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Immigration to UK from Bangladesh

If you’re a Bangladeshi looking to move to the United Kingdom, there are certain visa pathways and requirements that need to be followed in order to be successful in your endeavours.

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    Overview of Immigration to the UK from Bangladesh

    The United Kingdom provides vast working and living opportunities for skilled workers, families, investors and more. With a historic culture and natural landscapes, there are many options for Bangladeshi’s.

    Bangladeshi’s are required to get a visa to enter or visit the United Kingdom, regardless of the duration of your planned stay. There are varying visa option to suit your situation, as well as being open to dependent members of your family.

    For instance, Bangladeshi’s wishing to visit the UK for a short stay such as to get married in the UK, or temporary work visas you have set up will require a different visa and research than longer stays for things like accepting a more permanent job, wanting to become a British citizen, etc.

    A popular option among many foreign nationals looking to come to the UK is a standard visitor visa, with high success rates and providing a suitable short length stay option. However, a longer duration visa can be tricky to navigate with many legal implications and immigration policies, it can be difficult to know which visa is right for you as a Bangladeshi.

    Types of Visa

    The types of short term Visitor Visa available to Bangladeshi’s include the following:

    The types of Family visa available to Bangladeshi’s wishing to travel as a family unit include the following:

    The types of Work or Study visa for Bangladeshi’s immigrating to the UK include the following:

    Get in touch with our immigration experts for help with your move to the UK from Denmark.


    To be eligible for a UK visa, Bangladeshi’s must meet the following requirements as well as having the correct travel documents:

    1. Be prepared financially and have enough foresight for unexpected financial problems that may inevitably rise as a result of immigrating to another country.
    2. If you are on a short-stay visa, be sure to plan to leave the UK at the end of your stay. You may be asked to prove this at immigration when you arrive or when applying for the visa.
    3. You must not provide fraudulent information or give a false identity when applying for a visa. This results in a 5-year ban on applying to any visa.

    Many visas have options for extension once they are due to expire. However, Bangladeshi’s wishing to extend their visa must apply for an extension before the current visa expires. It is not guaranteed that the extension will be approved. Some visas don’t offer extensions and so Bangladeshi’s will need to return after their stay.

    If Bangladeshi’s intend to immigrate to the UK to naturalise in the UK with ILR, they must be aware of the visa types that will lead to naturalisation, as some visas do not allow this.

    To naturalise as a British Citizen, Bangladeshi’s will have to reside the UK for up to 2-5 years, or 10 years, depending on the visa they have and their  circumstances.


    Bangladeshi’s will have to prove their financial status in order to meet the requirements of most visas they apply for.

    Applicants must also be aware of unexpected costs such as standard application fees for visas, which vary in cost dependant on the visa type. Proof of payment will need to be shown. There’s also consular fees for visa and immigration advice, accommodation costs as well as medical expenses.

    Health and travel insurance is highly advised for those travelling to the UK from Bangladesh. It is also advised that dependents relying on the visa holder must be accounted for financially.

    Processing Times

    The UK standard visitor visa processing time from Bangladesh in 2022 is usually within 3-weeks.

    The UK priority tourist or visitor visa processing time from Bangladesh is normally within 5 working days.


    Bangladeshi’s wishing to add dependants to their travel plans must be aware that dependants must file separate visas.

    Dependents are someone as follows:

    • A child below 18
    • A child over 18 that is entirely dependent on an adult, for example with a disability
    • An elderly parent
    • A Spouse
    • An unmarried partner
    • An adopted child

    Applicants must also be aware of medical and travel insurance, as well as accommodation requirements during their stay in Ireland.

    How Can IAS Help?

    Immigrating from Bangladesh to the United Kingdom can be a difficult immigration procedure to navigate, especially without the help of an immigration lawyer.

    Our team of professional lawyers are well trained on the legal implications of relocating families and individuals from another country, even just for a short stay time period.

    We highly advise individuals to enlist the help of one of our immigration team to guide you through the process.

    For more information about immigrating to the UK, including what you have to do to become eligible as well as advice on your immigration situation, reach out to one of our legal advisers today. Call us on (+44) 333 4149244, or contact us online.

    We offer immigration advice sessions as face to face appointments at all of our UK offices, or via the phone.

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