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Portugal Visas From Algeria

Algerian citizens must obtain a Portugal visa to enter Portugal. This visa will allow you to enter other Schengen countries.

Reach out to our team at IAS to assist you with more information about obtaining a Portugal visa from Algeria. We will also give you detailed information about the eligibility requirements fees you must pay and the processing time. Call us today on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or contact us online.

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    Portugal Visas From Algeria: An Overview

    As an Algerian citizen, you are required to obtain a Portuguese visa to be allowed into Portugal. This is because Portugal and Algeria do not have a visa-free agreement. Besides that, Algeria is an African country that does not belong to the Schengen region.

    The Schengen region is made up of 27 countries in Europe that have decided to abolish border control. Because of this, citizens of the Schengen region member states can travel freely to and from any of the Schengen countries visa-free.

    To enter Portugal, Algerians and other citizens must obtain any of the Portugal Schengen visas that suit the reason for their travel. The Schengen visa will allow you to stay for at least 90 days within 180 days in Portugal. You can also enter other countries in the Schengen region with this visa.

    If you intend to stay in Portugal the longest or your point of entry into the Schengen region is Portugal, you must apply for the Portugal Schengen visa. The Portugal Schengen visa is the most common way to enter the Schengen zone. It is a Short-Term visa and attracts the least processing fees.

    Despite the reason for your trip to Portugal, you must always meet the eligibility requirements of any visa that will allow you to enter Portugal.

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    Portugal Visa Options For Algerians

    There are different types of Portugal visas available for Algerian citizens to enter Portugal. These Portugal visas are designed to meet the various travel purposes of applicants. Therefore, you must first know the reason you want to enter Portugal and then choose the Portugal Schengen visa that suits it.

    The different types of Portugal visas available for Algerian citizens include:

    The Schengen Visa

    Algerian citizens who wish to explore the Portuguese welcoming culture and affordable lifestyle must obtain a Schengen visa. The Schengen visa will also allow you to enter different countries in Europe without needing an additional visa.

    The Schengen visa allows its holder a 90-day stay within a 180-day period inside the Schengen region. You can visit other Schengen countries with the Schengen visa. However, you must obtain a Portugal Schengen visa if Portugal is your point of entry or the Schengen country you plan to stay the longest.

    The Schengen visa is easier to get, coupled with its quick processing time as it is designed for Short-Stay travel purposes of applicants, especially for those who need medical treatment. Algerian nationals can enter Portugal with a Schengen visa to:

    • Take a short-term training or recreational course (with a Short-Study visa)
    • Visit family or for tourism (with a Tourist visa)
    • Switch flights at an airport in the Schengen region (with an Airport Transit visa)
    • Travel for health reasons (with a Medical visa)
    • Attend business events (with a Business visa)
    • Attend sports and cultural events (with a Portugal Visit visa for Cultural/Sports/Film Crew/Religious Purposes visa).

    Generally, all the Schengen visas are designed to meet the Short-stay purposes of applicants who want to enter the Schengen region. As a non-EU citizen, you are not allowed to do paid work or stay for more than 90 days as a Schengen visa holder. But if you wish to do paid work, you must apply for a Portugal National visa.

    D7 Visa Portugal

    Algerian nationals who want a calm environment to enjoy their last years in Portugal may obtain a Portugal D7 visa. The Portugal D7 visa is popularly known as the Passive Income visa, Portugal Digital Nomad visa, or the Retirement visa. This visa is suitable for independent income earners and also allows its holder to enter other countries in the European Union without an additional visa.

    As an independent worker, you are required to work and earn from an employer outside Portugal. When you obtain your D7 visa, you are allowed to bring your family with you. But before that, you must prove that you are related to them.

    When you enter Portugal on a Portugal D7 visa, it is advised to register for long-term health insurance with either a private or public healthcare service provider in Portugal. It has to be valid for the entire time you will stay in Portugal.

    You can renew this visa for up to 5 years and qualify for Portugal permanent residency. As long as you are eligible and meet the requirements for the D7 visa, you will stand a chance to obtain this visa.

    Portugal D7 Visa Eligibility

    Before you apply for the D7 visa, you must meet some eligibility criteria:

    • Have proof of passive income. You must prove that you have a minimum passive income of about €8,460 yearly.
    • Have a Portuguese NIF number.
    • Have a bank account.
    • Reside in Portugal for 16 months minimum within the first 2 years.

    Portugal D7 Visa Requirements

    You must meet the D7 visa requirements before you apply. They include:

    • Your Portugal D7 visa application form. Fill out your D7 visa application form error-free. You can access the Portugal D7 visa application form on the webpage of Portugal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    • Your Algerian international passport. It should be valid for about 6 months after your D7 visa has expired.
    • Passport-size photographs. Present two identical photographs that meet the Portuguese visa application requirements.
    • Proof of passive income. You must provide your work contract, bank statements having about €3,040 monthly, about €8,460 yearly, or any other evidence that proves you will continue receiving money during your stay in Portugal.
    • Cover letter. Your cover letter should explain the reason you want to enter Portugal, how long you will stay, your financial status, and other important personal and work-related details.
    • Medical health insurance. Show that you have travel insurance in place to cover unplanned medical expenses if it arises during your stay in Portugal. It should be valid in Portugal and worth €30,000.
    • Proof of accommodation. You can show that you have where to stay in Portugal by presenting a rental agreement or proof that you have a property in Portugal.
    • Criminal record certificate. You must get the criminal record certificate, otherwise known as the Police Clearance Certificate (PPC), which must prove that you have not partaken in any criminal act in Algeria. You must get this certificate from the Criminal Register Branch, Ministry of Justice in Algeria.

    Processing Time

    The time it typically takes to approve your Portugal D7 visa is from 90 to 180 days.


    You are required to pay €180 to process your Portugal D7 visa application. Besides that, you must pay €320 to get your residence permit from the Portuguese Immigration and Border Services (SEF).

    Apart from the mentioned fees above, you may pay to get supporting documents for your application. Generally, whether you made a wrong payment or an overpayment at any stage of your application, you will not be refunded.

    Portugal Golden Visa

    Portugal’s Golden visa, otherwise known as the Residence Permit Programme, offers Algerian nationals and other non-EU citizens opportunities to invest in Portugal. After you have invested in Portugal, you must show proof of your investment before you will be issued a residence permit.

    The Portugal Golden visa programme offers a route to Portuguese citizenship. But this does not mean that you will become a Portuguese citizen once you invest in Portugal. You can only become eligible to apply for Portuguese nationality when you have invested in Portugal, maintained the investment for 5 years, and met all other requirements.

    Your investment in Portugal could be by creating employment opportunities, funding either a private or government-owned research organisation, etc., to boost the economy of Portugal.

    Unlike other routes to Portuguese citizenship, the Golden visa will not require you to provide proof of 5 years stay in Portugal. This is because you are only required to stay for at least 35 days within 5 years in Portugal, that is, 7 days per year. Additionally, you will be allowed to enter other countries in the Schengen region with your Portugal Golden visa.

    Portugal Golden Visa Eligibility

    You must be eligible for a Portugal Golden visa before you can apply. Therefore, you must:

    • Be 18 years old or above
    • Be a non-EU citizen
    • Invest in Portugal
    • Own your investment money
    • Have no criminal record
    • Maintain your investment for 5 years. When those 5 years have elapsed, you are free to liquidate your investment if you wish to do so
    • Have medical health insurance of about €30,000
    • Have a NIF number
    • Have a Portuguese Bank Account
    • Make a minimum investment of about €250,000 in Portugal.

    Portugal Golden Visa Requirements

    To make a Golden visa request, you must provide some documents. They include:

    • Your Portugal Golden visa application form. After filling out your Portugal Golden visa application form, you can download it from their official E-visa portal.
    • Your two passport-size photos that are identical and meet the standard of Portuguese visa photos.
    • Algerian valid international passport that was issued to you within the last 10 years. It must have at least two blank pages that will bear your visa. Additionally, it must be valid for more than 3 months after you have returned to Algeria.
    • Proof of having a minimum of €30,000 as medical health insurance to cater for any emergency that may arise during your stay in Portugal.
    • Evidence of no criminal record. Provide a police clearance certificate obtained in the last 3 months to show that you have not been convicted and will not pose a threat to public order in Portugal.
    • A sworn affidavit that your investment will be maintained for at least 5 years.
    • A payment receipt from the Portuguese ARI portal.
    • Any other document that is related to your investment in Portugal.

    Processing Time

    It may take about 2 years for your Portugal Golden visa to be processed.


    You are required to pay about €5,325 for your Portugal Golden visa application fee and pay €2,663 to renew it. You must pay about €533 for its processing and the same amount for its renewal. For each of your family members, you must pay about €83 and the same amount to renew it.

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      Portugal Study Visa

      If you are an Algerian citizen who wants to enter Portugal to advance your educational career, this visa will meet your needs. The Portugal Study visa is of three types, namely, the Short-Term Study visa, Temporary Study visa, and Long-Stay Study visa.

      Non-EU citizens including Algerians who want to enter Portugal and take a course that lasts within 3 months must obtain a Short-Term Study visa. The Short-Term Study visa will allow you to stay in Portugal for 90 days.

      The Temporary Study visa will allow you to enter Portugal to partake in study programmes, student exchanges, or vocational training that will last from 3 to 12 months. A Long-Stay Study visa will allow you to stay in Portugal to partake in a course that lasts for more than 1 year.

      There is always an option to renew your Long-Stay Study visa depending on the length of your course and whether you keep meeting the visa requirements.

      Portugal Study Visa Eligibility Requirements

      Before you apply for a Portugal Study visa, you must meet eligibility criteria. They include:

      • Your valid passport or travel document.
      • Two passport-size photographs that conform with the Portuguese visa application guidelines.
      • Your letter of acceptance into the Portuguese educational institution.
      • Evidence of paid tuition. If you have a scholarship, you must provide a document to prove it.
      • Your Portugal Study visa application form (issued by the Portuguese embassy).
      • Proof of travel health insurance that is valid throughout the Schengen area.
      • Proof of enough funds to pay your bills while in Portugal. To prove this, you are required to provide a bank statement, scholarship, proof of sponsorship, etc.
      • Proof of accommodation. You must prove that you have a place to reside when you enter Portugal, such as a hotel reservation, school dormitory, etc.
      • Your criminal record certificate. It must be issued to you by the Criminal Register Branch, Ministry of Justice in Algeria.

      Processing Time

      It typically takes about a few weeks to 3 months to approve your Portugal Study visa.


      For your Portugal Study visa, you are required to pay €90 at the Portugal embassy closest to you in Algeria. Then, on entry into Portugal, you must pay €83 to apply for your residence permit. You will also pay €72 to get your residence permit from the SEF.

      Portugal Work Visa

      If you are an Algerian national who wants to work without restrictions in Portugal, you must obtain a Portugal Work visa. Before you apply for this visa, you must first have a job offer from your employer in Portugal.

      Your employer has to request a work permit on your behalf to the Portuguese Labour Authorities. The work permit must indicate the type of job you will do and the job location. Prior to this stage, your employer must have advertised the job you have been offered to Portuguese or EU nationals.

      After the advertisement of this job which will last for 30 days, the Portuguese Institute of Employment and Vocational Training in Portugal (IEFP) will now consider it as a job a non-EU citizen can take.

      Upon a successful work visa application, you will be issued a residency visa that will grant you entry into Portugal. When you enter Portugal you will have about 120 days to turn your residency visa into a work permit that will let you work in the country.

      If you wish to relocate or get a new job, you must also file for another work permit. Hence, your work permit must synchronise with your job and work location. If it does not match, you risk possible deportation.

      Portugal Work Visa Eligibility Requirements

      You must provide the following documents to apply for the Portugal Work visa:

      • Your Algerian valid international passport or travel document.
      • Two passport-size photographs that conform with the Portuguese visa application guidelines.
      • Proof of enough funds to pay your bills while in Portugal.
      • Criminal record certificate. You must get a criminal record that proves that you have not partaken in any criminal act in Algeria.
      • A document allowing the SEF to check your Portuguese criminal record.
      • Proof of travel health insurance worth €30,000.
      • Your employment contract.
      • Proof of accommodation.
      • Evidence of legal entry (such as a visa) into Portugal, if you are already in the country.
      • Evidence of legal stay (such as a residence visa or permit), if you are applying from another country other than Algeria.

      Processing Time

      Before you get your Portugal Work visa, you must wait for about 2 to 3 months for it to be approved. Typically, it will take about 60 days to receive a work permit from the SEF.


      To obtain a Portugal Study visa, you are required to pay €90 at the Portugal embassy closest to you in Algeria. On entry into Portugal, you must pay €83 to apply for your residence permit. Additionally, you will pay €72 to get your residence permit from the SEF.
      Note that all these mentioned documents for Portugal visas must be translated from French or Arabic into English or Portuguese. The documents must be notarised after being translated by a certified translator.

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        Requirements And Eligibility For The Portugal Schengen Visa

        You must meet the Portugal Schengen visa eligibility requirements before you apply for the visa. Here are the Portugal visa requirements:

        Your Passport Photograph

        Bring your 2 identical passport pictures that meet the requirements of Portugal Schengen visa application photographs.

        Your Algerian International Passport

        Provide your Algerian international passport as it is another way to prove your nationality. It should be valid for an additional 3 months after you have returned to Algeria. Your passport must have at least 2 blank pages where your visa will be attached.

        Application Form for Schengen Visa

        Provide your Schengen visa application form. Ensure you complete it correctly after downloading it from the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you are travelling with your underage children, you will need to fill out and sign their application forms.

        Proof of Civil Status

        You must prove your Algerian civil status by presenting your marriage certificate only if you are married. You will also provide your children’s birth certificate (if you have children), your spouse’s death certificate (if your spouse has died), and so on.

        Health Insurance Policy

        Algerian applicants must prove that they have a medical health insurance policy to apply for a Portugal Schengen visa. This health insurance has to be acceptable across the Schengen zone.

        The medical health insurance has to be at least a minimum of €30,000 to cover any unplanned medical expenses that may arise while you are in Portugal. If your family members are coming with you, their health insurance policy must not be the same.

        Proof of Funds

        Prove that you have enough money to cover your expenses while you are in Portugal. You must have at least €40 to spend daily and a minimum of €75 whenever you intend to enter Portugal.

        The documents to prove this include bank statements, payslips, proof of employment, etc., and must prove that you are financially stable to cater for your needs in Portugal.

        Proof of Accommodation

        You are required to show that you have a place to stay once you enter Portugal. The Portuguese authorities do not want foreigners to become stranded or rather become a burden to the public.

        To prove that you have a place to stay, present a Portuguese hotel reservation, rental contract, property deed (proof that you bought a house), or a letter of invitation from your Portuguese-based family member.

        Cover Letter

        Your cover letter must explain the reason behind your intended trip to Portugal. You must also clearly tell the Portuguese embassy your travel plans, such as the countries you want to visit while in the Schengen zone, and when you will leave Portugal.

        Proof of Paid Relevant Visa Fees

        Your Schengen visa application may be rejected if you do not prove that you have made all required payments. Prove that you have paid for your documents’ translation fees, courier service (if you used one), travel insurance, and third-party service provider fees.

        Employment Status

        It is important that the Portuguese embassy knows your employment status in Algeria. If you are employed, you must show a letter to prove that your company granted you leave.

        You must prove that you will return to Algeria to continue working for your company.
        If you are a business person, you must provide your tax returns and business license. But if you are self-employed, you are required to bring your bank statement for the last 6 months.

        Algerian nationals applying for Study visas will bring a letter from their school that proves they qualify to continue their studies in Algeria.

        Connection to Algeria

        You must convince the Portuguese embassy that you will come back to Algeria once your stay duration in Portugal expires. Prove this by presenting your:

        • Admission letter. This proves that you are still qualified to continue your studies in Algeria (if you are a student).
        • Marriage certificate, showing that you will come back to your spouse in Algeria.
        • Children’s birth certificates. This proves that you have children in Algeria you must come back to cater for.
        • Business licence, showing that you have a business you must go back to run in Algeria.
        • A letter from your company, confirming that they are aware of your trip to Portugal and your imminent return.
        • Flight itinerary that proves you already have return plans to Algeria when your Portugal Schengen visa expires.

        Criminal Record Certificate

        You must provide a criminal record certificate to prove that you have no criminal charges leveled against you in Algeria. It should convince the Portuguese authorities that you will not engage in any criminality in Portugal. In Algeria, the relevant authority that will issue you a Police Clearance Certificate is the Criminal Register Branch, Ministry of Justice, and it must be obtained in the last 3 months.

        Providing these requirements may be overwhelming for you. Do not worry, IAS can help. We have dedicated professional immigration advisers who are always available to help you assemble all your required documents and arrange them correctly.

        This is what we have done for many Algerian citizens who have successfully entered Portugal. Call us today on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or contact us online.

        Portuguese Schengen Visa Fees For Algerians

        Algerian nationals who want to enter Portugal for various purposes must pay to obtain a Portugal Schengen visa. The visa fee to be paid for a Portugal Schengen visa includes:

        • €80 for Algerian adult citizens
        • €40 for Algerian children from 6 to 12 years old

        The people allowed to enter Portugal for free include:

        • Teachers and students on a school trip
        • People who hold diplomatic passports on an official trip
        • Representative of a nonprofit organisation (not above 25 years)
        • Children below 6 years old.

        It is important to note that there may be other fees to pay during your Schengen visa application, such as travel insurance, courier fees, etc.

        Portuguese Schengen Visa Processing Time Once The Application Is Submitted

        The Portuguese embassy will start to review your documents after receiving your application. Typically, it takes about 15 days or less to process your Portuguese Schengen visa application.

        Whether you will even wait for 30 or 60 days to get a decision on your visa depends on your unique situation. Therefore, it is better to apply for your Portuguese Schengen visa about 1 to 3 months before your travel date.

        To obtain a Portugal schengen visa with ease and minimal hassle, reach out to us today. Contact Us

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          Step By Step How To Apply For a Portugal Schengen Visa From Algeria

          You must follow a step-by-step guide when applying for your Portuguese Schengen visa. The steps include:

          Determine Your Visa Type

          You must choose a type of Portugal Schengen visa available that meets your travel purpose. This is the first stage, as it will determine the documents you must bring.

          Provide Your Documents

          Gather and arrange your documents correctly. Ensure that all your required documents are complete in your file because it will make your application a lot easier.

          Complete Your Application Form

          Fill out your application form by providing all required details error-free. You may apply online or submit in person after downloading and filling out the form.

          Schedule an Appointment

          You must fix an appointment for your visa interview at the Portuguese embassy in Algeria. At the appointment, you will have your biometric information (fingerprints and photographs) taken and you will submit your documents.

          Pay Schengen Visa Fees

          Once you have booked your appointment, you can now pay for your visa fees. You may be required to pay online, using your credit card, or in cash if they accept cash payments.

          Attach a proof of payment in your supporting documents to prove that you have paid your visa application processing fee.

          Submit Your Visa Application

          Ensure you assemble all your required documents before you visit the nearest Portuguese embassy to submit your visa application in person.

          Portugal Visa Processing

          The immigration officers will assess your documents and make a decision depending on the information you have provided. If your application is successful, you will be granted a Portugal Schengen visa.

          Pick Up Your Visa

          You will be notified regarding the decision made on your visa application. Upon a successful application, you will be informed of where and when to come and pick up your passport with an attached visa.

          Extending Your Stay: The Options

          If you do not extend your current Portugal visa, you must leave the country at once, thereafter, you will reapply for a Portugal Schengen visa. Although the possibility of extending your Schengen visa is low, it does not mean that it is impossible.

          There are unplanned events that may require you to extend your stay in Portugal, such as a war break out in Algeria, humanitarian reasons, late entry into Portugal, etc. Once the SEF believes that you deserve to be granted an extension of stay, it will be given to you.

          We have helped several Portugal Schengen visa applicants get an extension of stay in Portugal. We have experienced, professional immigration lawyers at IAS who know their way around all immigration-related matters including how to make a compelling application for a Schengen visa extension.

          If you would like to extend your stay, call us today on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or contact us online.

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            How Can IAS Help?

            Algerian citizens who apply for their Schengen visas correctly will most likely receive a favourable decision. There are several reasons that may cause a visa refusal, such as incomplete documentation, ineligibility, etc.

            You must ensure that your travel purpose aligns with the visa type you chose. If you are an Algerian national who has never done this before, it is ideal that you seek expert guidance on how to navigate the Portugal Schengen visa application process.

            Our immigration lawyers at IAS are always ready to help you analyse your travel purpose and know the visa type that you need. We will also help you gather the required documents for your application. Besides that, we will always be around to offer guidance to you based on our years of experience in handling immigration matters.

            If you need more information about Portugal visas from Algeria, visa types, and the required supporting documents, get in touch with us. Call us today on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or contact us online.

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                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      If everything goes well with your application, it typically takes about 15 working days to obtain your Portugal visa.

                      Yes, you must translate all your documents from Arabic into English. After the translation, ensure that they are certified or legalised with the Portuguese Apostille Stamp to be accepted.

                      No, you must have a valid Algerian passport before you can apply for a Schengen visa. If your passport has expired or you have lost it, you must obtain a new one before you apply for the Schengen visa.