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Careers at IAS

Thanks for considering a career at IAS. We are a team of diverse and compassionate immigration lawyers dedicated to delivering exceptional service to all of our clients.  

Interested in joining our team? Read on to learn more about who we are, what we do, and how you can grow your career with us.

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Company Overview

Since we first started operations in 2011, IAS has established itself as an industry leader within the immigration law sector. We work with businesses and individuals across the globe, covering a wide range of services and sectors.

Our company is built upon a set of core values, the first and foremost being that everyone should have access to affordable, reliable legal support. Our lawyers work tirelessly to provide exceptional service to all our clients, drawing upon decades’ worth of first-hand experience in immigration law.

Our work has helped thousands of clients set up new businesses, reunite with family members, and successfully seek asylum. We believe that what we do acts as a force for good for our clients and the international community at large.

We are also proud to champion diversity. We believe that having a diverse workforce is key to ensuring that our employees understand and relate to our clients on a personal level. Many of our employees have also been through the immigration process themselves, which allows us to bring an additional level of trust and understanding to our clients.

Our employees at IAS enjoy a cooperative, open and supportive work environment, with numerous employee benefits and opportunities for flexible and remote working. 
Interested in joining our team and making a difference in the world of immigration law? Read on to discover our latest opportunities.

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We Operate in Several Countries

Immigration Advice Service helps business and individuals with expert immigration legal advice and services in the following countries.

Benefits & Perks

IAS offers a range of benefits and perks for our employees. We firmly believe that these not only enhance employee productivity and well-being but contribute greatly to our staff’s feeling of job satisfaction and contentment. 

  • Multiple employee assistance programs providing medical and holistic support services 
  • Private healthcare support programs 
  • Employee discounts for major retail brands  
  • Professional development opportunities, including cross-departmental hiring and funding for courses 
  • Fully paid training for OISC candidates  
  • Fully flexible and remote working from day one 
  • Numerous benefits to reward long service, such as increased pension contributions, additional days of annual leave and cash bonuses 
  • 4x annual salary life assurance 
  • Income protection 

At IAS, we are proud to foster new talent and promote career growth opportunities for our staff. Equal promotion opportunities are available across all departments, allowing employees to transition into roles such as paralegals and then, eventually, legal caseworkers. 

Training and Support

We offer comprehensive training and support for our staff with no prior experience in the immigration sector, guiding them to successfully pass exams and become proficient Caseworkers, delivering expert advice to our esteemed clients. With our help, some also proceed to attain Level 3 OISC caseworker status, with the potential for promotion to Casework Supervisors.  

Structured Mentorship Programs

Employees also benefit greatly from our structured Mentorship Programs, which are designed to support and empower new employees who may be early-career professionals from underrepresented groups. These programs harness the valuable experience of our experienced colleagues and facilitate knowledge transfer, skill development, and career guidance.  

Career Growth

Outside of our legal team, we have also launched the careers of those in our sales and marketing departments. Employees who have joined the company as graduates have, with our help, ascended to prestigious leadership and management positions in a matter of years. 

Equal promotion opportunities are available across all teams, allowing employees to begin their journey in any department and progress to roles such as paralegals, with eventual promotion to caseworkers. 

We’re immensely proud of numerous individuals, too many to name here, who began their journey in our Sales department and have since soared to great heights. They’ve excelled in their accreditation exams and swiftly transitioned from paralegals to caseworkers in less than a year. Some have even risen to the role of Team Leaders, undergoing further training to attain Level 3 OISC caseworker status, with the potential for promotion to Casework Supervisors. We hold a special admiration for our “maternity returnees” who, after years of caregiving, returned to the workforce with apprehension, only to achieve remarkable success in their careers with us, buoyed by the unwavering support of our exceptional teams.

Over the past 12 years, we’ve joyously welcomed approximately 50 babies into our IAS families. One remarkable employee, who has been with the company for the entire duration, has celebrated the arrival of three beautiful babies during this time. Whenever these little ones visit our office, they are warmly embraced by our staff, making them feel right at home.

Additionally, we maintain a structured salary system and regularly conduct benchmarking exercises to ensure our remuneration practices are competitive and equitable.

Finally, transparency and fairness are at the heart of our workplace culture. All of our promotion processes are undertaken with strict adherence to equality and inclusion, and opportunities are always available to all employees based on their own skill, performance and potential rather than factors such as gender, ethnicity or background.

IAS are proud to champion diversity and inclusion, with our employees speaking over 50 languages in total and hailing from a range of backgrounds around the world.

Our colleagues regularly engage with external communities and organisations dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion. These encompass events, sponsorships and social initiatives aimed at supporting marginalised and underprivileged groups. Our team also undertake voluntary and pro bono work as part of their regular duties to further ensure that legal aid can remain accessible to all.

We also actively support the social and educational development of young people, such as providing mentorship, sponsoring football kits and supporting charity events organised by our employees. We also run a robust work placement scheme for students, facilitating their transition into the professional world and equipping them with valuable skills for future employment opportunities.

All of our employees benefit from flexible work arrangements from day one of their employment. Our remote work options and flexible hours can accommodate for a diverse range of needs and lifestyles, including those with caregiving responsibilities or disabilities.

Finally, we have established channels through our HR portals for employees to provide feedback on diversity and inclusion initiatives, policies, and the overall workplace culture. Actively listening to employee feedback and incorporating it into decision-making processes demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement. 

In recruitment, we ensure that our hiring panels are diverse, comprising individuals from different backgrounds and perspectives. This helps mitigate unconscious biases in the hiring process and promotes fair evaluation of candidates based on merit.

When you apply for a role with IAS, you will typically undergo a two-stage process to assess your qualifications, skills and aptitude.

The first stage will normally be an interview with one or two senior managers, taking place either in person or remotely via Teams or Zoom. You will be asked several questions to help us determine your initial suitability for the role, including your previous experience, your motivations for applying and how well you might fit in with the company culture.

From there, you will either be called to a second-stage interview to further assess your core competencies or be given a test to complete (depending on the role and department).

Our senior managers will then carefully consider your application and liaise with other key personnel to make an informed decision about whether the role would be the best fit for your skillset and personality.

What our team is saying

We have been using the services of Immigration Advice Service since 2019 and can highly recommend them. Their knowledge of immigration law is impressive and has been crucial for us. The team is responsive, clear and truly cares about our needs. They’ve simplified the legal processes and have been a reliable support. We trust their expertise and suggest them to anyone needing immigration help.

Maroof Pirzada

We have been using the services of Immigration Advice Service since 2019 and can highly recommend them. Their knowledge of immigration law is impressive and has been crucial for us. The team is responsive, clear and truly cares about our needs. They’ve simplified the legal processes and have been a reliable support. We trust their expertise and suggest them to anyone needing immigration help.

Maroof Pirzada

We have been using the services of Immigration Advice Service since 2019 and can highly recommend them. Their knowledge of immigration law is impressive and has been crucial for us. The team is responsive, clear and truly cares about our needs. They’ve simplified the legal processes and have been a reliable support. We trust their expertise and suggest them to anyone needing immigration help.

Maroof Pirzada

Sabah Amjad

Enquiries Team Leader

I started with IAS in Nov 2021. Coming into a sales role was something completely different for me as I had a background of working with children in schools and nurseries as a supervisor. Overall, the team and my manager, Kaine, made me feel welcome and comfortable. Kaine had given me all the training about my new role and always checked in with me to see if I was doing okay or if there was any other support I needed along with my team leader.

The sales exec role gave me the opportunity to help clients, whether that was to bring family into the UK, wanting to study in the UK, visiting the UK or claiming asylum. The role in itself felt really rewarding because I was able to assist and help people to achieve something.

A working day would consist of working through leads, taking inbound calls, making outbound calls, completing tasks and going through emails. The support from the team was absolutely amazing and I felt really settled.

IAS are really supportive if you would like to progress within the company. After a couple of months I was given the opportunity to become a senior sales exec. This included me supporting my team leader and manager with daily admin tasks and also supporting my other colleagues while also assisting clients over the phone.

In Oct 2023 I was given the opportunity to become a team leader which is something I wanted to work towards because again I love seeing people achieve and progress. I now have my own team who I support by providing them with further training and coaching. I manage my day by getting in some phone time to be able to assist clients, supporting my team overall, encouraging them to do their best and making clients feel that they have come to the right place for guidance.

Irfan Waheed

Immigration Casework Supervisor

I possess an extensive experience of over two decades in the advice sector. Prior to my association with the Immigration Advisory Service (IAS), I served in the government and charity sectors. What sets IAS apart is its unique culture of providing freedom and flexibility in your work while catering to everyone’s needs through its efficient systems. Transparency is the hallmark of IAS, and rewards are bestowed upon those who work diligently and intelligently. IAS is a dynamic and proactive company that has displayed its resilience in the face of challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. I joined IAS in 2017 with a robust immigration background, which was based on the clients’ needs in my previous organizations.

My tenure at IAS has been a voyage of self-discovery, enabling me to become a versatile professional. I lead a team, provide advice sessions, handle casework, and deliver training sessions. My experience of working in the corporate team has broadened my horizons from a business client’s perspective. The nature of businesses’ needs is unique, and I ensure that I do not compromise on quality and timely work with every client. In conclusion, if you aspire to thrive in the immigration sector, become a versatile all-rounder, achieve a sense of accomplishment, and become a leader, then IAS is the perfect place for you. The IAS team is ever-welcoming and accommodating, just as it has welcomed me in 2017.

Iqra Riaz

Enquiries Team

Starting with IAS was quite different from my previous role and was a big transition from experience within a nursery to a sales role. When I first started I questioned myself If I was able to do the role effectively as it was a big change. Within the first couple of days my team leader would always check up on me to make sure I felt settled and this helped me feel re assured and motivated me to continue to self learn as within this role it is very important to learn about the different types of visa’s and immigration overall.

My daily routine consists of responding to emails, taking any inbound calls , making outbound calls and contacting my leads. There are some clients who prefer calls at a certain time so I would complete these tasks and follow up with any clients who may wish to proceed with any services from IAS.

My colleagues are very helpful and supportive along with my manager. My current manager is absolutely amazing and so supportive in many ways along with my team leader. After getting so much support from them I feel like I can become more successful within my role and strive to achieve the best. In my first month I was settling in and I saw progress from the coaching and training I received from my team leader as it was tailored to my needs. Now i have been with the company for 3 months I feel so much more confident, and everyday is a different day. You learn something new everyday, you hear different stories from clients everyday and it’s very rewarding to be able to help clients and to make them feel like they have come to the right place to get the support they need.

Charles Pusey

Enquiries Team

When I first started with IAS, what drew me to the job was the nature of the role of immigration. I found that very interesting assisting people who have different paths in life. I wasn’t too much aware of the sales aspect, but as I got more into the role I felt there was a lot more into it. Not only do you have to book appointments but you have to gain knowledge about the actual services and immigration to do the job successfully. Previously I was working for 10 years in a motor company within customer service, and assisting customers face to face. The transition was quite smooth but I felt this role was more than selling. If you understand people I think it makes things a bit easier and being there for someone in their time of need is one of the most important things.

I have gained skills for IT since working for IAS and many more that are very valuable. Since I have been working for IAS it has been rewarding. Overall my general performance has been much better than I expected with the support from my team leader. I enjoy coming into work as it’s like a work family. The training and coaching provided to me by Sabah has been tailored and really helped me in gaining much more skills and knowledge. The staff here are treated fairly and I find that important in a work place. There are many different things to learn everyday and everyday is different.

My daily routine consists of me calling clients, completing my daily tasks, responding to emails and taking inbound calls. When I start my shift, I have daily targets set for each day so I know I have to complete it before the end of my shift. We enjoy having countdown to sales as a team to see where our performance is at for the day and that motivates us to bring those number up. Every caller has a different story, and every call has a different structure. It’s good to know that we can make a difference in people’s lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. IAS are committed to ensuring that all employees can perform their role via fully flexible and accessible work arrangements. Though we have over 20 offices in the UK alone, many of our staff in various departments work from home full-time.

We will provide you with key equipment to allow you to perform your job, such as a laptop. We can also provide you with additional pieces of equipment, technology or software if you have accessibility needs.

Yes. As we are committed to providing flexible and remote work opportunities for our employees, most of our roles are open to candidates outside of the UK, wherever possible.

Yes, IAS offer a few select internship positions for aspiring and ambitious candidates where available. Please refer to our Job Openings section for the latest information.

The specific timeframe for applications will vary based on the type of role and how many applications we receive for that role. However, the hiring process may typically take between a couple of weeks and a month.

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