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Global Talent Visa Rejected: What Next

If your UK Global Talent Visa request was rejected, you might have the option to seek a review or submit another application. It is crucial to understand the reason for the rejection and ensure that you meet the criteria set for the visa.

To avoid a possible further rejection you may want to seek professional advice on the next steps. Our team of qualified lawyers at IAS can support you through the reapplication process to increase your chances of a successful Global Talent Visa application. Contact us at +44 (0)333 305 9375 or online.

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    Reasons for a UK Global Talent Visa Rejection

    Global Talent Visa applications are individually assessed and can be rejected for various reasons.  One of the primary reasons is not meeting the specific eligibility criteria set for the Global Talent Visa category.

    Applications that are unclear or inconsistent, or those that don’t provide a coherent account of an applicant’s qualifications and achievements, stand a higher chance of being declined. Similarly, inadequate evidence or documentation showcasing the applicant’s exceptional talent in their field can lead to rejection.

    Letters of recommendation that are not properly compiled, lack credibility or do not sufficiently endorse the applicant’s abilities can lead to rejection. Also, a personal statement that lacks necessary information or does not effectively communicate the applicant’s accomplishments and exceptional talent may result in rejection.

    It is important to understand why your initial application was rejected and seek advice on how to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

    Speak to our knowledgeable immigration team today for suggestions and assistance.

    Can I Ask for a Review Based on the Global Visa Rejection?

    You can ask for a review of your Global Visa rejection if you believe the Home Office:

    • Failed to properly consider evidence submitted with the original Global Talent Visa application
    • Made an error in processing the application
    • Failed to communicate correctly the reasons for refusing the endorsement

    If you are not sure when you can ask for review based on the Global Visa Rejection, IAS has immigration experts who can review your rejection and advise if you ask for review. Contact IAS at +44 (0)333 305 9375 or connect with us online.

    How to Request a Global Talent Visa Endorsement Review

    An Endorsement Review is used for reviewing unsuccessful Stage 1 endorsement decisions made under the Global Talent Visa.

    If you have received a rejection for an endorsement under the Global Talent category and believe there may have been an error in the decision-making process, such as a piece of evidence you provided not being considered, you are eligible to apply for an Endorsement Review.

    You should not re-submit any information or introduce new evidence as part of the review as it will not be considered.

    A form needs to be completed to request the review and you may wish to seek legal advice before doing so to avoid unnecessary expense or delays. You must request the review within 28 days of your Global Talent Visa being rejected.

    If you submit your Endorsement Review request late, the Home Office will assess whether there are exceptional circumstances that warrant accepting the application after the deadline. If your request is refused they will contact you and explain the reason for the decision.

    This form of review is only for matters related to endorsement and other issues should be dealt with via the normal Home Office visa processing options.

    If you are unclear if you should seek a Endorsement Review, then reach out to us for support in the next suitable steps in obtaining a Global Talent Visa.

    How Many Times Can I Request an Endorsement Review?

    You are allowed to request only one Endorsement Review for each refusal decision. Subsequent review requests related to the same refusal decision will not be considered and will be automatically rejected.

    If you possess new or additional information, supporting documents, or other materials that you did not include with your initial application, you must initiate a new Global Visa Talent application and pay all the related fees.

    The Timeline of Getting a Review Decision

    You will receive a written decision within 28 calendar days after the Endorsement Review was requested. However, in exceptional situations where it is not possible to complete the review within this timeframe, the Home Office will notify you in writing with an estimated timeframe for the decision.

    It’s important to note that an Endorsement Review will not extend your immigration leave while a decision is pending.  Therefore, if you are already in the UK and your leave is set to expire during the consideration of your endorsement review, you will be regarded as overstaying.

    Get in touch with one of our lawyers if your application for a global talent visa was denied.

    How Will I Be Informed of The Result of the Endorsement Review?

    If the decision is upheld and the reasons for refusal remain the same, the Home Office will notify you by email. You will not be entitled to a further review as the grounds for refusal have not changed.

    However, if the decision remains unchanged but is accompanied by updated grounds for refusal, a new rejection letter will be issued, along with the Endorsement Review letter and the reason why the refusal is still being upheld.

    When there are new grounds for refusal that were not initially communicated, you will have the opportunity to submit an additional Endorsement Review request specifically addressing these new reasons.

    If the decision is overturned the Home Office will notify you the endorsement has been given.

    What Happens if My Endorsement Application is Still Refused?

    If your application is still refused after the review process, you can reapply for endorsement with a different endorsing body. However, you should note that there is no guarantee that your reapplication will be successful and you may have to pay another application fee.

    Alternatively, you can explore alternative pathways for pursuing a different type of visa or immigration status in the UK.

    How IAS Can Help

    If you are seeking assistance with the Global Talent Visa then our immigration experts can provide invaluable support at every stage of your application.

    The IAS team can assess your eligibility for the Global Talent Visa review, helping you determine whether your case warrants a review based on their in-depth knowledge of immigration laws and regulations.

    We can guide you through the preparation of your endorsement review application, ensuring that all necessary supporting documents and information are compiled and submitted correctly according to the Home Office’s requirements.

    For immediate assistance, reach out to an IAS now at +44 (0)333 305 9375 or connect with us online to embark on your journey toward a successful Global Talent Visa review.

    We offer immigration advice sessions as face to face appointments at our Lagos office, all of our UK offices, or via the phone.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes. Any time spent outside the UK for the purpose of research does not count towards the 180-day annual limit for absences if you wish to apply for settlement .

    Route 2 (Individual fellowships) and Route 4 (Peer review) do not list specific employing or host organisations. Route 1 (Academic and research appointments) and Route 3 (Endorsed funders) are only open to applicants being employed or hosted at an organisation on the approved lists. Holders of certain prestigious prizes can apply for a Global Talent Visa without going through the initial endorsement stage and do not need to be employed or hosted at a specific organisation.

    You will receive an update from the Home Office when your payment has been processed. The relevant endorsing body will not provide you with any updates as all correspondence is via the Home Office.

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