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Global Talent Visa UK for Nigerians

The Global Talent Visa offers an exceptional opportunity for Nigerians in various fields to pursue their careers in the UK. Whether you are an artist, researcher, or digital technology expert, this visa category opens doors to endless possibilities.

For more information about the Global Talent Visa in the UK, and advice from an immigration lawyer on how to apply, reach out to us today. Call +23413438882 or our UK office at +44 (0) 3316300929 for advice and assistance.

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    What Is the Global Talent Visa?

    The Global Talent Visa is offered by the UK government to attract highly skilled individuals in various fields such as science, engineering, humanities, digital technology, arts, and culture. This visa is designed for people with exceptional talent or promise in their fields who want to work in the UK.

    You must first get an endorsement from an appropriate endorsing body in their industry to qualify for the Global Talent Visa. The UK Global Talent Visa covers various sectors, including academia and research, arts and culture, and digital technology. Each sector has specific criteria and requirements for endorsement.

    With a Global Talent Visa, you are allowed to move to the UK with dependents and extend or settle permanently in the UK

    Before You Apply for a Global Talent Visa

    Before you apply for a UK Global Talent visa, you need to obtain an endorsement demonstrating your status as a leader or potential leader in your field. However, there are certain exceptions to this requirement.

    If you have won an eligible award, you may apply for the UK Global Talent Visa without obtaining an endorsement. It is recommended to check the list of eligible awards to determine if you have received an award that qualifies you for this exemption.

    You also need to assess the eligibility criteria, identify the appropriate endorsement body, and ensure that all your documents are current.

    Our team of immigration experts specializes in assisting Nigerian professionals to secure the Global Talent Visa UK.

    Eligibility Criteria for the UK Global Talent Visa


    To be eligible for the Global Talent Visa, you must meet specific criteria set by the endorsing bodies associated with each sector. Below are the endorsement bodies for each sector:

    • Arts Council England for Arts and Culture
    • Full Peer Review for Academia or Research
    • Tech Nation for the Digital Technology sector.

    When evaluating applications, the endorsing bodies consider two criteria: exceptional talent and exceptional promise. You must meet at least one of the following criteria to qualify for the Global Talent Visa.

    To meet the exceptional talent criterion, you must already be a recognised leader with experience and influence. On the other hand, the exceptional promise criterion requires you to be in the early stages of your career yet have the potential to become a future leader.

    Arts and Culture

    In the field of arts and culture, the endorsement process is overseen by Arts Council England. You must provide evidence of your exceptional talent or exceptional promise in one of the following areas:

    • Architecture
    • Combined Arts
    • Dance
    • Fashion Design
    • Film and Television
    • Literature
    • Music
    • Theatre
    • Visual Arts

    To be eligible for endorsement in this field, you must provide substantial evidence of artistic achievements, impact, and recognition. This may include a comprehensive portfolio of work, critical reviews, awards, invitations to exhibit or perform, publications and collaborations.

    Additionally, you will need to meet one of the following requirements:

    • Prove that you have consistently worked in your field over the past five years, producing work acknowledged internationally and rated exceptional by the Arts Council England.
    • Demonstrate that at least two countries are aware of your effort.

    Academia or Research

    The endorsement body for the field of Academia or Research is the Full Peer Review Endorsement (UK Research and Innovation)

    You must:

    • Show exceptional talent or promise in academia or research.
    • Demonstrate recognition for your work in the form of prestigious awards, publications, or research funding.
    • Provide endorsement letters from recognised academic or research institutions.
    • Showcase your potential to contribute to the UK’s research and innovation landscape.

    Digital Technology

    Tech Nation is the endorsement body for the Digital Technology sector.

    To get an endorsement from Tech Nation, you must:

    • Demonstrate exceptional talent or promise in the digital technology sector.
    • Show evidence of significant achievements, such as founding or leading a successful tech startup, making impactful contributions to the sector, or having exceptional technical skills.
    • Provide endorsement letters from recognised experts or institutions in the digital technology field.
    • Demonstrate your potential to contribute to the UK’s digital and tech industry.

    Meeting the eligibility criteria alone does not guarantee endorsement or visa approval. The endorsing bodies assess applications based on their specific guidelines and evaluation processes.

    To succeed, you must submit a strong and compelling case highlighting your exceptional talent, achievements, and potential impact in your field.

    Required Documents to Apply for the Global Talent Visa

    When applying for a Global Talent Visa, the documents required will vary depending on your field of qualification.

    Here are the documents you may need to submit based on specific categories:

    For Arts and Culture

    Here are the required documents for a Global Talent Visa application in the arts and culture field:

    • CV detailing your career in arts and culture.
    • Three letters of recommendation supporting the Global Talent application. Two letters from well-established arts and culture organisations in your field. At least one must be based in the UK—one letter from another well-established organisation or an individual with recognised experience in the field.

    Exceptional Talent in Arts and Culture

    • Evidence from at least two countries of significant media recognition for the applicant’s work as an individual, member of a group, or contributor.
    • Evidence of winning or significant contribution to at least one international award for excellence.
    • Proof of professional appearances, performances, publications, or exhibitions considered internationally significant or evidence of extensive international distribution and sales for the applicant’s work.

    Exceptional Promise in Arts and Culture 

    • Evidence from at least one country of recent media recognition for the applicant’s work as an individual, member of a group, or contributor.
    • Evidence of winning, significantly contributing to winning, being nominated or shortlisted for at least one international award for excellence.
    • Proof of professional appearances, performances, publications, or exhibitions recognised in the field or evidence of international distribution and sales for your work.

    For Academia and Research

    • Letter from the head of HR of the organisation where you will work, including:
    • Name, position, and department.
    • Confirmation that you obtained the position through an open competition that was advertised.
    • Proof that four senior academics from the organisation interviewed you.
    • Confirmation of at least three submitted references.

    Research Grant (Exceptional Talent):

    • Written confirmation from the funder, specifying:
    • The grant amount should be at least £30,000.
    • The duration of the grant, which should be a minimum of two years.

    Peer-Reviewed Endorsements (Exceptional Promise):

    • Letter from a person with “internationally recognised expertise” in your field, containing:
    • Details of their relationship with you.
    • Their belief in your exceptional talent or promise.
    • Confirmation of your potential contribution to the UK and the benefits you would gain from being in the UK.

    For Digital Technology

    • CV with your career history and relevant publication details. Maximum of 3 sides of A4 paper.
    • Three letters of recommendation from established experts in digital technology who have known your work for at least 12 months. Each letter should address specific aspects, including your achievements, contribution to your field, and future work plans.
    • Recommender’s CV or proof of credentials.
    • Proof of Connection to a Technology Business  (if you are a leader). This should include evidence such as audited accounts, projections, and articles of association—domestic or international sales data showing customer numbers for each country where the organisation operates.
    • Proof of Meeting Eligibility Criteria. Submit up to 10 documents demonstrating eligibility. At least two documents should show recognition as a leading or potential talent. At least four documents should prove possession of 2 necessary skills (provide two documents for each skill).

    Your CV, letters of recommendation, and evidence of a connection to the technology industry are not counted as part of the ten pieces of evidence.

    Examples of evidence for meeting the eligibility criteria include:

    • Contribution to open-source projects acknowledged by peers as advancing the field.
    • Relevant qualifications or documentation of speaking at prestigious conferences.
    • Award from an organisation of similar standing and distinction to the Royal Society in the UK.

    We provide a thorough document-checking service to help ensure the validity and currency of your documents. If you need assistance, call +23413438882 or our UK office on (+44) 333 4149244. Our team is ready to assist you in reviewing your documents.

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    How to Apply for a Global Talent Visa for the UK from Nigeria

    There are two stages during the Global Talent Visa application process. Firstly, an endorsing body carefully evaluates your skills, abilities, and achievements to determine whether you meet the necessary criteria for endorsement. This evaluation stage typically takes up to 8 weeks to be processed.

    However, if your application qualifies for the ‘Fast Track’ option, you may receive an endorsement decision within three weeks.

    Once the evaluation is complete, the Home Office will notify you regarding the outcome of your endorsement application from your endorsement body.

    If you receive a successful endorsement, you can apply for the UK Global Talent Visa, which is the second stage.

    Below is the application process:

    Stage 1

    • Apply for endorsement on the official Global Talent Visa website.
    • Complete the endorsement body application form for assessment.
    • Submit the endorsement application form within 15 working days of submitting your Home Office application. Please meet this deadline to avoid the rejection of your application as invalid.

    The Home Office will notify you of the endorsement decision from the endorsing body. If successfully endorsed, you can proceed to the visa application stage.

    Stage 2

    • Fill out the application form in English
    • Pay the application fee
    • Submit your application

    Global Talent Visa UK Fees

    You need to pay the application fee and healthcare surcharge to be able to apply for the Global Talent Visa. The total application fee is £623. If applying based on an endorsement, the cost is divided into two parts:

    • £167 when applying for the visa.
    • £456 when applying for the endorsement

    You must pay the whole £623 when you apply for the visa if your application is based on an eligible award. Each partner or child included in the application is required to pay £623.

    As part of your application, you must also pay the healthcare surcharge. The healthcare surcharge is typically £624 per year for each person included in the application.

    How to Extend Your Global Talent Visa

    Under specific conditions, you can request to extend your stay in the UK using the Global Talent visa. Below are the conditions that allow you to extend your Global Talent Visa:

    • The organisation that endorsed you has not revoked its support.
    • The eligible award you won at the time of your first application for the Global Talent visa has yet to be removed.

    You must prove you made money while working in the UK to support your extension application.

    What to Do If Global Talent Visa Application Is Refused

    In the unfortunate event of a Global Talent Visa refusal, reapplying is possible. It’s important to carefully review the reasons for the refusal and address any issue in your application before submitting a new one.

    This is where Immigration Advice Service comes in. We provide guidance on the specific requirements, help you strengthen your application, and increase your chances of a successful application. Call us on +23413438882 or our UK office on+44 (0) 3316300929 to avoid visa application refusal.

    Contact us today to embark on your journey to success with the Global Talent Visa UK.

    How Can IAS Help?

    The Global Talent Visa encourages innovation, collaboration, and economic growth while allowing foreigners to advance their careers in the UK. It recognises and draws exceptional talent from around the world.

    At IAS, we deeply understand the requirements and regulations of the Global Skilled Worker Visa. We will work closely with you, ensuring your application is comprehensive, accurate, and meets all the requirements.

    Let us help you navigate the Global Skilled Worker Visa, making your journey to the UK as smooth and successful as possible. Call today on +23413438882 or our UK office at +44 (0) 3316300929 for immediate assistance.

    We offer immigration advice sessions as face to face appointments at all of our Lagos office, or via the phone.

    Table of Contents

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Global Talent Visa allows you to take your spouse and children as dependents to the UK. You may submit one application for yourself and each dependent family member.

    The Global Talent Visa allows you to reside and work in the UK for an initial period of up to five years. After this period, you can apply for an extension.

    However, restrictions or conditions may apply, such as maintaining endorsement requirements and fulfilling other obligations imposed by the UK government.

    If you are currently in the UK on a different visa, like a Tier 1 Visa, Tier 2 Visa, or Tier 5 for temporary workers on a Government Authorised Exchange, you can switch to the Global Talent visa. There are certain limitations, though. You must be in the UK on a work-permitting visa and possess one of the following two things:

    You won an eligible award.
    You obtained an endorsement as proof that you are a leader or a future leader in one of the fields covered by the visa.

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