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Temporary Work Visa UK

If you want to work in the UK for 24 months or less, you can apply for a temporary worker visa from Nigeria.

Our team of immigration attorneys in IAS can assist you. For quick assistance with your case, call us on +23413438882 or +44 (0) 3316300929. You may contact us in person at our Lagos office, over the phone, or online for assistance.

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    Want to Work in the UK?

    We have successfully helped numerous Nigerians in securing their Temporary Work visas. If you’re considering working in the UK for a limited amount of time and need guidance on where to start, do not hesitate to contact us for expert guidance. Our team of lawyers will address any questions you may have regarding your application.

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    For Nigerian emigration matters, please call +23413438882 or +44 (0) 3316300929.

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    For immigration/emigration to/from other countries, please call:

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    What is a Temporary Worker Visa?

    The Temporary Worker Visa is for individuals who want to travel and work in the United Kingdom under various conditions and only for a restricted amount of time (up to two years). Before applying for a Temporary Worker Visa, Nigerian employees must have an employment offer from a licensed UK sponsor.

    You are eligible to apply for this visa if you want to go to the United Kingdom to do temporary work in the fields of sport, religion, or charity, as well as to gain work experience or training, participating in an Overseas Government Language Programme, conducting research, or accepting a fellowship via a government-authorized exchange program.

    Types of Temporary Worker Visas


    There are several classifications of temporary work visas; the visa type that is most suited to your circumstances will be determined by the kind of employment that you want to fulfil in the UK:

    • Creative Worker Visa and International Sportsperson Visa are two distinct visa categories available to sportspeople and creative professionals.
    • The Religious Worker visa is for Nigerians engaged in religious activity, such as being a preacher or pastor or performing other non-pastoral religious service.
    • Charity Worker visas are available to Nigerians volunteering their time for recognized organizations in the UK.
    • Seasonal Worker visas are available for Nigerian people who want to work on farms in the United Kingdom.

    Creative Worker Visa and International Sportsperson Visa

    Suppose you are going to work in the UK as a sportsperson, entertainer, or creative artist for up to 12 months as a temporary worker. You may apply for a Temporary Worker Visa via the Creative Worker Visa or the International Sportsperson Visa. Both of these visas fall under the category of Temporary Worker Visas.

    It is essential to take notice that to qualify for an International Sportsperson Visa; a sportsperson must meet all of the following requirements, which are listed below:

    • Recognized on a global scale as leaders in their area; or
    • Their work needs to contribute significantly to their sport’s growth and smooth operation at the highest possible level.

    To apply, you need to have a sponsor and a legitimate certificate of sponsorship that an established governing organization has endorsed. Individuals already in the UK as performers or sports tourists are not eligible for this visitor visa.

    Charity Worker Visa

    The Charity Worker Visa is a temporary work visa available to Nigerian citizens who want to volunteer their services in the United Kingdom on behalf of a charitable organization. The activities that qualify for the Charity Worker Visa must all be voluntary, unpaid, and short-term.

    You can enter the United Kingdom for up to a year with a Charity Worker Visa.

    Religious Worker Visa

    People coming to the United Kingdom to preach, pastor or do non-pastoral work or for employment in a religious order, including a monastery or convent, fall from Nigeria under the “Religious Workers.”
    Religious Worker Visa holders are permitted to accept payment for their services, unlike Charity Worker Visa holders. The Religious Visa may be used for a maximum stay of twenty-four months.

    Seasonal Worker Visa

    The Seasonal worker visa enables Nigerians to enter the United Kingdom for up to six months to engage in agricultural labour. This kind of labour includes activities such as the packing of fruit and vegetables in addition to other farm work.

    2019 saw the beginning of a pilot scheme for Seasonal Worker Visas, and in 2021, the program was extended and expanded. This year, there are 30,000 eligible visas for seasonal workers, three times as many as in 2020.

    While in the United Kingdom on a Seasonal Worker Visa, you are permitted to work in the position for which your Certificate of Sponsorship was issued, and you are also allowed to pursue educational opportunities; however, you are not permitted to work in permanent employment or take on a second job during your stay.

    Eligibility Requirements for a UK Temporary Worker Visa

    Depending on the category for which you want to apply for a Temporary Worker Visa, a variety of conditions must be met. In most cases, Nigerians will be required to have the support of a UK Sponsor, who will then be able to provide you with a Certificate of Sponsorship.

    Temporary Worker Visas are an element of the new points-based system implemented in the UK. To qualify for a Temporary Worker Visa, you will need to score 30 points. Your Certificate of Sponsorship is worth thirty of these points.
    To get the remaining 10 points, you must submit proof that you can support yourself while you are in the UK financially.

    In most cases, you must have a total of £1,270 accessible in your bank account. You will need to demonstrate that you have had access to the funds for at least 28 consecutive days, and those 28 days must fall within 31 days of the date you submitted your application for a Temporary Worker Visa.

    Nigerians may be required to show your English proficiency to be granted the visa category for which you are seeking. You may either provide a recognized language qualification or a degree that was either taught or studied in English to demonstrate that you are proficient in the English language.

    Your sponsor may get an on-site inspection from the compliance inspectors at any point in time to check that both the migrant workers and the enterprise are adhering to their responsibilities.

    How to Apply for a UK Temporary Worker Visa from Nigeria?

    You must submit your application from Nigeria for a Temporary Worker Visa online by filling out the form that fits your category on the website of the United Kingdom government.

    You will need these documents when submitting your application:

    • The reference number included on your Certificate of Sponsorship
    • A valid passport or any other acceptable form of identification
    • Documentation demonstrating that you can fulfil the demand for maintenance, such as bank statements
    • If you are from a nation where tuberculosis testing is required, the results of your test to check for the disease.

    You may be required to supply further proof of identity and employment in addition to the documentation you have submitted with your application for a Temporary Worker Visa; however, this depends on the kind of visa you seek. You must present proof of your familial connection to bring family members to the UK with you.

    You will be required to visit a visa application centre to have your biometric information, including your photograph and fingerprints, taken to submit an application for a Temporary Worker Visa. These will be needed to create your biometric residence permit, which you will be able to use after you arrive in the UK to verify that you have the legal right to live and work in this country.

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      What are the Fees for the UK Temporary Worker Visa?

      • The UK Temporary Worker (Creative & Sporting) Visa fee is currently set at £259.
      • The visa fee for applying for a Religious Worker visa is£259 for each individual applying.
      • The application fee for a Charity Worker visa is £259.
      • An application for a Temporary Work – Seasonal Worker Visa from the Home Office costs a total of £244.

      Processing Time for the UK Temporary Worker Visa

      Suppose you are applying for a visa from Nigeria. In that case, you will often get a decision on your access within three weeks after submitting your application, proving your identity, and submitting your supporting papers online. If you are in the UK, the waiting period is eight weeks.

      Conditions of Stay on the UK Temporary Worker Visa

      Creative Worker Visa

      You can work for your sponsor in the position outlined on your Certificate of Sponsorship if your application for a Temporary Work – Creative Worker Visa is approved. This will allow you to stay in the UK temporarily and participate in creative activities.

      In addition to this, you will be allowed to work a second job of up to 20 hours per week in the same industry and at the same level as your primary employment, and you will also be eligible to work a job that is on the Skilled Worker shortage occupation lists for up to 20 hours per week.

      Charity Worker Visa

      If your request for a Temporary Work–Charity Worker Visa is granted, the visa will permit you to enter and remain in the United Kingdom for up to 12 months or the term provided on your certificate of sponsorship for an additional 14 days, whichever is shorter. If your application is denied, you cannot enter or remain in the United Kingdom. You will be eligible to enter the UK up to fourteen days before the day that you are scheduled to begin your new work.

      You will only be able to work in the job you are sponsored for; however, you are authorized to volunteer for other organizations as long as you do so in the same function as the one specified on your Certificate of Sponsorship. You will be allowed to study, albeit for specific classes; you may be required to get a certificate from the Academic Technology Approval Scheme.

      Religious Worker Visa

      You will be granted a visa to live and work in the United Kingdom for up to 24 months or up to 28 days longer than the duration specified on your certificate of sponsorship. You may be sponsored for a limited amount of time. You are permitted to enter the UK up to fourteen days before your first work day at your new employment.

      Seasonal Worker Visa

      You will be granted permission to continue working in the position you have been sponsored in the United Kingdom as a Seasonal Worker. You will be granted permission to continue your education, but to enrol in some classes, you must have an Academic Technology Approval Scheme certificate.

      You will not be permitted to work in a permanent job, a second job, or a job not mentioned in your Certificate of Sponsorship. All of these things are prohibited. You will also lose your eligibility to receive government assistance of any kind.

      Our team of immigration experts is here to make your Temporary Work Visa application a breeze. Contact Us

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        What is a Certificate of Sponsorship?

        Your Certificate of Sponsorship is neither a physical document nor a traditional certificate. It is a reference number connected to all of the information about your employment and your personal information.

        Your sponsor will provide you with a sponsorship reference number to apply for a Temporary Worker Visa. This number is required to be stated on all of your documents.

        Once it has been given to you, your sponsorship reference number will only be good for three months before it becomes invalid. During your visit, you should be able to use it several times to depart and enter the UK without incurring additional fees.

        What is the Genuine Migrant Test?

        The United Kingdom Visa and Immigration Service (UKVI) has to make sure that you have the full intent of working in the position for which you have been offered a job in the UK before it will grant your visa. The Migrant Test applies to all temporary employees except those hired via the seasonal employment plan.

        The UKVI will decide, taking into consideration your:

        • Familiarity with the job;
        • A history of experience that is relevant to the position;
        • A detailed account of how the candidate selection procedure was carried out.

        It is possible that to pass the Migrant Test; you may be asked to provide extra documentation and information about your previous professional experience. You can also be asked to participate in an interview.

        If you need any help with the Temporary Work Visa, our IAS attorneys are here. For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately at +44 (0) 3316300929.

        How Can IAS Services Help?

        It might be challenging to figure out which visa category best applies to your situation. No matter your circumstance, the highly qualified attorneys at IAS can assist you. We will find the appropriate Temporary Workers Visa for you and verify that you satisfy all prerequisite conditions before applying.

        Our services include reviewing your supporting documentation and filling out appropriate application forms. Along with your application, you will also be sent a Letter of Representation to review. This letter will outline the specifics and merits of your case, addressing any applicable UK immigration laws that support your argument and providing further context.

        You may start applying for your Temporary Worker Visa by calling our Nigerian number at +23413438882 or our UK office at +44 (0) 3316300929. You can also inquire about our contact forms or live chat.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  You can’t obtain ILR on a Temporary Worker visa.

                  If they qualify, your spouse and children may submit an application to move live with you or remain in the UK as your “dependents.” If they are granted, their visa will expire on the same day as yours.

                  To extend your temporary work visa, submit an application. Before your existing visa expires, you should apply.