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How To Migrate To UK From Philippines

Filipinos looking to migrate to the United Kingdom have a variety of visa options open to individuals and their families for the immigration residency they desire.

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    Overview of Migrating to the UK from the Philippines

    The United Kingdom offers an array of opportunities for many foreign nationals, including great academic institutions, free healthcare, vast work options, historic culture and natural landscapes. It is no wonder that 200,000 Filipinos have already chosen the UK to reside in.

    There are multiple visa pathways to enter the UK, from work visas to ancestry, marriage and volunteering. As well as this, Filipino dependents are eligible to apply for many visas with the main applicant, providing their visa type allows this.

    The UK offers Filipinos up to 6 months of visa free travel for purposes such as  tourism. Any other purposes to enter the UK will need a valid visa in order for the journey to be legal.

    Short Term Stay For Filipinos

    As mentioned above, Filipinos are able to enjoy up to 6 months of visa free travel for purposes such as:

    • Tourism
    • Short term business trips
    • Short term courses/studying at a UK educational facility
    • To do a placement
    • To visit with academic intent
    • For visiting family or friends
    • To volunteer for a charity
    • To partake in a school exchange programme
    • To partake in a short course
    • For medical reasons
    • To pass through the UK to another country

    Providing they have a valid passport for the duration of their residency in the UK and up to 12 months after they arrive back in the Philippines, applicants can go right ahead and plan their trip to the UK with the necessary immigration and travel preparations.

    If Filipino nationals have a provisional passport or any type of travel document that replaces a normal national passport, then you will be exempt from the 6 months visa free stay and will instead have to apply for a Standard Visitor visa in order to enter into the UK.


    Long Term Stay For Filipinos

    If a short term option is not a suitable duration for you or your family, then a long term visa will need to be applied for. These are typically for residencies longer than 6 months, and can last from 1 year, 5 years or even 10 years for applicants intending to naturalise in the UK.

    Eligible family members you can join in the UK include the following:

    Different visa routes all have varying rules, fees, durations, benefits and application requirements. Most visas will require you to apply prior to entering the United Kingdom, at the risk of you being turned away at the border.

    It is vital to know the ins and outs of your visa type, especially if it is work related, as many work visas require applicants to obtain certificate of sponsorships from a registered employer prior to arriving in the UK. It is highly advised that you enlist the aid of one of our specialised team to guide you through the visa process that is right for you.

    The types of visa avenue to consider are as follows:

    UK Work Visas for Filipinos

    Work visas are the best pathways to migrate to the UK, as they provide income and stability within British society, as well as support from your sponsor. A  Skilled Worker visa is the most popular work visa for many global nationals looking to enter the UK on a long term employment basis.

    The Skilled Worker visa provides a well rounded work opportunity for Filipinos for a variety of job occupations. Employers in these job occupations will act as the Filipino applicants’ sponsor in a registered company, which is a requirement for any work visa, not just for the Skilled Worker.

    The sponsor requirement entails that sponsors must be pre-approved by the Home Office, and hold a secure job offer from them prior to arriving in the UK. Other requirements include a basic English language test score minimum, as well as financial and accommodation preparations made and proven by bank statements, etc.

    The Skilled Worker visa works on a points based system, meaning Filipinos will have to score out of a possible 100 points. Individuals accrue points by factors such as their age, profession, education, work experience and more.

    This particular visa will enable Filipino nationals to reside in the UK for up to 5 years providing they stay in employment, and abide by the visa requirements and rules. Prior to this 5 year period expiring, Filipinos are able to apply for indefinite leave to remain, where they can naturalise or become a British citizen.

    Get in touch with our immigration experts for help with your move to the UK from Philippines.

    Other UK Work Visas for Filipino Nationals

    If the Skilled Worker visa is not suitable for you or your circumstances, then there are more options for you to consider. For instance, if you wished to work in health and care work, have a religious vocation, or wish to continue your athletic career in the UK, then the following options would be better suited to you.

    UK work visas cover a vast number of employment fields, whether an individual has been sent to work in the UK branch of their company, or those who wish to kick start their business in the United Kingdom.

    For example:

    UK entry requirements

    • Filipinos must have a valid passport for the duration of their planned stay, and sometimes it must remain valid for up to 12 months after you return home from the UK
    • Filipinos must have an approved visa to come to the UK
    • Filipinos must ensure they can financially support themselves and are able to support their dependents while residing in the UK
    • Filipino nationals must ensure they declare any goods at border control at the risk of facing a sizable fine

    Filipinos must be aware that if they apply for British citizenship, then they will lose their Filipino citizenship. The Philippines reject dual citizenship.

    How Can IAS Help?

    Migrating to the UK can be a tricky situation to navigate with the UKs many immigration policies and laws. Being advised on the best way to immigrate can remove the stress of out of moving.

    Our highly competent team are well qualified to offer you consul on immigration and the implications of your travel plans. Whether you have short term of long term reasons for entering the UK, IAS can help you arrive smoothly.

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