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Canada Visa Application in Nigeria – Get Legal Support

Before a Nigerian immigrates or visits Canada, they must have a successful visa application. The process for obtaining a Canada visa can be complex.

If you need help getting a Canadian visa application in Nigeria approved, you can call our Lagos office at +23413438882. Alternatively, please contact our US and Canadian office at +44 (0) 3316300929.

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    Canada Visa Application in Nigeria Overview

    There is a growing Nigerian community in Canada, with around 70,000 people of Nigerian descent living in the nation. They are attracted by the great jobs, the education system, and the chance to experience some of the world’s greatest natural wonders. However, the Canadian immigration system is very complicated. Nigerians will have various visas to choose from and must also choose whether to apply nationally or with a specific province. Each of these decisions will change how you apply for a Canada visa. This article covers the general visa application process and then introduces two of the most popular immigrant visa programs:

    • Economic Class
    • Family Reunification Class

    It also covers two highly popular types of non-immigrant visas:

    • Visitor visa.
    • Canada Work Permit.

    General Visa Application Process


    Regardless of the visa you are applying for, you must follow the same general visa application process. The process is as follows:

    • Download forms. Use the Document Checklist to ensure you have completed everything you need.
    • Complete the application forms.
    • Complete a consent form if you work with a third-party visa advisor like IAS.
    • Pay any visa application fees.
    • Submit your application to the nearest visa application centre.
    • Pay any outstanding fees.

    At the end of the process, you will have a receipt. You can use the unique number on your receipt to track the progress of your application online. The processing time for each visa varies, so make sure to do this so you aren’t confused about why your visa is waiting so long.

    General Requirements for Nigerian Visa Applications

    There is also a range of general requirements which Nigerians must fulfill to be awarded any type of Canadian visa. These requirements are listed below:

    • A passport that will remain valid throughout your time in Canada.
    • An application form displaying your eligibility for the Canadian visa.
    • Passport-style photographs that will go on your visa.
    • Proof of purpose that corroborates the type of visa you are applying for.
    • The ability to financially support yourself. If you are applying for a non-work visa, you must have this money before you travel to Canada and may not work to supplement it.
    • Proof of language proficiency in English or French. The required level will vary based on the visa.
    • Some visas will require a medical examination and tuberculosis (TB) test.
    • Police and criminal records for each nation you have lived in.
    • Biometric information such as fingerprints

    There are also some additional requirements for temporary visas. This includes the following:

    • An invitation letter if you are visiting family or traveling for work.
    • A travel itinerary and a copy of your flight tickets showing a return flight has been booked.
    • Ties and permanent residence in Nigeria.

    These requirements are intended to prove that you will not illegally remain once in Canada and will return home at the end of your visa.

    Each visa will have slightly different requirements, and you can better understand them by reading the rest of the article or visiting the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada website.

    Our team of immigration experts specializes in helping Nigerians like you make a seamless transition to Canada

    Economic Class


    The first Canadian visa this article covers is the Economic Class permanent resident program. In this visa program, applicants who are highly skilled or educated have the highest chance of success.

    It is worth noting that some Canadian provinces have their own Economic permanent residency visas, such as the Quebec Skilled Worker visa. These visa programs are tailored to those who can fill skilled worker shortages in the respective province.

    It is not only work visas that come under this program but a range of other visa types that aim to boost the Canadian economy. These include the following:

    • Federal Start-Up Visa Program.
    • Provincial Nominee Entrepreneur Programs.

    Fees may vary depending on the exact visa that you are applying for. However, the general visa fee will be $850 for processing and $515 for the right of permanent residence.

    Express Entry System

    What unites all of the visas within the Economic Class program is the Express Entry system. This is a points-based system that prioritises the Nigerian immigrants with the best skills, work experience, and qualifications.

    Applicants submit their profile to the Express Entry pool in an “expression of interest.” They are then awarded a number of points in the Comprehensive Ranking System based on their work experience, education, language skills, and more.

    If you are awarded enough points, you can proceed with your application as soon as possible. Once your application has been submitted, it should be processed within six months.

    An exciting attribute of the Express Entry system is that the Canadian provinces have access to the candidates’ information. They can select candidates to apply for visas specific to that province, which can fast-track the application processing time.

    The Family Class

    The next permanent immigrant visa is the Family Class visa which aims to reunite family members in Canada. It is available for the following relations of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident:

    • A spouse over 18 years old.
    • An unmarried dependent child under 22.
    • A parent or grandparent.
    • An orphaned sibling, nephew, niece, or grandchild. They must be unmarried and under 18.

    The application process begins with the “interest to sponsor form” submitted by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident on behalf of their Nigerian family member. Once this is approved they can apply to sponsor their family member.

    If your application is approved, the sponsor is making an agreement to financially support the Nigerian immigrant. Should they require social security, the sponsor must pay the money back.

    With the sponsorship confirmed, the sponsored Nigerian is ready to make their permanent residency application. This requires you to submit a valid passport and passport-style photograph to the Canadian visa office, and pay the application fee.

    Once your application is submitted, you will need to wait for processing. This can take between 12 and 24 months.

    Canada Visitor Visa

    The next highly popular Canada visa amongst Nigerians is the Canada Visitor visa which allows for a stay in Canada of up to 180 days for Nigerians and is valid for ten years after it has been issued.

    There is a simple three step process that you will need to follow to be awarded a visitor visa:

    1. Gather the documents together to prove your eligibility. You can use the document checklist to learn what exact documents are needed in your circumstances.
    2. Apply online through the Canadian government system and upload all of your documents. At this stage, you will also pay any application fees.
    3. Submit your biometric information such as your fingerprints and photographs.

    The processing fee for a Canada Visitor visa application is 100 Canadian Dollars. You will also have to pay biometrics fees of CAD$85 and a passport processing fee of CAD$45. You can expect the processing time for this Canada visa application to be between 8 and 40 days.

    Get in touch with us today to start your Canada Visa Application process from Nigeria.

    Canada Work Permit

    Canada doesn’t just use Economic Class visas to fill labour shortages. They also leverage the Canada Work Permit to help Nigerians move to Canada temporarily to access work opportunities. There are three types of Canada Work Permit:

    • Post-Graduation Work Permit, available to Nigerians who studied at a Canadian designated learning institution (DLI).
    • Open Work Permit, for Nigerians who are legally in Canada on another visa that doesn’t give an automatic right to work.
    • Employer-Specific Work Permit for Nigerians with a job offer from a Canadian employer.

    The exact process you will need to follow to obtain a Candian work permit will change greatly depending on which work permit you are applying for. Sometimes, they may even be issued automatically such as a permit to work part-time alongside your study permit. However, when you have an employer-specific work permit your employer will need to apply for a work permit on your behalf.

    Your employer will need to get a valid Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) given by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to show that the hiring manager first looked at the pre-existing Canadian workforce and failed to meet the staffing gaps there.

    Then, you and your employer must submit the following documentation and meet the general requirements for a Canadian visa listed at the start of this article:

    • Completed application forms.
    • A written offer of employment.
    • Your CV or resume.
    • Proof that your skills and qualifications meet the job requirements.

    Once your application is accepted, you will receive a letter from the IRCC. This will detail how you can active your work permit when you arrive in Canada.

    Please note that Quebec has its own process for assessing the validity of employing a foreign worker. An LMIA will not be valid if you are getting a job in Quebec and you and your employer will need to follow a different process for you to work there.

    Turn your Canadian dreams into reality. Begin your adventure with the Canada Visa Application and step into a world of opportunities! Contact Us.

    How Can IAS Help?

    Whether you want to move to Canada permanently or are just visiting, IAS is perfectly positioned to provide the support you need to get the visa required for your time in Canada. We have a team of expert immigration attorneys and advisors who have helped many Nigerians to get to Canada. We pair you with an expert immigration lawyer that specialises in cases like yours. They will guide you through the entire process and maximise your chances of success.

    If you want to get help from IAS with your immigration application or need advice on how the Canadian visa application process works, you can call our Lagos office at +23413438882 or contact our Canada/US team at +44 (0) 3316300929.

    We offer immigration advice sessions as face to face appointments at our Lagos office, or via the phone.

    Table of Contents

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are two visa application centres that Nigerians can choose from. The first is in Abuja, and you can find it at Silverbird Entertainment Centre, 1161 Memorial Drive, Central Business District.

    There is also one in Lagos. It is located at Admiral Ayinla Wy, Lekki Phase I 106104.

    The processing time for your visa application will depend on the type of visa you are applying for, with immigrant visas generally taking far longer than non-immigrant visas. However, the processing time can be substantially delayed if your application has the following problems:

    • Unclear photocopies.
    • A medical condition that needs more tests.
    • Security issues.
    • Difficulty verifying your information.
    • Other issues that require further consultation with the Canadian immigration services.

    In some cases, discrepancies like these in your documentation may require you to come to the Canadian visa application centre. Here, you will be asked questions that will answer any questions the immigration authorities have on your application

    Some visas can have a rejection rate as high as one in four, according to the IRCC, which can scupper your chances of living your Canadian dream. The most common reasons for the refusal of your Canadian visa include the following:

    • A lack of supporting documents. Often those on the document checklist alone are not enough.
    • You won’t be able to support yourself financially.
    • You lack proof to show you are in good health.
    • The Canadian authorities are suspicious you won’t return home after your visa expires.

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