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Canada Visitor Visa Processing Time in Nigeria

Canada Visitor visa processing time lets you know how long you should expect your visa application to be processed. It is important that you know the factors that delay Canada Visitor visa processing time in Nigeria before submitting your application.

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Overview of Canadian Visitor Visa

The Canada Visitor visa, often referred to as a Tourist visa or Temporary Resident visa for Canada, is a temporary document that the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) issues to Nigerians and other foreign nationals that are not exempted and who want to enter Canada to visit family or friends, attend a university or college, or attend conferences or business meetings.

This visa enables travellers to stay in Canada for a predetermined period of time, often up to six months, though the precise length of stay allowed may vary based on the circumstances of each individual instance.

Applying well in advance of your intended travel dates is advised because the processing period for a Canadian Visitor visa in Nigeria to Canada could take several weeks or even months.

You will obtain a Canadian Visitor visa in your passport once your application is accepted, allowing you to enter Canada for the predetermined time frame.

Canada Visitor Visa: Latest News on Processing Times

The Canadian Visitor visa shows that you are eligible to enter Canada. Therefore foreign nationals who are from countries that are not exempted from entering Canada without a visa or electronic travel authorisation (eTA) must get a Canada Tourist visa to enter Canada.

It must be noted that your Canada Visitor visa processing time can depend on your application in Nigeria and other factors involved in your application.

This is also the case with the processing time of other visas, such as work visas and Student Study Visas. Some factors could make your visa processing time to be lengthier.

This is why you need expert guidance from an immigration adviser on how to make applications that wouldn’t take much time to process. In this regard, IAS can help. Our professional, experienced, and friendly immigration advisers can help you through your Visitor visa Canada application process to ensure you avoid any factors of delay in your visa processing time.

Factors That Can Affect Canada Visitor Visa Processing Time

There are a number of factors that can delay your Canada Visitor visa processing time. They include:

Unexpected Inadmissibility

The Canadian rules of inadmissibility are adhered to by all immigration processes in Canada. Foreign nationals are refused entry into Canada by the IRCC because of their finances, health conditions, and criminality.

If you have a criminal record, especially that of violent crime, you’ll definitely have to go through a difficult process before you can enter Canada. Also, if you are linked to any organised crime or terrorist activity, you are most likely to be denied entry into Canada.

If you suffer from any health issue that is communicable, you may be considered inadmissible in Canada because of your medical condition. Additionally, you may be considered inadmissible to Canada if you have a non-communicable disease unless you can show that you wouldn’t bother the public health insurance system of Canada.

Most importantly, these reasons for rejections are meant to protect Canadian citizens from harm and this could cause your processing time to be lengthy.

Also, you may be denied entry into Canada if you have a serious financial issue, especially if you applied for an investor or business immigration programme. And you may also be denied entry into Canada under visa programmes if it’s proved that you’re being dishonest on your application.

Improper Paperwork

The immigration official to review your application would request that all mistakes be corrected before your visa application process continues if your application contains omissions or errors.

Therefore your visa application and supporting documents have to provide all the required information the case officer will need to determine your eligibility to be allowed to enter Canada.

The process will undoubtedly be slowed down by problems like missing signatures or blank spaces. You can be asked to resubmit copies of papers and documentation if they are unclear or challenging to understand when you submit them and the same goes with your photos.

The worst-case scenario for improper documentation involves the possibility that the immigration officer could suspect that you are attempting to cheat the system or involved in misrepresentation. This can result in longer delays and other repercussions in your visa processing time.

Non-Payment Of Fees

The charge chart’s extensive list of prices for various application types is one typical reason for this. Your application may be delayed if you mistakenly pay the wrong amount due to forgetting a fee in your final total.

Since it is no longer possible to pay visa fees at a bank, nowadays, a lot of fees can only be paid online or with credit cards. Therefore, ensure you check which payment options are accepted for each individual cost.

Verification of Documentation and Data

You can experience further delays since the visa officer needs to get in touch with several departments to confirm that everything you send in as part of your immigration application is accurate, depending on the kind of information you submit.

For identification issued by offices outside of Canada, it may be necessary to contact the foreign office that issued the ID used for your application to double-check it. This could delay processing times by several days or even weeks.

It could take a while before officers can check all the material you’ve submitted if some details, such as financial information or data from foreign archives, are difficult to evaluate.

Delays in verification may also happen within Canada. To ensure that the information on your application matches, domestic offices that carry important details may need to speak with one another.

You should make an effort to bring documents that officials can easily verify, such as current passports and digital financial information, in order to avoid this kind of delay.

Obtaining a Canada Visitor Visa in Nigeria can be challenging. Contact us for hassle-free application today.

How to Check Canada Visa Processing Times

Your Canada Visitor visa processing time is measured depending on how long the processing of 80% of applications lasted in the past. Your visa processing time starts from the day your visa application is received and ends on the day a decision is made on it.

Therefore to check your visa processing time if you apply online or in person, know that the process starts when you submit your visa application. Also, if you apply offline (by mail), then your visa processing time starts upon the arrival of your complete visa application in the mailroom.

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How Long Does it Take to Get a Canada Visitor Visa in Nigeria?

If you’re a Nigerian applying for a Canada Visitor visa, then you should expect your visa processing time to be from 23 days to 8 months. If you apply for your Visitor visa within Canada, it could take up to 23 days.

But it could take about 4 to 8 months for your Canada Visitor visa to be processed outside of Canada. The processing time for your Canada Visitor extension can take up to 6 months.

How Long Does it Take for a Canada Visitor Visa to be Approved After Biometrics?

Your Visitor visa processing time after biometrics is about 8 weeks when you’ve submitted your visa application, along with your biometrics, to the IRCC. However, speak with your immigration adviser or lawyer regarding Canada Visitor visa processing time after biometrics because each situation can differ.

Don’t let the complexities of getting a Canada Visitor Visa in Nigeria hold you back. Reach out to us today for a seamless application.

Visitor Visa Canada: How Can IAS Help with Your Application

Nigerians who want to travel to Canada on a Tourist visa have to understand the factors that can affect their visa processing time.

Being aware of these factors and doing everything possible to avoid them is a great step towards fastening your Canada visa processing time. This is why it’s important to have expert guidance throughout your Canada Visitor visa application process. IAS can help you through this situation.

We are professional, experienced immigration lawyers and we can guide you through your documentation process that conforms to the required standard of IRCC which will increase its chance of getting processed quickly.

For more information regarding Canada Visitor visa processing time in Nigeria, or any other immigration-related topic, get in touch with us on +23413438882 or +44 (0) 3316300929 or contact us online.

We offer immigration advice sessions as face to face appointments at our Lagos office, all of our UK offices, or via the phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you need to appear in an immigration interview if you want to travel to Canada, as it’s part of the Canada visa application process. Besides that, the interview will help to convince immigration officials that you meet all the criteria to be allowed to enter Canada.

For the Canada Visitor visa fee, Nigerians must pay a processing fee of CAD$100 for each person.

Providing a bank statement for your Tourist visa to Canada is optional as proof of funds. However, if you can, provide your bank statement for at least the last 6 months. This will help to prove that you have a travel itinerary and return flight confirmations.

When you arrive at a Canadian port of entry as an International Experience Canada participant, you may present the following as proof of funds if you are unable to obtain a bank statement to show you have sufficient funds. Present a letter on official letterhead from your banking institution showing your account balance, signed and stamped. It must be issued to you in not more than 1 week before your departure for Canada.

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