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Portugal Visas From Argentina

Argentina is among the countries that have a visa-free agreement with Portugal. However, Argentine nationals are required to obtain a Portugal visa to stay in Portugal for more than 90 days.

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    Can I Enter Portugal Without a Visa As a Citizen Of Argentina?

    Argentine citizens are permitted to enter Portugal and stay for up to 90 days within a 180-day period. The sole reason for this is that Portugal and Argentina have a visa-free agreement that allows their citizens to enter and leave both countries without any restrictions.

    But if you are an Argentine who wants to stay in Portugal for more than 90 days, you must obtain a Portugal visa. This visa will allow you to enter Portugal and apply for a residency permit in Portugal.

    Note that the purpose that brings you to Portugal largely determines how long you will stay and the type of Portugal visa to obtain. Additionally, it will also determine the requirements you must provide during your application.

    Non-Argentine residents in Argentina are required to explore Portugal visa types to enter Portugal, be it for a short stay with a Portugal Schengen visa or a Long-Stay visit with a National visa.

    Generally, Argentine citizens who want to obtain Portuguese citizenship must meet the Portuguese citizenship eligibility requirements to qualify.

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    Your Options For Long Stay Portugal Visas & Residency As an Argentine

    Argentine citizens who wish to stay in Portugal for more than 90 days may apply for Long-Stay Portugal visas. These visas are designed to suit your travel purpose in Portugal.

    Some of the Long-Stay visas offer routes to permanent residency or citizenship in Portugal. They include:

    • Golden Visa Portugal
    • D7 Visa Portugal
    • Portugal Study Visa
    • Portugal Work Visa

    Golden Visa Portugal


    Argentina is a non-EU country, and because of this, you may obtain the Portugal Golden visa, which is designed for non-EU nationals to stay in Portugal on a long-term basis. Through the Portugal Golden visa, you will be able to invest in the Portuguese economy and get Portuguese residency as a reward.

    The Portuguese government created the Golden visa to encourage foreign investors to invest in the country by creating job opportunities, donating to research organisations, etc. All these investments are made to help boost the economy of Portugal.

    After you have invested in Portugal, you are mandated to maintain the investment for 5 years. You are only expected to spend 35 days during those 5 years in Portugal, that is, 7 days per year.

    If you obtain the Portugal Golden visa and meet all the requirements, you will stand a chance to qualify for Portuguese citizenship or permanent residency. Besides that, you will be allowed to visit other countries in Europe and your family will be allowed to join you in Portugal.

    Eligibility for Portugal Golden Visa

    You must be eligible for a Portugal Golden visa before you apply. You must:

    • Be over 18 years old.
    • Be a non-EU citizen.
    • Be willing to invest in Portugal.
    • Invest a minimum of €250,000.
    • Own the money for your investment.
    • Have €30,000 worth of medical insurance.
    • Be willing to maintain the investment for 5 years.
    • Have a clean criminal record.
    • Have a Portuguese bank account.
    • Have a NIF number.

    Requirements for Portugal Golden Visa

    Argentine citizens must provide the following documents to obtain a Portugal Golden visa:

    • Get your 2 passport photos that meet the Portugal visa picture standard.
    • Provide your Portugal Golden visa application form (downloadable from the SEF’s website).
    • Bring your valid Argentine international passport. You must have gotten this passport in the last 10 years and it should have at least a 3-month validity period left of it after your visa expires. It should also have a minimum of 2 blank pages where your visa will be fixed.
    • Get a sworn affidavit that assures your willingness to maintain the investment for 5 years.
    • Provide proof of medical insurance worth €30,000.
    • Get your ARI payment receipt.
    • Present your criminal record certificate, otherwise known as the Police Clearance Certificate, issued by the Argentine Ministry of Justice, National Registry of Recidivism.
    • Provide any other important document related to your investment in Portugal.

    Processing Time

    Argentine citizens who apply for a Portugal Golden visa may be required to wait for about 2 years to get a decision.


    Generally, for a Portugal Golden visa, applicants are expected to pay about €5,325 for the application fee and pay €2,663 for its renewal. The processing fee is €533, and you are expected to pay this same amount upon the Golden visa renewal.

    Each of your family members (dependents) is expected to pay €83 for the processing fee and pay the same amount upon the visa renewal.

    We have the best immigration lawyers to guide you through Portugal Visas & Residency. Contact us today. Contact Us

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      D7 Visa Portugal


      Argentine citizens who want to move to Portugal for the long term may apply for the Portugal D7 visa. This visa type is specifically designed for remote workers, independent income earners who wish to enter Portugal to work for foreign employers in Portugal.

      The Portugal D7 visa is also suitable for retirees who want to enjoy their last years in the calm and beautiful environments of Portugal. The Portugal D7 visa is also known as the Passive Income visa or the Digital Nomad visa.

      As an independent income earner in Portugal with a Portugal D7 visa, you are required to work for companies that are not in Portugal. Additionally, all your income must come from abroad and not within Portugal.

      With your Portugal D7 visa, you will be permitted to work in Portugal remotely for 2 years as a remote worker. Upon the expiration of your residency visa, you will be able to renew it for up to 3 years.

      As an Argentine citizen or a non-EU national, once you have stayed in Portugal for 5 years with your D7 residency visa. You will become eligible to apply for Portuguese citizenship or permanent residency, provided you meet the requirements.

      Your Portugal D7 visa can permit your dependents to join you in Portugal, provided you prove your relationship with them. Also, you will be able to visit other countries in the European Union with your Portugal D7 visa. But if you want to enter Portugal to seek jobs, you may have to take the Portugal Job Seeker visa route.

      Eligibility for a Portugal D7 Visa

      To be eligible for this visa, you need to:

      • Reside in Portugal for at least 16 months within your first 2 years in the country.
      • Open a Portuguese bank account.
      • Own a NIF.
      • Get paid at least €8,460 yearly.

      Requirements for a Portugal D7 Visa

      Argentine applicants must meet the following Portugal visa requirements to apply for a D7 visa:

      • Your Argentine international passport, valid for 6 months after the expiration of your Portugal D7 visa.
      • Your 2 passport-size photographs that must meet the Portuguese visa photo criteria.
      • Your D7 visa application form, completed without errors or omissions.
      • A proof that you earn about €8,460 yearly as a passive income and about €3,040 monthly as a freelancer.
      • Your cover letter. It must explain the reason for your trip to Portugal. It also has to explain the plans you have for your trip, including the places you intend to visit in the Schengen area, etc.
      • Your criminal record certificate showing that you have no criminal charges or convictions.
      • Evidence of accommodation by providing your hotel reservation, rental agreement, etc.
      • Evidence of having medical health insurance worth €30,000 to cover any unplanned circumstance that may arise during your stay in Portugal.

      Processing Time

      If everything goes as expected during your application for a Portugal D7 visa, a decision will be made on your application after 90 to 180 days.


      You are required to pay €320 to the SEF to get your residence permit after you have paid €180 for the Portugal D7 visa application service fee.

      Portugal Study Visa


      Argentine students who intend to study in Portugal for more than 90 days are required to obtain a Portugal Study visa. The Portugal Study visa is designed for international students who wish to enter Portugal and obtain a certificate from renowned Portuguese educational institutions.

      But if your course duration exceeds 90 days, you are expected to obtain a Portuguese Study visa. You must apply for and obtain a residence permit if your study will last for more than 90 days. There are 3 types of Portugal Study visa options designed to suit your course duration namely, a Short-Term Study, Temporary Study, or Long-Stay visa.

      The Short-Term Study visa is designed for students whose courses will last within 90 days. The Temporary Study visa is created for Argentine students whose course duration lasts anywhere from 90 days to 1 year. The Long-Term Study visa is created for students whose course duration lasts for more than 1 year.

      You have the option to renew your Long-Term Study visa as long as your course duration permits. Even if your course study lasts for 5 years, the number of years you spent in Portugal on a Study visa does not count toward permanent residency or citizenship.

      After your studies, you may be permitted to remain in Portugal, provided you have a job offer. Also, you and your employer need to fulfil the requirements for a Portugal Work visa to help you switch from your student permit to a Portugal working residence permit.

      Note that you are expected to switch to a Portugal Work visa 30 days prior to the expiration of your Portugal Study visa. If you fail to do so, the SEF will reject your application without a second thought. You will eventually qualify for Portuguese citizenship or permanent residency when you have successfully switched your Work visa and have renewed it for 5 years.

      Eligibility for Portugal Study Visa

      Argentine students who wish to study in Portugal for more than 90 days are required to meet the following eligibility criteria:

      • Provide your Argentine international passport or travel document.
      • Present your Portugal Study visa application form issued to you by the Portuguese embassy.
      • Bring your 2 passport photographs that meet the Portugal visa photos criteria.
      • Provide proof of your paid tuition fees.
      • Get a letter of acceptance from the Portuguese educational institution.
      • Get your bank statements, proof of sponsorship, scholarship, etc. to prove that you have enough money to cover your expenses in Portugal.
      • Proof of travel health insurance worth €30,000.
      • Get a criminal record certificate that shows your clean criminal record in Argentina.
      • Provide evidence of accommodation. Show that you have a rental contract, dormitory, or a family friend’s invitation letter to come and stay with them in Portugal.

      Processing Time

      Argentine students must wait for about 3 months to get a decision on their Portugal Study visa application.


      You are required to pay the sum of €90 at a Portuguese embassy in Buenos Aires, or its consulate in Mendoza, Argentina. When you enter Portugal, you must visit the SEF to apply for your residence permit and pay €83. You will also pay €72 to receive the residence permit.

      Did you know that you can study in Portugal as an Argentine national? Contact our legal experts to learn more. Contact Us

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        Portugal Work Visa


        Argentine citizens may enter Portugal with their passports without restrictions for 90 days. But if you wish to stay for more than 90 days, you are required to obtain a Portugal visa. This is also applicable to Argentine citizens who want to enter Portugal for work purposes and stay for more than 90 days.

        You must first have a job offer before you apply for a Portugal Work visa. That being said, your Portuguese employer must advertise the job in Portugal for 30 days before offering you the job.

        If there is no right fit for the job in Portugal, the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training in Portugal (IEFP) will endorse the job to be open for grabs by non-EU nationals. After you have received this job offer, your employer must apply for a Portuguese work permit from the Portuguese Labour Authorities on your behalf.

        Your work permit must state your job description and the location. And if you want to change jobs in the future, you must obtain another work permit. The reason is that your work location must synchronise with your job description.

        After that, you must apply for and obtain a Portugal Work visa that grants you 1-year residence permit initially. You are allowed to renew the residence permit for about 5 years and qualify for Portugal citizenship or permanent residency.

        You may obtain the EU Blue Card for the purpose of working in Portugal, as an Argentine citizen who has in-demand skills. You must also bring documents to convince Portuguese immigration officers that you are educated and skilled with experiences in your field of expertise.

        You may also apply for a Highly Qualified Work visa if you are highly qualified in Engineering, Scientist, Medical profession, etc.

        Eligibility Requirements for Portugal Work Visa

        Argentine citizens who wish to enter Portugal for work purposes for a stay that exceeds 90 days are required to provide the following documents:

        • Your 2 passport-size photographs that meet the criteria of Portuguese visa photo guidelines.
        • Your valid Argentine international passport.
        • Proof of funds to cover your expenses.
        • Your employment contract.
        • Proof of health insurance worth €30,000 to cater for any unplanned medical expenses that may arise while you are in Portugal.
        • Proof of your lawful entry into Portugal, such as a visa, if you are in Portugal.
        • Proof of your lawful stay, such as a visa or a residence permit, if you are filing your application from another country other than Portugal.
        • Criminal record certificate. Get a Police Clearance Certificate that guarantees you have not engaged in any criminal activity in Argentina.
        • A permit for the SEF to go through your criminal history.
        • Proof of accommodation. You must provide evidence that you have a hotel or Airbnb reservation. If your family member or a friend invited you to come and stay with them, you must prove this by presenting a letter of invitation.

        Processing Time

        Argentine nationals and other applicants for a Portugal Work visa are expected to wait for about 2 to 3 months. Thereafter, you may visit the SEF to obtain your work permit within 60 days of your entry into Portugal.


        You are expected to pay €90 for your Work visa or €75 for a temporary visa (if you wish to stay temporarily) at the Portuguese embassy in Buenos Aires or its consulate in Argentina. Pay €83 for your residence permit application and also pay €72 as a requirement to collect it from the SEF in Portugal.

        Note that all the documents mentioned for Golden, Study, and Work visa must be translated into Portuguese or English. And ensure that a certified translator will translate and notarise it.

        Contact us at IAS, if you need more information about your options for Long-Stay Portugal visas. We will advise you on the best visa type that suits your travel purpose to Portugal.

        We will also guide you throughout your Portugal visa process to ensure you meet all the requirements and get your visa to Portugal. Contact our team today on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online.

        Portugal Residency Requirements & Application


        The Portuguese residency permit officially allows non-EU nationals to reside and work in Portugal. It is designed for Argentines and other foreign nationals who want to stay in Portugal or the Schengen zone for more than 90 days.

        Your purpose of entering Portugal will determine the type of residency permit you must obtain. If you are in Portugal for study purposes, you must obtain a study permit. But if you are in Portugal for work purposes, you have to get a work permit.

        A Portugal temporary residence permit typically lasts for up to 1 year to 3 years. But you can renew your residence permit for up to 5 years. Thereafter, you may qualify to switch to a permanent residence permit.

        You may continue to renew your temporary residence permit if you do not wish to remain in Portugal indefinitely. However, you may obtain a permanent residence permit if you want to stay in Portugal permanently.

        Portugal Residency Eligibility Requirements

        Argentine citizens who wish to obtain the Portugal residency permit are required to provide the following documents:

        • Valid Argentine international passport.
        • Two recent identical passport-size photos that comply with the requirements of Portuguese visa photos.
        • The visa application form that was used to apply for your residency visa.
        • Your valid residence visa.
        • Proof of funds.
        • Evidence of accommodation in Portugal.
        • Your health insurance or evidence that you are covered by the National Health Service.
        • Your criminal record.
        • Employment contract.
        • Family certificate.
        • Your paid tuition fees (for Study visa holders).
        • Your acceptance letter from a Portuguese educational institution (for Study visa holders).

        How to Apply for a Permanent Residency Permit

        If you are an Argentine citizen who wants to reside in Portugal permanently, you must apply for and obtain a permanent residency permit. You must:

        Apply for a Residency Visa

        First, you must obtain a visa, otherwise known as a residency visa, that will grant you entry into Portugal. When you enter Portugal, you may now apply for a residency permit using your residency visa.

        It usually takes about 60 days to process your Portuguese residency visa, and it is typically valid for up to 3 to 4 months. Additionally, your Portugal residency visa will grant you double entry into Portugal.

        Schedule an appointment with the Portuguese embassy or consulate in Argentina, after gathering all the required documents for your application. You must schedule the appointment via email, online, or phone call.

        At the appointment, you may be interviewed, and your biometric information (photographs and fingerprints) will be collected. Your family member or employer must submit an application at the SEF or the Labour Authorities of Portugal on your behalf if you are applying to obtain a residence permit for family reunification or work.

        Apply for the Residence Permit

        After you have obtained your residency visa, you will be allowed to enter Portugal where you will now apply for a residence permit. You must apply for your residence permit at the SEF in Portugal, after which you will be issued a social security number at a registration office.

        Remember that you are given the grace of 120 days to get your residence permit before your residency visa expires. So, you must go to the registration office and the SEF during the validity period of your residency visa.

        Explore the requirements and application for Portugal Residency as an Argentine national. We would be happy to assist you, contact our team of experts today. Contact Us

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          Portugal Citizenship Requirements & Application


          One of the easiest countries to obtain citizenship in is Portugal. Argentine nationals who meet the requirements may become citizens of Portugal. Portuguese nationals receive an EU passport that permits them to travel to several other European nations without a visa as well as reside and work within the EU.

          Portugal is an EU member state, thus you can become a citizen by investment, naturalisation, or descent. You must establish that you have a parent who was a Portuguese citizen in order to get citizenship by descent. Citizenship may be obtained through a lineal descent dating back to your grandparents, who are in the second generation.

          You must be eligible in order to become a citizen of Portugal. Your predecessors’ (your grandparents and parents) citizenship must have been preserved and not lost. Application fees for Portuguese citizenship by descent range from €175 to €200.

          You must enter Portugal for employment and stay for up to 5 years, or you must be married for 3 years, in order to obtain Portuguese citizenship by naturalisation. After spending those years, you are required to complete additional qualifying requirements in order to become a citizen of Portugal.

          As an Argentine, you must make investments in Portugal in order to support the nation’s economy if you wish to obtain Portuguese citizenship through investment. When you fulfil all requirements for citizenship by investment, often known as the Portugal Golden visa, you will receive an EU passport.

          Portugal Citizenship Eligibility Requirements

          Argentine nationals who meet the following requirements can apply for a Portuguese citizenship:

          • You have a Portuguese Spouse.
          • You were born in Portugal.
          • The duration of your stay as a legal resident in Portugal is up to 5 years.
          • You have Portuguese parents or grandparents.

          Remember that the nationality of your family members, your place of birth, how long you have stayed in Portugal, etc., are some of the determinants of the requirements you may be asked to provide to obtain Portuguese citizenship.

          To apply for Portuguese nationality, you are required to pay €250. Your payments can be accepted by cheque, debit card, or postal order (for applicants who wish to apply by post).

          How to Apply for Portuguese Citizenship

          You can apply for Portuguese citizenship in the following ways:


          You cannot apply by yourself through the online portal as your lawyer or a representative is the only person authorised to do so. This is because your lawyer has a designated signature and digital certificate to access the online portal.

          At the Counter

          You may go in person to apply for your Portuguese nationality at the Civil Registry Offices, the Nationality Desk, the Portuguese consulate in your area of residence, etc.

          By Mail

          Complete your visa application form (that best suits your situation) error-free following the guidance provided by the Central Registry Office. Ensure you include all required supporting documents before you mail them to Conservatória dos Registos Centrais, Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca, 202,1099-033 Lisbon.

          How Can IAS Help?

          Argentine nationals are required to obtain an appropriate Portugal visa if they intend to stay for more than 90 days in Portugal. During your application to enter Portugal for the foreseeable future, there are Portugal visa fees you must pay.

          You must ensure you have the correct information regarding the specific amount to pay. This is because overpayments or wrong payments are nonrefundable.

          This is why we need you to reach out to our immigration advisers at IAS for expert guidance. We have helped Argentine citizens obtain Portugal Study visas and other visas to help them stay for more than 90 days in Portugal. We have also helped several Argentine applicants obtain their Portugal permanent residency or citizenship.

          Our professional immigration advisers already know their way around Portugal’s immigration matters, coupled with an astonishing track record of successful applications. Let us help you through your Portugal visa application stages. Call us today on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or contact us online.

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                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    Contact our team at IAS for expert guidance from the start of your Portugal visa application from Argentina. We will help you gather and assemble your supporting documents to ensure you do not make any mistakes during your Portugal visa application process. Contact us online or call us on +44 (0)333 305 9375 for immediate assistance.

                    You are not mandated to have a return ticket before you are allowed to enter Portugal. But it is advised you should have one or provide evidence of having enough funds to financially support your return from Portugal.