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How Much Funds to Show for F2 Visa

The F2 Visa is a type of nonimmigrant visa designed for the immediate family members of those possessing an F1 Student Visa. It applies solely to underage children (younger than 21 years) and the married partner of an individual holding an F1 Visa.

If you are applying for an F2 Visa, you must demonstrate that you have enough financial resources to support yourself and the dependent while in the U.S. This can include showing proof of your spouse’s other financial resources available, such as savings or investments.

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Financial Requirements for an F2 Visa

In order to obtain an F2 Visa, it is crucial to show that the potential  F1 Visa holder has enough funds to take care of their dependents and support themselves during their time in the US.

US immigration services will want to see proof of adequate financial resources to manage tuition, living costs, and travel for the entire family. Documentation of financing or a recent bank statement (no older than three months) in U.S. dollars demonstrating at least $13,403 for a spouse and $6,701 per child will be required.

Reach out to IAS if you are unclear about the financial requirements for a successful F2 Visa application and to avoid any potential delays to your loved one joining you in the US.

Documents Required to Show Proof Funds for the F2 Visa

In order to show proof of financial ability for an F2 Visa, the following documents must be provided:

  • Family bank statements.
  • Documentation from a sponsor showing their financial support (If applicable).
  • Financial sponsorship letters.
  • Scholarship letters of F1 Visa holder.
  • Letter from an employer showing annual salary.

You may also be required to provide a copy of a bank account verification letter. This letter must contain the following:

  • Your full legal name
  • The full name(s) of the individual(s) you’re financially sponsoring
  • Your banking account number
  • The date of your bank account’s created
  • The type of your bank account
  • The present balance of your account
  • Your average account balance is typically calculated over the past three, six, or twelve months.

Other F2 Visa Costs

Apart from the funds you must show for the F2 Visa, there are some other costs you need to be aware of.

For each F2 Visa application there is an application fee of $185. Upon making this payment, you’ll receive a receipt that confirms your transaction; be sure to retain this for future reference.

Although individuals with an F1 Visa must pay the SEVIS I-901 fee of $350, those applying for an F2 Visa are not obligated to pay this fee.

There may be additional costs that vary based on the specific U.S Embassy or country from where you are applying, which could include fees for visa issuance or reciprocity. Reach out to IAS for the latest information on potential costs when applying for a F2 Visa from Nigeria.

Embark on this educational journey confidently! Our experienced professionals will help you present your financial situation accurately and impressively.

Documentation Required for the F2 Visa Application

When applying to be an F2 Visa holder, you must to provide certain documents as well as being able to proof you have sufficient funds.  This additional paperwork may include:

  • A copy of the F1 Visa holder’s Form I-20, a document confirming the acceptance at a U.S educational institution.
  • Show proof of the relationship to the F1 Visa holder, like a marriage certificate if you are the spouse.
  • Birth certificate if you are a child of an F1 Visa holder.
  • You must submit a completed form DS-160, the online non-immigrant visa application form. Be sure to print form DS-160 confirmation page, as you’ll need this for the visa interview.
  • Copies of your passport photo pages.

Before you schedule your visa interview make sure you have all needed documents. Engaging a professional at this stage is highly recommended to avoid oversights regarding crucial documents required for the F2 Visa when applying from Nigeria.

At IAS, we specialise in guiding individuals through the F2 Visa application process. Our services include helping you identify and compile all necessary documents, alleviating the stress associated with this process. For any F2 Visa-related concerns or applications, please contact us at +23413438882 or our US office at +44 (0) 3316300929.

Can an F2 Visa Holder Get a Green Card?

An F2 Visa does not hold dual intent status, indicating there is not a direct transition from an F2 Visa to a Green Card.  However, there are alternative routes for acquiring a Green Card. For example, if your F1 Visa spouse or parent obtain a Green Card, you may become eligible for permanent residence in the US.

a Nigerian in the UK

What are the Limitations of the F2 Visa?

Being a dependent visa, your F2 Visa comes with a number of limitations regarding what you’re allowed to do and not do in the US. The primary intent behind the F2 Visa is to keep families intact while the F1 Visa holder pursues their academic degree, which can span multiple years. Beyond this, the F2 Visa doesn’t serve any other function, hence the existence of these restrictions.

  • You are not allowed to work on an F2 Visa. There are no F 2 Visa work permits.
  • You are not allowed to get a Social Security Number (SSN). Since you’re not allowed to work, you cannot get an SSN either.
  • You are not allowed to enroll in a full educational degree. You are only allowed to enroll in recreational, vocational, and non-credit-bearing courses for hobbies or fun.
  • You cannot travel to the US before the F1 Visa holder.

How Can IAS Help?

Every year, numerous people apply for an F2 Visa. While many are successful, some applications fail due to not satisfying certain requirements, especially the financial criteria.

IAS is a team of skilled and understanding immigration advisers.  If you are applying for an F2 Visa we have an extensive history of aiding individuals in securing their F2 Visa in the US, and our objective is to alleviate unnecessary stress.

We can assist you from the initial application phase and ensure you have a robust chance of obtaining your visa. We can also help in verifying that you have submitted the correct supporting documents.

To discover more about our services and how we can support you with your F2 Visa application, call us on +23413438882 or on +44 (0) 3316300929. You can also reach out to us online today.

We offer immigration advice sessions as face to face appointments at all of our Lagos office, or via the phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While in the U.S. the F2 Visa is renewable, provided you continue to meet the criteria for renewal. Nevertheless, as it’s linked to the F1 status, the ability to renew hinges on the F1 Visa holder. Essentially, a renewal can only be sought if the F1 Visa holder is also applying for a renewal.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services will examine the renewal application and decide whether the F1 holder and their F2 dependent(s) qualify for a visa renewal. As long as the F1 student has not concluded their academic program in the U.S., you should be eligible for a renewal. However, once the program ends, preparations to depart from the US must commence.

Both the F1 student and their dependents are given a grace period of 60 days to leave the US after the study program is completed and return to your home country. Failing to depart within 60 days will be considered an unlawful stay, which could jeopardise your eligibility for future US immigration benefits.

If you are changing status from an F2 dependent to an F1 student while in the U.S, admission into a full-time academic program at an educational institution capable of providing you with a Form I-20 is necessary. Moreover, the F1 Visa holder must maintain presence and status in the US at the time this change is sought. At the same time, to request a change to your existing immigration status in the US, submission of an application and supportive documents to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is a must.

Potential F1 students are required to have sufficient funds to support their education and living expenses while in the United States. If you are applying separately for a Student Visa are required to show to carry proof of their financial capacity. These proof include:

  • Family bank statements.
  • Documentation from a sponsor.
  • Financial aid letters.
  • Scholarship letters.
  • Letter from an employer showing annual salary.

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