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Fresh Claims Training Course

Explore the essentials of fresh claims and further submissions in our beginner-friendly course. Learn to understand, make, and challenge claims, discovering potential outcomes and available options for a comprehensive grasp.

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    Fresh claims and Further Submissions

    Embark on a learning adventure with our Fresh Claims training course, designed for legal professionals, advocates, and newcomers to immigration law. As a top immigration law firm, we offer a engaging program to simplify the complexities of Fresh Asylum Claims.

    Our expert-led course goes beyond theory, immersing participants in practical scenarios mirroring real-world challenges. Dive into the heart of Fresh Claims, where our instructors share valuable insights and skills essential for success in immigration law.

    Unlock the secrets to handling fresh asylum claims through a curriculum that balances depth and accessibility. Join us for an empowering experience that not only equips you with essential legal knowledge but also transforms learning into an exciting journey toward expertise in immigration law.

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    Why study on IAS Immigration Training Courses?

    Immigration Advice Service has been providing professional immigration services for over a decade across the public, private and corporate sectors.

    This training course on preparing applications for fresh claims for asylum will provide you with the knowledge you need to best serve your clients.

    Our fully qualified and OISC regulated trainers will lead you through the course and give you a comprehensive overview of what you need to know.

    This is a very valuable opportunity for immigration and legal professionals.

    Who is the course trainer?

    The course will cover the following:

    • What is fresh claim/further submissions
    • How can a claim for further submissions be made
    • Potential outcome and options available in challenging them

    The course is suitable for beginners and experienced advisors.

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