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Are you looking for immigration solicitors in Hounslow? If you need the services of an immigration specialist in Hounslow, West London to help resolve any immigration, nationality or asylum issue, please contact us at our local office.

Call us on 020 3811 0859for immediate assistance with your situation. We’re here to help you in person, via the phone or online.

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    Providing some of the most experienced immigration lawyers West London has to offer, here at the IAS we can help.

    Our immigration specialists in Hounslow, West London are highly experienced in dealing with a range of issues that call for the help of an immigration lawyer. Our team of immigration law specialists can help in situations where visa applications have been refused or rejected and even in instances where a removal order has been served.

    Perhaps you are already being detained and have found yourself in the situation where you are awaiting deportation. The chances are that we can still help. If you feel your case may have been mistreated and you should be allowed to remain in the UK, then our expert immigration team may be able to help. In situations where an immigration lawyer is required, our Hounslow team can provide expert advice and legal support to help you get the decision reversed or overturned.

    If you are an overstayer who needs to resolve their immigration matter as soon as possible we can help you. We offer a full range of immigration services from our Hounslow office including general advice on Tier 1, Skilled WorkerStudent and Temporary Worker visa applications, all the way through to appeals.

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    Immigration Advice Service (Hounslow)

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    Phone: 020 3811 0859

    Do I need an immigration Solicitor?

    The answer to this question is complex. You do not need an immigration solictior in Hounslow to be able to make an application to UKVI. However, as all immigration, settlement and asylum applications are highly-complex, it is advised that, if you are able to get one, an immigration law specialist will help.

    Immigration solicitors are able to offer a legal perspective and insight which is invaluable when making any kind of complex application. If you make a mistake on your application or do not submit sufficient supporting evidence, your application will be rejected and you will not be refunded your Home Office fees.

    Using an immigration lawyer means you significantly increase your chances of getting it right the first time. Immigration solicitors and lawyers will ensure you have the right evidence to support your case and will organise it so that nothing is missed by immigration officers when they review it.

    Why choose our immigration lawyers?

    We pride ourselves on having the best immigration lawyers Hounslow has to offer. All our lawyers are highly experienced and show this in their approach to their work.

    As part of our advice and application services, you will be paired with an immigration lawyer in Hounslow who matches your individual needs.

    Then, your lawyer will work through your case, taking as much time as you need (none of our sessions is timed).

    If you choose to continue with an application with IAS, your lawyer will help you source, process and organise your supporting documents into an Evidence Portfolio. This is a bundle, which is ordered in a way which matched what is expected by UKVI. This bundle is easily navigated by Home Office officials, meaning that they won’t miss any vital information while they review your application.

    When this has been done, your lawyer will write a detailed Letter of Representation to accompany your case. This acts as a cover letter to your application. It is written using legal insight, and it details your case and its merits as well as referencing any relevant case-law and legislation.

    During your entire application, your IAS lawyer will act as your go-between for you and the Home Office and this will continue up until a decision has been reached on your application.

    Our Immigration lawyers in Hounslow are ready to assist you in person or via the phone.

    Hounslow immigration advice review

    We have proudly received many five-star reviews from clients around the world, who have been happy with our services. We encourage you to read them if this will help you make your decision.

    How to contact us

    Get in touch with our enquiries team on 020 3811 0859 to discuss your issues or ask any questions. Equally, you can make an enquiry and request a free callback from us, using our enquiries form.

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    Table of Contents

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    Services we Provide

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are several law organisations offering immigration advice in Hounslow. However, it is important to choose only the most experienced advisers to receive advice on your immigration issues.

    IAS is one of the most renowned immigration firms in the UK. With our immigration lawyers based in Hounslow and other offices in the UK, we are proud to offer only the best legal advice to our clients.

    All our caseworkers and experts are accredited by OISC and legally authorised to provide immigration advice. Every day, we deal with different issues and queries. This means we are experienced in offering competent and professional help with:

    If you want to discuss your case with one of our immigration advisers in West London, you can get in touch with our team today.

    Navigating any area of immigration law is a stressful process that involves extensive paperwork and several bureaucratic stages. Completing your application form may not be easy, especially for applicants for whom English is not their first language.

    Only an experienced immigration lawyer in the UK can walk you through the correct steps to apply for your visa or to settle in the UK. Your adviser will not allow mistakes that may derail your chance to get your permit.

    One of the most essential benefits of hiring an IAS immigration lawyer is that you can entrust your case to only the best immigration experts in the UK.

    Whether you want to get British Citizenship or find a sponsor for your work visa, IAS will pair you with one of the top immigration lawyers in Hounslow.

    The process of naturalisation allows you to become a British citizen after 12 months of residence as a settled person. To be eligible, you must first hold Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK and pass a Life in the UK Test.

    Since this process can be complicated and stressful, it is always advisable to seek expert guidance to grant your naturalisation status in the UK.

    Our bespoke British Naturalisation Package includes:

    • Checking your paperwork;
    • Providing a Letter of Representation to highlight the merits of your application;
    • Liaising with the Home Office until your visa is issued;
    • Ensuring your application forms are completed to the highest standards.

    Call us today to learn more about our immigration advice services.


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