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UK Charity Worker Visa for Nigerians

Charity work Visas are intended for those who do not currently reside in the United Kingdom and wish to relocate to the nation to work for charitable organisations. However, it is crucial to note that these visas are only granted to those applicants who meet specific standards.

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    Do You Need a Charity Worker Visa?

    If you are interested in working unpaid for a charity organisation in the United Kingdom and are from Nigeria, acquiring a UK Charity Worker Visa may be challenging. We have helped many Nigerians in obtaining one and can help make this process very swift and hassle-free for you, too, with a high possibility of getting visa approval.

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    What are the Eligibility Requirements for the UK Charity Worker Visa?

    For intended charity workers from Nigeria to be approved for a UK Charity Worker Visa, they must have met certain criteria set by the UK government. The following requirements must be met before the visa will be approved:

    • The applicant must be 18 years and above
    • Have enough money to cover expenses in the UK
    • A sponsorship certificate from a sponsor approved by the UK government
    • Applicants must have a valid job offer letter from a charity or an international charitable organisation based in the UK

    Permitted Voluntary Works

    The Charity Worker Visa holder can carry out some permitted voluntary work. The following are some of the permitted voluntary works they can do:

    • Working for a charity on the UK government’s list of approved charities – the UK government maintains a list of approved charities eligible to sponsor overseas workers.
    • Directly contributing to a charity’s charitable purpose – this includes activities that would not usually be offered for a wage or salary. It does not include support work such as routine administrative, retail, or fund-raising roles.
    • Working for a charity registered with the Charity Commission: The Charity Commission serves as the independent regulator of charities in England and Wales. You can find a list of registered charities on the Charity Commission’s website.
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    Documents Required for the UK Charity Worker Visa

    Applicants seeking a Charity Worker Visa from Nigeria must present a list of valid documents. The documents include:

    • A valid passport that is at least six months before its expiry
    • Evidence of your qualifications and experience in charity work
    • A completed application form
    • Evidence of your financial support while you are in the UK
    • A recent passport-style photo
    • Police clearance certificate from Nigeria
    • A letter from your charity sponsor that confirms your employment and the nature of your work
    • A negative tuberculosis test certificate if applying from Nigeria

    The process of gathering the necessary paperwork to apply for UK citizenship by marriage for Nigerians can be quite complex. In order to ensure that you submit the correct documentation and avoid potential delays or the risk of refusal, it is advisable to seek the assistance of an immigration lawyer.

    They can help you understand the specific documents needed, ensure they are properly completed, and assist in organising and presenting the information in a manner that meets the requirements of the UK authorities.

    Get in touch with our experienced immigration lawyers. Call +23413438882 or our UK phone number at +44 (0) 3316300929, or get in touch with one of our IAS advisers online.

    Financial Requirements for the UK Charity Worker Visa

    Nigerian applicants must have a minimum of £1,270 in their bank accounts. Applicants must have consistently had the funds available for at least 28 days and the visa application must be submitted no later than 31 days before day 28.

    There are various ways you can demonstrate your financial support, including:

    • Bank statements
    • Pay slips
    • A letter from a charity organisation employer stating that they will cover your costs during your first month in the UK.

    Application Process for a UK Charity Worker Visa

    The first step in the application process is for an applicant to get a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS). This document must be issued from a UK-based charity or international organisation who are a licensed sponsor approved by the UK government.

    Once a valid CoS has been obtained, the application process can be made online. As well as supporting documentation, applicants will need to submit biometric information and pay the processing fee.

    It is also possible that applicants from Nigeria may be required to attend an interview. This is likely to be at the UK embassy or consulate in Lagos or Abuja.

    Following the interview, the Charity Worker Visa will either be issued or a reason given for refusal.

    Get in touch with our expert immigration lawyers to receive assistance with your UK charity worker visa.

    When Does A Charity Worker Visa Expire?

    Certain conditions must be met for charity workers to come to the UK from Nigeria. Firstly, the applicant can stay for a maximum of 12 months or the duration specified on their CoS plus 14 days, whichever is shorter.

    The visa holder is not allowed to work in a different role from the one the charity organisation offers or take a role with another charity without permission from the Home Office.

    How Much Does a Charity Worker Visa Cost?

    The fees and costs involved in a UK Charity Worker Visa from Nigeria will include:

    • Application fee: The application fee for a UK charity worker visa is £344
    • Healthcare surcharge: The healthcare surcharge is currently. £624 per year

    The total cost of a Charity Worker Visa from Nigeria can also include additional charges such as documentation translation and medical examination charges.

    Get a Faster Decision on your Charity Worker Visa application

    To expedite the decision-making process for your application, there are options available that offer faster processing times.

    • Priority Service: For £500, you can opt for the priority service, which ensures you receive a decision on your application within five working days. This applies if you are applying to extend or switch your visa in the UK.
    • Super Priority Service: For an additional £800, you can expect a decision by the end of the next working day after your UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services (UKVCAS) appointment if your appointment is on a weekday. If your appointment is on a weekend, the decision will take two working days after your UKVCAS appointment.

    Extending the UK Charity Worker Visa

    The UK charity worker visa holder can apply for an extension at the expiration of the first one. However, some basic conditions must be met. You must keep meeting the eligibility criteria and must be in the UK before the expiration of the first visa.

    If you have any questions about your UK charity worker visa application, our team is happy to assist.

    Switching to the Charity Worker Visa

    If the applicant is currently in the UK on a different type of visa and has been offered a job with a charity, it is possible to switch to a Charity Worker Visa. To do so, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

    • Have an up-to-date Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) from the charity that has offered them the job.
    • Applicants must have a valid passport.
    • Have sufficient funds to support themselves and their dependents in the UK.
    • Not have a criminal record.
    • Not be considered to be a threat to national security.

    To apply for a switch to a Charity Worker Visa, you must complete an online application form and pay the associated costs.

    Appealing a Charity Worker Visa Refused Application

    The applicant can appeal the decision if a UK Charity Worker Visa application is refused. To do so, they must submit an appeal within 28 days of the date of the refusal. The applicants can appeal to the First-Tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber).

    When the applicant appeals, you must provide evidence supporting your case. This evidence may include the following:

    • A letter from the charity you were planning to work for states that they still want you to work for them
    • A letter from a lawyer or immigration advisor explaining why you believe the decision was wrong
    • Any other evidence that you believe is relevant to your case

    If you are considering appealing a Charity Worker Visa refusal you should seek the advice of an immigration expert before doing so as it can be a complicated and lengthy process.

    Bringing Dependents to the UK on a Charity Worker Visa

    A charity worker has the right to bring dependents to the UK. These dependents could be family members, partners, children, etc. To sustain themselves while they are in the UK, your partner or children must have a certain amount of money available to support themselves.

    Your partner or your child will require the following:

    • £285 for your partner
    • £315 for one child
    • £200 for every additional child

    Also, the dependents must fulfil at least one of the following requirements:

    • Be your spouse, civil partner, or unmarried partner
    • Need to be financially dependent on you
    • Under the age of 18 (If the dependents are children)

    To bring your family members to the UK, you must apply for a dependent visa for each of them.

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    We have a team of professionals ready to help navigate the intricate processes involved in obtaining a UK charity worker visa from Nigeria.

    How Can IAS Help?

    IAS is experienced in helping immigrants visit and settle in the UK. Our team has helped many Nigerians who wished to relocate to the UK in a variety of circumstances.

    If you plan to work as a charity worker in the UK, IAS has a team of professionals to help support and give advice, as it can be difficult to understand all the processes involved in getting a Charity Worker Visa approved. However, with the invaluable guidance of IAS, you can navigate the intricate processes with ease and precision, ensuring that you adhere to all necessary protocols.

    To learn more about IAS and receive professional advice for your case, call our Nigerian office on +23413438882 or UK phone number at +44 (0) 3316300929, or contact IAS online.

    We offer immigration advice sessions as face to face appointments at our Lagos office, or via the phone.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, switching to a different visa category from within the UK while on a Charity Worker Visa is possible. However, this depends on the specific visa route you wish to switch to and whether you meet the eligibility criteria for that particular visa category

    The Charity Worker Visa is specifically for individuals undertaking unpaid voluntary work. Therefore, applicants cannot receive financial compensation or remuneration for voluntary services.

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