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Internship Visa for Spain: Get Residence Authorization for Internship

If you wish to intern in Spain as a UK citizen or foreigner, consider applying for the Spain residence authorization for internships. Find out the requirements for an internship in Spain and how to apply for the visa step by step.

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    What Is the Spain Residence Authorisation for Internships?

    The residence authorization for an internship in Spain is intended for foreigners who wish to intern professionally. It aims to permit international students pursuing a higher degree (level 6) or who have completed their studies in less than two years to live and intern in Spain.

    As a degree holder, the duration of your visa is tied to your internship duration. Therefore, you will likely lose your residence permit when you lose an internship contract or stop working at the company. For instance, if your contract with a company is for nine months, then the residency card will only be valid for nine months.

    If your visa is refused, you will be notified in writing, explaining how the decision was made. You can submit an appeal to the Consular Office a month after the day you receive notification about your visa being rejected.

    The residence authorization for internships is the original name for the visa in Spain. However, this article will also refer to it as an Internship Visa for readability’s sake. Find out the requirements for working internships in Spain later.

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    Who Can Apply for the Internship Visa?

    The Spanish Internship Visa is targeted at non-EU foreigners, including UK citizens who:

    • Have obtained a higher degree or completed their studies at most two years before the date of their application. For instance, if you graduated from college by September 2021, you have till September 2023 to apply for the internship visa (Spain).
    • Are pursuing studies that will lead to a higher education degree in or out of the country.
    • Are partaking in an internship program in Spain (via an internship agreement or trainee contract) while aiming to improve their knowledge, skill, and experience professionally.

    If none of these conditions are met, you should apply for a study visa to take up other internships (non-paid) in Spain.

    Alongside this, your internship should be related or at a similar level of qualification to your higher education degree. For instance, computer engineering students should have a computer engineering internship.

    What Is the Duration of the Internship Visa?

    Contract With Company

    If you have completed your studies or have a higher degree, you should apply for an Internship Visa using a contract with a company in Spain. The validity of the internship residency permit is tied to the duration of the internship contract in this case.

    However, the minimum duration should be at least six months, and the maximum time should be two years. Within that period, you can switch to a work permit if your employer decides to hire you long-term.

    Since the basis of your application is through an internship contract, you will not need private medical insurance because you will be registered with Social Security and will pay contributions to it. It implies that you can access the Spanish public health system. You also have to show proof of sufficient economic means, like in the case of the university agreement.

    Agreement With University

    Students pursuing a higher degree should apply for an Internship Visa through an agreement with a University.

    Your permit will be valid for six months or the same duration as your contract if it is shorter than six months. If the agreement is longer than six months, you can renew it once, and the total time of the visa can extend up to 12 months.

    You must also prove that you have sufficient economic means and private healthcare insurance to cover all your medical expenses. Additionally, you must have applied for a Study Visa to qualify for the Internship Visa if you are already in Spain.

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      What Is the Difference Between the Spain Study Visa and Internship Visa?

      Study Visa

      The Spain Study Visa is intended for students who wish to pursue a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral degree. Additionally, the study visa also applies to international students who want to partake in unpaid internships or volunteer work in Spain.

      You can apply for the study visa if you fit into these categories:

      • Your stay in the country is at least 90 days.
      • Your intended university or study center is authorized in Spain.
      • The internship or study program you are partaking in will lead to a degree.
      • Your internship is full-time and should be similar to your field of study.

      Alongside the requirements, you must show proof of your sufficient financial means. The Spain study visa only applies to citizens in non-EEA countries, and it should take a month for your study visa application to be approved.

      Residence Authorisation for Internships

      On the other hand, the residence permit for internships is intended for foreigners who have completed their studies or are at a higher level of education. The difference between the Spanish Internship Visa and the study visa is in the duration and requirements.

      While the Study Visa is focused on permitting students to stay in Spain till they complete their studies, the Internship Visa allows you to stay for the duration of your internship contract and switch to a work permit later.

      What Are the Requirements of the Residence Authorisation for Internships in Spain?

      Visa Application Form

      Your visa application becomes complete after filling and signing the visa application form. If the applicant is a minor, then a parent or duly accredited representative can fill and sign the application form on their behalf.

      Original Passport

      According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you must provide the original and photocopies of your valid passport containing biometric data. Your application passport should be valid for a year and consist of two blank pages.

      You can’t apply with a passport issued over ten years ago. As instructed by the Ministry, you are to leave your passport at the Consulate while your application is in process.

      Criminal Record

      If you are already of legal age, you must submit an original photocopy of your criminal record check certificate(s) from your home country or residence country in the last five years. Your certificate should be at most three months, except it specifies an expiry date. You should have your documents apostilled and submit them with their official Spanish translation (where compulsory).

      Visa Fee

      It is compulsory to pay a visa fee when you are applying for an internship visa. You are to make payment when you submit your application alongside the essential documents. There are a number of charges that make up the total fee but you can expect to pay around 60 euros when applying.

      If you have any questions about Internship Visa for Spain, our team is happy to assist. Contact Us

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        What Documents Should I Include?

        The following are the documents to include for a successful visa application:

        • Completed and signed visa application form.
        • Certificate of criminal record within the last five years before application.
        • Original and copy of the color photograph (front view) with white background.
        • Original passport valid till the end of your stay in the country.
        • Copy of an internship agreement or contract.
        • Letter of acceptance by the hiring company.
        • Private health care insurance from an insurance company authorized by Spain.
        • Proof of financial means of at least €500 per month.
        • Proof of accommodation.

        If you have more questions regarding the documents you need to do an internship in Spain, don’t hesitate to contact our immigration lawyer for expert advice.

        Call us at (+44) 333 4149244, or contact us online today.

        How to Apply for the Internship Visa

        If you are within Spain, you can apply through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On the other hand, you should apply at the nearest Spanish Consulate in your country if outside of Spain.

        The applicant must fill out the application, but it can be submitted by the applicant or a parent (if the applicant is a minor).

        You are to pick an appointment date to submit your application with the Consular Office closest to you. Additionally, you are to email the Consulate to fix a time for the appointment.

        Your email should include a subject line stating the name of the visa you are applying for. In this case, it is the ‘residence authorization for internships.’ Your mail should also contain your

        • First name and surname.
        • Passport number.
        • Email address.
        • Phone number.
        • Place of accommodation in the UK.
        • Type of residence permit you wish to apply for.

        How can IAS Help

        With IAS, you can work with our knowledgeable immigration lawyers who can handle your visa application. Our lawyers can help you determine the correct visa fee per your country and the income requirements you need to meet.

        They can also help you file and submit your visa application because they are experts in Spanish immigration laws. To avoid dealing with the undue stress and anxiety of a rejected application, they will handle your application to the highest standard.

        If you have further questions regarding how to get a visa to intern in Spain, contact us at (+44) 333 4149244.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  The cost of living in Spain is 19% lower compared to the UK. For recent graduates or students who wish to intern, Spain is a great option to make your expenses manageable against your cash inflow.

                  The processing time of your visa takes about ten days after the day you submit your visa application. It can be more than ten days if an applicant is requested to submit additional documents.

                  Yes, you can, but appointments are meant for a person and passport at a time. Therefore if your family member is applying with you, they will also need to book separately from you to submit their documents.