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Spanish Citizenship By Option

Ready to take the first step towards Spanish citizenship for your children? The Spanish Citizenship By Option process can be overwhelming, but don’t worry; the experts at Immigration Advice Service are here to guide you.

With a deep understanding of the eligibility requirements and the application process, they can help you navigate this complex journey with ease. Contact them today at (+44) 333 4149244 or online for personalised, expert support.

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    Overview of Spanish Citizenship by Option

    Spanish citizenship by option is a process of obtaining citizenship for anyone with familial ties to Spaniards. It’s a straightforward procedure offered through the Spanish Civil Registers.

    Applicants must show documentary evidence of familial relationship to the Spanish citizen. This type of citizenship is unique because you don’t have to be a resident of Spain to apply.

    Spanish citizenship by option is one way to reunite with family in the Spanish territory. Once you and your children become Spanish nationals, you can receive a Spanish birth civil registry and request a Spanish passport.

    Being a Spanish citizen allows you to travel and work in any European Union country without a visa.

    Children adopted by Spanish nationals after 18 years old can apply for citizenship by option. Adult foreigners can also apply for Spanish citizenship if they have parents of Spanish origin. However, the requirements for adults and children are quite different.

    Becoming a Spanish citizen is a significant step and requires careful consideration of all the requirements. If you’re interested in exploring your eligibility, the Immigration Advice Service is here to help. With expertise in everything immigration, they’ve helped countless people with their needs. Contact them at (+44) 333 4149244 or online for guidance on your journey to Spanish citizenship.

    What Are the Eligibility Criteria for Spanish Citizenship by Option?


    Are you interested in obtaining Spanish citizenship through the option process? If so, then it’s essential to know the eligibility criteria that come into play. This section will discuss how someone can become eligible for Spanish citizenship by option.

    Close Family Links

    The eligibility criteria for Spanish citizenship by option stem from close family links that the person has with Spanish citizens. For example, if you’re the child of a Spanish national or were born to a Spanish father or mother in Spain, you may be eligible to opt for Spanish nationality.

    Parental Authority

    If you’ve been under the parental authority of a Spanish national, then you may be eligible for Spanish citizenship by option. Simply put, if your father or mother became a Spanish citizen while you were 18 years old or older, you won’t be eligible for this process. In such cases, citizenship by residency would be more suitable for you if you meet the requirements.

    Adopted Persons

    Adults adopted by Spanish nationals may also be eligible for Spanish citizenship by option. However, it’s important to note that this option only applies to those who were adopted after the age of 18.

    Law 52/2007 and Law 20/2022

    Laws 52/2007 and 20/2022 provide special procedures for acquiring Spanish nationality by option. For example, the Historical Memory Law (52/2007) allows the descendants of Spanish nationals exiled during the Spanish Civil War and dictatorship to obtain Spanish citizenship. Similarly, Law 20/2022, which deals with democratic memory, allows certain people to become eligible for Spanish nationality if their father, mother, grandfather, or grandmother lost or renounced their Spanish nationality due to political or ideological reasons.

    Children Born in Spain

    Finally, children born in Spain to parents who were not Spanish citizens and are from a country that does not recognise nationality if the child is born abroad can also opt for Spanish citizenship. This process is known as “presumption” and can be formalised without worrying about timing restrictions.

    The Application Process for Spanish Citizenship by Option


    Before we run through the legal procedure of obtaining Spanish citizenship, we must understand who can carry out the process.

    The individual or their legal representative can request the application under the following conditions:

    • Their legal representatives will formalise the application if the son or daughter is less than 14 years of age.
    • If the child is between 14 and 18, or if they are disabled but the disability is not restrictive, then the person can request the nationality, assisted by their legal representative.
    • Those above 18 years of age or free from parental care will present the application themselves.

    Where to Initiate the Procedure?

    Depending on your child’s situation, you can choose where to initiate the application process.

    • If the child is a resident of Spain, you must submit the application at the civil registry in their municipality.
    • If the child lives abroad, as in most cases, you must submit the application at the Spanish consulate in that country.

    Spanish citizenship by option is one of the easiest to initiate. If the child is based in their country of origin, the procedure will be carried out there. If they live in Spain, then it should be done in Spain.

    There is, however, one exception to the rule. If the child is younger than 14 years of age, the parent is allowed to formalise the application in their own country of residence regardless of where the child lives.

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    Documentation Required for Spanish Citizenship by Option

    The process for obtaining Spanish nationality for an individual is quite straightforward. The parent must demonstrate that they are Spanish through:

    • Spanish passport/ID.
    • Declaration signed at the notary showing that you want to get citizenship for your child.

    Send these identification documents to your child or the lawyer that represents them. Then, they’ll request an appointment at the Spanish consulate, where they need to submit the following:

    • Passport of the child
    • Birth certificate
    • Notarial authorisation
    • Migration movements
    • Power of attorney from the parent if the child is under 18 years of age.
    • Completed application forms

    Note that documents such as the birth certificate must be legalised.

    How long does it take?

    Becoming a Spanish citizen by option is one of the fastest nationality procedures. The entire process will take up to one year to complete.

    Once you’ve submitted the application (in Spain or at the consulate in the country of origin), you should expect a response in 6 to 12 months. Then, you must complete three final requirements:

    • Swearing an oath of allegiance to the King and obedience to the Spanish Constitution.
    • Declaration renouncing your previous nationality (This aspect is not required of nationals from Latin American countries, Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Portugal, or Sephardic Jews of Spanish origin).
    • Entry of the acquisition of nationality in the Spanish Civil Register.

    When you’re summoned for the swearing aspect, the signature certifies you as a Spanish citizen. Afterward, you can apply for and receive your Spanish passport within two months. You’re officially a Spaniard.

    If you have any questions about Spanish Citizenship By Option, our team is happy to assist.

    Benefits of Spanish Citizenship by Option

    Spanish citizenship by option offers many advantages to those interested in taking it up. This article will explore the key benefits of this option, including ease of access, one of the shortest nationality procedures, and the possibility of children obtaining citizenship.

    Ease of Access

    Obtaining Spanish citizenship by option is a straightforward process. Citizens of Spanish-speaking countries can apply for the option from their country of origin, making the process relatively straightforward. Applicants must not be physically present in Spain to apply for this option.

    One of the Shortest Nationality Procedures

    Spanish citizenship by option is one of the quickest and most efficient nationality procedures available. It takes up to one year for the application to be processed and for the individual to become a Spanish citizen. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking to obtain Spanish citizenship in a short amount of time.

    Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for Spanish Citizenship by Option

    Applying for Spanish citizenship by option can be a complex and lengthy process, but by avoiding some common mistakes, you can ensure that your application is approved in a timely and efficient manner. Here are seven common mistakes to avoid when applying for Spanish citizenship by option.

    Not Having a Valid Passport

    One of the most important documents you’ll need to provide when applying for Spanish citizenship by option is a valid passport. Without a valid passport, you’ll be unable to prove your identity, and your application will be rejected. To avoid this, ensure your passport is valid, has been renewed if necessary, and contains all the required information.

    Failure to Provide a Copy of All Passport Pages

    When you apply for Spanish citizenship by option, you’ll need to provide a copy of your passport. This means that you’ll need to provide a copy of all the pages, not just the first few. Failure to provide all the necessary pages can delay your application or even cause it to be rejected.

    Typographical or Typing Errors

    When filling out the application forms for Spanish citizenship by option, it’s essential to be meticulous and avoid typos or errors. This may seem insignificant, but these errors can lead to your application being delayed or rejected. So, take your time filling out the forms, and make sure that all the information is accurate and up-to-date.

    Expired Criminal Record Certificate

    One of the requirements for Spanish citizenship by option is a criminal record certificate. This certificate must be obtained from your home country and be valid at the time of the application. If your criminal record certificate has expired, your application will be rejected, so renew it before submitting it.

    Applying for Nationality with a Criminal or Police Record

    If you have a criminal or police record, you may not be eligible for Spanish citizenship by option. This is because the Spanish government requires that all applicants have a clean criminal record. If you have a criminal or police record, it’s important to address this issue before applying for citizenship by option.

    How can IAS Help?

    If you’re looking to obtain Spanish citizenship through the Options process, you might feel overwhelmed with the amount of information and documentation required. This is where the Immigration Advice Service (IAS) comes in. IAS is a team of immigration experts who can help you navigate the complex process of obtaining Spanish citizenship by option.

    The IAS team can assist you with every step of the application process, from gathering all the documentation to ensuring your application is completed correctly.

    Don’t let the stress of obtaining Spanish citizenship by option weigh you down. Contact IAS at (+44) 333 4149244 or online to get your help. Let the experts at the IAS handle the complicated process so you can focus on your future in Spain.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    This nationality procedure is for anyone with either parent (birth or adoption) of Spanish descent. It’s also for children or adult foreigners living abroad with familial ties with Spanish nationals.

    To start processing your Spanish citizenship by option, you need a passport, birth certificate, notarial authorisation, and documentation of migration movements. Those under 18 years of age will also need a power of attorney from a parent. Then, you must fill out all the required forms.

    Of course. You don’t need to be a resident of Spain to apply for citizenship by option. Arrange with your lawyer to submit all the required documents to the Spanish consulate in your country of origin. You can also apply if you’re in Spain at the time.

    Usually, the process from start to finish will take up to 12 months. You should receive an update on your citizenship application status within 6–12 months.

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