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Immigration Lawyers in Goddington

Are you looking for immigration lawyers in Goddington? Our caseworkers can help with all types of visa, settlement, and asylum applications.

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Can I get Spouse Visa immigration advice in Goddington?

The IAS provides people who want to reunite with their partners in the UK. If you need advice on how to meet the Spouse Visa requirements, we can help you. We can support you by offering you an advice session with one of our Goddington-based immigration solicitors. In this, we will go through all the requirements you need to meet. These requirements include:

-The genuine relationship requirement

-Accommodation requirements

-Spouse Visa financial requirements

-English language requirements

Your Goddington immigration lawyer will advise you on the documents you need to apply for a Partner Visa. You will then have a chance to ask any questions that you have about the advice given to you during your session.

Once the session has finished, you will then receive a letter that includes all of the advice given. You’ll also have a chance to ask any follow-up questions if you have them. You can ask these up to 7 days after the session is over.

Can an IAS Goddington immigration lawyer help me apply for a visa?

If you are looking to apply for a UK visa, an immigration lawyer can assist you.

At the IAS, we have assisted countless individuals, partners and families to apply for entry clearance to the UK.

The visa categories we cover are wide and broad-ranging. We can provide legal guidance with the following visa categories:

  • Spouse and family visas
  • Visit Visas
  • Visas for entrepreneurs and investors
  • Visas for foreign workers
  • Visas for students

If you need help applying for a UK visa, call us on 0333 305 9375 and we can help you understand your requirements, as well as the application process and next steps.

Can an immigration lawyer in Goddington help with my British citizenship application?

The IAS’ immigration lawyers in South-East London’s Goddington are very practiced when it comes to lodging British citizenship applications on behalf of clients.

Over the years, our lawyers have made countless applications for clients wishing to become British citizens. This includes for clients who are seeking to claim British citizenship by birth, as well as those applying via the naturalisation route.

Get in touch with us today by calling 0333 305 9375 and we can help you understand your requirements and next steps.

You can also speak with us at our LondonBirmingham or Manchester branch as well as at a number of other locations throughout the UK and Ireland. Wherever you are located, the IAS is here for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for good quality immigration lawyers, there are several things you must bear in mind.

Firstly, you should look for lawyers who are properly qualified to offer immigration advice in Goddington and the rest of the UK. All our lawyers hold an OISC qualification, to levels 1, 2, or 3.

They are also highly experienced, having worked in the immigration sector for decades.

All our solicitors and lawyers are also very passionate about what they do, with many of them having gone through the immigration process themselves. This means they can apply empathy when legally advising or representing you, which can be an invaluable tool when trying to navigate the UK immigration system.

This means that no matter where you are based – in our out of the UK – we can offer you high quality, accessible legal support.

We provide the following services remotely:

-Advice packages

-Application packages

-Document checking services

-Appeal packages

-Administrative and judicial reviews

-Corporate services and audits

Yes, we provide assistance to international students looking to take up courses at British institutions. We can help you organise your Tier 4 Student Visa. In doing this, we will write you a detailed cover letter, help you organise and source your supporting documentation and fill out all your application forms for you. We’ll also help you by corresponding with your school or university, as well as the Home Office, on your behalf.

Call us on 0333 305 9375 to find out more about how we can help you with your Student Visa application.

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