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    Need immigration lawyers in Swindon?

    If you are looking for an immigration lawyer in Swindon, IAS hosts a team of seasoned immigration lawyers. Many of our staff are trained to the same level as immigration solicitors and can assist you with your every need. Our lawyers have supported people through a variety of claims, from asylum claims to corporate visa sponsorship.

    Our Swindon immigration lawyers boast a broad knowledge of all areas of immigration, nationality and asylum law. Situated in the heart of Swindon, we are perfectly poised for anyone living in the area who needs immigration advice. As well as helping private clients with their individual issues, our lawyers also assist corporate clients who want to set up a business or hire foreign workers.

    We have a proven track record of success, having assisted with many high-profile cases. In the past, our immigration lawyers have helped secure spouse, work, and business visas and supported those through a successful transition into becoming a citizen of the UK.

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    Why should you use an immigration lawyer?

    The process of applying to UKVI can be long, stressful and time-consuming. Since 2010, the Immigration Rules have more than doubled in length. Using an experienced immigration lawyer who ensures they are regularly up-to-date on government policy will give your application the best chance for success.

    A specialist in immigration law will be aware of the common pitfalls in your type of application, such as how to correctly complete the forms or what level of evidence the Home Office will be looking for when reviewing each of the strict requirements.

    Allowing a trained professional to manage your case will also remove a lot of the stress and time which goes into a visa application or appeal. Ensure you, your family or your business is fully prepared and confident before you apply with the help of the best immigration lawyers Swindon has to offer.

    Why choose IAS?

    The Immigration Advice Service is one of the largest immigration law firms in the UK, with offices across the country boasting experts in every field of immigration law. Whether you are applying for British Citizenship or appealing your initial Spouse Visa application, you will be put in touch with a lawyer who is willing to listen to your circumstances and support you through the next steps.

    We provide support from your initial enquiry up until a decision is made by the Home Office. Your personal immigration lawyer will work with you to ensure that your concerns are listened to and that you are satisfied with our service. To put your application in the best position possible, come to the best immigration lawyers in Swindon.

    Our Immigration lawyers in Swindon are ready to assist you in person or via the phone.

    Our great reviews

    If you’re looking for the best immigration law firm in Swindon, our lawyers have proven time and again that we provide a satisfying service that can really help you get your positive result from the home office. Check out our Immigration Advice Service reviews or read some of our case studies of former clients.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    With our teams of professional immigration lawyers located in Swindon and other locations in the UK, we provide excellent advice to applicants who wish to enter the UK.

    Out OISC accredited immigration law specialists in Swindon are ready to work efficiently on your case, whether that be applying for a UK Spouse Visagetting a Sponsor Licence, or even appealing a Home Office refusal.

    When you get in touch with one of our offices, we pair you with one of our top immigration advisers in Swindon. Your expert will review your case and advice you on your best options to get your visa. In doing so, we will ensure that your application has only the best possible chance of success.

    At IAS, we have a number of immigration lawyers in Swindon who are expert in asylum law. If you have left your home country and are unable to return due to a fear of persecution, you may be eligible for asylum in the UK. To obtain this status, you must demonstrate the reasons why you are running away from your country.

    We understand how difficult it may be to seek asylum status in a foreign country. For this reason, we offer urgent, fast, and reliable advice for all our clients’ asylum issues.

    As part of our Asylum Advice Package, we offer:

    • Translation and interpreting services;
    • Complete document check;
    • Help you complete your application form;
    • Preparation of a Letter of Representation to support your asylum claim.

    If you are an employer and you want to employ foreign workers in your business, you will need a Sponsorship Licence.

    IAS has some of the best immigration lawyers in Swindon, experts in business immigration law. We offer a bespoke and excellent UK Sponsorship Licence Package, designed to help UK lawyer obtain their license.

    Your case will be followed by one of our top business immigration law experts in Swindon, who will work one-on-one with you to find your best options. Our services include:

    Regular sessions with your dedicated lawyer;
    Liaising and working closely with all your company representatives;
    Complete preparation for the “genuine business test”;
    Check of your supporting documents;
    Help you complete your application form.

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