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Portugal Visa from Nigeria

As a Nigerian resident or citizen, you can apply for a Portugal visa if you meet the eligibility requirements.

Are you interested in knowing more about Portugal visas from Nigeria? Contact our team at +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online. We are always available to answer your questions about Portuguese visas, including details on how to apply, eligibility requirements and the payable fees needed for the application.

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    Portugal visa from Nigeria Overview

    As a Nigerian, you must apply for a visa to visit, study, work or do business in Portugal. The visa type you will apply for depends on your intention of going to the country.

    The most common visa Nigerians apply for is the Schengen or visit visa. Nigerians can use this visa to tour Portugal and other Schengen countries in 90 days out of a possible 180.

    This is also the visa you must apply for as a Nigerian if you are going for medical treatment, business or work conferences, vacation, or religious purposes.

    Aside from the visit visa, there are other visas available for Nigerians. They have longer wait times and have higher application fees than the visit visa.

    It is essential that you know that you must meet all the eligibility and financial requirements before you are granted a visa.

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      Types Of Portugal Visas Available For Nigerian Citizens

      Nigerians have a wide range of options to choose from as it concerns Portugal visa application.

      The visa you are applying for must match your reason for travelling to Portugal.

      Below are some Portuguese visas you may want to apply to:

      • Portugal Golden Visa
      • Portugal D7 Visa.
      • Portugal Student Visa.
      • Portugal Tech Visa.
      • Portugal Startup Visa.
      • Portugal D2 Visa.
      • Portugal Visit Visa.

      Portugal Golden Visa


      As a Nigerian, you can choose to move to Portugal permanently by applying for a golden visa. It is also one of the fastest routes to Portuguese citizenship or permanent residence.

      You must invest between €200,000 and €500,000 in Portugal to get the golden visa. You are also required to maintain this investment for at least 5 years. At the culmination of these 5 years, you can apply to become a citizen or permanent resident.

      If you are a golden visa holder, you and your family can visit other Schengen countries for 90 days without a visa.

      The Portuguese government has many incentives for Nigerians who have the golden visa. As a golden visa holder, you can:

      • Visit the Schengen area without applying for a visa.
      • Get Portuguese citizenship or permanent residence after 5 years.
      • Choose not to pay taxes from income obtained outside of Portugal.
      • Move to Portugal with your family members (your spouse, children, parents and dependent siblings).

      To be eligible for the golden visa, you have to be:

      • At least 18.
      • Free from any criminal conviction in Nigeria and any other country you have spent at least 3 months in the past 5 years.
      • Investing in Portugal with funds gotten abroad.
      • Able to cater to your cost of living while you are in Portugal.
      • Investing in Portugal with any amount between €200,000 and €500,000.
      • Holding an account in any bank in Portugal with a valid NIF number.
      • Ready to sign an affidavit promising to maintain your investment in Portugal for at least 5 years.
      • Medically insured with a health policy worth at least €30,000.

      Eligible Investments for the Golden Visa

      If you are interested in applying for a golden visa, you must make your investment in any of the routes below:

      • Investing €200,000 to €400,000 to repair a cultural heritage that is getting dilapidated.
      • Investing €500,000 in building a new company or business that can give 10 people permanent jobs.
      • Investing €400,000 in an existing company or business that can provide 8 permanent jobs.
      • Investing €200,000 to €400,000 in science, tech or engineering research that will happen in Portugal.

      Getting confused on what type of Portugal visas to choose from? Our expert immigration lawyers will be happy to help. Contact Us

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        Portugal D7 Visa (Digital Nomad Visa)


        The digital nomad visa (D7) is a visa for Nigerians interested in working remotely in Portugal. So, if you are a Nigerian freelancer, passive income earner, self-employed citizen or digital nomad, you can apply for a D7 visa.

        The D7 visa permits you to work remotely in Portugal, provided the source of your remote work is not from Portugal. If you are on this visa, you cannot take another job in Portugal, not even remotely.

        There are 2 types of the D7 visa: the temporary stay and the residency visa.

        With the temporary stay visa, you can stay for 1 year in Portugal. As the 1 year elapses, you can get a 2-year extension. This visa allows you multiple entries into Portugal, and you can visit other Schengen countries, too.

        If you get a temporary stay visa, you cannot move to Portugal with your family or get permanent residence or citizenship.

        The residency visa offers a 2-year stay in Portugal with double entry into the country. After the 2 years elapse, you can get a 3-year extension. Unlike the temporary visa, this is a route to citizenship and permanent residence. You are also free to move to Portugal with your family.

        If you apply for the D7 visa in Nigeria, you will be issued a 4-month permit to enter Portugal. Upon getting to Portugal, you have to change the entry permit into a resident permit to stay in Portugal.

        Eligibility Requirements

        Here are the requirements you must meet before applying for a D7 visa:

        • You must have an ECOWAS passport, valid for up to 3 months after the expiration of your visa.
        • You must have an NIF number obtained from a Portuguese tax office.
        • You must have a birth certificate that shows you are above 18.
        • You must have no criminal history certificate from Nigeria.
        • You must have medical insurance accepted throughout the EU and worth at least €30,000.
        • You must present a cover letter explaining why you want to move to Portugal.
        • You must show birth and marriage certificates if you intend to travel with your family.
        • You must have a bank account in Portugal.
        • You must present a recent passport photograph taken no earlier than 6 months ago.
        • You must earn at least €3040 monthly if you are a freelancer or €8460 per year if you are a passive income earner.

        Portugal Student Visa


        As a Nigerian, you can conduct research or study in Portugal, but you must apply for a student visa.

        There are 2 types of student visas: the short-stay study visa and the long-stay study visa.

        If you are taking a course that will not last for up to 90 days, you must apply for the short-stay visa, which is valid for 90 days.

        If you want to take up a course that will take you more than 90 days to finish, you have to apply for the long stay visa, valid for 1 year. You can always renew the study visa if your course lasts more than 1 year.

        The Portugal student visa is not a route to permanent residence or citizenship. However, you can come to Portugal with your spouse and children while studying.

        Eligibility Criteria

        If you want to apply for a student visa, you have to show your eligibility by submitting the following documents:

        • Proof you can support yourself financially in Portugal. A bank statement, sponsorship letter or certificate of funding can suffice.
        • Acceptance letter from the school you are going to.
        • Evidence that you have paid the tuition fee as mandated by your school. A sponsorship or scholarship letter can also suffice in place of school fee payment.
        • ECOWAS passport issued within the last 10 years and valid for at least 3 months before the study visa expires.
        • Evidence you have a place to stay in Portugal. You can show you have rented a flat, bought a house, have an invitation letter from someone or have a space in the school’s dormitory.
        • Medical Insurance policy with a minimum value of €30000.
        • Duly signed Portugal visa application form.
        • Recent passport photographs.
        • Criminal history certificate from the Criminal Investigative Department (CID) of the Nigerian Police.

        Applying for a visa is a complicated process. Let our team of immigration specialists help you! Contact Us

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          Portugal Tech Visa


          The Portugal tech visa is a work visa granted to highly skilled Nigerians in tech and innovation.

          You and the company offering you employment must meet certain requirements for the tech visa.

          The company must not be in tax or social security debt. It must not also be a company undergoing restructuring.

          It is also mandatory for the company to have an account with the IAPMEI, get a tech visa certification and be approved to employ talents overseas.

          Eligibility Requirements

          If you are interested in the tech visa program, here are the Portugal visa requirements:

          • Be a citizen of Nigeria without a permanent residence visa in any country in the EU.
          • Be free of any criminal conviction.
          • Be 18 years and above.
          • Be a tax-compliant citizen.
          • Be at least a Bachelor’s degree holder with 5 years of industry experience.
          • Be skilled in French, Spanish, Portuguese or English.

          Portugal Startup Visa

          As a Nigerian, you can apply for a Startup visa if you have a project you want to start in Portugal. You can apply for the Startup visa alone or with a group of a maximum of 5 working on a business plan.

          Eligibility Criteria

          If you want to apply for the Startup visa, you have to meet the requirements below. You must:

          • Be a Nigerian without a permanent residence in any European country.
          • Be above 18.
          • Be free of any criminal convictions.
          • Be ready to either start a new venture in Portugal or establish a branch of your venture in Portugal.
          • Be able to present a bank statement showing you have held at least €5146.80 every month for 1 year.
          • Be planning to launch a venture in energy, biotech and pharmacy, medicine, electronics, communications, media and IT.
          • Be under the guidance of a government-appointed business incubator.

          Your venture must:

          • Be viable enough to provide permanent employment in Portugal.
          • Be under the incubator term for 3 years.
          • Be projected to have at least €325,000 in 5 years.

          Portugal D2 Visa

          This visa is also called the entrepreneurship visa, and it is available for Nigerians who want to start a business in Portugal. You have to be ready to create a new business in Portugal, open a branch of your business in Portugal, or buy out all or some of the shares of a Portuguese company.

          Eligibility Requirements

          • Evidence that you have enough funds to survive in Portugal. You typically have to show you have €8,460 for 1 year. This amount increases if you are going with your family.
          • A solid business plan that shows how well-thought-out your idea is. The plan must also demonstrate your commitment to taking care of the business.
          • Criminal history certificate from the Nigerian Police and any other country you have lived in for 1 year. The document must not be older than 3 months.
          • EU-standard Medical Insurance worth at least €30,000.
          • Evidence you have somewhere to stay in Portugal.

          Grab a business opportunity in Portugal. Our team of expert immigration lawyers will help you get a Portugal D2 Visa, contact us today. Contact Us

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            Portugal Visit Visa


            You can apply for the Portugal visit visa, also known as the Schengen visa, if you want to visit Portugal for tourist purposes.

            You should apply for this visa to visit a friend or relative in Portugal, do a medical check-up, or attend a business, work or religious meeting. If you’re going to take up a study that won’t last up to 3 months, you can also apply for this visa.

            The visa is valid for 90 days and grants access to other countries in the Schengen area.

            Eligibility Requirements

            • ECOWAS passport with 2 blank pages free and valid after the expiration of your visa.
            • Duly signed visit visa application form.
            • Evidence of accommodation in Portugal like rental agreement, property deed or invitation letter.
            • Recent passport photograph.
            • Cover letter outlining what you will do in Portugal and how long you will stay.
            • Evidence you have enough money to take you to Portugal and back. The funds should also be enough for your daily living expenses. You should have €45-75 to spend daily.
            • Health insurance policy worth €30,000.
            • Evidence that you will return to Nigeria when your visa expires.
            • Criminal history certificate from the Nigerian Police.
            • Evidence of employment status that shows whether you are a student, an employee, a businessperson or self-employed.

            Required Documents For Portugal Visa From Nigeria

            Depending on the visa you are applying for, here are the documents you need to apply for a Portugal visa:

            • ECOWAS passport that proves your nationality and identity.
            • Duly completed and signed Portugal visa application form.
            • Criminal history certificate from the Police.
            • Evidence you have a place to stay in Portugal. This can be a rental agreement, property deed, invitation letter or proof that you have secured a space in the dormitory for students.
            • Proof you have enough funds for your trip and daily living.
            • Evidence you have invested in Portugal if you are applying for the golden visa.
            • Medical insurance worth €30,000.
            • Cover letter addressed to the Consulate explaining why you want to come to Portugal.
            • Proof of employment standing.
            • Evidence of ties to Nigeria. This could be evidence that you have a business or property to manage, school to attend, work to resume or family to return to.
            • Booked flights to and from Portugal for visit visa applicants.
            • Marriage and birth certificates if you are travelling with family.
            • Receipt of visa fee payment.
            • Recent passport photographs.
            • Proof you have a Portuguese bank account and NIF number.
            • Acceptance letter and evidence of school fees payment for the student visa.
            • Work contract for tech visa.
            • Consent form showing you permit the SEF to check if you have criminal records.

            How To Apply For a Portugal Visa From Nigeria

            Below is the Portugal visa process:

            • Get your documents in order. You can use the checklist above to prepare your documents for submission.
            • Fill out the visa application form. You must sign the form, or your application will be rejected.
            • Pay the stipulated visa fees. You will pay an extra 31,331 NGN as the VFS service charge.
            • Schedule the submission of your documents at the VFS website. Note that VFS Global handles all Portugal visa applications on behalf of the Portuguese Embassy in Abuja. You can find them at Sterling Bank Plaza, 3rd Floor, Plot 1083 Mohammadu Buhari Way, Central Business District, Abuja or Plot 110, Admiral Ayinla Way, Opposite Treasure Garden Estate, Third Roundabout, Lekki Phase I – Lagos. Schedule an appointment with them online.
            • Submit your documents, application form and biometrics.
            • Pick your visa when the VFS contacts you.

            Applying for a Portugal Visa might be challenging, but our team can simplify the process and provide personalized assistance to make it easy and hassle-free. Contact us now. Contact Us

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              Portugal Visa Fees

              Below are the fees for Portugal visas:

              Golden Visa

              • €533 is for the visa processing fee.
              • €83 is the processing fee for each family member.
              • €5325 for the visa application fee.

              D7 Visa

              • €75 if you are applying for a temporary stay visa.
              • €90 if you are applying for a residence visa.
              • €320 when you are issued a residence permit.

              Student Visa

              • €75 for the short-term visa.
              • €90 for the long-term visa.
              • €83 for the residence permit application.
              • €72 after the receipt of the residence permit.

              Tech Visa

              There is no application fee for the tech visa for now

              Startup Visa

              • €90 for the startup visa.

              D2 Visa

              • €90 for the visa application.
              • €155 for the residence permit.

              Visit Visa

              • €80 for visitors above 12.
              • €40 for visitors between 6 and 12.

              Portugal Visas Processing Times

              The processing time for each of the visas is stated below:

              Golden Visa

              It could take up to 2 years for your visa to be approved.

              D7 Visa

              It could take 12 to 24 weeks to get your entry permit and 14 days to obtain your residence permit after an interview with the SEF.

              Student Visa

              It could take 4 to 12 weeks to get a reply from the Embassy.

              Tech Visa

              A decision can be made on your application within 20 working days.

              Startup Visa

              A decision can be made on your application within 30 working days.

              D2 Visa

              It could take up to 60 days to get a reply from the Embassy.

              Visit or Tourist Visa

              Visit visas are usually replied to in 15 days.

              Note that these processing times could be longer due to the workload of the Embassy or visa application centre.

              Ensure your success in obtaining a Portugal Visa. Reach out to our expert immigration lawyers for guidance and assistance. Contact Us

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                Portugal Visa From Nigeria Rejected

                It is not unheard of for the Embassy to reject a visa application. Many factors could cause this, but the chief factor is not meeting the eligibility or financial requirements. Others could be incomplete or erroneous documentation.

                A visa application can also be rejected if you cannot prove you will return to Nigeria when your visa expires (for short-stay visas).

                You can contact our lawyers at IAS if you get a visa rejection. They will look into your case, advise you on what to do and appeal the denial if necessary.

                How Can IAS Help?

                We can make the process seamless if you are considering applying for a Portugal visa. At IAS, we have expert immigration lawyers who can take you by hand and lead you through the application process.

                We can help you gather your documents, assess your eligibility, and compile a compelling application.

                If you need more information about the visas or want to speak with our team, do not hesitate to call us at +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online.

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                          Frequently Asked Questions

                          You can apply for a Portugal visa if you have previously been denied. However, make sure you do not repeat the mistakes you made in the earlier application, as pointed out by the Embassy.

                          You can apply for a Portugal visa in person. You can also use a visa agency. If you want to use an agency, do not hesitate to contact us at Immigration Advice Service for a seamless application.

                          You can visit other Schengen countries with Portugal visas like the D7 visa, visit visa, D2 visa and entrepreneur visa.