in Nova Scotia.

    Eligible candidates will also have to fall within the standard age range (21-55), have a high school diploma (or equivalent), meet the necessary language requirements, and must have completed at least half of their graduate course within Nova Scotia during the last three years.

    Do you intend on moving from Nigeria to Nova Scotia? Allow us to be your expert guides. Contact Us

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      Application Processing Times

      The standard processing time for NSPNP applications ranges from 3 to 6 months. Most applications tend towards the three month mark, however you are advised to make any plans based on a conservative time estimate. There is no way to expedite this processing time so it is vital that your initial application is submitted correctly.

      How Can IAS Help?

      One of the most common problems applicants encounter in applying for their NSPNP is a difficulty in providing the necessary documents and certifications to prove that they are eligible. For example, even if you’re a native English or French speaker, you’ll still need to demonstrate your skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking under the Canadian certification system.

      IAS can help by directing you towards the best paths for demonstrating your skills and help to prevent complications in the application process by ensuring that you are consistently providing the correct information. Contact us today online, or on +44 (0) 3316300929 or call our Lagos office on +23413438882 and we’ll put our expertise to work, ensuring that your application is the best it can possibly be.

      Our immigration lawyers can facilitate a stress free application process for the NSPNP. Contact Us

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  There are no application fees for any of the NSPNP streams themselves however you may encounter fees in other parts of the Canadian immigration process. For example, if you wish to apply for permanent residence, then there are various associated fees depending on how you’re applying (business, caregiver, ect). It’s important to research this thoroughly before making any immigration plans.

                  The NSPNP provides a path for skilled workers not only to live and work in Nova Scotia, but – in the long run – to apply for permanent residence. If you’re looking to move from Nigeria to Nova Scotia then this is a relatively affordable and accessible path.

                  While it’s perfectly fine to apply for multiple streams you cannot be nominated on multiple streams. In effect, this means that if you are accepted on multiple streams, you can only accept one of the nominations and must explicitly reject the other(s).

                  In most cases, applicants are allowed to apply again if they’re rejected. If you’re not allowed to apply again, then your decision letter should clearly tell you as much.

                  While the Nova Scotia provincial government does have a stated preference for bilingual applicants, it is possible to have a successful application with only French or English so long as the rest of your application is of a high standard.

                  That being said, if you’re in a position where you could likely pass a fluency test in both languages with only minor tutelage then it’s highly advisable that you do so. Not only will this assist in your application process but it will also be extremely useful for helping you settle in Nova Scotia.