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Are you looking for immigration solicitors in Bristol? Our highly experienced team of immigration specialists in Bristol are here to help resolve immigration, nationality or asylum issues. Trust the Immigration Advice Service to deliver the results you are seeking.

Call us on 0117 911 3802 for immediate assistance on your immigration issue. We’re here to help you in person, via the phone or online.

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    The Immigration Advice Service has specialist immigration advisers based in Bristol to assist people in the region with immigration advice and assistance.

    Providing some of the most experienced immigration lawyers Bristol has to offer, here at IAS we can help with a wide variety of immigration issues. Every day we help dozens of spousesEEA nationals, employers with sponsorship licence queries, overseas students and foreign workers on Temporary and Skilled Worker Visas with their immigration queries and issues.

    At IAS Bristol, we have some of the UK’s most experienced and competent immigration advisors, many of whom are as experienced as the county’s top immigration lawyers. We can help you find a solution to your immigration problem.

    Immigration Advice Service (Bristol)

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    Why do I need an immigration solicitor?

    It is always recommended that you use the services of an immigration solicitor if possible — particularly if your case is complex.

    The benefit of using an immigration solicitor when making your application is that they can offer a legal perspective and understanding of immigration legisltation. Usually, applicants will not have this.

    An immigration solicitor or lawyer will take charge of your application process, ensuring that your application is completed to a standard which matches the expectations of the Home Office.

    This can be invaluable for those making any kind of visa, settlement or corporate application, as immigration officers are trained to reject applications which do not completely match the requirements set out by UKVI guidelines. This can be costly and timely for applicants, and an immigration lawyer can help you get it right the first time.

    Why choose us?

    With some of the best immigration lawyers Bristol has to offer, IAS offer personalised, professional advice and guidance.

    Our services are always centred around the individual. This means that your lawyer will work with you closely, always doing what is right for you.

    As part of our unique application process, you will be matched with a Bristol immigration lawyer who suits your specific needs. This lawyer will have vast experience in your particular area of immigration law and will therefore be equipped to help. Your lawyer will source, arrange and file all your supporting evidence, ensuring it meets the Home Office standard.

    They will arrange this evidence into your Evidence Portfolio, which is a comprehensive bundle submitted with your application. This bundle is organised in a way which lets immigration officers easily navigate through it. This means they won’t miss any vital information.

    After this, your lawyer will then write a Letter of Representation which is completely tailored to you. This will plead your case to UKVI or the Home Office, drawing on case-law and immigration legislation which backs up your case. This letter is submitted as a cover letter with your application and Evidence Portfolio, and it greatly improves your chances of success.

    Along with all of this, your immigration lawyer in Bristol will stay in contact with you throughout your entire application process. They will be there when you need to ask a question, or need an update on the progress of your case. They will also stay in contact with the Home Office, and liaise with them on your behalf wherever appropriate.

    How to get in touch

    You can contact us by giving us a call on 01179 119 673 for a free consultation with one of our immigration specialists or make an enquiry for a free callback at a time that suits you.  As well as our Bristol location, we also have offices based in LondonManchester, and Birmingham, as well as in many other locations throughout the UK. We look forward to helping you with your immigration case.

    Our Immigration lawyers in Bristol are ready to assist you in person or via the phone.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are several law firms offering immigration services in Bristol. However, to ensure your application is completed to the highest standards, it is essential to choose only the best law advisers.

    Our immigration law firm in Bristol houses a team with a combined experience of over 50 years. Every day, we provide only the best legal services to our clients. Our main areas of expertise include UK Work permitsSpouse Visa applications, and Students Visas.

    Our immigration experts have a very high success rate, proved by our firms’ positive reviews. Get in touch with us today, our Bristol-based lawyers, who are ready to offer their help.

    Based on your circumstances, one of our immigration law specialists in Bristol can offer you a bespoke package. This takes into account your concerns.

    Your immigration expert can guide you through every step of your application process. This includes:

    • A first assessment to evaluate your case. By doing this, your adviser can decide how to structure your strategic plan to get your visa;
    • Regular sessions with your adviser. You can meet your lawyer in our office in Bristol or speak with us over the phone or via Skype. During these sessions, you have plenty of time to discuss your concerns. Every time, your immigration lawyer will review your application status and advise on how to proceed.
    • After every session, you will receive a document detailing all the information discussed with your lawyer.

    Get in touch today to find out more about the services offered by immigration lawyers in Bristol city centre.

    Once you get your UK Visa, you can live, work or study in the UK. To be eligible, you must meet specific requirements set by the UK immigration law. These conditions vary based on your circumstances. Depending on the visa you wish to apply for, you also need to provide several supporting documents.

    For example, to obtain a Family Visa, you must be already settled in the UK. At this point, you can submit a visa application for your spouse, partner, or children.

    Students can get a Student Visa if they are enrolled at a British university for a minimum of six months.

    If you wish to discuss your circumstances and assess your eligibility for a UK Visa, you can contact one of our immigration lawyers in Bristol

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