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Best Visa Agents in Nigeria

This article provides you with the top 10 visa agents that can help you whether you are migrating to Nigeria or immigrating out of Nigeria to a different country. We suggest that you use Immigration Advice Service, whose international team of immigration lawyers and advisors can help you to secure any visa.

We are opening an office in Lagos where you can get assistance with all your visa needs, from application, to liaising with immigration authorities, to appealing a refusal. You can contact the international team at +44 (0) 3316300929 or the Lagos team at +23413438882. Alternatively, you can get in touch online to find out how they can help.


Do You Need a Visa Agent in Nigeria?

If you require support with your visa application do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. Our team of skilled lawyers has helped many Nigerians secure their visas to work, study and live in the UK. Let us take care of all the application steps so you can focus on your travel plans.

Nigerian Emigration

For Nigerian emigration matters, please call +44 (0) 3316300929 or +23413438882

Other Immigration and Emigration Matters

For immigration/emigration to/from other countries, please call:

US –  +1 844 290 6312

Ireland –  (+353) 061 518 025

UK –  (+44) 333 4149244

Introduction to Visa Agents in Nigeria

Nigeria is one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies, with a GDP growth of 2.9% a year. Employment opportunities are abundant, and thousands of migrants come to Nigeria each year to access them. There is currently a 1.44 million strong community of international migrants in Nigeria. But there are other tasks for visa agents in Lagos. They also need to help the 1.7 million Nigerians who immigrate out of the nation each year.

Tropical destination

What do Immigration Consultants do?

Visa agents come under the broad umbrella of immigration consultants. These services assist you in navigating the complicated legal landscape of obtaining a visa and legally migrating to another country. They can help you with the following:

  • Showing you what visa you should apply for
  • Advising you as you fill in your application forms
  • Advising you about interview procedures and preparation
  • Liaising with immigration authorities to track the progress of your application
  • Appealing a refusal of your visa applications

Some immigration consultants have legal training. Licensed immigration attorneys can help you with court proceedings if your visa is denied even after your appeal.

There are a huge variety of visa consultants to choose from in Lagos, Nigeria. They charge differing amounts and offer a spectrum of services. A great immigration consultant will ensure that you are able to get a visa on the first attempt, saving you a lot of time and effort. This article helps you get started by introducing you to the ten best visa agents in Nigeria.

Immigration Advice Service

IAS has forged a brilliant reputation as the UK’s leading immigration specialist, having helped 5000 people with their visa applications. They offer their services internationally and have helped many people move to the UK from Nigeria, as well as a few other countries, including the USCanada, and Ireland.

They offer all clients a bespoke package whereby your needs are matched with an immigration lawyer who specializes in your area. They then work with you to guide you through every step of your application service. This reliable process is available to you at a highly competitive cost.

If you want help from IAS, call them at +44 (0) 3316300929 between 7:30 AM and 10 PM GMT, or contact the Lagos office at +23413438882. You will be immediately connected with an immigration adviser who can help you to get your application started.

Total Law

Whereas IAS is fantastic for standard immigration procedures, such as moving for work, Total Law is right if your immigration matters include the entire process, including finding a house and school for your kids.

Total Law is an immigration law firm with decades of experience helping clients work through the legal system of many different nations. This firm will be particularly helpful if you have to deal with court and appeals processes to obtain a visa.

Total Law is also right for you if you are an employer trying to bring prospective employees to Nigeria or attempting to hire Nigerian workers in a foreign country. Their corporate immigration services can help you to process multiple employees simultaneously.

If you want to learn more, contact the Total Law team at +1 844 290 6312.

Whether you plan on going to, or emigrating out of Nigeria, choose us as your trusted immigration specialists.

London Immigration Lawyers

The UK is a very popular immigration destination for Nigerians. At 215,000 strong, you will find a welcoming community of people from your home country to help you assimilate with the local cultures.

Nigerians coming to the UK will struggle to find a better immigration advice firm than London Immigration Lawyers. They know the high standards expected by the Home Office and UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) and will work hard with you to ensure your application meets them.

Your journey with London Immigration Lawyers won’t end once you are settled in the UK. If you decide to become a British citizen, they can help you with the naturalisation process. This will allow you to access all of the rights available to British citizens.


VisaDone is a visa consultancy and travel agency in Ikeja, Lagos. They offer visa application services for Nigerian residents to travel and immigrate to 40 different nations. They specialise in African nations, helping lots of Nigerians with travel to Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and more. They also help with popular immigration destinations for Nigerian workers, such as the UAE.

Another reason that many choose VisaDone for tourism is because they also provide a travel agency service due to their close connection with Satguru Travel. This is one of the longest-running travel agencies in Nigeria.

Point Agency

Point Agency is a popular option for Nigerians that are looking to travel for study. Thousands of Nigerians are choosing to temporarily immigrate to other countries like the US, UK, or Canada to access a higher-quality university education. They are also running a campaign to help Nigerians study Medicine in Barbados at a highly competitive rate.

This visa and travel consultancy is also located in Ikeja, Lagos, and is open from 9 AM on weekdays.

Sayvers Educational Visa Services

Sayvers Educational Visa Services also specialise in helping their clients access student visas in nations worldwide. They can help you to complete all the forms needed to legally be able to study at the university of your dreams.

However, their services also extend to helping you to apply for a place at the university you choose. They help you to submit your application and access the scholarships you may be eligible for. Sayvers continue once you are studying. They can also provide you with exam study kits to help you perform well while studying.

For the best possible outcome with your immigration matter, enlist us, who have the expertise to navigate the legal terrain of all cases.

Cheap Dubai Visa

Some travel and tour visa consultancies in Nigeria offer specific services. Cheap Dubai Visa is a great example, helping clients access short-term travel to Dubai and other popular Middle-Eastern destinations.

Cheap Dubai Visa’s most popular services for travel to the UAE include:

  • 48-hour transit visa
  • 96-hour transit visa
  • 14-day tourist visa
  • 30-day tourist visa

They can also help their clients with 2-year investor visas if they want to access the Dubai lifestyle for longer through investment.

Mairon Travels

Located in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria, Mairon Travels helps its clients with tourism, transit, and work worldwide. They provide a holistic service, going beyond traditional visa and work permit procurement to help you with accommodation and your flight ticket.

While they offer their services around the world, Mairon Travels is currently running a prominent campaign to help Nigerians to come to the USA as nursing assistants. This program includes a paid internship that will make it easier to be employed in the USA.

Visa Travels and Tours Limited

You will find most visa and travel agencies in Nigeria in Lagos. However, others are dispersed throughout the nation, such as Visa Travels and Tours Limited in Kano, Nigeria. They also have a branch office in Abuja.

Founded in 2000, this agency aims to make high-end air travel and visa procurement accessible and easy for influential Nigerians. They have helped clients for the last two decades to travel for:

  • Holidays
  • Group tours
  • Conferences
  • Pilgrimages.


NGabroad (or Naija Going Abroad) is located in Ikeja, Nigeria. They are another agency that combines immigration advice and visa procurement with traditional travel agency services. This includes helping you to organise flights and accommodation at your destination.

NGabroad also goes a step further with travel insurance. Linking you with a trusted insurer will guarantee you can be compensated if something goes wrong with your travel.

This agency also offers services that will help you study, live, and work in most European nations if you want to start a new life outside Nigeria.

If you want to work with NGabroad, you can contact them via email, or WhatsApp or visit their offices in Ikeja.

How Can IAS Help?

IAS does not offer the services a traditional travel agency can because they are a specialist immigration advice and law firm. They are a service that you should use to supplement your collaboration with a travel agency, relying on our great reputation and legal knowledge to create the highest possible chance that your visa application will be accepted.

Another advantage of working with licensed legal professionals will come if the authorities refuse your visa application. We are experts at navigating a complicated legal landscape to guarantee you the best outcomes possible.

If you are interested in working with us, you can contact IAS online, at +44 (0) 3316300929 or the Nigerian office at +23413438882 to connect immediately with an immigration advisor. They can tailor our services to match your unique needs.

We offer immigration advice sessions as face to face appointments at our Lagos office, all of our UK offices, or via the phone.

Table of Contents

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever visa you apply for, it may be rejected. The main reasons for rejection that you need to avoid are:

  • Providing false documents or falsifying information
  • Applying for the wrong visa for your circumstances
  • Having a suspicious purpose for travel
  • Failing to explain the circumstances of your travel properly
  • Failing to prove employment status
  • Showing a fragile financial status
  • A poor performance in an immigration interview

Specialist travel agencies in Nigeria may miss these reasons for your application to be rejected, and working with a specialist immigration lawyer will drastically improve your chances of success.

There is no standard amount of time that a visa will take to process. It all depends on a range of factors. The combination of these factors means that a visa could take as little as a week to process or as long as several years.

Firstly, some nations are struggling to match the demand for their visas. Countries like the UK and the USA are very popular for travellers and immigrants, and they often have too few administrative staff working in immigration to keep up.

The other key factor is the complexity of your application. If you fit the requirements perfectly, your visa should be processed quickly. However, more complicated applications require interviews, appeals, and court appearances.

Visa applications are very expensive, which makes them prime targets for scammers. When choosing from visa agents in Nigeria, you must pay close attention to ensure that you are properly protecting yourself. Red flags to look out for include:

  • Finding customers on the street rather than inviting them into an office
  • Prices and promises that look too good to be true
  • A small online presence
  • Operating without accreditation from the proper authorities
  • A lack of online reviews or online reviews that could be better.

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