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How Much Bank Balance is Required for U.S. Tourist Visa

If you’re a Nigerian eyeing a U.S. holiday, understanding the financial prerequisites for a tourist visa is vital. While no exact minimum balance is stipulated, your bank account must reflect the capacity to cover all travel and living costs during your stay.

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Overview of the U.S. Tourist Visa

The U.S. Tourist Visa, also known as a B-2 Visa, is a non-immigrant visa for those seeking to enter the United States for leisure, tourism, or medical treatment purposes. It does not permit holders to engage in gainful employment or long-term residence.

A U.S. Tourist Visa comes with several key benefits:

  • Discover the U.S.’s diverse landscapes, rich culture, and historical sites.
  • Access high-quality medical care and treatment facilities.
  • Visit your loved ones living in the U.S.
  • The visa typically allows multiple entries over its validity period, ranging from 1 to 10 years, depending on your country of residence.
  • While the B-2 visa does not permit full-time study, it does allow for enrolment in short recreational courses of study that are not for credit towards a degree or academic certificate.

The U.S. Tourist Visa, or B-2 Visa, provides an invaluable opportunity for individuals around the globe. The flexibility of multiple entries over the visa’s validity period allows for extensive and varied experiences in the U.S.

However, obtaining a U.S. Tourist Visa involves meeting specific eligibility criteria, one of which is financial. Understanding and adequately meeting these requirements is crucial to ensure a successful visa application.

Financial Eligibility Criteria for a U.S. Tourist Visa


One of the essential requirements when applying for a U.S. tourist visa is meeting certain financial eligibility criteria. These criteria ensure that applicants have the financial means to support themselves during their stay in the U.S.

Below is a comprehensive overview of these criteria and their significance:

Proof of Regular Income

Applicants must provide proof of regular income, such as payslips, income tax returns, or any document demonstrating a steady inflow of money. This indicates that the applicant has a stable source of income to cover the trip expenses.

For example, if you are a salaried employee, you can present your salary slips from the past six months as evidence of a consistent income.

Bank Statements

The U.S. authorities typically require bank statements for the previous six months. These statements are crucial as they reflect your financial stability, demonstrating your ability to afford the planned trip.

For instance, a bank statement showing regular deposits from a known source of income and a balance consistent with these deposits would add credibility to your application. While there is no fixed figure for the bank balance, maintaining a healthy balance that aligns with your income and expenses can strengthen your application.

Proof of Investments and Assets

You can provide evidence of your financial standing through fixed deposits, share/stock certificates, mutual funds, and other long-term investments. These demonstrate financial prudence and contribute to your financial credibility.

Owning substantial assets, such as properties, can further strengthen your case. For example, if you own a house or a plot of land, presenting the property deeds as assets can prove your financial capability.

Sponsorship Documents

Sometimes, your trip to the U.S. may be sponsored by someone else, such as a family member or a friend. In such situations, you must provide the sponsor’s financial details. Sponsorship documents indicate that the sponsor can financially support your visit. A letter of sponsorship, accompanied by the sponsor’s bank statement or financial documents, serves as necessary evidence.

It’s important to note that there can be exceptions or special circumstances that influence these criteria. For instance, if you are a student, retired, or a minor, the requirement for proof of income may be waived or supplemented with a sponsor’s income. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider these factors and prepare the appropriate documents that accurately represent your financial stability.

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Let our experts assist you in determining the right bank balance to enhance your visa approval chances.

Bank Balance Requirements for a U.S. Tourist Visa and Other U.S. Visas


Understanding the financial expectations, including bank balances, is essential when navigating the visa application process for the U.S. Many potential visitors are uncertain about the specific bank balance required to obtain a U.S. tourist visa.

Estimating the Necessary Balance for Your Visit

Assessing the necessary balance depends on your projected expenses for the duration of your stay, coupled with the expected cost of living in the U.S.

Let’s assume your daily expenses, including accommodation, meals, transportation, and more, amount to approximately $200, and you are planning a 30-day visit. In this case, ideally, your bank account should reflect a minimum balance of $6,000, excluding the costs of flight tickets and travel insurance.

As a general guideline, having a balance of $6,000 to $10,000 in your account can be beneficial. However, it’s crucial to ensure that this amount reflects consistent income and savings rather than a sudden deposit made just before the visa application. Visa officers may interpret a sudden influx of money as an attempt to misrepresent your financial standing.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

A common mistake made by many visa applicants, regardless of the visa type (tourist, student, B1/B2, or business), is making large deposits into their accounts shortly before applying to enhance their bank balance. This practice is generally discouraged, as visa officers may view it as a misrepresentation of your financial stability. It is more prudent to maintain a steady bank balance and demonstrate a consistent income history.

The visa officer’s assessment is not solely based on the bank statement. They also consider factors such as your profession, monthly income, previous travel history, family status, and demeanor during the interview. These pieces of information help them answer three critical questions:

  • Do you have a reliable source of income?
  • Do you have a valid reason for visiting the USA?
  • Are you likely to return to your home country?

Understanding Exceptions and Special Circumstances

Under certain conditions, if your trip is being sponsored by someone else, you may not be subject to a stringent bank balance requirement. In such cases, the sponsor’s bank balance should sufficiently cover your travel expenses. However, having a sponsor does not guarantee visa approval. The visa officer reviews all aspects of your application.

It’s also critical to note that the bank balance is just one component of the financial eligibility criteria. Whether you are seeking a U.S. tourist visa, a student visa, a B1/B2 visa, or a business visa, maintaining the required bank balance does not guarantee visa approval.

Conversely, a lower bank balance does not necessarily mean your application will be denied. Visa officers consider the broader financial picture, including regular income, assets, and liabilities, when making their decision.

How IAS Can Help You

The Immigration Advice Service (IAS) is here to assist you with all aspects of your U.S. tourist visa application. We understand that navigating visa requirements, including those related to financial eligibility, can be complex. That’s where we step in to simplify the process for you.

Here’s how IAS can assist:

  • Our experienced advisers can provide you with bespoke advice tailored to your situation. We’ll guide you through each criterion, helping you understand what’s required and how to present the most persuasive application.
  • We can review all your financial documents, ensuring they align with the U.S. tourist visa requirements. From bank statements to proof of income and property documents, we’ll make sure you’re providing the right evidence to support your application.
  • Our team can support you throughout the application process. We’ll guide you in correctly filling out forms, compiling your application, and submitting it in the most presentable manner.
  • We understand that the visa application process doesn’t end with submission. We’re here to address any questions or concerns you have post-submission and can provide guidance on what to do in case of visa approval or denial.
  • Immigration rules can change frequently. Our advisers stay up-to-date with any updates or changes, ensuring you always receive the most accurate and relevant advice.

Our goal is to make your dream of visiting the U.S. a reality, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Contact us today at +44 (0) 3316300929 for a comprehensive and personalised immigration advice service.

We offer immigration advice sessions as face to face appointments at our Lagos office, all of our UK offices, or via the phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if your parents are sponsoring your trip, you can use their bank statements. However, they would need to provide a sponsorship letter and their financial documents.

You can consider finding a sponsor who can support your trip. If this isn’t possible, you may need to delay your application until you have the necessary funds.

Providing false documents is a serious offence and could result in visa denial, banning from future applications, or even criminal charges.

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