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US Diplomatic Visa For Nigerian Government Officials

A US diplomatic visa is crucial for Nigerian government officials or other foreign government officials traveling to the United States on assignment. Call us on +23413438882 or +44 (0) 3316300929 for instant help if you would like assistance with your diplomatic or official visa application. IAS is available to help you in person, via the phone or online.

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    Our team of immigration experts specialises in assisting Nigerians with any visa applications for the US, including Diplomatic visas. We provide accurate and reliable information on up-to-date requirements, amongst other related conditions, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of all aspects involved. Let us handle every step of your application and make the process as stress-free as possible.

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    For Nigerian emigration matters, please call +23413438882 or +44 (0) 3316300929

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    For immigration/emigration to/from other countries, please call:

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    What Is A US Diplomatic Visa?

    A US Diplomatic visa is used for Nigerian diplomats or other foreign government officials traveling on diplomatic passports to the United States for diplomatic or official government purposes.

    The Nigerian government and other foreign government officials and diplomats cannot travel using visitor visas except for the Head of State or Government. US Diplomatic Visa allows foreign government officials and diplomats working in the United States to engage with the official activities.

    Dependents of the visa holder can also be granted permission to enter the US.  Immediate

    The Different Types Of US Diplomatic Visa.

    There are 10 different types of diplomatic visas in the U.S. within this class. These are A-1, A-2, A-2 NATO1-6, A-3, C-2, G-1, G-2, G-3, G-4 and G-5 visa types.

    Type-A visas are necessary for all diplomats and foreign government officials who are coming to the United States on official government duties.

    A-1 and A-2 type visas are generally used for diplomatic and government official businesses. If the applicant does not qualify for an A-1 visa, he or she may be eligible for an A-2 visa.

    An applicant with valid A-1 or A-2 status may bring their staff or personnel with him or her to the U.S. on an A-3 visa. A-3 visas are only valid for three years but two-year extensions are granted.

    Who Is Eligible For A US Diplomatic Visa?

    These individuals are suitable for a US Diplomatic Visa:

    • Diplomats and Foreign Government Officials

    A US diplomatic visa is primarily designed for diplomats and high-ranking officials representing their respective governments. This includes ambassadors, consuls, and other diplomats appointed by a foreign country to carry out official duties in the United States. These individuals usually work at embassies, consulates, or international organizations.

    • Government Employees and Staff

    Apart from diplomats, certain government employees and staff members who are involved in official activities may also be eligible for a US diplomatic visa. This can include administrative personnel, support staff, and technical experts who are necessary for the smooth functioning of diplomatic missions and international organizations.

    • International Organizations:

    Representatives and employees of international organizations, such as the United Nations (UN), World Health Organization (WHO), or International Monetary Fund (IMF), may also qualify for a US diplomatic visa. These individuals play important roles in promoting international cooperation and may need to visit the United States for official purposes.

    • Support Staff and Dependents:

    In addition to diplomats and government officials, support staff and dependents of those holding diplomatic visas may be eligible for derivative diplomatic visas. These individuals provide essential assistance and support to diplomats and are recognized as an integral part of the diplomatic mission.

    Also, if a Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) were to be employed by a foreign mission in the United States, they would be eligible for A or G visa status only if they give in their permanent residence card.

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      The Application Process For A US Diplomatic Visa

      Applicants should visit the website of the embassy or consult where they will apply. Nigerian government officials should visit the website of the US embassy in Nigeria.

      To apply for a US diplomatic visa, applicants should follow steps:

      Complete the DS-160 Form

      Nigerian government officials and other foreign government officials should submit their complete application form online at least two weeks before the planned date of their trip for processing.

      All applicants must complete the Online Nonimmigrant Application Form DS-160 and print the application form confirmation page. Only A-1 or A-2 visa holders on assignment in the United States reapplying for an A visa must use Form DS-1648.

      Applicants must upload their photo while completing Form DS-160 or DS-1648 which must have been taken within the past six months and be the format in the photo requirements.

      All photos must meet the following guidelines:

      • Be 2 inches by 2 inches in size and be in good quality format
      • Background must be neutral
      • Standard clothing should be worn, expect for religious attire that you wear daily.
      • Have a neutral facial expression and your head should be centered in the photo
      • If you wear glasses, make sure there is no glare on the lenses, and your eyes are clearly visible. It is best to remove any tinted or sunglasses.

      Schedule an Interview

      After completing the DS-160 form, applicants must schedule an interview at the nearest US embassy or consulate. In Nigeria this is likely to be in Lagos or Abjua.  The interview is conducted to verify the information provided and assess the applicant’s eligibility for a diplomatic visa.

      You will need to take all required documents to the interview. These will include:

      • Diplomatic passport or a valid passport (at least 6 months apart from the duration of stay in the United States) for travel to the United States,
      • Form DS-160 confirmation page,
      • Photo that will be uploaded while completing online Form DS-160.
      • A diplomatic note that is written confirmationt of official purpose of travel and status

      After the interview, the embassy or consulate will review the application and make a decision. If approved, the diplomatic visa will be issued, allowing the applicant to travel to the United States for diplomatic or official purposes.

      If you need support for the interview process then reach out to IAS for assistance on how to ensure you are fully prepared for your appointment at the Nigerian embassy or consulate.

      How Much Does The US Diplomatic Visa Cost?

      A, G, C-3 and NATO visa status are exempt from paying any fees. Nigerian diplomats and other foreign diplomatic visa holders also exempt from visa fees regardless of the visa status and purpose if they have one of the official visa (A,G,C-3,NATO) categories.

      Official passport holders do not pay any visa fees for official visas however they are needed to pay visa application and reciprocal issuance fees for all non-official visas.

      Reciprocal fees are charged by the United States to diplomats from certain countries based on the principle of reciprocity. These fees are meant to cover the costs of visa processing and other related services.

      How Long Is The US Diplomatic Visa Valid?


      A1, A-2 and G-1, G-3, G-4 and NATO visa holders can stay in the United States as long as they are employed by a diplomatic mission or an international organisation and are registered through the Office of Foreign Missions, even if their visa has expired. For members of the military stationed in a U.S. military, the duration of their legal status is matched to their military duties.

      The US Diplomatic Visa for A-1 status is valid for the duration of the travel. If the A-1 visa holders in the U.S. needs to extend their period can apply for a visa extension by submitting a request letter to the Department of State (DOS).

      A-1 and A-2 visas are valid as long as their status is recognized by the Secretary of State. Family members of anyone holding A-1 or A-2 status may have employment if their country allows householders of U.S. officials the right to work in their country.

      A-1-2, G-1-4 and NATO-1-6 visa holders may not continue to use their visas after their official assignments have ended, even if their visas have not yet expired.

      Extending a US Diplomatic Visa

      A-1-2 status Nigerian diplomats and other foreign diplomats with their immediate families, G-1-4 status international officials and personnel, and NATO-1-6 status NATO officials and personnel with their immediate family members can renew their visas while in the United States.

      A-3, G-5 or NATO-7 visa holders are required to apply at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate overseas for a new visa A their visa cannot be renewed in the United States.

      Required documents for renewal include:

      • A valid passport that is at least 6 months apart from the duration of stay in United States,
      • Original I-94 Form and Arrival-Departure Record,
      • Online Form DS-1648, Application for A, G, or NATO Visa, for applying in the United States
      • Photo taken in the past six months
      • A diplomatic note if applying at the U.S. mission to the UN or if the DS-1648 confirmation page does not have the mission, embassy or organization seal,
      • Copies of the principal applicant’s visa and front and back side of the principal applicant’s I-94 for the individuals separately applying from the principal applicants

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        What Is The Visa Request (G-5) For Domestic Staff?

        Diplomats with the rank of Ambassador or Minister can hire and bring a personal domestic employee from abroad or hire one who is legally in the United States. Required steps for hiring are:

        • Completing a Pre-Notification of Domestic Worker Form and send it to [email protected]
        • Preparing an employment contract in the native language of the domestic
        • Approved copy of the Pre-Notification of Domestic Worker Form
        • Pre-Notification of Domestic Worker Form of the employer and the visa

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          How Can IAS Help?

          All Nigerian government employees and diplomats, like other foreign diplomats, must obtain a US Diplomatic Visa to travel to the United States. Our lawyers and team are helpful and experienced in making your visa application process with the right steps.

          It is vital to support a complete visa application otherwise, you could risk being rejected, which would lead to unnecessary delays and additional costs.

          IAS is available to help you for more information. You can call us on +23413438882 or +44 (0) 3316300929 for instant help if you would like any assistance with your visa application.

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                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    Your Diplomatic Visa must be approved before you travel to the USA so do not make travel arrangements until you have received your visa.

                    When you stay in the United States to work, you will have rights and you can get help anytime you need. You should call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 or visit if you need.