OISC Training Courses: Level 1

For those who are not practising solicitors, barristers or legal executives providing immigration advice in the UK, you must be regulated by the OISC. The Immigration Advice Service is the largest provider of immigration law services in the UK, with over 22 offices across the country. Because of this, we are perfectly positioned to provide OISC training and help you obtain everything you need to practise immigration law.

Our OISC Level 1 training takes place in venues across the UK, see below for information of our upcoming courses, or call 0333 363 8577 for booking information. Read More


Can I take part in an OISC training course?

You do not need any formal qualifications to attend OISC Level 1 training but having some experience in the field would be beneficial.

The OISC Level 1 training is a useful way of beginning your career in immigration law. Our training courses are also relevant to those who are already accredited and looking to refresh their knowledge.

What materials are included in the OISC training course?

Our course will provide you with two folders. The first one is the syllabus and course content you will be working through. The second is an exam preparation folder which will give you all the knowledge you need to pass your OISC Level 1 exam.

The OISC Level 1 exam is not included with our package as this must be booked through OISC directly.

Which other levels of OISC training do you offer?

IAS offers courses in OISC Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.

We have designed the material at each level to be progressively more extensive. Each level will guide you through more in-depth material in preparation for your exams, with levels 2 and 3 covering UK asylum law.

If you have not completed the OISC Level 1 training with us, we recommend you begin here as a way to build your knowledge.

Why do I need an OISC Level 1 qualification?

An individual providing immigration advice and services must be recognised by OISC to work for an OISC-regulated company. You must be able to demonstrate to OISC the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the needs of clients seeking immigration advice.

Advice and services can be provided at specified levels and in the ‘asylum’ category, ‘immigration’ category, or both.

How will this help my professional development?

All candidates wishing to become an OISC-recognised adviser must have some advice experience. This can be gained in an OISC-regulated organisation or solicitors’ firm and will preferably be in immigration law.

It is very useful – and sometimes a requirement – to have attended an OISC training course when applying to be authorised as an adviser. Attending an OISC Level 1 training course can also demonstrate an appropriate level of commitment to providing accurate and up-to-date advice to an employer. Our services are recognised by OISC and are therefore OISC CPD (Continuing Personal Development) activities.

How is the OISC exam structured?

The OISC Level 1 exam is a competence assessment in two parts. These are a multiple-choice section and a scenario-based section. The exam is open book, meaning the training manual we provide you can be taken in with you.

We do not offer the exam as part of our training.

You can find out more about the competence assessment here.

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