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Au Pair Visa for Spain

If you are a young person looking to work for a host family in Spain, you may be eligible for an Au Pair Visa for Spain.

For more information about the Au Pair visa for Spain, including how you could become eligible and for help with submitting your visa application, get in touch with us today. Call us on (+44) 333 4149244 or contact us online.

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    Overview of Au Pair Visa for Spain

    Currently, there is no official Au Pair visa for Spain because there is no official Au Pair program in Spain. Therefore, an Au Pair applicant can apply for a Spanish Student visa (Type D) to enter and remain in Spain for a period over three months, during which they can take part in an Au Pair program. Applicants can only work as Au Pairs for up to one year.

    If you are a British citizen, you only need a visa if you plan to stay in Spain for up to three months. Similarly, you do not need a visa if you are an EU/EEA national and are planning to stay in Spain for up to three months.

    If you are from another country, you might need a short-stay visa, known as a Schengen visa. For a complete list of countries that require a Schengen visa, please refer to the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.

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    Who Should Apply for an Au Pair Visa?

    The Au Pair visa for Spain is for young people interested in working for a host family in Spain. Au Pair is an exchange program that allows Au Pairs to help host families with housework and childcare in exchange for accommodation, regular meals, pocket money, and cultural experience.

    An applicant can be considered an “Au Pair” when their relation with the host family is collaborative rather than working. Therefore, Au Pairs are unlikely to be classed as workers or employees. The characteristics of the applicant’s relation with the family include three main points:

    • The Au Pair must have the same address as the host family once they arrive in Spain.
    • Services or housework will be only complementary to the main purpose.
    • The Au Pair will not receive a salary for services. They are not entitled to the National Minimum Wage or paid holidays. Instead, they are treated as a family member of the family they are hosted by and get “pocket money”, usually every week.

    What Should be Included in an Au Pair Agreement?

    To avoid misunderstandings, an Au Pair visa applicant must view the Au Pair contract that will clarify all the vital aspects of the exchange program. It should cover work time, duties and responsibilities and expectations between the host family and an Au Pair. It is a legal document that protects an Au Pair if something goes wrong. Some of the most important aspects that the Au Pair agreement must include are:

    • Address with a map or description of where an Au Pair will be living with the host family.
    • Duration of your contract (a maximum of one year), stating start and end dates.
    • Home duties, such as housework, should not be at most five hours a day.
    • The host family should provide at least one day off every week to the Au Pair. In this, at least one of the free days of the month must be Sunday.
    • The monthly amount of the pocket money paid to the Au Pair.
    • The circumstances under which the agreement may be cancelled by the Au Pair or the host family, with two weeks’ notice.

    Eligibility Requirements for an Au Pair in Spain

    To apply for an Au Pair visa in Spain, you must be enrolled in a Spanish course of at least 20 hours per week (full-time). The host family must do it for you before you arrive in Spain. The school where you are enrolled must be an accredited centre. The most accessible course to enrol for is a Spanish or Catalan language course. Courses cost around €600 per month.

    However, these courses are only offered in some cities or villages in Spain. Therefore, if the host family cannot find a course offered in their particular town or village, they will only be able to host an Au Pair from an EU or EEA country which does not require any visa.

    Other requirements for Au Pairs in Spain vary depending on the applicant’s nationality. For example, non-EU citizens (including British) have more requirements to fulfil than applicants from the EU.

    Requirements for EU Citizens

    • You must be 17-30 years old.
    • You must have certain language skills to be able to teach a language to the host family. Basic Spanish, English, French or German knowledge is essential.
    • You must have a clear criminal record.

    Requirements for Non-EU Citizens (Including British)

    • You must be 17-30 years old.
    • You must have certain language skills to be able to teach a language to the host family. Basic knowledge of Spanish, English, French or German is an essential requirement.
    • You must have a clear criminal record.
    • You must have at least an intermediate school certificate or a university degree.
    • You must be able to pay for visa, travel, and other Au Pair expenses.

    Get in touch with our expert immigration lawyers to receive assistance on Au Pair Visa for Spain. Contact Us

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      What Do You Need to Do to Apply for an Au Pair Program in Spain?

      To apply for an Au Pair Program in Spain, you must complete the application procedures and make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria.

      Before applying you should ensure you meet all the requirements for an Au Pair visa and then find a host family in Spain. You can find a host family online through websites such as You will need to register your profile and interact with your candidates.

      If you are a non-EU citizen, you must ensure that your passport is valid to apply for an Au Pair visa. Your passport must be valid for the whole stay in Spain.

      Once you find a host family, you should read the Au Pair agreement and sign it, ensuring everything is clear. Discuss any issues with the host family.

      If you are a non-EU citizen planning to stay in Spain for more than three months, you will then apply for the Au Pair visa for Spain (Spanish Student visa).

      You will finally need your European Health Card (Ehic) or private health insurance in Spain. If you are a UK national and your Ehic is still in date, you can still use it in any EU country after Brexit until its expiry date. This is essential to ensure that you stay safe in Spain.

      What Supporting Documents Do You Need for an Au Pair Visa for Spain?

      To apply for an Au Pair visa for Spain, you must fill out the form and provide the required documents to support your visa application. The supporting documents you will be required to provide for your visa application are:

      • Recent digital passport-size, colour photos,
      • Valid passport
      • Au Pair agreement between you and the host family (must be signed by both parties).
      • Proof of admission for a Spanish course.
      • Proof of financial means – evidence that you can cover your living expenses and your trip to Spain and back. You will have to have around £3950 in your bank account for your study course (the cost depends on the course, so please check with the teaching centre you want to apply for).
      • Medical certificate – a document from your doctor that confirms you do not have any diseases that could affect public health.
      • A criminal background check – a document proving that you have a clear criminal record. This document must be no older than three months and can be obtained at the Police station in the country you have lived in for the last five years.
      • Proof of your residence – driver’s licence, student card, rental agreement or a bank statement.
      • A notarized invitation letter from the host family, if the time of your stay is intended to last shorter than six months.
      • Pay the visa application fee.
      • If you are a minor, you will also need your parent’s identity document or passport and a document proving the relationship between you and your parent, such as a birth certificate.

      Au Pair visa for Spain Application Process

      Visa applications can be submitted by booking an appointment at your nearest Spanish consulate. In the UK, Spanish consulates are located in London, Manchester and Edinburgh.

      You will need to bring all the required documents to your visa appointment. If the applicant is a minor, one of their parents should apply for them. Each visa appointment is only for one person and a passport. Therefore, parents accompanying the applicant should book an additional appointment for themselves. The application can be submitted by a duly accredited representative.

      You should submit your application before your study period begins. This is because the consulate will consult your visa application with other authorities to ensure your eligibility.

      You will have to email your nearest Spanish consulate specifying the type of visa you wish to apply for in the subject and providing your personal details, including:

      • Given name and surname
      • Passport number
      • Email address
      • Phone number
      • Place of residence in the UK
      • Type of visa you wish to apply for

      You will also have to attach an admission letter for your studies. You should make sure that the admission letter is translated into Spanish and includes information such as:

      • Include the subjects of study
      • Proof of having paid for the course fee
      • Hours of study
      • Mode of study (whether it is an online course)
      • The start and end dates of studies

      Cost of the Au Pair visa for Spain

      The visa fee depends on your nationality and the length of your stay in Spain. Spain is a country in the Schengen area. Therefore as a British national, you can travel to Spain for up to 90 days without a visa. The Spanish Long-Stay visa for a UK national is €80.

      What Happens If You Do Not Provide the Required Documents?

      In case of missing documents, the consular office will ask the applicant to submit or provide additional documents or information necessary to make the decision. In some cases, if there are any concerns, visa applicants may be called in for an interview to answer additional questions regarding their visa or stay in Spain.

      Therefore, it is important to be prepared to answer questions regarding your trip, as this can help with acquiring a visa. Some of the most common questions asked during visa interviews include:

      • Why did you choose Spain?
      • Why have you chosen to study this particular course?
      • How will you fund your living and study expenses in Spain?
      • What are your exact plans for your stay in Spain?
      • Do you know anyone in Spain?

      On the interview day, you may also be asked to give your biometrics (fingerprints and photograph) if you have not travelled to the EU in the last five years.

      If you have any questions about Au Pair Visa for Spain, our team is happy to assist. Contact Us

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        How Long Do You Have to Wait for a Decision on Your Application?

        Once you have applied for your visa, you should get a decision within one month from the day after the application submission. However, the decision period may take longer if any interviews or additional documents are requested.

        Once the Au Pair visa for Spain is approved, it must be collected in person by the applicant or their parents (if the applicant is a minor). It should be collected within two months after approval. The consulate will inform you regarding the procedure and the return of any original documents.

        What Happens if Your Au Pair Visa for Spain is Refused?

        If your visa is refused, you will be informed in writing why it was refused. You may reapply or submit an appeal for reconsideration to the consulate. You can also file a contentious-administrative appeal before the High Court of Justice of Madrid within two months after a visa refusal.

        Visa refusal can make you anxious and upset when you are looking forward to your Au Pair experience in Spain. If your visa is refused, you can get advice on what to do by contacting Immigration Advice Service, by calling (+44) 333 4149244 or online via our web chat or contact form.

        How can IAS Help?

        We are professional legal advisers experienced in helping people with the submission process of visa applications. We can help assess your eligibility for an Au Pair visa for Spain and guide you through the visa application process to ensure higher chances of visa approval.

        Visa applications can be complicated, and you must be well-prepared to avoid the most common errors. Our Immigration lawyers are here to help you prepare your responses, assemble your supporting documents and assist you with any questions regarding your visa application.

        For more information about our services and how we can help you with your Au Pair visa for Spain, reach out to us on (+44) 333 4149244, or contact us online today.

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                  To participate in the Au Pair program in Spain, you must be unmarried and have no children.

                  If you are a national of a Spanish-speaking country and your official language is Spanish, you may not apply for an Au Pair visa. Spain accepts mainly English native Au Pairs from countries such as the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and South Africa.