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Immigration Lawyers in Kent

Our immigration lawyers in Kent offer reliable immigration services. Get in touch to learn more about our bespoke packages.

Call us on 0330 433 1213 to find out more.

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    Do you offer legal advice services in Kent?

    IAS is one of the leading immigration advice services in the UK. We offer professional, confidential, and cost-effective immigration packages, tailored to our clients need.

    Our top immigration lawyers in the UK are based in several locations, including Kent. To receive expert legal advice, you can also come and meet our team of immigration solicitors in London.

    All our caseworkers and legal professionals are OISC accredited. This means they are legally authorised to address and handle your case. Whether the complexity of your application, we are ready to help.

    Here you will find more details about our team of immigration lawyers in Kent. If you are still asking yourself if you need a lawyer in Kent, we can show you the benefits of hiring a professional adviser at IAS.

    Why choose IAS’ immigration lawyers in Kent?

    Immigration is progressively becoming one of the most complicated areas of UK law. This means that to get your desired visa, it is essential to understand how the system works.

    Our Kent legal services are designed to help each of our clients with their legal inquiries. By getting in touch with our Kent immigration solicitors, you will entrust your case to one of our top legal advisers. Your dedicated expert will always be available to answer your questions until your visa is issued.

    Your adviser will be happy to meet you at any time suits you best. If you are unable to come and meet your dedicated immigration solicitor in Kent, we can also arrange a consultation over the phone or via Skype.

    Our team of immigration lawyers in Kent has a combined experience of over 50 years. We are committed to providing only the best legal advice services to our clients.

    How much does it cost to hire an immigration lawyer in Kent?

    The costs of UK immigration are rising year after year. Although some applicants may be eligible for free legal aid, you usually require to pay an administrative fee to apply for a UK visa.

    The tariff of your immigration solicitors in Kent will ultimately depend on several factors. First, you must consider the filling cost for your application form. This is a fixed fee, set by the Home Office. There are also some additional costs, such as for the collection of your biometrics. Ultimately, your adviser will charge you a price that depends on the how long your session lasted and other aspects of your case.

    However, when considering the consequences of failing to get your visa, the importance of seeking advice becomes clear. For example, you can lose work opportunities or be unable to join your family.

    In other words, you should hire one of the top immigration solicitors in the UK to avoid unpleasant situations. With the help or IAS’ Kent legal services, your chance to get your visa will be maximised. This means you will not need to submit further claims or to waste your time and money with unsuccessful applications.

    What immigration services do IAS’ immigration solicitors in Kent offer?

    IAS’ Kent legal service is based on a broad range of advice packages. They are designed to meet our clients’ need and to provide an effective solution to several immigration issues.

    According to your circumstances, we can handle your case and work tirelessly to get only the best outcome from your case. Our immigration lawyers in Kent can guide you on the following matters:

    • Spouses and Partners Visa;
    • Family Visas and Family reunions;
    • UK Work Permits and License Sponsorship advice;
    • Asylum-seekers support services;
    • Applications for British Citizenship and British Naturalisation;
    • Legal representation for Administrative Reviews
    • Leisure and Business Visitor Visas.

    What do IAS’ immigration advice Kent packages include?

    We offer several packages aimed to cover different immigration issues. Every day, our team is committed to providing bespoke service to our clients. As part of our Kent legal services, you will benefit from:

    • A first, informative meeting with one of our immigration solicitors in Kent. During this untimed session, you will be able to discuss all your issues, and you will receive a detailed overview of your best options. You will also learn the expected outcomes and costs of your case;
    • Regular further sessions with your dedicated legal expert. These can take place either in person, over the phone, or via Skype.
    • A complete assessment of your case to review your eligibility;
    • Help with the gathering of your supporting documents. If they are not written in English, we can also provide an accredited translation;
    • Your lawyer will prepare a Letter of Representation to support your application and highlight the merits of your case;
    • Reliable e professional support through every step of your application process.

    Do you offer legal advice for UK Spouse Visa in Kent?

    If you wish to join your beloved one in the UK, you can apply for a UK Spouse Visa. This permit is designed to let you stay in the country for an initial period of 30 months. After this time, you may seek Indefinite Leave to Remain status and, successively, British Citizenship.

    However, to be eligible, you must meet several Spouse Visa requirements. First, your spouse must be a UK citizen or settled person, and you need to prove that your relationship is genuine. This means you will need to submit different documents and evidence, also to show that you can sustain yourselves financially.

    Our immigration lawyers in Kent understand that the Spouse Visa application process may be complicated. Furthermore, we believe all couples should be allowed to live happily together in the UK.

    We offer expert Kent legal services that include guidance on your Marriage Visa application. With the help of your lawyer, you will be able to get your Spouse Visa in Kent. As part of our service, your dedicated solicitor will:

    • Assess your eligibility;
    • Help you build a successful supporting portfolio;
    • Liaise with you and your spouse in person, via phone or Skype;
    • Prepare a Letter of Representation to accompany your application;
    • Offer professional and complete guidance.

    If you are not married yet, but you wish to celebrate your marriage in the UK, we can help with your Fiance Visa application. Our Kent legal services also include guidance on Unmarried Partner Visas.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are several immigration lawyers in the UK, but only IAS’ experts have a combined experience of over 50 years. Every day, we provide only the best legal advice services in Kent to ensure that our clients’ application is completed to the highest standards.

    Our OISC accredited immigration lawyers in Kent can help you with a wide variety of issues. This includes Spouse Visa applications, sponsorship license queries, and UK residency.

    Our immigration experts in Kent have already helped thousands of spouses, international students, and workers with their applications. Our firm’s positive reviews confirm that our services are always centered around our clients’ needs.

    Although you can download your application form from the Home Office’s official website, completing your paperwork is not as easy as it seems. On the contrary, dealing with UK immigration law can be a stressful process, especially for applicants who are currently living abroad.

    Only an experienced lawyer in Kent can help you through every step of your UK Visa application. Whether the visa and the immigration status you wish to obtain, one of our immigration experts in Kent will be happy to help you and do all the work for you.

    In other words, one of the key benefits of hiring an IAS’ immigration lawyer is that you can receive the expert guidance of a professional. Your dedicated IAS’ adviser will do his or her best to submit a successful application, that will be approved by the Home Office without delays.

    British Naturalisation is one of the most decisive steps of your immigration path. It allows you to officially become a British Citizenship after 12 months of lawful residence as a settled person. However, it is not easy to get this status. You must first meet several requirements, such as holding already ILR in the UK and pass a Life in the UK Test.

    First, our customer care team will listen to your case and pair you with one of our best immigration lawyers in Kent for an untimed advice session.

    Afterward, you will meet your dedicated IAS’ immigration lawyers. Together, you will discuss your case, review your eligibility for British Naturalisation, and find the best strategy to submit a successful portfolio to support your paperwork.

    As a part of our Application Package, our lawyer will do all the work involved in submitting your application. You will be able to instruct your dedicated immigration lawyer in Kent at any time and check the status of your application.

    To learn more about our legal advice services in Kent, get in touch today with our customer care team.