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Canada Work Visa Application in Nigeria

Applying for a Canada Work Visa allows you to explore employment possibilities in the country while gaining significant experience. However, applying for a Canada Work Visa can sometimes be an overwhelming experience.

At IAS we can help ensure your application is submitted correctly by providing support and advice throughout the process. Call us today on +23413438882 or on +44 (0) 3316300929 to find out more.

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    Benefits of Choosing IAS Canada Immigration Lawyers

    When it comes to obtaining a Canada visa or permit, IAS Canada immigration lawyers are well-equipped to help you.

    With IAS’ track record of successfully helping clients visit or immigrate to Canada successfully, we can help you achieve your goal.

    Our dedicated immigration lawyers provide our services through a comprehensive and personalised approach. With IAS, you enjoy:

    Compassionate support from an experienced immigration lawyer dedicated to your success

    Support in gathering supporting documents and completing a high-quality application.

    Confidence that your case is being handled by an experienced team.

    In-house document checks done by lawyers who are well-versed in  immigration matters.

    Regardless of what your Canadian immigration query might be, IAS is here to help and support you. Call us or enquire online to learn more about how we can help you.

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    Overview of the Work Visa for Canada

    A Canada Work Visa is an official document that grants foreigners the temporary right to work in Canada. It is commonly referred to as a Work Permit and serves as authorisation for employment in the country. As a Nigerian, you need this permit to be able to work in Canada.

    Work Visas are normally provided upon receiving a particular employment contract or offer from a Canadian organisation/employer and are accompanied by a variety of restrictions and rules.

    In order to show that there is no eligible Canadian citizen or permanent immigrant to take up the vacant position, the organisation/employer may be required to acquire a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).

    You can proceed with the application process when the employment contract and LMIA have been put in place. The type of employment and circumstances surrounding the person will determine the particular visa type and criteria. Among the most common employment visa, types are the Temporary Foreign Worker Programme (TFWP), International Mobility Programme (IMP), and Provincial Nominee Programmes (PNPs).

    Types of Canadian Work Visas


    There are different types of  Canadian Work Visas available to those looking to work in Canada. You should apply for the one that is most suitable to your circumstances. If you are unclear, reach out to IAS to see which of the following is applicable to your situation.

    International Mobility Programme (IMP)

    The International Mobility Programme enables Canadian organisations/employers to hire foreign workers on a Canada Work Permit without having to apply for an LMIA.

    Employment offers through the IMP have to be done through the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (RCC)’s Employer Portal because the IRCC operates the International Mobility Programme unit exclusively for organisations wishing to hire via the programme.

    Temporary Foreign Worker Programme (TFWP)

    The TFWP permits Canadian organisations to engage temporary foreign employees for specific employment opportunities. The TFWP sometimes demands an LMIA, which proves that there is a demand for foreign employees and also that no Canadian citizen or permanent resident can be recruited to fill the vacant position.

    Working Holiday Visa

    Canada has partnerships with different countries that allow young people to reside and work in Canada for a short period, normally between one and two years. These programmes, such as International Experience Canada (IEC), grant Work Permits to young individuals seeking work experience abroad.However, many of these schemes do not permit Nigeria nationals to qualify. Reach out to IAS for more information on eligibility.

    Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)

    Post-graduation Work Permits are available to foreign students who have finished an academic programme of study at a recognised Canadian college or university.

    Provincial Nominee Programmes (PNPs)

    Each province and territory in Canada has its recruitment programme, they can use these programmes to choose foreign employees for permanent residency due to their abilities, professional expertise, and job opportunities within the province.

    Open Work Permits

    These are non-job-specific permits which enable workers to seek employment with any organisation in Canada.

    Our experts will navigate the paperwork, ensuring your application is complete, accurate, and submitted on time

    Eligibility Criteria for a Canadian Work Visa

    To be eligible for a Canadian Work Visa, you must meet certain criteria. While the requirements may vary depending on the specific type of visa you are applying for, here are some general eligibility criteria:

    • Have a valid travel passport.
    • Hold a job offer from a Canadian organisation.
    • Be able to demonstrate language proficiency in either English or French.
    • Have sufficient funds to show you can support yourself during the first year in Canada
    • Have a clean criminal record

    How to Apply for a Work Permit in Canada

    Applying for a Work Permit can be a lengthy process and there are a number of steps involved. Once you have secured a job offer and confirmed your eligibility you can start the process of being granted a permit.

    You must ensure that your job role meets the requirements. In most situations, the Canadian organisation/employer will be required by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to acquire an LMIA. The LMIA confirms that no eligible Canadian citizens or permanent residents are needed to take on the employment opening.

    Ensuring you have the correct documentation in place before applying is a key requirement and failing to submit the correct documents could lead to a refusal.

    You will also need to arrange for a medical exam and a criminal background check.  As a Nigerian who plans to work in Canada, you need to undergo a medical checkup performed by a licensed doctor. You might also be required to present police clearance documents as proof of your good moral character and prove you have no criminal record.

    You can apply for your Canada work permit online at the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website or in person at the Canadian Visa Application Centre in Lagos or Abuja.

    At the time of application, you will also be required to pay the correct application fee. The cost of applying for a work visa in Canada varies depending on the type of Work Visa you are applying for. But for the majority, the standard application fee is CAD 155.

    Providing accurate information and complete document is important for a successful application. We offer a document-checking service to ensure that your documents are well-organised and up-to-date. Contact us to assist you check your documents to increase your likelihood of your visa approval. Call +23413438882 or +44 (0) 3316300929 for immediate assistance.

    Required Documents for a Canada Work Visa


    As part of the Canada Work Visa application, you must provide some documents to prove your eligibility. Below are the required documents for a Canada Work Visa:

    • Valid passport: Provide a valid passport or travel certificate. Check that your passport has been renewed for the length of your planned travel in Canada.
    • Job offer letter: Submit a formal job offer from the Canadian organisation stating the specifics of your job, such as the title of the position, responsibilities, length of work, and remuneration.
    • Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA): In some situations, your employer may be required by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to acquire an LMIA to show that there is an actual need to engage foreign employees for the vacant position. This has already been discussed in detail above.
    • Submit documents that show your academic achievements, such as diplomas, degrees, certifications, or transcripts, as evidence of your achievements. These must come from reputable institutions.
    • Provide documentation showing your related professional expertise, like letters of recommendation from prior bosses, contracts of hire, or salary slips.
    • Language competency: Prove language proficiency by providing test scores like the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the Test d’évaluation de français (TEF) to verify your fluency in English or French.
    • Medical report: Provide a medical report to show that you are in good health.
    • Criminal clearance certificate: Present proof of police clearance to show that you do not have a criminal record.
    • Evidence of financial support: Prove that you have enough money to sustain yourself and any relatives who are staying with you while in Canada. This can contain financial records, contracts of employment, or scholarship documentation.
    • Passport photographs: Submit current passport-sized photos

    If you are unsure of the requirements for a Canada Work Visa, contact us to assist you. We will assess your situation and guide you during the entire process. Call us on +44 (0) 3316300929 to book a consultation.

    Canada Work Visa Processing Time

    The processing time for a Canada Work Visa can vary depending on several factors, including the type of visa and the workload of Canadian immigration officials.

    It is estimated the time taken for a Canada Work Visa to be approved from Nigeria is 20 weeks. However, this time frame may fluctuate due to various factors such as the volume of applications, changes in immigration policies, or other unforeseen circumstances.

    During the processing period, immigration officials will carefully review your documents to ensure that you are eligible and your application meets the requirements.

    It is important to submit your application well in advance to account for potential processing delays. Proper planning and preparation can help ensure a smooth visa application process and minimise any potential disruptions to your travel plans.

    How to Extend Your Canada Work Visa

    You can extend your Work Visa Canada if you meet the eligibility requirements. The specific criteria for a work visa extension depend on the type of visa you currently hold and the purpose of the extension.

    To apply for a work visa extension, you generally need to fulfil the following requirements:

    • Validity of current work permit: Your current work permit must still be valid at the time of application for an extension.
    • Continued employment: You must still be employed by the same Canadian employer who sponsored your initial work permit.
    • Reason for extension: You must have a valid reason for needing an extension, such as the need for additional time to complete a project, waiting for the processing of a permanent residence application, or the inability to secure suitable employment in your home country.

    The application process for a work visa extension involves submitting a completed application form, a copy of your current work permit, and any additional supporting documents as required. You can apply for an extension online or by mail.

    The processing time for a work visa extension can vary depending on the workload of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Typically, it takes a few weeks to process an extension application.

    If your work visa extension application is approved, you will be issued a new work permit with an extended expiry date.

    Below are important points to consider when applying for a Work Visa extension:

    • Apply before your current work permit expires, as you cannot work in Canada without a valid permit.
    • Provide additional information or documentation to support your extension application.

    We are available to assist you apply for a Work Visa extension. Our team of immigration experts will guide you through the process to ensure that you get your desired result. Reach out to us on +23413438882 or +44 (0) 3316300929 to make enquiries.

    Fees and Costs Associated with UK Tourist Visa from Nigeria

    Here is a breakdown of all the fees and fees associated with obtaining a UK Tourist Visa:

    Visa Application Fee:

    • Standard Visitor Visa: £100 (maximum stay 6 months)
    • Visitor Visa for medical reasons: £200 (maximum stay 11 months)
    • Visitor Visa for study purposes: £200 (maximum stay 12 months)
    • Visitor Visa for academics: £200 (maximum stay 12 months)
    • Visitor visa for business purposes: £100 (maximum stay 6 months)
    • Long-term Standard Visitor Visa 2 years: £376 (maximum stay 6 months per visit)
    • Long-term Standard Visitor Visa 5 years: £670 (maximum stay 6 months per visit)
    • Long-term Standard Visitor Visa 10 years: £837 (maximum stay 6 months per visit)

    Biometric Enrolment Fee:

    • £19.20 which covers the cost of providing your biometric information at a VAC.

    Immigration Health Surcharge (only if applicable, read below):

    • The IHS fee is £1,035 per person.
    • For standard visitors, the IHS is not applicable unless you are applying for a visitor visa of over 6 months. If you’re applying for a long-term visitor visa, the IHS fee will be added to your application.

    Optional Premium Processing Services:

    • Priority Visa Service: £500
    • Super Priority Visa Service: £800

    VAC Service Fee:

    • 25,050 Naira covers the cost of using the VAC

    Document Translation and Certification:

    • All documents must be translated into either English or Welsh to submit to the UK. This will incur a cost for a verified translator.

    Allow our team of legal experts to help you with the process of Canada Work Visa application.

    How Can IAS Help?

    Applying for a Canadian Work Visa from Nigeria can be stressful and time-consuming due to the competitive nature of the process. Moreover, minor errors can lead to application rejections. To overcome these challenges, it is highly recommended to seek the assistance of a qualified immigration lawyer.

    Our team of immigration lawyers possesses extensive experience in Canadian immigration law and are well-versed in the requirements for a successful Work Visa application. By working with us, you can benefit from our expertise and guidance throughout the entire application process, maximizing your chances of success.

    To ensure a seamless application, your dedicated lawyer will take charge of managing your case, providing personalised assistance tailored to your specific circumstances. We will guide you through the necessary steps, thoroughly review your application to eliminate any potential errors and present a strong case on your behalf. Contact our immigration lawyers today on +23413438882 or +44 (0) 3316300929 to get started.

    We offer immigration advice sessions as face to face appointments at our Lagos office, all of our UK offices, or via the phone.

    Table of Contents

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Upon receiving an approval letter, referred to as the Port of Entry (PoE) Letter of Introduction, you are granted permission to work in Canada. This letter does not serve as a work permit on its own. Instead, you will need to present it at the Port of Entry when you travel to Canada. Once you arrive Canada, your work permit will be issued to you at the Port of Entry on the same day.

    The Canada Work Visa is valid for 1-2 years, although there are exceptions. The validity of the work Visa is usually tied to the applicant’s passport validity or the indicated duration on the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). It cannot exceed the duration of the applicant’s intended stay in Canada or the required duration of the job offer.

    The specific program under which the applicant applies may also affect the length of the work permit, potentially making it shorter.

    To get a Canadian Work Visa, you need to be a minimum of 18 years old. There is no upper age limit for work permit applicants, except for those who are applying under the International Experience Canada (IEC) program.

    Yes, you are permitted to bring your spouse and children to Canada on a work visa if you satisfy specific eligibility requirements and comply with the correct application process.

    You may add your spouse, as well as any dependant children, in your application for an open work or study permit if you have been granted a work permit in Canada. This means that an open work permit would allow your spouse to work for any Canadian company, whereas a study permit would enable them to study in Canada.

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