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Travel to UK From Denmark

If you’re a Dane looking to travel to, or move to, the UK, there are a number of immigration and visa options available to you.

For more information on moving to the UK, including if you need bespoke advice regarding your own immigration situation, get in touch with one of our legal advisers today on (+44) 333 4149244, or contact us online.

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    Overview of Travelling to the UK From Denmark

    As of 2021, there were an estimated 32,000 Danish nationals in total living in the UK.

    Although this represents a fairly small proportion of EU/EEA national groups in the UK, there is still a noticeable presence of Danish culture and community in the UK.

    The number of Danes in the UK is steadily rising year on year, and there are several potential immigration and visa pathways available for new Danes wishing to immigrate to the UK.

    Some of these are suitable for long-term settlement, such as the EU Settlement Scheme and visas that lead to indefinite leave to remain, while others are better suited for shorter-term stays.

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    Can I Still Apply for the EU Settlement Scheme?

    The EU Settlement Scheme is the main way for EU citizens, including Danes, to settle in the UK long-term in the wake of the UK’s departure from Europe.

    The main deadline to apply for the scheme was 31 June 2021. However, certain Danes may still be eligible to apply in a few limited circumstances.

    You may be able to apply to the scheme if any of the following situations apply to you:

    • You have a Danish (or other EU) family member who was living in the UK by 31 December 2020
    • You’re exempt from immigration control, or you stopped being exempt from immigration control after 30 June 2021
    • You’re already in the UK with limited leave to enter or remain in the UK (such as if you’re here on a work or study visa) which expires after 30 June 2021
    • You’re a family member of a British citizen who you lived with in the EU
      • You must have lived with them in that country by 30 December 2020, and returned to the UK with them

    In addition to this, you may still be able to apply if you had reasonable grounds for missing the deadline, such as if you were in an abusive relationship, or if you had a serious medical condition.

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      UK Work Visas for Danes

      If you’re not eligible for the EU Settlement Scheme, one of the most common ways in which you may be able to enter the UK is by obtaining a work visa.

      If you wish to settle in the UK long-term, there are a range of visas available to suit your personal circumstances.

      The Skilled Worker visa, for example, is the UK’s general work visa intending to cover a broad range of occupations and industries.

      Other work visas, meanwhile, tend to be more specialised in their scope. For instance, the following are some UK work visas that you may be eligible for, depending on your circumstances:

      All of these visas will allow you to apply for indefinite leave to remain after spending a minimum amount of time in the UK.

      Short-Term Work Visas

      On the other hand, if you’re not eligible for a long-term visa, or you simply wish to stay in the UK for a short period of time, there are a wide range of short-term work visas that you may be eligible for. These include the following:

      Although these visas may not be viable pathways to long-term settlement in the UK, you may be able to pick up additional valuable experience that may be helpful if your longer-term goal is to settle in the UK.

      UK Student Visa for Danes

      One of the most common ways for Danes to experience what life is like in the UK is to apply for a Student visa.

      This will allow you to study at one of the UK’s further education institutions, as long as you have a confirmed place and meet the minimum financial and language requirements, among other things.

      In addition to your studies, you will also be able to work in the UK to support yourself during your stay. However, you must note that your work allowance may depend on what you’re studying and what time of the year you wish to work.

      After your student visa expires, you may be eligible for a Graduate visa, which will allow you to stay and work in the UK for another 2 years. After this visa expires, you may then be able to apply for a long-term visa to stay in the UK, if you wish to do so.

      How Can IAS Help?

      Navigating the UK immigration system can be tricky for foreign nations looking to travel to the UK.

      If you’re a Dane looking to come to the UK, whether with the intention of settling here long-term or just to visit for a short period, IAS can help.

      We offer complete and comprehensive immigration support for EU/EEA nationals seeking travel to the UK. Whatever your reason for travelling, we can help support your visa application and relocation process from your home in Denmark right up until the point where you settle into your new home in the UK.

      We can also assist with untangling UK immigration rules and eligibility for your chosen visa, ensuring that you have the maximum possible chance of getting your application accepted.

      For further information about the services we offer, and everything you need to know about moving to, and visiting, the UK, reach out to us today or request a meeting with our advisers. Call us on (+44) 333 4149244, or contact us online.

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                Frequently Asked Questions

                In most cases, you will have to apply for a UK visa before you travel, on the website.

                The website is also the place where you will find the most recent official updated information about UK visas and immigration.

                As part of the application process, you will need to give a range of personal information and supporting documents for UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) to approve your application and clear you for entry to the UK.

                You may also be required to attend a visa application centre (VAC) in Italy to give your biometrics information in the form of your fingerprints and photograph.

                There is one UK VAC located in Copenhagen for Danish nationals to use.

                Many of these come from specific groups and organisations that are dedicated to connecting and supporting the Danish community in the UK, such as the Anglo-Danish Society, local Danish churches, Danish-language schools and broader Scandinavian groups that also encompass Danish culture and individuals.

                A full list of organisations, as well as more important information about the Danish community in the UK, can be found on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark website.

                As of 2022, many COVID-19 restrictions in the UK have been lifted.

                For instance, it is no longer mandatory to wear a face covering on public transport or indoor spaces. Additionally, you do not need to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test to enter the UK.

                Note, however, that you may need to follow guidelines for specific airlines or transport carriers when travelling from the UK to Denmark and back.