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Short-Term Study Visa UK for Nigerians

Nigerians who want to come over to the UK and study for a while can apply for the Short-Term Study Visa UK. This visa will allow you to study English or summer school courses in the UK.

For more information about a Short-Term Study visa from Nigeria, its application process, and bespoke advice on how to obtain a Short-Term Study visa from Nigeria, reach out to one of our friendly immigration advisers today. Call us on +23413438882 or +44 (0) 3316300929. You can also contact us by filling out the contact form.

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    Our dedicated immigration lawyers provide our services through a comprehensive and personalised approach. Benefit from:

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    Regardless of what your personal immigration query might be, IAS is here to help and support you. Call us or enquire online to learn more about how we can help you.

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    We have helped numerous Nigerian students in securing their Short-Term Study visas. If you’re looking to study in the UK for a short period of time and need guidance on where to begin, reach out to us for expert support. Our team of lawyers is here to address any questions you may have regarding your visa application.

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    What Is a Short-Term Study Visa?

    The Short-Term Study visa is a temporary visa that allows you to come to the UK and study English language courses for a period of 6 to 11 months. But if you wish to stay longer than 11 months studying in the UK, you should apply for a Student visa.

    The Short-Term Study visa could be appropriate for you if you’re an external student who needs to visit a school abroad and carry out research within a 6 month period or who needs to resit an exam within 6 months, among other reasons.

    If your English course is a Pre-sessional one, it is not recommended that you get a Short-Term Study visa for it because you cannot extend the Short-Term Study visa within the UK. Therefore, if your English language course will be Pre-sessional, then you can apply for entry clearance to continue your studies afterwards.

    Eligibility for a short-term study visa

    You need to be eligible in order to apply for the Short-Term Study visa UK for Nigerians. To qualify you must:

    • Be 16 years or older.
    • Have been offered an English language course expected to last for about 11 months or less.
    • Have a course offered by an accredited institution.
    • Be able to pay for your travels (to and back from the UK).
    • If you’re under 18 years, then:
      • Have arrangements for your travel and stay in the UK settled.
      • Have the permission of your guardian or parents to study in the UK.

    Restrictions on a short-term study visa

    There are things you’re not allowed to do having the Short-Term Study visa UK for Nigerians. You must not:

    • Get paid or unpaid jobs.
    • Bring your dependents.
    • Apply for other types of visa within the UK.
    • Extend your visa within the UK. You must leave the UK before your visa expires or within 30 days your course ends.
    • Obtain the National Health Service. You need to get private health insurance.
    • Partake in a paid or unpaid internship, notwithstanding the fact that this is part of your studies.
    • Engage in any professional activities or business in the UK.

    Application Process: Short-Term Study Visa

    In the application process for the Short-Term Study for Nigerians, you need to take the route of visa nationals. Nigerians fall under the visa nationals category because you will need to apply for the Short-Term Study visa for Nigerians and receive it before you come to the UK.

    Verify that you may apply and that you meet the conditions required of Short-Term Study visa applicants. You may want to contact one of our friendly immigration advisers for guidance to help you know if you meet the conditions required and apply for a Short-Term study visa UK with a higher chance of approval. Call IAS today on +23413438882 or +44 (0) 3316300929.

    You have up to 3 months to apply in advance before your short-term study begins, this is shown on your university offer letter. And you can access the application form on the Home Office website.

    You must also provide some documents which includes your:

    • Payment for the visa fee.
    • Original offer letter.
    • Original financial documentation (showing how you will find your studies).
    • Your accommodation arrangement details.
    • Original financial records outlining your plan to pay for your education.

    Ensure you will have enough time on the visa to complete your course because you can only receive a visa for a maximum of 6 to 11 months from the date you indicate to the Home Office as your anticipated travel date.

    Bring all the supporting documentation you filed with your visa application with you when you fly to the UK because the Border Force Officer may ask to examine it when you get to the United Kingdom.

    Required Documents for a Short-Term Study Visa Application

    There are documents you need to provide in order to get the Short-Term Study visa UK for Nigerians. They include:

    • Your valid travel document proof or a recent passport that has a blank page for your visa.
    • Your intended accommodation and travel schedule information. You must not pay for lodging or transportation until you receive your visa.
    • Your bank statement for the last 6 months.
    • Proof that you have paid for your course or have sufficient funds to pay for your course.
    • Your Tuberculosis (TB) test result.
    • The written proof of the course you want to study.
    • Your permission to be in the UK.
    • Your sponsor’s occupation, income, funds or savings to support your studies.

    If you’re under 18 years, then you’ll provide the following documents showing:

    • Contact details of your guardian or at least one parent.
    • That you are traveling alone.
    • That you are traveling with someone who

    Contact us today and embark on your short-term study adventure in the UK!

    Applying for Entry Clearance

    The entry clearance is a process used by entry clearance officers at British Missions abroad to determine if an applicant entering the UK is eligible to enter the UK in accordance with the immigration regulations for entry. Even if you are traveling as a student, all visa applicants must receive entry clearance before getting into the UK.

    How to Apply for Entry Clearance for a Short-Term Study Visa 

    You should apply for entry clearance at the British High Commission or Embassy in Nigeria if you reside in Nigeria. You can make this application by filling out the application form on the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) website.

    When you’re done filling out the online form and providing every information required of you. Then, you have to schedule an appointment to visit your local Visa Application Centre. You must present the original copies of your supporting documents for a Short-Term Study visa.

    You have to provide your biometrics (fingerprints and photographs) and signatures. You’ll be informed about the validity duration of your entry clearance.

    Thereafter, the UKVI will make a decision after the appointment you scheduled and a thorough examination of your entry clearance. This stage will last for about 1 week to 2 months.

    You will receive a Short-Term visa UK vignette in your passport when your entry clearance application has been accepted, which will allow you to enter the UK. Then, you can pick up your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP), which includes the entire validity duration of your visa, from your local post office once you have arrived in the United Kingdom.


    The Short-Term Study visa UK does not allow an applicant to bring dependents such as children, spouse, partner, or other family members to the UK. This is because there is no visa category for Short-Term Study visa dependents.

    If you have a Short-Term Study visa and your dependent wants to join you in the UK, the person must apply in their own right as Standard Visitors in order to come to the UK.

    What Is the Cost of a Short-Term Study Visa UK?

    You should know the Short-Term Study visa UK cost before making your application. The cost for a Short-Term Study visa UK is £200. You also need to pay the health surcharge free during the online application which costs £470.

    When You Arrive in the UK with a Short-Term Study Visa

    When you get to the United Kingdom airport, don’t use an eGate. You need to ask the Border Force Officer to admit you as a short-term student, instead of being admitted as a general visitor.

    You must explain to the Border Force Officer in detail that you have come to the UK to study. Ensure the Border Force Officer reads your offer letter you show them. Your short-term student status should be indicated on the passport stamp you will receive.

    The stamp serves as your visa and it will be valid for 6 months. The stamp in your passport will indicate that you’re in the UK as a short-term student.

    It should be noted that your course and end date in your offer letter could be used as your visa expiry date by the Border Force Officer. As a short-term student, you’re expected to leave the United Kingdom within 30 days after your study ends or even before your visa expires.

    How Can IAS Help?

    Many applicants apply for the UK Short-Term Study Visa every single year. While the majority of these applications are accepted, others get rejected for some reasons, including ineligibility and insufficient supporting documents, which can lead to loss of money and anxiety for the applicants.

    You should understand the implications of applying for the type of visa that doesn’t really meet your needs. Besides that, if you want to stay more than 11 months in the UK, a good immigration adviser won’t recommend a Short-Term Study visa for you. Rather, you’d be encouraged to apply for a Student visa.

    Additionally, there are differences in requirements for applicants under 18 years and applicants that are 18 years and above. You definitely need the guidance of a good immigration adviser to help you through the Short-Term Study visa application process to help increase your UK Short-Term Study visa success rate.

    We recommend you reach out to one of our immigration advisers at IAS today. We are professionals and experienced with a long history of working with people to help them obtain UK Short-Term Study visas.

    For more information about the Short-Term Study Visa for UK, all you need to get your visa application approved and about the services we offer, reach out to us on +23413438882 or +44 (0) 3316300929. You can also contact us by filling an online form.

    We offer immigration advice sessions as face to face appointments at our Lagos office, or via the phone.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You will need to apply for a Short-term Study visa if you want to come to the UK for an English language course study that lasts for more than 6 months but less than 11 months.

    It has been reported that 15% of UK visa applications are denied, with some visa categories experiencing considerably higher denial rates.

    For courses that will last for less than six months, applicants from the European Union (EU) and other qualified countries won’t need a visa. While applicants from the unqualified countries (that are also not from the EU) will need a visa to qualify to study in the UK.

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