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Portugal Visas From Hong Kong

If you are a Hong Kong citizen wishing to visit Portugal, the visa process might be simpler than you think.

At the Immigration Advice Service (IAS), we’re here to guide you through every step. If you’re seeking expert advice or assistance with your application, give us a call at +44 (0)333 414 9244.


Do Citizens of Hong Kong Need a Visa To Enter Portugal?

Hong Kong citizens holding a Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) passport or British National Overseas (BNO) passport have the privilege of visa-free entry into Portugal.

Therefore, there is no need to deal with visa applications for short courses, holidays, or business trips. You can stay in Portugal for up to 90 days within any 180 days without a visa. This allows great time to explore historic cities, indulge in local cuisine, or attend business meetings.

However, it’s crucial to remember that this visa-free regime is solely for short stays. If one’s intention is to remain in Portugal for more extended periods or purposes such as work, study, or permanent settlement, then different visa regulations come into play.

It’s always wise to ensure your passport has a validity of at least three months beyond your intended stay. And for those considering longer stays or specific visa queries, seeking advice from experts like the team at the Immigration Advice Service can prove invaluable.

Our immigration team can assist you in obtaining a visa to Portugal.

Long Stay Portugal Visa Options & Residency For Citizens Of Hong Kong


Hong Kong citizens looking to extend their stay in Portugal should be aware of the long-stay visa options available. While short-term visits are hassle-free, longer residencies or specific purposes demand different visas. Here, we break down the primary visa categories that Hong Kong citizens need to be aware of if they’re considering a longer vacation in Portugal.

  • Portugal’s Golden Visa For Citizens Of Hong Kong
  • Portugal’s D7 Visa For Citizens Of Hong Kong
  • Portugal’s Study Visa For Citizens Of Hong Kong
  • Portugal’s Work Visa For Citizens Of Hong Kong
a city in Portugal

Portugal’s Golden Visa For Citizens Of Hong Kong


For the ambitious citizens of Hong Kong, Portugal’s Golden Visa serves as a glorious beacon, presenting the tempting attraction of Europe and its countless opportunities.

Eligibility: A Gateway for Global Investors

Hong Kong investors, with their reputation for sharp business understanding, find a welcome embrace in the Portuguese Golden Visa program. It is the perfect investment opportunity for non-EU investors looking to inject substantial investments into Portugal’s vibrant economy.

Investment Options

Establishing a venture that creates a minimum of 10 jobs for Portuguese residents is a surefire way to elevate the country’s economic dynamics, especially engaging Hong Kong entrepreneurs with global expansion in mind.

A capital transfer of at least €1 million, whether through bank deposits or acquiring Portuguese public debt instruments, offers a direct path to residency.

By injecting a minimum of €350,000 into nationally accredited research activities, Innovators nurture Portugal’s spirit of innovation.

A contribution of €250,000 towards the nation’s cultural, artistic, or historical conservation ensures the country’s heritage remains vibrant.

a man talking on the phone

Required Documents

Hong Kong citizens aiming for the Portugal Golden Visa need a set of documents:

  • A valid Hong Kong SAR passport or equivalent travel document.
  • Proof of the investment, be it bank statements or certificates of established ventures.
  • A no-criminal record certificate from both Hong Kong and any other country of residence over the last year.
  • Comprehensive health insurance covering the applicant’s stay in Portugal.
  • Documentation proving consistent income and a stable residence in Hong Kong.
  • A Portuguese tax number (NIF).
  • A solemn declaration affirming the applicant has yet to take undue advantage of the Portuguese National Health Service.
  • Fee payment receipt, a testament to the official beginning of the journey.
  • The signed document attests to the authenticity of the information provided and the commitment made.

For Hong Kong citizens pursuing Portugal’s Golden Visa, costs include an initial application fee of €5,325 per applicant. Processing fees start at €550, with renewals costing an extra €80. A residence permit card is priced at €5,340 for each family member. Medical insurance typically starts from €400 per family member, and there are additional banking and investment-related expenses to consider.

Application Process

Embarking on Portugal’s Golden Visa journey starts with assured eligibility, defined by specific investment avenues like job creation or capital commitment. Once this is established, gather the necessary documents, ensuring they’re translated into Portuguese and certified. The application process then moves online; applicants submit their details via the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) portal, accompanied by a fee of around €5,147.80.

After this, a biometric appointment with SEF captures essential data, including fingerprints and photographs. Following SEF’s verification, an initial approval surfaces within 48 hours. For those opting for deferred investments, this post-approval phase is crucial to finalise commitments. The visa initially lasts a year but can be renewed, provided the holder attaches to specified stay durations in Portugal.

Our expert team can assist Hong Kong investors in obtaining a Golden Visa in Portugal. Contact us today

Portugal’s D7 Visa For Citizens Of Hong Kong


The introduction of the D7 Visa, often referred to as the Passive Income Visa, Portugal has opened its doors wider for Hong Kong citizens. This visa allows them to reside in Portugal by demonstrating a steady income, offering a chance to live and breathe the Portuguese way of life. For many from Hong Kong, it’s more than just a visa – it’s an invitation to a new chapter in the heart of Europe.

Eligibility: A Path for Regular Earners

The D7 Visa, often termed Portugal’s Passive Income Visa, is designed for Hongkongers with a steady income who wish to reside in Portugal without seeking employment there. Eligibility hinges on demonstrating a reliable income source, be it from pensions for retirees, dividends for investors, or overseas earnings for digital drifters.

A single applicant must show an income at least equivalent to the Portuguese minimum wage. For those bringing dependents, the requirement increases an additional 50% of the minimum wage for the first dependent and 30% more for each subsequent dependent. The D7 visa ensures that its holders, and any accompanying family, can comfortably sustain themselves in Portugal. It’s recommended always to consult updated visa guidelines before application.

Required Documents

  • A Hong Kong passport with a validity of at least three months beyond the intended stay.
  • Documents reflecting your regular earnings like pension slips, dividend proofs, or income from property rentals.
  • This could be a rental agreement, property deed, or a hosting letter from a resident.
  • A comprehensive health insurance, either procured from Portugal or an internationally acclaimed provider.
  • The Hong Kong Police Force will issue a Certificate of No Criminal Conviction (CNCC).
  • A Portuguese tax number (NIF) is crucial for many bureaucratic processes in Portugal.
  • Two recent passport-sized photos, in line with specified standards.
  • A diligently filled and signed form for the residence visa.
  • A sworn statement confirming that you’ll stick to the stipulated purpose of your stay.

Processing Time

For Hong Kong citizens seeking the Portugal D7 visa, the initial processing typically takes 2 months. Upon arrival in Portugal, an additional 4 months is required to secure a residence permit. This visa offers a 4-month validity with 2 entries into Portugal.

Fee Structure

The temporary visa application costs approximately €75, while the residence permit incurs a charge of €90.

Application Process

Start by checking you meet the necessary income requirements. This step ensures your eligibility. Gather all your essential documents. If any papers are in Chinese, they’ll need translation. Once organised, visit the Portuguese Consulate in Hong Kong to submit your application.

After obtaining your visa, travel to Portugal. Within the first four months, visit the Immigration and Borders Service, commonly referred to as SEF. This visit is crucial to convert your visa into a residence permit, a mandatory requirement for an extended stay.

For those looking to reside longer in Portugal, remember to renew your residence annually. Continuously meeting the visa’s conditions is vital to ensure an uninterrupted stay. By adhering to these steps and maintaining a professional approach, you can seamlessly integrate into Portuguese life.

a man feeding the birds in Portugal

Portugal’s Study Visa For Citizens Of Hong Kong


For citizens of Hong Kong with academic aspirations, Portugal’s Study Visa offers an avenue to access the nation’s esteemed educational institutions. This visa facilitates Hongkongers’ pursuit of higher education in Portugal, whether for short-term courses or full-degree programs. The visa application process is tailored to ensure that students have the necessary academic qualifications and financial means to support their studies. In securing this visa, students from Hong Kong can immerse themselves in Portugal’s rich educational landscape, benefiting from a blend of traditional knowledge and modern education.

Eligibility: Route to Working in Portugal

For Hong Kong students wanting to study in Portugal, there are clear requirements. First, you need a letter from a Portuguese school or university saying you’ve been accepted. It would help if you also showed you have enough money for your course fees, a place to live, and day-to-day expenses. This means having at least €665 (around $790) every month.

If your family is coming with you, you’ll need more money to support them. On the other hand, if you’re from Hong Kong and want to study there, you need a special visa. This visa lasts three years and lets you come and go, but you can’t stay longer than two months at a time.

Required Documents

  • A valid Hong Kong passport, ensuring it extends beyond the study program’s end date.
  • The all-important acceptance letter marks your secured spot at the educational institution.
  • A comprehensive breakdown showcasing proof of funds sufficient to cover all expenses during the academic journey in Portugal.
  • The duration of your stay in Portugal is covered by valid health insurance.
  • A criminal record certificate originating from Hong Kong showcasing one’s integrity.
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs.
  • The meticulously filled application form is specific to a student visa.
  • A detailed flight itinerary showcasing your proposed entry and exit from Portugal.

Processing Time

The average processing time is 15 working days to process a student visa, but this can take anywhere from a few weeks to three months, depending on the type of visa, the number of applications at the embassy, and the applicant’s past travel history. Applicants enrolled in short-term courses can expect visa validity for three to six months, whereas those enrolled in longer courses can expect a visa for up to a year.

Fee Structure

An embassy fee of €90, submission of a residence permit at SEF costs €83, and obtaining the permit from SEF is €72. Depending on the visa’s duration, it can be €75 for short stays and €90 for longer durations.

Application Process

The academic dream in Portugal commences with securing a seat in a recognised institution. With the acceptance letter in hand, the subsequent steps involve collating the requisite documents, ensuring authenticity and precision. These documents, coupled with the visa application, are submitted to the nearest Portuguese Consulate in Hong Kong. A phase of anticipation follows, topping in the visa’s approval. Upon this affirmation, the visa finds its place stamped on the passport, clearing the decks for the student’s upcoming travel and academic journey in Portugal.

three students smiling at the camera

Build your future by studying in Portugal. Our experienced lawyers can help you obtain a study visa

Portugal’s Work Visa For Citizens Of Hong Kong


For Hong Kong citizens seeking employment opportunities in Portugal, a work visa is essential for stays beyond the visa-free period. While short visits don’t require a visa, taking up a job or extended professional engagement necessitates the formal addition of a work visa.

This visa ensures that Hongkongers are legally authorised to work and reside in Portugal for the duration of their employment contract. The application process entails submitting relevant documents, including a confirmed job offer from a Portuguese employer. Securing a work visa is a crucial step for any Hongkonger aiming to embark on a professional journey in Portugal.


Hong Kong citizens looking to work in Portugal need a valid job offer from a Portuguese employer. The job should have been advertised for at least one month, making sure no Portuguese or EU citizen was available for the role. It’s also essential to have a clear criminal record, meeting the standards set by Portuguese immigration law and border services.

Required Documents

  • Ensure it’s up-to-date and valid for at least three more months beyond your intended stay.
  • Bring along your Hong Kong ID and any other relevant identification papers.
  • A letter from your Portuguese employer stating the terms and duration of your job. This will attest to your personal security measures and ensure you’re eligible for a Portuguese visa.
  • Details of where you’ll reside during your stay.
  • This is especially important if seeking medical treatment during your stay.
  • To be filled out from the Immigration and Border Services’ website.

Processing Time

Applying for a Portugal work permit typically has a processing time of up to 60 days. Once submitted, SEF (Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service) reviews the application within 30-60 days. After SEF’s approval, the embassy will then issue an entry visa, which can take an additional 2-3 months.

Fee Structure

The temporary visa to enter Portugal comes at a cost of €90. Once in the country, applying for a residence permit that grants work privileges is priced at €83. Following the approval, receiving the actual residence permit will cost €72.

Application Process

Gather all your required documents, ensuring your valid passport is up to date. Once ready, apply online through the Immigration and Border Services website. After filling in your details, book an appointment with the Portuguese embassy in Hong Kong. At the appointment, they’ll ask you a few questions about your plans in Portugal. After checking your application, they’ll let you know if you’re successful. If approved, your passport will get a Portuguese visa stamp. If not, they’ll explain why, and you might be able to try again later.

a skilled worker


With Portugal being a part of the European Union, its residency permit serves as a significant step towards broader mobility within the Schengen Area. For Hong Kong citizens, securing this residency can be a ticket to an enriched European experience.

Routes to Residency

Temporary Residency

For those keen to spend an extended time in Portugal but are still deciding whether to commit permanently, the temporary residency visa is the initial step. This permit typically has a validity of one year but can be renewed for subsequent two-year periods. After five years on this visa, Hong Kong citizens can transition to a permanent residency status.

Permanent Residency

After having lived in Portugal on a temporary residency permit for five consecutive years, Hong Kong residents can apply for permanent residency.

Portugal Residency For Hong Kong Citizens

Application and Considerations

Starting the application process requires a thorough check of one’s passport and identity documents. Ensure that the passport is valid for at least another six months from the date of application. When applying for a permanent residency permit, it is vital to show ties to Portugal. This can be in the form of rental agreements, employment contracts, or proof of purchase of property.

Having secured a residency visa in Portugal, you’re no longer just a visitor. As a visa holder, you have rights to the country’s public services, healthcare, and education. With this, you can also bring family members to live with you.

Remember, a Schengen visa might get you to the door, but the residency visa lets you set up a home. While the initial application might seem daunting, the rewards of Portuguese life, with its rich culture and thriving communities, are vast.

A crucial point to consider during the application is the visa request’s timing. The Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) in Portugal can have varied processing times depending on the influx of applications. It’s always a wise strategy to apply well in advance.

We offer the best immigration advice service for Hong Kong citizens seeking residency or citizenship in Portugal. Contact us today.

Portugal Citizenship Requirements & Eligibility


For individuals seeking to acquire Portuguese citizenship, it’s crucial to understand the associated requirements and procedures. Portugal offers a clear pathway to citizenship for eligible applicants, but it demands specific criteria be met and proper documentation provided. The process ensures that those granted citizenship have a genuine connection to the country and can effectively integrate into Portuguese society.

Routes to Citizenship


  • Applicants need to have lived in Portugal for a minimum of five years.
  • A clean slate is essential. Applicants should not be entangled in any criminal activity, especially those warranting imprisonment.
  • Proficiency in Portuguese is a must, at least up to the A2 level. This ensures basic communication skills.
  • Making a financial commitment to the country is necessary, and this doesn’t strictly refer to property. It could be in various sectors of the economy, supporting businesses, or other viable ventures.

Required Documents

  • A current, valid passport is a primary requisite.
  • Documentation to prove Portuguese proficiency, like a certificate from an approved examination or completed language courses.
  • Documentation from relevant authorities, both from Portugal and the applicant’s home country, confirming the absence of a criminal record.
  • In cases where citizenship claims are based on descent, birth certificates of Portuguese parents or grandparents might be necessary.
  • If the application is based on adoption, legal documentation confirming the completed procedure is essential.

Application Process

Once an applicant confirms their eligibility and gathers the necessary documents, the journey to citizenship begins. The initial step is to formally apply, usually through the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) or at designated registry offices (Conservatórias do Registo Civil). The application typically carries a fee of €250.

After submission, there’s a standard waiting period during which the application and its supporting documents undergo a rigorous evaluation. Following a successful evaluation, the applicant is granted Portuguese citizenship, bestowing upon them all the associated rights and duties.

For those planning to travel in Europe, it’s worth noting a new system called ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System). This is a check for people who don’t need a visa for short visits to the Schengen countries. It’s always a good idea to check the official ETIAS website for the latest news.

a tramway in Portugal

How Can IAS Help?

The path to Portuguese citizenship for Hong Kong citizens can be complex. At the Immigration Advice Service, we simplify this journey for you. Our experts are well-versed in all aspects of the application process, from understanding the requirements to ensuring all passport and identity documents are in order. With a wealth of experience, we’re dedicated to guiding you every step of the way.

Are you concerned about residency visas, Schengen visa regulations, or any other related queries? We’ve got you covered. Reach out to our knowledgeable team at +44 (0)333 305 9375. Let the IAS make your Portuguese citizenship journey streamlined and stress-free.

We offer immigration advice sessions as face to face appointments at all of our UK offices, or via the phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Post-Brexit, UK citizens no longer enjoy visa-free travel to Schengen countries. However, for short trips, they can stay in the Schengen area, including Portugal, without a visa for up to 90 days in any 180 days.

No, if you hold a valid Schengen visa, you can travel to any country in the Schengen Area, including Portugal.

Canadians generally don’t need a visa for short visits (up to 90 days) to Portugal. They should have a valid passport expiring at least three months after leaving the Schengen Area. Upon arrival, proof of sufficient funds, return tickets, and travel insurance might be requested. The ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) clearance may be needed for short stays. For longer visits, consult the Portuguese consulate in Canada.

It normally takes 15 days to get a Portugal visa. But sometimes, it can take more time, especially if your paperwork needs to be completed or due to other reasons. It’s a good idea to apply one month before your trip but not more than three months ahead.

Last year, 13% of Portugal Schengen Tourist visa applications were turned down. This was an improvement from the 15.9% rejection rate the previous year.

The Portugal tourist visa is often referred to as the “Short Stay” or “Schengen Type C” visa.

Yes, a Schengen visa granted by any Schengen country allows you to travel to all Schengen member countries, including Portugal.

Portugal, as part of the Schengen Area, has specific visa requirements. While many non-Schengen countries need a visa to visit, some, like the USA and Canada, have visa-free access for short stays. The exact list changes, so always check current regulations with IAS.

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