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Portugal Visas From Indonesia

Indonesian nationals who intend to enter Portugal for a short stay must obtain a Portugal Schengen visa. The reason is because Portugal and Indonesia do not have a visa-free agreement. The Schengen visa will allow you to enter Portugal and also visit other countries in the Schengen zone.

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Portugal Visa From Indonesia: An Overview

Indonesian citizens must obtain a Portugal visa to enter the country. With your Portugal Schengen visa, you will be allowed to stay in Portugal for 90 days (3 months) within a 180-day period.

With your Schengen visa, you are allowed to enter all the countries in the Schengen zone. You will also be allowed to visit other European Union countries with your Portugal visa.

However, you will not be allowed to stay in those countries for more than 90 days. If you wish to remain in any of the EU countries, you must obtain a Certificate of Registration.

There are different Portugal visa types that exist to meet the purpose of your trip to Portugal, such as Tourist visa, Business visa, Airport Transit visa, etc. Therefore, you must know what brings you to Portugal to see the type of visa to obtain.

Ultimately, you must meet all requirements slated for the Portugal Schengen visa type you chose and then apply for your visa. You will have a great chance to receive a favourable decision regarding your visa if you submit all required documents and meet other eligibility criteria.

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Our expert team of immigration specialists can help you obtain a visa to Portugal.

Different Types Of Portugal Visas Available To Indonesians

As an Indonesian national, you have different types of Portugal visas to choose from. Remember, your choice of Portugal visa largely depends on the reason you want to enter Portugal. Here are the different types of Portugal visas:

Portugal Schengen Visa

The Portugal Schengen visa allows an Indonesian national to visit Portugal for various purposes. It is the easiest and fastest way to enter Portugal coupled with its more affordable processing fee. The Schengen visa is designed for Indonesian and other non-EU nationals who want to enter Portugal on a short-term basis.

The Schengen visa holder is only required to stay for 90 days in a period of 180 days in any member state of the Schengen region they want to visit. If you choose Portugal and wish to stay there longest, you must apply for a Portugal Schengen visa.

As a Portugal Schengen visa holder, you are also allowed to visit other Schengen countries without an additional visa because Portugal is a member state in the Schengen region. There are different types of Portugal Schengen visas to meet your purpose of entering Portugal, such as the Airport Transit visa, which allows you to switch flights in the Schengen region.

A Portugal Tourist visa allows its holder to enter Portugal for tourism, to visit family members, etc. Medical visa permits its holder to enter Portugal for medical treatment, and many other Schengen visas are designed for different purposes.

Before you are allowed to enter Portugal, you are required to be eligible and provide all the required supporting documents for your visa application. As an Indonesian citizen with a Portugal Schengen visa, you are not allowed to do paid work when you enter Portugal.

Golden Visa

If you are an Indonesian national who is looking for investment opportunities abroad, you may try Portugal’s Golden visa route. This visa is issued to non-EU citizens who want to invest and probably stay in Portugal on a long-term basis.

The Portugal Golden visa also offers its holder a route to permanent residency and citizenship. Before you are granted the Portugal Golden visa, you must first invest in Portugal and maintain that investment for up to 5 years.

During those 5 years, you are only required to spend 35 days in Portugal, that is, 7 days per year. This is unlike other routes to Portuguese citizenship that require applicants to stay longer on a residency permit before applying for Portuguese nationality.

There are various investment options for Indonesian citizens in Portugal, such as setting up a business to create job opportunities for Portuguese nationals, purchasing an already existing business, donating to a research organisation, etc.

In all, the main goal of investing in Portugal is to help boost the Portuguese economy. In return, you will be offered an opportunity to become a Portuguese citizen. With the Golden visa, you will be allowed to enter other countries in Europe without obtaining another visa.

Eligibility for a Portugal Golden Visa

Before you apply for a Portugal Golden visa, you must be eligible for it. The following are the eligibility criteria. You should:

  • Be a non-EU citizen
  • Be an adult (18 years and above)
  • Have your own money to make an investment
  • Invest in Portugal
  • Invest at least about €250,000 in the country
  • Maintain the investment you made in Portugal for 5 years
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Obtain a NIF number
  • Obtain a Portuguese bank account
  • Get medical health insurance worth €30,000.

Requirements for Portugal Golden Visa

The following are the requirements you must meet to obtain a Portugal Golden visa. You must:

  • Provide your valid Indonesian international passport. It must have a minimum of 2 blank pages and more than 3 months of validity after you return to Indonesia
  • Bring 2 passport-size photographs that meet the Portuguese visa photo criteria
  • Have a Portugal Golden visa application form. You must fill it out and then download it from the Portuguese official E-visa portal
  • Have a payment receipt obtained from the Portuguese ARI portal
  • Have evidence of a medical insurance policy worth at least €30,000 to cover any emergency expenses that may arise when you enter Portugal
  • Proof of no criminal record. Prove that you have no criminal record by presenting a Police Clearance Certificate (SKCK) obtained from the national police of Indonesia
  • Provide an affidavit as proof that you will maintain your investment for 5 years
  • Get any other documents regarding your investment in Portugal.

Processing Time

To obtain a Portugal Golden visa as an Indonesian national, you will wait for about 2 years.


You must pay €5,325 for the Portugal Golden visa application fee. When you want to renew it, you will pay €2,663. Additionally, you will pay €533 for the Portugal Golden visa processing fee and the same amount to renew it. Each of your family members is required to pay €83 processing fee and pay the same amount to renew it.

D7 Visa Portugal

The Portugal D7 visa is popularly known as the Portugal Digital Nomad visa, Retirement visa, or Passive Income visa. This visa is designed for independent income earners who want to enter Portugal and work for non-Portuguese employers.

As an independent income earner in Portugal with a D7 visa, you are required to only work for employers who are not in Portugal. Besides that, your income must not be paid within Portugal.

Your Portugal D7 visa will allow you to enter other countries in the European Union without obtaining an additional visa. You are permitted to bring your family with you to Portugal with your D7 visa, but you must prove your relationship with them.

Upon your entry into Portugal, it is advised you obtain long-term health insurance in the country. Your health insurance should last throughout your duration of stay in the Schengen area.

If you keep on meeting your Portugal D7 visa eligibility requirements, you will have a great chance to renew it for up to 5 years.

Eligibility for a Portugal D7 Visa

You must be eligible for a Portugal D7 visa before you apply. Here are the eligibility criteria:

  • You must have an NIF number
  • You should own a Portuguese bank account
  • You must earn a passive income of at least €8,460 yearly
  • You should live in Portugal for about 16 months in your first 2 years.

Requirements for a Portugal D7 Visa

Before you apply, ensure you meet all requirements for the Portugal D7 Visa. The requirements include:

  • Your 2 passport-size photographs. They must be identical and meet the standard of Portugal visa application photos.
  • Your Indonesian international passport has to be valid for about 6 months after the expiration of your D7 visa.
  • A Portugal D7 visa application form that is completed without errors. You can access the D7 visa application form on the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs webpage.
  • Your cover letter. Your cover letter has to tell the Portuguese authorities your financial status, your reason for entering Portugal, and the countries you want to visit in the Schengen region.
  • Proof of passive income. Provide a bank statement that shows your earnings of about €3,040 monthly, at least €8,460 yearly, or any other proof that you can cover your expenses in Portugal.
  • Your medical health care. Prove that you have about €30,000 to cover any unplanned medical expenses during your stay in Portugal.
  • Evidence of accommodation. Bring your rental agreement, a hotel reservation, etc. as proof that you have a place to stay when you enter Portugal.
  • Your criminal record certificate.

Processing Time

You may be required to wait for about 90 to 180 days for your Portugal D7 visa to be processed.


The Portugal D7 visa application fee is about €180. To get your residence permit from the Portuguese Immigration and Border Services (SEF), you must pay €320.

Portugal Study Visa

Indonesian citizens who want to further their education in Portugal must obtain a Portugal Study visa. You have three Portugal Study visa options to explore, such as the Short-Term Study visa, Temporary Study visa, and Long-Stay Study visa.

The type of Study visa you will choose depends on the length of your intended Study in Portugal. Indonesian citizens who want to partake in a course that will last within 3 months must choose a Short-Term Study visa.

If your study will exceed 3 months and be up to 12 months, you should obtain a Temporary Study visa. This visa is usually designed for vocational training, study programmes, or student exchanges.

But if your study will exceed 12 months, a Long-Stay Study visa is the most appropriate for you. You will have the option to renew your Long-Stay Study visa to measure up with the duration of your study in Portugal, provided you keep on meeting the Long-Stay visa requirements.

Eligibility Requirements for a Portugal Study Visa

Indonesian nationals who want to study in Portugal must fulfil the eligibility requirements of a Portugal Study visa. You must:

  • Provide your travel document or a valid Indonesian passport
  • Your 2 passport-size photographs that meet the Portuguese visa application criteria
  • A Portugal Study visa application form, issued by the Portuguese embassy
  • A letter of acceptance into an educational institution in Portugal
  • Evidence of enough funds to cover your expenses while in Portugal. You may prove this by providing your bank statements, proof of sponsorship, etc.
  • Proof of paid tuition fees. Prove that you have paid your required tuition fees to start your study in Portugal
  • Evidence of health insurance. Prove that you have an insurance policy that is valid across the Schengen region
  • Evidence of accommodation. You must show that you have a place to stay after you have entered Portugal, such as your dormitory, a hotel reservation, etc.
  • Criminal record certificate.

Processing Time

For the Portugal Study visa application, you may have to wait for about 3 months for it to be approved.


A payment of €90 is required of you for a Portugal Study visa application fee at the Portuguese embassy in Indonesia. After entering Portugal, you will pay €83 to obtain a residence permit. When it’s time to collect the residence permit you must pay €72 to the SEF.

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Portugal Work Visa

Getting a Work visa to Portugal from Indonesia requires you to first have a job offer from your Portuguese-based employer. Before your employer offers you a job, they must have advertised it for 30 days so that Portuguese or EU citizens can apply for it.

If no one is employed for the job, the Portuguese Institute of Employment and Vocational Training in Portugal (IEFP) will now declare that the job is open for a non-EU citizen to take. Thereafter, your employer will request a work permit from the Portuguese Labour Authorities.

Your work permit must state the type of work you will do and the location. You may then apply for a work visa and if your application is successful, you will be issued a residency visa which will allow you to enter Portugal.

Upon your entry into Portugal, you are required to change your residency visa into a work permit within your first 120 days of stay in the country. You must let the SEF know of your intention to change jobs or relocate.

If you wish to relocate or change jobs, you must apply for another work permit because your work permit must align with your work location and job description. You may get into big trouble if your work permit does not synchronise with your job in Portugal.

Eligibility Requirements for a Portugal Work Visa

There are some requirements you must meet to get a Portugal Work visa. They include:

  • Your 2 passport-size photographs that meet Portuguese visa photo standard
  • Your Indonesian valid international passport or travel document
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to meet your needs while in Portugal
  • Your employment contract
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Criminal record certificate
  • A document that permits the SEF to assess your criminal record
  • Proof of travel health insurance of about €30,000
  • Proof of legal entry (your visa) into Portugal (if you are already in the country)
  • Proof of legal stay, such as a residence permit if you are applying from another country other than Indonesia.

Processing Time

Indonesian nationals who apply for a Portugal Work visa are required to wait for about 2 to 3 months for it to be approved. To obtain a work permit, you will wait for about 60 days.


To obtain a Portugal Work visa, you must pay €90 at the Portuguese embassy closest to where you stay in Indonesia. When you are allowed into Portugal, you need to pay €83 to obtain a residence permit. Also, a payment of €72 is required of you to receive your residence permit from the SEF.

Remember that you are required to translate any document that is in Arabic into Portuguese or English. Ensure that all the documents are translated by a certified translator and have them notarised.

Get in touch with us to find out which Portugal visa is best suited to you, from Indonesia.

The Requirements & Documents For The Schengen Visa

Before you apply for a Schengen visa, you must meet the following requirements:

Your Indonesian International Passport

Bring your Indonesian international passport which must be valid for a minimum of 3 months after your Schengen visa has expired. It must have a minimum of 2 blank pages, where your visa will be attached.

Application Form for Schengen Visa

Get your Schengen visa application form that is fully filled out without errors. You can access it on the website of Portugal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You need to fill out and sign the application form for your dependent underage children if they are going to Portugal with you.

Your Passport Photograph

Provide your 2 passport pictures that are identical. They must also meet the requirements of the Schengen visa application photos.

Proof of Civil Status

Indonesian nationals must prove their civil status when applying for a Schengen visa. To prove your civil status, you must get your marriage certificate (if you are married).

If your spouse is dead, you may be required to get your spouse’s death certificate and if you have children, you may also need your children’s birth certificates.

Health Insurance Policy

You must present a health insurance policy that is valid across the Schengen zone. You must prove that you have a minimum of €30,000 to cover any medical-related bill that may arise while you are in Portugal. Any family member who wants to accompany you to Portugal must also present a different health insurance plan from yours.

Cover Letter

Bring a cover letter that explains the purpose of your trip to Portugal. It must explain to the embassy of Portugal in Indonesia the countries you intend to visit in the Schengen area and when you must exit Portugal.

Your Proof of Funds

You must prove that you have enough money on you to spend when you enter Portugal. You must show that you have a minimum of €40 to spend daily and about €75 whenever you want to visit Portugal. To prove you have enough funds, you must get your bank statements, proof of employment, payslips, etc.

Proof of Accommodation

You must prove that you will not be stranded when you enter Portugal. Convince the Portuguese authorities that you have a place to stay by presenting a rental contract, hotel reservation, or a letter of invitation from a relative whom you will stay with in Portugal.

Evidence of Paid Relevant Visa Fees

If you cannot prove that you have paid all the required payments, your Schengen visa application may be refused. Therefore present proof that you have paid your courier fees, travel insurance, translation fees, etc.

Employment Status

You must prove your employment status to the Portuguese embassy in Indonesia. Provide a letter from your company that shows you were granted leave if you are employed.

You must provide evidence that you will come back to Indonesia to continue your work once your visa expires. If you are applying to get a Portugal Study visa, you must bring a letter from your school that proves you are qualified to continue your studies in Indonesia.

Business people are required to bring their tax returns and business licence. At the same time, self-employed individuals may be required to get their last 6 months’ bank statements.

Your Connection to Indonesia

It is important that you prove to the Portuguese embassy that you have ties to Indonesia. These ties will serve as proof of your imminent return to Indonesia. To prove this, you must:

  • Bring your marriage certificate showing you will come back to your wife in Indonesia
  • Provide the birth certificates of your children, showing you will come back to be with your children
  • Bring a letter from your company acknowledging your trip to Portugal and your return date
  • Get an admission letter if you are a student. It must prove that you have good academic records and can continue your studies in Indonesia when your Portugal visa expires
  • Provide your business licence to prove that you have established a business in Indonesia you must come back to cater for
  • Present your flight itinerary to show that you already have plans to return to Indonesia once your Schengen visa expires.

Criminal Record Certificate

Before you are allowed to enter Portugal, the Portuguese authorities must carry out background checks on you. They need to be sure that you will not become a problem to public security when you enter the country.

Therefore, you are required to get a criminal record certificate, otherwise known as a Police Clearance Certificate (SKCK) from the national police of Indonesia. This certificate must prove that you have not been convicted of any crime in Indonesia.

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Costs Associated With The Schengen Visa Application

If you want to enter Portugal as an Indonesian citizen, you must pay the Portugal Schengen visa fee. The fees are:

  • €40 for children (6 to 12 years old)
  • €80 for adults

Some people are allowed to enter Portugal for free, they include:

  • Representative of a nonprofit organisation (below 25 years)
  • Children below 6 years old
  • Students and teachers on a school trip
  • Diplomatic passport holders who are on official trips

Note that you must pay for the translation of your documents to meet your Portugal visa requirements and pay for additional fees, such as courier fees, travel insurance, etc.

To apply for your Portugal work visa with ease and minimal hassle, reach out to us today.

How To Apply for a Portugal Schengen Visa From Indonesia

You are required to follow certain steps to apply for a Portugal Schengen visa from Indonesia. The following is how to apply for a visa to Portugal:

Choose Your Visa Type

First, you must check the best visa type that meets your travel purpose. Choosing your visa type will help you to know the documents required of you.

Assemble Your Documents

You must bring all the supporting documents for your specific visa type. You must ensure that these documents are complete and error-free.

Fill Out Your Application Form

Provide all information required in your Portugal visa application form. Avoid errors or omissions while filling out your application form.

You have the option to download the form, fill it out, and submit it in person, or you can apply online. Just choose the option that you prefer.

Fix an Appointment

After filling out your application form, you can now schedule an appointment with the Portuguese embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia. You will be interviewed, have your biometric information (photographs and fingerprints) taken, and submit your documents at the appointment.

Pay Your Visa Fees

You can pay your visa fees immediately after scheduling your appointment. Depending on the payment method the Portuguese embassy in Indonesia accepts, you may be required to pay online.

You may also be required to pay in cash if they accept cash payments or pay with your credit card. Ensure you also include proof of all payments in your supporting documents.

Submit the Visa Application

After making all payments and showing proof of those payments, submit your visa application at your nearest Portuguese embassy in person.

Portugal Visa Processing

Upon receiving your application, the immigration officers at the embassy will start to review the application. At the end of the review, they will make a decision that is influenced by the information you have included in your visa application. You will be granted a Portugal visa if your application is successful.

Collect Your Visa

Once a decision is made regarding your Portugal Schengen visa application, you will be asked to come and pick it up. You will be told where and when to pick up your visa if your application is successful.

Portuguese Schengen Visa Processing Time

After you have submitted your Portugal Schengen visa to the Portuguese embassy in Indonesia, they will start to review your documents. This review will take about 15 days or less to be completed.

Your individual situation largely determines whether you should wait for up to 30 or 60 days to get a decision on your visa application. This is why you should apply for your Portugal Schengen visa weeks ahead of your intended travel date. The ideal time to apply for a Portugal visa is typically 1 to 3 months.

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Extending My Schengen Visa in Portugal: What Are The Options?

You are required to leave Portugal once your Schengen visa expires and wait until the initial 180-day validity period has expired before you reapply for another Schengen visa to enter Portugal.

However, you have an option to apply for a Schengen visa extension. An extension for a Schengen visa is not usually granted to applicants because they must provide solid reasons to extend their stay in Portugal.

Some reasons, such as violent protests or a war break out in Indonesia, may be considered by the SEF to grant you a Schengen visa extension. Also, having a family member who solely relies on your help in Portugal may also be a solid reason to extend your visa.

If you wish to extend your Portugal Schengen visa, do not worry, IAS can help. We have professional immigration lawyers who have assisted Indonesian nationals in extending their Schengen visas.

We are experienced and know our way around all immigration-related matters including how to navigate the application process of the Schengen visa extension. Call us today on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or contact us online for immediate assistance.

For expert guidance in all the processes involved in your visa application, get in touch with our lawyers.

Is It Possible For My Portuguese Schengen Visa to Be Revoked?

Yes, it is possible to have your Portugal Schengen visa revoked, especially if the Portuguese authorities discover that you no longer qualify to hold the visa.

A deadline to leave Portugal will be given to you once your visa is revoked. If you are still in Portugal after the given deadline, you will henceforth be considered an illegal resident in the country.

Remember that if you cannot show the border officer your entry requirements, it can also cause the revocation of your Schengen visa.

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How Can IAS Help?

You have different types of Portugal visas to obtain if you want to enter Portugal from Indonesia. Ensure that the visa you obtain aligns with your purpose of entering Portugal.

You are required to provide important documents the immigration officers will use to assess your eligibility to enter Portugal. Additionally, ensure that you make all required payments correctly because overpayments or wrong payments are nonrefundable.

If you have never applied for a visa by yourself before, it is advised you seek expert guidance. We have experienced immigration advisers at IAS who have helped Indonesian applicants to enter Portugal.

We have a track record of helping applicants actualise their dream goal of entering Portugal to advance their studies, visit family, etc. Let us help you enter Portugal hassle-free.

We can assist you in assembling the required documents and be by your side throughout your Portugal visa application process. If you need more clarifications regarding the Portugal visa, the requirements, and the fees, call us today on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or contact us online.

We offer immigration advice sessions as face to face appointments at all of our UK offices, or via the phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Indonesian nationals are required to obtain a visa to visit Portugal. This is because Portugal and Indonesia do not have a visa-free agreement. Countries that have a visa-free agreement with Portugal are allowed to visit Portugal without a visa.

As an Indonesian citizen, if you want to enter Portugal or any other country in the Schengen zone, you are required to have travel insurance.

Yes, you can bring your family (dependents) to Portugal if you have a valid residence permit. Some of your family members who can join you are your registered partner, underage children, and first-degree relatives who are dependent on you.

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