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Post-Brexit visa schemes see an increase in the number of non-EU migrants coming into the UK

Recent data shows a sharp increase in the number of skilled workers and students migrating to the UK after recent changes to the system were put into place.

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Introduction of the points-based system

A year into its post-Brexit immigration system, new data demonstrates the success of Britain’s action plan following its departure from the EU. Bodies with EU nationality were able to reside, work and study within Britain without having to apply with proof of employment and educational history. Free movement ceased in late 2020 with new arrangements taking its place soon after.

For individuals living outside of the EU it was considerably more difficult to apply to work, live or study within the United Kingdom before the introduction of the points system came into play in early 2021.

With the changes made to skilled worker Visa, similar adaptations were made to the process of applying to study within the UK.

Post-Brexit statistics

Home office figures show a 25 percent increase in migrants being granted access to work-related visas. Data shows less than one tenth of 2021 applications from EU residents- with these numbers demonstrating how the UKs post-Brexit rules have attracted an increased number of non-EU skilled workers.

Similar increases can be seen in relation to student visa applications with candidates from the US, China, Pakistan, Nigeria, and India being amongst those accepted. A staggering 415 percent more applications were granted since the start of 2021.

These are statistics are in comparison to 2019 data.

More jobs for skilled migrant workers

Since the introduction of the new rules last year, an increased number of professions have been added to the qualifying list for skilled work visas. Job titles including chef, bricklayer welder, electrician and health and social care workers could qualify an applicant.

The newly found skilled worker route has seen a third more skilled worker migrants enter the UK compared to the constrictive Tier 2 process it has now replaced.

In addition to this, the government have also abolished caps on many visa routes.

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