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U.S. Passport Application From Nigeria

Applying for a U.S. passport from areas outside the United States – such as Nigeria – can be challenging, but is nonetheless a necessity for U.S. citizens wishing to enter the country.

Here at IAS, we offer help and assistance to those struggling with their passport applications. Our advisors will set you on the right track and use their expert knowledge to help ensure that your application fulfils the correct legal requirements. Contact us today at +44 (0) 3316300929 or on +23413438882 to find out more

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    Are you applying for a U.S. passport from Nigeria?

    Are you struggling to navigate the endless forms? We have successfully assisted numerous Nigerians and helped them through the process effectively and efficiently. If you are looking to apply for a U.S. passport do not hesitate to contact us. we can handle all the complexities and provide you with comprehensive support.

    Nigerian Emigration

    For Nigerian emigration matters, please call +23413438882 or +44 (0) 3316300929

    Other Immigration and Emigration Matters

    For immigration/emigration to/from other countries, please call:

    US –  +1 844 290 6312

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    Applying For A U.S. Passport

    A United States passport is widely regarded as one of the most valuable passports in the world, granting the bearer visa-free access to 186 destinations world-wide. As such the U.S. passport application process is stringent and the need for accurate information is of the utmost.

    Reasons to Apply

    If you are a U.S. citizen living in Nigeria then your U.S. passport is the most important travel document you can have. Without it, you’ll be unable to pass through airport checks or travel internationally. All this to say that if you live in Nigeria and do not have a valid U.S. passport, then applying for one should be your number one priority before travelling to anywhere outside of Nigeria.

    Aside from travel, a U.S. passport is also useful as an almost universally valid form of ID. Situations where you might need a formal ID include:

    • Housing applications and tenancy agreements
    • Obtaining a driver’s licence
    • Registering for schools/doctors in your local area
    • Purchasing legally restricted substances such as alcohol or tobacco
    • Voting in states with voter ID laws

    Grounds For Rejection

    It cannot be overstated how vital it is for you to ensure that all the information you provide on your application is correct. If your information is inaccurate, incorrect, imprecise, or unclear, your passport application can be rejected and you will have 90 days to fix the problem. Should you fail to fix the problem within those 90 days, you’ll have to pay to begin the process all over again.

    Passport rejection on the grounds of inaccurate information is one of the most common problems people face during the application process. The best way to ensure your passport is accepted is to seek professional services. Our legal advisers are always on hand at +44 (0) 3316300929 or +23413438882 to assist people with their applications, saving you time, effort, and money.

    Types of U.S. Passport


    U.S. passports come in a variety of types, but they broadly fall into three distinct categories.

    Special Issuance Passports.

    First you have a range of passports for government employees, including diplomatic, official, and service passports. As the name suggests, these are issued by the U.S. government under special circumstances and cannot be applied for.

    Regular Fee Passport Books

    By far the most common type of U.S. passport issued, the Regular Fee Passport Book is, in essence, the standard U.S. passport, allowing citizens to travel internationally. The fees are as follows:

    Application Type Application Fee Execution (Acceptance) Fee
    First Time Applications for Adults (16+) $130 $35
    Renewal Applications for Adults (16+) $130 N/A
    First Time Applications for Children $100 $35

    U.S. Passport Cards

    Introduced in 2008 as a more affordable way for U.S. citizens to travel between Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and Caribbean countries, the U.S. Passport Card is a somewhat limited document and not likely to be of much use to those living permanently outside the Americas. Aside from travel destinations, a Passport Card is also limited in that it does not allow for air-travel. The fees are as follows:

    Application Type Application Fee Execution (Acceptance) Fee
    First Time Applications for Adults (16+) $30 $35
    Renewal Applications for Adults (16+) $30 N/A
    First Time Applications for Children $15 $35

    Our expert team is here to guide you through the U.S. passport application process, making it a breeze from start to finish. Contact Us

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      Applying for a First-Time Passport


      If this is your first time filling out a U.S. passport application, then it’s important to ensure that you follow all the correct steps in your application.

      What Documents Do I Need For A Passport?

      First you’ll need to prepare your documents. These should include:

      • A completed DS-11 form
      • Physical evidence of your U.S. citizenship (i.e. your Birth Certificate, your Certificate of Naturalization, or your Certificate of Citizenship) along with a printed photocopy
      • Valid ID (i.e. driver’s licence, foreign passport, green card) along with a printed photocopy (front and back)
      • A clear, colour photo taken in the last six months

      Note: the U.S. Department of State guidelines request that you do not sign your DS-11 form until instructed to do so by the embassy.

      Once you’ve gathered all your documents you’ll need to contact the U.S. Embassy and Consulate in Nigeria in order to proceed. From there you can sign up to receive regular emails giving you updates about your passport status.

      a Nigerian in the UK

      Renewing a U.S. Passport

      The process for U.S. passport renewal  is similar to the application process, if slightly less involved; however you will need to meet certain criteria in order to qualify, depending on your passport status.

      You’ll need to have a previous U.S. passport that is not damaged beyond expected wear and tear. Said passport must have been issued within the last 15 years. It must also have been issued when you were over the age of 16.

      Children’s passports cannot be renewed and are only valid for 5 years. As such, if you are planning on travelling with a child whose passport is expired you’ll need to apply for a new passport for them.

      Assuming you meet all the criteria for U.S. passport renewal, you’ll need to fill in a DS-82 form. You can do this online but you’ll still be expected to attend the Nigerian embassy in person.

      The benefits of renewing your passport rather than applying for a new one are twofold. The first is that it’s more affordable; you’ll still be charged an application fee but no acceptance fee. The second is that it requires a lower bar for evidence.

      In order to provide evidence of your U.S. citizenship, you need only submit your old passport along with your paperwork. You will also need to provide a new photo.

      We help you gather the required documents for a complete application. Contact Us

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        Children’s Passports (Under 16s)


        For all U.S. passports, anyone over the age of 16 is considered an adult. The process for children’s applications is largely the same as adult applications with a few notable differences. The first is that, alongside all the expected documentation for the child, parents will also be expected to provide documents to prove a parental/guardian relationship. These could include:

        • The child’s birth certificate
        • A divorce/custody decree
        • An adoption decree

        Parents/guardians must also present valid ID (i.e. driver’s licence, passport, Green Card) for themselves along with a photocopy of that ID. The photocopy must show both the front and back, be on plain white A4 paper and cannot be double sided. You are not allowed to decrease the image size but you are allowed to enlarge it.

        Bipartisan Parental Consent

        In almost all cases, both/all parents or legal guardians must show consent to the passport application. It is recommended that all parents/legal guardians go with the child in person. If a party wishes to give written authorisation, they can do so by filling in a DS-3053 Statement of Consent form. This form must have been completed within the last three months.

        Exceptions to this requirement are if one parent/guardian has sole legal custody then only that parent needs to consent. If a parent/guardian can not be located then a DS-5525 Statement of Exigent/Special Family Circumstances form will need to be submitted.

        Some Common Application Mistakes

        Physical Copies Only

        All of your materials (both original documents and photocopies) must be physical, printed documents. Digital documents of any kind cannot be accepted. If your documents are not written in English then you will also need to provide a U.S. English translation.

        Choose the Correct Form

        It’s vitally important that you make sure you’re filling out the correct form. For new passports, you’re required to fill out the DS-11. The DS-82 is for U.S. passport renewals only.


        Applications are often rejected on the basis of poor quality photos. The photo used in your application must meet the following standards:

        • Clearly shows the applicants face, head, and shoulders
        • Is taken in a well lit room
        • Is neither over nor under exposed
        • Does not use any filters
        • Does not contain large shadows
        • Meets the correct size requirements (2” x 2”/51 x 51 mm)

        The applicant should also refrain from wearing glasses, even if they are in the practice of wearing them every day.

        Above all, clarity is incredibly important with your photo. For the best photographs either use a professional photo booth or get somebody else to take the photo in front of a white background.

        Allow our team of legal experts to help you with the process of U.S. Passport Application From Nigeria Contact Us

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          Replacing a Lost or Stolen Passport

          If your passport is lost or stolen then the first thing you should do is report it as such. You can do this either online or by sending in a form DS-64 mail.

          In order to renew your passport you’ll need to submit a standard DS-11 to the U.S. embassy in Nigeria

          How Long Does It Take to Renew a Passport?

          For both applications and U.S. passport renewals, the processing time is approximately three weeks. Should any of your information be inaccurate there may be significant delays. Once processing is complete you can collect your passport from the U.S. embassy in Nigeria.

          That being said, people often find that the longest delays come from the application process itself. Gathering documents, filling in forms, and ensuring the accuracy of all information can be difficult and mistakes can be made. If you’re looking to speed up your application process then contact us at +44 (0) 3316300929 or +23413438882 for easy and effective application assistance.

          Passport Application Status Updates: How to Check

          You can track the expected time of your passport application online by going to the Online Passport Status System. If you enter your email, you’ll be sent automatic updates on the status of your application.

          It is possible, however, that you’ll be unable to get a status update for the first 2 weeks after submitting your application. This is not unusual as it can take time for the documents to arrive by mail.

          If you renewed your application online, you can also get updates on your MyTravelGov account or through contacting IAS.

          How IAS Can Help You

          The U.S. passport application process can be difficult and detailed, and failure to accurately provide all the necessary information can lead to delays and rejections. Ultimately this could lead to you having to pay the fees all over again.

          On top of that, many find that locating the necessary information and understanding the specifics of their situation can be difficult. After all, no two passport applications are quite the same just as no to applicants come from quite the same background.

          Here at IAS, we believe that, no matter your situation, you should be able to apply for your passport without the risk of lengthy and expensive delays. That’s why our dedicated legal experts are ready to help you through the process. We’ll guide you through your difficulties offering tailored advice, unique to your situation. Contact us today at +44 (0) 3316300929 to find out more.

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              Our premium Fast Track Package is ideal if you need to submit an application quickly, such as if you need to meet a tight deadline. Our lawyers will work closely with you to see that your application is completed to the highest standards and ensure you get your application in on time, helping to take the stress and pressure off you.

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                Visa appeals can be a stressful process, especially if you’re relying on a specific visa to be approved. Our legal team can help you navigate the whole process and maximise your chances of a successful appeal, working alongside you to reach a favourable result. We can also represent you in immigration-related hearings and tribunals.

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                    Yes. You will need to provide your social security number and failure to do so could result in a fine. If you have never been issued a social security number you will need to submit a binding legal statement to that effect under penalty of perjury.

                    Yes, technically, however note that individuals are only legally permitted to be in the UK during the time stated on their visa.

                    If you were born to U.S. citizens in Nigeria, then you should be able to claim U.S. citizenship by filing a Consular Report of Birth Abroad. You should then be able to obtain a U.S. passport.