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Immigration Lawyers in Northumberland Heath

Our immigration lawyers in Northumberland Heath are trained in all areas of immigration law and can help you with any issue you may be facing.

For immediate advice or assistance call 0333 305 9375 to speak to one of our of our solicitors in Northumberland Heath today.

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    Immigration Lawyers in Northumberland Heath

    Do I need to hire an immigration lawyer in Northumberland Heath?

    Whether you are applying for a visa, claiming asylum, trying to become a British Citizen or even appealing a decision by the Home Office, the UK immigration system can be tough. This is because there are many complexities to all of these applications, you will have to meet specific requirements, fill in complicated forms and submit a significant amount of official documents to support your case. Whilst you can try to do this alone, your chances of success will be greatly maximised if you get the help of a professional immigration lawyer.

    Our lawyers in Northumberland Heath are all OISC accredited, are trained to the highest standard and have a wealth of experience when it comes to the UK immigration system. This means that they are in an excellent position to help you to navigate through the application process, and can make your experience of the UK immigration system one that is stress-free.

    To find out more about how our lawyers in Northumberland Heath can help you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team on 0333 305 9375.

    Do you Northumberland Heath lawyers assist with Indefinite Leave to Remain applications?

    Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) is a form of UK settlement. If you are granted ILR status this means that you can live, work and study in the UK permanently. ILR is a necessary goal for anyone who wishes to make the UK their permanent home and is also a stepping stone to British Citizenship.

    To become eligible for ILR you will need to have lived in the UK for a specified amount of time, the length of time depends on the route you are taking to ILR. There are many routes available, including Spouse Visas and some UK work visas. You can also become eligible as a refugee once you have spent 5 years in the UK.

    Our lawyers in Northumberland Heath have assisted with many successful ILR applications. They know exactly what you need to do for your application to be successful and can help you to do this. From filling in your application form, to updating you on your applications progress once it has been submitted, they can be there every step of the way.

    Our lawyers in Northumberland can help you to get started on your application for ILR today, simply contact them on 0333 305 9375.

    You can also get in touch with our team in London, Manchester, Birmingham or at one of our other locations.


    Once you have held ILR status for at least 12 months, you could be eligible for British Citizenship by naturalisation. However, this does not automatically qualify your for British Citizenship and there are other requirements you must meet, these include:

    • Passing the Life in the UK test
    • Proving you can meet the good character requirement
    • Demonstrating your knowledge of the English language
    • Being over the age of 18
    • Having no breaches of immigration rules

    If you are granted ILR status via the Spouse Visa Route, you can apply for Citizenship by Marriage straight away.

    To find out more about becoming a British Citizen, speak to our Northumberland Heath lawyers on 0333 305 9375. 

    Of course, every year many visa applications are unfortunately refused, this is usually due to errors or a lack of supporting evidence. If you hire one of our lawyers to help you with your application they will work hard to minimise the chance of this happening. However, if your application has already been refused they can still help you.

    Our Northumberland lawyers offer an Appeal Package intended to give your application a second chance by helping you to launch an appeal of the Home Office’s decision.

    To enquire about this service, contact our team on 0333 305 9375.

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