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Changes to Ukraine Extension Scheme

The United Kingdom’s Immigration Rules underwent significant modifications this month, bringing with it an extension to the Ukraine Extension Scheme.

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The Ukraine Extension Scheme

The Ukraine Extension Scheme presents an opportunity for Ukrainian nationals who were granted permission to enter or reside in the UK on March 18th 2022, or whose permissions expired on or after January 1st 2022, to extend their stay in the UK. This scheme offers a safe pathway for individuals to continue their presence in the UK after the breakout of the war in Ukraine in February 2022.

The application deadline for the Ukraine Extension Scheme will now be extended until May 16th 2024. By extending the programme, Ukrainian nationals with the permission to remain or enter the UK between March 18th 2022 and November 16th 2023, are now eligible to apply for the Ukraine Extension Scheme and receive a 36-month duration visa.

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What are the changes?

The announcement of the Ukraine Extension Scheme is expected to encompass a wider pool of applicants, providing further opportunities for those seeking to extend their stay in the UK. The new rules are set to be in action from August.

Ukrainian nationals arriving in the UK without having applied to any of the Ukraine Schemes now have the opportunity to be considered for a 6-month Leave Outside the Rules at the UK border. Should these individuals wish to prolong their stay in the UK beyond the initial six-month period, they must apply for further permission to stay.

What does this mean for Ukrainians?

The recent extension of the eligibility period for the Ukraine Extension Scheme proves highly advantageous for those who received the Leave Outside the Rules at the border and other Ukrainians who arrived with permission to stay or enter the UK on a different route after March 18th 2022. This extension offers them a viable pathway to obtain an extended period of permission to stay, instilling greater certainty regarding their immigration status.

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